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Chat log from R21 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Richmond, R21 of 2023

navy_blues: a few important games for teams this week
TimT14: Tigers have conceded this season
navy_blues: strange outs when they need to win
Pavs: Evening all. Who has the VC tonight?
navy_blues: going libba
shagga24: English VC
Stu7: Evening all VC English
frenzy: bont
Stu7: Any9ne reckon Bont will be tagged tonight?
Hughsy: bont for me
Pavs: Not sure Stu leaning towards Libba because of that
shagga24: tigers said they would tag him if he hurt them
OffaStep: Tingles VC. Have Bont and Libba and both could go huge but Tingles seems safe, despite Nank’s return,
TheLegend6: Dogs win comfortably here, big outs and we’re bad at marvel
navy_blues: omg short outmarked by daniel lol
Stu7: Nice choice Pavs
Stu7: Ha ha navy pi55a
frenzy: is it too early for LIFT bont
wadaramus: Happy Fucking Friday people!
Stu7: Never frenzy
Stu7: English wtf
DukeNewc: Evening all, VC bont, no tag yet
TheLegend6: We don’t tag Duke
TheFlagger: time to book holidays
circle52: Evening all VC on Bont
TheLegend6: It was time weeks ago
Pavs: Think you might have to Legend
pcaman2003: Something not right. TT has a 100% DE.which is impossible for a butcher
Raspel31: Might bring Bont in next week- looks promising
TheFlagger: frenzy do you think ziebell plays forward or back
Wends: Evening all. 1 v 4 in my league final, oppt English VC, I have le Bont.
Stu7: English on the bench any concerns?
pcaman2003: Wends. Good luck!
OffaStep: Get on and get bust, English you chump!
OffaStep: *busy. Please don’t get bust, English!
Wends: Muchos gracias pca – same to you 🙂
navy_blues: too easy
TheLegend6: This is very very bad
Pavs: Kick 3 goals in 10 mins couldn’t drag me from the ground. lol
Wends: Early doors yet Legend
Hazza09: Ffs English
TheLegend6: would love to see that free kick…
original: Bs late hit down field frees like last Friday in our game
dezlav: Oh wow. Do we call it now. Sorry tiges supporters
TimT14: Hahaha is there a mercy rule?
Cottees: Great game tonight. Underestimated what dogs will win by
TheLegend6: gee thats soft, results in a goal
dezlav: Dear god. Gifted an op for a goal and coffee it up
navy_blues: training run
TheLegend6: You can accept it when it’s kids finding their way Dez
pcaman2003: Massacre incoming! Duck for cover.
blashtroko: they did not just give bont that tackle… even as an owner
kano: break out the hats
Baldfrog: Hardwicke was right Marvel is so far away the the stopover in LA takes the zip out of players
dezlav: @Thelegend6. Yeah been there, and still doing it a bit
Cottees: Dogs. Stop. They’re already dead lmao
TheFlagger: dogs are the real deal or tiges just that shit
Gotigres: How did we beat Wet Toast?
TheFlagger: if anyone can cough up a lead this big the dogs can
Wends: 50 up. Superman icons for all dogs already mOnty?
ausgooner: this game is a long way from over, we can easily concede the next 10 goals
dezlav: @kano. Give em till end of QTR at least. Ha ha.
TheFlagger: ffs english you pinhead
Wends: lol cottees.
pcaman2003: My opponent won’t be enjoying his VC doing so poorly
Stu7: What is English on
OffaStep: English you twat!
Stu7: Baler you spud glad I got rid of you
Stu7: Baker
pcaman2003: Keep going Libba you little champion.
Doggie Doo: Nankervis is a real ruckman, English will struggle
OffaStep: Bob Loblaw racking up points while Tingles spuds it up.
Stu7: Nice choice for VC Pavs
dezlav: Well, think I might go do the dishes
Pavs: Going along nicely Stu very happy
Stu7: Mate would have had better luck putting VC on Baker than English
Stu7: Do you need a hand drying dezlav
TheLegend6: Hope we announce Josh Carr as coach at half time
pcaman2003: Well, at least English is earning points on tap outs he’s not making.Lol!
OffaStep: Englisg scored 140 Vs Nank last time, Doggie. Surely he’ll come good.
dezlav: @Stu7. Thanks, but. I’ll proba be done before end of half. Hmmmmm.
Hazza09: Absolute joke English
navy_blues: nice libba
Nicko006: Any chance of coming back on the field Smith..
Gotigres: My old teammate would be happy with that qtr
Pavs: Only 14% owned Libba. Had a good year
Raspel31: Let us not speak ill of the English yet- after all I am one. Early days ladies.
Doggie Doo: Lobb is having a good game
wadaramus: Richmond should ask for the ball to be changed 🙂
navy_blues: haha wada
Stu7: Wake up Daniel you spud
Beast_Mode: tigers core group cooked, they did well tho
TheLegend6: He woke up Stu hahaha
Beast_Mode: they didn’t need the ball changed in the 2017 granny tho
TheFlagger: they couldnt could they
Stu7: Yeah Legend then found himself waking up on the bench lol
Stu7: Engrish you are running out of time
Wends: Keep going macca
TheLegend6: I reckon the sub should be activated when players are going through HIA
pcaman2003: Get back out Libba. Only 4 pts added this qtr
Hughsy: Stay on the bench Libba.
pcaman2003: So, a tap out to the opposition is worth 3 pts? Lucky boy English. Someone loves you
beerent11: Bont looking like he crashed an under 15?s game again.
wadaramus: Get off the bench Libba.
TheFlagger: here come the tiges
wadaramus: Get on the bench Bont.
Raspel31: Far from me to decry- but Tigggers are really rather ordinary and Taranto?
Hazza09: Piss weak English, knew this would happen
pcaman2003: Taranto becoming a lost cause lately Rasp. Those tons have dried up
Wends: *Correction wada…. stay off the bench Bont
Hughsy: Taranto conveniently becoming very cheap, solid pick for next season
wadaramus: No Wends, I have the need for him to rest up!
pcaman2003: Keep smashing English please Libba. Loving it so far.
navy_blues: dont know about taranto for next year
Raspel31: Every year a learning curve pcaman.
CobraKai: Need English to lift!
TheLegend6: Not getting the bounce of the ball tonight either aha
pcaman2003: How true Rasp. Never stop learning in this caper.
wadaramus: Do something Baker you flog.
TheFlagger: lol bolton you flog
OffaStep: Which Macrae will we get in 2024?
Wends: au contraire wada… need him out there in full destroy mode lol
DukeNewc: Bont’s efficiency is killing him again (unless because of handballs), 16 touches for 58 sc, flower!
TheFlagger: Finlay
Hazza09: Nank giving English a bath
Hughsy: i think 5 clangers is a bit harsh tho…
Gotigres: Taranto will be mid only next year, so doesn’t appeal to me. Jack Ross though is becoming interesting
pcaman2003: Hazza. Good news for me though.
TheFlagger: English VCers who are we captaining
TheLegend6: Gone Merrett
beerent11: Libbalibbalibba!
CobraKai: @Flagger – I think Daicos or Dawson for me
Doggie Doo: Merrett
J.Worrall: Dunks every time
TheFlagger: daicos confirmed fin magginess tag wouldnt go there
Hughsy: Dunkley is very underrated captain
beerent11: Dunks
DukeNewc: I was lucky enough to have max gawn during his outstanding run, still have him now, good option if no bont 120
Pavs: Evening beer who did you put the VC on. lol.
DukeNewc: unless grundy is back
frenzy: max
pcaman2003: beer. Gotta love Libba. He pays out week after week.
Raspel31: Mais c’est pas vrais wends- la situationn change toujours
Hughsy: translation – But that’s not true wends – the situation always changes
beerent11: English pavs
thommoae: CobraKai – Naicos the Maginnis tag?
Pavs: Naughton a bit like Silvagni looks like they have been shot every week
DukeNewc: I definitely didn’t chuck that into google translate Rasp
Pavs: Surprising beer
Wends: Mais bien sur Raspel, j’aimerais que ?a change ma voie… de preference tres vite!
beerent11: Missing the cricket
Wends: Et merci Hughsy 🙂
beerent11: Highest scorer in the game at the start of this round pavs
Pavs: Been up for a long time beer. I had him vc for the last few weeks bit tougher against a fresh Nank
wadaramus: The cricket was taxing beer.
wadaramus: McCullum is a Cult Leader and the English cricketers just followed his tune blindly.
wadaramus: When they lost they said winning wasn’t important, being entertaining was all that mattered.
wadaramus: They ramped and slogged, all in the name of giving life to Test Cricket.
wadaramus: Ultimately, a box of balls that did not have anything overs old was all that mattered.
Pavs: I should of enjoyed the Cricket but taxing is the perfect word Wada
wadaramus: *40 overs old.
wadaramus: The Poms are so damn full of themselves the longer the series went the harder it was to follow.
Wends: Not missing the cricket beer… glad to be getting some sleep
navy_blues: if that was other round wada poms would be rioting
wadaramus: I concur with that sentiment Wends 🙂
Pavs: Yep found it frustrating from test 1
wadaramus: They were rioting anyway navy, they were being stirred into a wild frenzy by Bazball antics!
Raspel31: As a die hard Ozzie we were robbed. Okay, England played better- took more wicketts, scored more runs, dominated and but
Pavs: Fishing Rasp?
wadaramus: When Australia tour England it is a tight contest, when England tour Oz it’s 5-0!
Raspel31: Testing the water Pavs.
Wends: On top of tour de france it’s a killer
navy_blues: lets go libba
Pavs: Pretty sure you dived right in Rasp 🙂
Pavs: Libba go huge, Bont get enough that my opp doesn’t Captain Gawn.
Wends: Bont going backwards now, what they hey?
TheLegend6: Tackle your way to 120 English
wadaramus: If not for being gifted a new ball we would have won 3-1, anyway, time to move on.
Raspel31: In your dreams wada.
Stu7: Ffs Daniel get a move on
wadaramus: You disagree that England were gifted a cherry ripe ball at over 37 Raspel?
TheFlagger: wow delist that bloke
navy_blues: and aus was 0-140
Pavs: Looks like you caught a whopper Rasp or is that a Wada
Raspel31: it was a decision made by the umps wada- as was the Bairstow dismissmal;
navy_blues: nice ton libba now keep going
wadaramus: Despite who decided, they were gifted a new ball which was not warranted.
clay007: A law is different to a decision Rasp.
wadaramus: Probably because the English groundstaff gave them a box that had no equivalent ball age in it.
CobraKai: English rising. Come on, son!
wadaramus: We all know there are boxes of balls of all different ages available at every ground.
Stu7: Off the pine English
TheLegend6: What is Macrae’s role? Jus doesn’t find the ball anymore.
Wends: Is Bont. Is good.
dezlav: I mean, c’mon. How good is Bont, really.
circle52: Do noit know whether you seen the box Wada but there were a number of equivalent balls in there, Umps need questioning.
Raspel31: well wada but for the rain an innings victory. Back to the footy.
wadaramus: If that is true Circle, why did they pick a near new ball?
Stu7: Is Kayo working for anyone ?
Pavs: Treloar taken away Macrae’s role
dezlav: @wada & Raspel. Who cares, there’s a footy match on.
circle52: My question too after seeing a shot of balls brought out.
clay007: Kayo working well hear on the Mornington Peninsula stu
TimT14: Kayo working here
dezlav: @Stu7. Mine is, and thanks for help with the dishes.
Stu7: Cheers clay mine not working
Stu7: Yarra Ranges
Stu7: Cheers dezlav. Ha ha
Stu7: Cheers Tim
Wends: Bont you beautiful human <3
clay007: Who wins stu, blues or saints?
Stu7: Blue clay easily
Wo0lfeee: @Stu7 I’m at the bottom of Mt. D and it’s fine.
dezlav: @Wends. Who in your line up would you trade for The Bont.
Stu7: Thanks WoOlfee
Stu7: English making a move in Fantasy about time
clay007: I think the saints will be very competitive stu. Great season ladder wise
Stu7: I?m not as confident as you clay, to burnt to be confident however I hope you?re right
wadaramus: It’s all good Dezlav, winning doesn’t matter anyway, at least according to Bazball philosophy, entertainment is key.
Hazza09: Every week I screw up my captain, over it
Gotigres: Hopefully bulldogs will sub out Bont. No need to risk him now.
wadaramus: How good must it be that even when you lose, it feels like you win?
dezlav: @Wada. Ha ha ha. True or false. Would you trade say,Laird for a Bont
clay007: Naughtons goal kicking routine is very stuttery.
wadaramus: Cult Leader tactics.
Stu7: Who did you VC Hazza?
dezlav: @Clay and Stu. Outside opinion. I think it’s even money.
wadaramus: If I had Laird, yes I would trade him for Bont.
Nicko006: 1 point for the quarter smith.. a shell of yourself..
clay007: Gotigres…bite your tongue son. I hope this does not happen.
Wends: @Dezlav Already have him – if I didn’t wld be offloading Mills, if that’s what you mean?
Stu7: Cheers dezlav
Wends: *or Neale.
dezlav: @Wada. I mean for real. Dawson, Bont and Tex. Real games. I’d trade Laird.
clay007: I think you might be right dezlav
Stu7: Daniel has scored FA since quarter time spud
Wends: As the fab song goes Macca, keep the fires burnin
wadaramus: Definitely mate.
dezlav: @Wends. Meant in real. If you were the Horse, come November and Bont wants to be a Swan. Go.
dezlav: @wads. Couldn’t let Rankine go though.
clay007: What a goal by Bolton. So good!
Stu7: Go back to sleep TT
wadaramus: Na, we paying him too much to let him go!
Wends: *no deal dezlav lol
circle52: Just about time to being captain madden onto the field
TheLegend6: Another 3 votes for Bont, reckon he’s gotta be out in front, be tight with Naicos
dezlav: Not even Heeney Wends. 🙂
Wends: OK maybe ladhams and melican 🙂 No way Heeney.
dezlav: Legends. Thanks for reminder. Will put a sneaky 2 on it tonight.
TheLegend6: Nice comeback English
Roksta: Is it possible to play so well you get 6 votes? #brownlowpelli
DANGERous: go the Bont
Pavs: A luxury to have Bont resting forward
pcaman2003: Wish I left the VC on Libba. Put in on Merrett just before the game. Sigh!
navy_blues: big finish libba
Raspel31: I might say the same about Bont pcaman but so flow the sands of time.
Pavs: Bont to Libba to English how good
pcaman2003: Who did you VC Rasp?
CobraKai: Anyone taking English if he makes 120?
Stu7: I will Cobra money in the bank
Raspel31: English pcaman- so prob going Zerrett now. Bont- alas.
navy_blues: keep going libba
Wends: Good recovery TT
TheLegend6: Always take 120
Wends: Who gave English espresso at h/t?
TheLegend6: Well done Bauer
clay007: They need to give an espresso to Macrae wends
CobraKai: Cheers for getting back. TE might look the goods just yet..
pcaman2003: Rasp. Hoping for a huge game for Zerrett against WC.
Stu7: No idea Wemds but I wish he?d chop out Daniel some of what he had
Stu7: Off the bench TE
DukeNewc: I love you libba
Wends: He needs a double… cold drip even clay 🙂
pcaman2003: Might need to upgrade TT to Treloar. next game
navy_blues: get back on daniel
xodeus9: so happy that I finished my team with Caleb Daniel when he was 600k
TheLegend6: 6 Macrae touches and a Weightman goal for the multi, cmon lads
clay007: Lol wends…too true.
beerent11: Libba 18cp 10 clearances 12 tackles. Pure grunt.
navy_blues: was gonna post same beer
clay007: Libba has had his best year I think beer. Very consistent.
Hazza09: I have Libba and didn?t VC him, ofcourse went English
Pavs: Only 3 under a hundred for Libba this year
pcaman2003: McQaulter before game suggested something lined up for Libba. Wonder what?
DukeNewc: Have the VC on bont, fully will take that
Wends: Letting him run around like a free range chook at a farm animal sanctuary pca, obvs
Nicko006: Smith has had 5 points in a half..
pcaman2003: Wends. That’s why I’m confused over his comment that Libba would be held accountable.
navy_blues: ok 2 touches daniel
Raspel31: Duke- aim higher- it’s the finals
navy_blues: get back on libba
CobraKai: Not my ideal start to the weekend, opponent captaining Bont lol
DukeNewc: Fair enough Raspel, there’s nothing like sc finals
pcaman2003: Looks like Libba not coming back on maybe?
Wends: Who can tell pca… coaches a funny old bunch
Stu7: Come on English squeeze out 10 more
Wends: Loving the English bin m0nty
Pavs: Libba on for Bont
pcaman2003: CobraKai. Still plenty of time to catch up. Good luck!
Beast_Mode: lol Rehabatore
Stu7: Nice come back English
CobraKai: Thanks pca… it’s gonna be a long weekend! lol
navy_blues: whew multi just
Manowar: Ya Donkey English!!!
Pavs: Right decision to go Libba over Bont lol.
CobraKai: Might roll the dice on Dawson or Daicos over 131 TE
Hazza09: Tops of a great night English
Roksta: Lol libba star admin taking the pi55
pcaman2003: Nicely done Pavs. I should’ve gone with my first instinct.
Manowar: get rid of BT and put that interview girl in the rooms

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