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Chat log from R20 of 2023: Richmond vs Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R20 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
TimT14: Let’s go tigers! Expecting a big game from Vlastuin
TimT14: How was that not ball
Hazza09: Ffs Trac, kick straight
nbartos: TT you flog
Huntrox: Harmes needs a cleaver.
frenzy: Grundy will never get a game now
pcaman2003: Is Taranto the butcher ever going to improve his disposal?
soup: what a game so far
wadaramus: This chat is flat? Everyone at the game?
thommoae: is it possible that TT’s role is to get the pill and get it going forward however?
clay007: We were just waiting for you Wada! Watch the effort lift from the FF community.
wadaramus: Carn Baker, repay the faith mate!
clay007: Baker is doing ok Wada. I think he has repaid.
wadaramus: I need more than OK 🙂
wadaramus: Banks could replace Fletcher in AF, still have one player to upgrade.
clay007: High standards, fair enough. Great win by the crows last night. Huge.
wadaramus: Yes, good win, but we’re just too inconsistent unfortunately!
bhg26: Is there any danger of any team around the swans losing?
Beast_Mode: banks will be a good player, can kick on both feet well
clay007: Always have your Swans cap on bhg, lol.
TimT14: I’m at the game wada
TimT14: Tigers need better KPD say it every week
wadaramus: Hoping the Cats beat the Powder bhg 🙂
bhg26: You know it clay
wadaramus: Good onya TmT, love live footy, was at the game last night myself.
clay007: The powder wada? Are you sniffing? lol
wadaramus: What’s the consensus on Aliir Aliir being sent back on?
Beast_Mode: dees done well to be this close, thanks to the umps 2 frees to resulted in dees goals that wasnt there
TimT14: The doctor who cleared Aliir should be sacked
wadaramus: I was surprised when he came back on so soon TimT.
TimT14: That’s if they even did a concussion test
Beast_Mode: any solid head contract should be tested, they only kept him on becuase they wanted to win the game
wadaramus: Doctor watched the replay and decided no HIA was necessary.
wadaramus: I guess he didn’t see him knocked out cold before hitting the turf!
OffaStep: Feel like the standard, “what’s your first name? What’s your last name?” test wasn’t sufficient.
bhg26: This Dusty kid has a promising career ahead of him
clay007: I agree bhg. Looks a good player. He might win a few Norm Smith medals and possibly a brownlow if he maintains it.
bhg26: Thats a bold call clay
wadaramus: This is definitely the place for bold calls.
wadaramus: Just ask sc_god.
clay007: True Wada. Where is the expert?
Beast_Mode: thats weak as piss
TimT14: Was that not ball
feralmong: get coulthard on. We need some pep.
wadaramus: Dees flexing.
TimT14: They’re listening to you feral
clay007: Cmon Tiges! Let’s go!
clay007: Cmon TimT, fire up, this is getting real!
navy_blues: cmon dees
Hughsy: petracca with 19 points for a tackle and a kick?
Danstar: Get Petracca back on!!!
Beast_Mode: luke darcy is cooked lol
Danstar: Kick lead to. A goal also adds points hugh
cherry9: Captain Max you beauty!
Hughsy: sounds like bullshit to me
navy_blues: lolol love it
runners47: TT, need you in seagull mode NOW
nbartos: high every time
cherry9: Copped Gulden C last week, so I am due
circle52: Joining you Cherry was worried at h/t though.
cherry9: Same, esp when rain came
Dredd: Rioli and Tarantino gonna cost me 2700 🙁
pcaman2003: And here comes the fat lady.
navy_blues: 20 points up to 25 points down big swing
wadaramus: Great second half Baker you hack.
pcaman2003: TT You’re a worry coming in to SC finals. What to do with you?
soup: everyone and their dog has TT i wouldnt worry about it pca
hmmmm: am i insane for considering rage trading TT
pcaman2003: soup. 3known finalists in my league got rid of him.
runners47: Should be enough options that are equally good to do it, hmmmm – wondering myself..

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