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Chat log from R18 of 2023: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, R18 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
navy_blues: if bris cant beat undermanned dees then no chance in sept
bushranger: Good evening all. Only Neale tonight and opponent has him too, so can enjoy the match.
FoopyTime: evening lads
DukeNewc: Neale and Gawn tonight, should be a cracker.
DukeNewc: Hopefully gawn scores well without Grundy
frenzy: howdy
Troglodyte: Lads. Good to see all the rubbish teams are playing Sunday – can now make other plans for that day 😉
Gotigres: Hi everyone. Just seen than Tom Green is out for 3 weeks
Stu7: Evening Foopy & bushranger
Gotigres: Let’s go Capt Dunkley
circle52: Stupid by Wilmott
navy_blues: stupid by melksham
DrSeuss: Brisbane defenders seem to turn to water at the G
DrSeuss: Stupid by Daniher
original: purple name game on mcluggage today
clay007: Is Neale at the MCG or playing by himself at the Gabba? Lol
Cottees: Trust Lions to let Tracca run rings around them. Such bad coaching
Zee94: Trac found his new position
FoopyTime: this is getting ugly really quick
clay007: I agree Cottees. My oppo has him as his VC, so my apologies all, tracca to go huge.
DrSeuss: FFS – Lions playing weak af – man up
navy_blues: bris dont even look like scoring
OffaStep: Lions looking bloody ordinary.
wadaramus: Why don’t Brisbane appear to be doing anything?
DukeNewc: A lot of players derailed by injuries this round, like me
original: get a touch salem
OffaStep: Absolutely smashed, Duke. VC on Tingles then had the rug pulled out from under me.
clay007: True Duke-I lost Cameron, Mitchell, Maric and T Green. Great start to the rd.
DrSeuss: McInerney looking scared at every bounce – defenders falling over – man the F up
original: VC on english so won’t matter that i have 1-2 donuts
wadaramus: You think you’re a finals threat Brisbane? Bah, you’re easybeats in Melbourne!
FoopyTime: dont let fagen read that he will blow a blood vessel
wadaramus: Just like the Crows!
DrSeuss: Kind of like Adelaide outside of the Adelaide oval Wada?
clay007: There it is Seuss-they are starting to settle.
DrSeuss: We are play fine in Melbourne – just not at the G
wadaramus: If the sarcasm isn’t obvious, I’m just trying to fire up the Bears.
FoopyTime: do they just not like the change rooms or something or is it they play against good competition at the G
clay007: It is probably just too cold for them foopy.
FoopyTime: melkshams getting dropped after this match
DrSeuss: Its 100% mental now I reckon – they try not to think about it so much that it actually consumes them
circle52: FFS stop bombing long east prey for May
DukeNewc: Wake up Neale
OffaStep: The yellow, oval shaped leather thing, Fletcher. That’s what you’re after, son.
DukeNewc: Someone needs to blast music in front of neales house that says “get the flowering pill”
original: salem ffs killing my draft team pal
original: may being a kick in pig too ffs
navy_blues: think neale is in “i dont care mode”
DrSeuss: McInerney having no effect which will effect Neale a bit
soup: salem get the pill you spud
circle52: A lot sharked by Melbourne though DR
original: im with soup here
navy_blues: hate to have C on neale atm
TheFlagger: gday everyone. how many donuts does everyone have
clay007: Neale $600+, Woedodin, $123, where is the greater value? Um…
DrSeuss: Wilmot with his 2nd goal given away in a quarter
original: salem long kick to a 50/50 counts as no points
DukeNewc: Still says that gawn is a tandem ruck on his icon information
dodgybros: 2 hot jam donuts at the G for 6 bucks
DrSeuss: Good finish Joe – 5 more please
Hazza09: Walsh or Butters for Green? Can?t decide
runners47: Get moving again, Viney
beerent11: Do we know how long green is out for hazza?
original: salem down to 5, ya kidding me. he was punished for a 50/50 kick?
Hazza09: 3 weeks Beer
Doc_: 3 weeks beer
beerent11: Far out. He?s my 14th injury for the year. Not including suspensions.
DrSeuss: Brisbane defenders – all of them having a mare start to this game – slow and ineffective
original: wow neale stinks
Pavs: Evening all. So far a little bit sh*t Mr Neale.
navy_blues: ashcroft lifting lions
Cottees: yes Ashcroft!
Social: Evening Pavs and all. Indeed, the sh*t is real.
DrSeuss: Neale – if you could get involved a little please? Keep going now lads – control the ball
OffaStep: Neale not playing tonight. He’s on the ground, just not playing.
Manowar: Retire Gunston
TheLegend6: Got 2 donuts this round, absolute carnage
TheFlagger: Gunston so cooked
clay007: Maybe he feels weird playing against his step brother, Neal-Bullen
Social: Neale was terrific against Wet Coast hehe, that’s our Lachie.
Manowar: use a boost!
ausgooner: i’m not one to wish ill on a player, but i hope grundy don’t play another game this year
TheLegend6: 2 trades left, might cop it and hope JZ get’s the vest
wadaramus: That’s funny Clay!!
beerent11: I?m opening a bakery legend6
Manowar: go for it, use your last 2 trades
original: ffs salem killin me man absolute garbage
TheFlagger: didnt realise they were related wow what a coincidence
clay007: I thought so Wada, so thank you. It looked it was going through to the keeper.
navy_blues: lmao what a bounce
Pavs: Clay I just got that. Very slow from me and very good from you 🙂
original: wow the bounce
original: petracca where you gone bro
DrSeuss: Hard to win at the G when it does shit like that
TheFlagger: hipwood is so so awful schache 2.0
2Ph0nes: dissent?
TheFlagger: ashcroft holders done very well
wadaramus: Scottish Open is more entertaining.
wadaramus: Och aye the noo Jimmy
2Ph0nes: yeah the bounce of the ball is why you’ve lost 13 of the last 14 at the G
Dondeal: That’s a terrible no call by umpire. Massive push by May
original: that shoulda been a free
DrSeuss: How TF is that not a free – two hands in the side not playing at the ball
Manowar: Daniher ya Donkey1
clay007: That is ok Pavs, the light eventually came on.
original: clugg had a shockn start to year but boy he is back
OffaStep: If this was Hide and Seek, my boy Fletcher would be tonning up alfready.
TheFlagger: Harrington will bring it home
OffaStep: Found you!
clay007: Will Neale make some sort of come back? This is the worst I have ever seen him play. He goes left, the ball goes right.
Troglodyte: Come on Dees time to put the kitties down for good
navy_blues: neale prob score more if he was subbed lol
DrSeuss: Somehow most of my league opponents don’t have Neale this week – playing horrible
soup: lachie neale you are a fraud
clay007: You must watch him heaps Seuss, what is theproblem? He doesn’t even show intensity, hardly tackles
Hazza09: Trac gone home
clay007: He has just returned hazza, toilet break.
ralfsmiff4: Why is Lester’s icon a frog?
wadaramus: Do something Neale you hack.
TheFlagger: right on cue
Pavs: Sometimes if the ball is’nt coming to you maybe think Libba and go get it Mr Neale.
2Ph0nes: is tracc playing mostly forward?
circle52: Lesters nick name is Froggy that is why
TheFlagger: yes 2phones
DrSeuss: Brisbane small defenders again getting lost – sub Wilmot out and put Deven on
navy_blues: so selfish cameron
TheFlagger: starts at centre bounce and pushes forward
clay007: I agree Pavs. Where is the effort? This is how Cripps was playing during those dark weeks. He is better now though
navy_blues: but cries when team mates dont give him the ball
ralfsmiff4: Thank you circle52, that makes sense
circle52: That not 15 was longer than some I have seen paid
DrSeuss: Of course the umps call that not 15 – most inconsistent call in AFL
original: who we got for purple name game. link not working
ralfsmiff4: Wilmot needs a pepsi can as his icon!!
Stu7: So nearly VC Neale glad I didn?t
clay007: Lester’s icon is the cold icon on my screen.
Pavs: Circle got his purple name back I see
beerent11: Sometimes people have a bad day at work. Never happened to any of y?all?
Stu7: Same here clay
ralfsmiff4: clay007 I should’ve said the icon next to Melksham’s name, which is in reference to Lester lmao ribbit
Stu7: Great first half of footy
circle52: same for me as well as he has been very cold tonight.
DrSeuss: Haha Petty trying to start crap with Zorko – have a cry you flog
clay007: That makes more sense Ralf.
navy_blues: lol beer im not getting paid what he does beer
ralfsmiff4: Lachie Hunter turning back the clock. Always looks so unfit, yet somehow always among the longest distance ran per game
circle52: aPavs had that for years and changes back and forth for some reason. Obviously Lions supporter though
Pavs: Lack of effort beer that is what most of us are saying. Maybe a little injury but not a lot of effort shown
clay007: Do Gold Coast win with a new coach Stu? Tough game and a lot on the line.
2Ph0nes: the funny thing is that you wouldntt say that to his face seuss lol
OffaStep: Lachie’s dad pretty good on the punt, too, ralf.
Stu7: I think so clay
Pavs: Noticed for years Circle looked strange when it didn’t come up last week 🙂
clay007: Agree again with you Pavs-it is the effort. He may have an injury though, good point.
RuffLeader: I’d have a go at Zorko as well Seuss, terrible terrible human
original: never beer
Stu7: Pies should have a good win Clay freo have a few out
DrSeuss: Haha agree Ruff – Zorko is a knob. But Petty jumps on his high horse and then acts like a flog.
clay007: I hope so Stu. I really hope the Saints beat Gold Coast, would love them to make the 8. Where is Hunter?
Stu7: Hunter shouldn?t be too far away after knee injury
Stu7: They have a good run coming up Roos and hawks so hopefully can win 3 in a row and secure the eight
clay007: That is good news, classy player. Who was the guy who was drafted with him, but is currently injured, backline player?
navy_blues: think GF spots are down to 3 sidess now
clay007: Stu-do the maths. You win tomorrow-equal pts with Melb (if they lose), then roos and hawks, game on
clay007: Bombers and cats still a threat Navy, and the blues are looking more danferous
2Ph0nes: cats yes but bombers a gf threat? you taking the piss
loginpaul: Choccy baby… gonna need a 100 point second half 🙂
navy_blues: realistically port coll and maybe dees geelong coming from long way back maybe but others no cant see it
clay007: Fair call 2 phones, but their best footy is bloody good. They will challenge Pies. Ladder possies will be huge.
clay007: Geelong at the G are good, and some of these other sides, depends on travel
Pavs: Wada – Hovland
clay007: Who is teaching a little inside out slider at Auskick?
beerent11: Neale on the move
DrSeuss: Neale looks slow – even Viney with a dodgy knee ran around him
navy_blues: to the bench?
Pavs: Coach asked him politely at half time I reckon beer
DukeNewc: Gawn you’re a star, this is why dees should’ve not chased grundy
clay007: Well it worked Pavs. Go Lachie!
TheLegend6: Let’s go Matildas
DrSeuss: Good hands though Lach – certainly building
Pavs: He will still ton up. lol
beerent11: He?s only about 20 points off ton pace
DukeNewc: Legend. Haha, not sure its more important that this game though
Pavs: Charlie Cameron more great body language
2Ph0nes: lol charlie you flog stfu and let him kick the pill
clay007: Need Neale to beat Fletcher against oppo…not looking so good now.
TheLegend6: We’re about to in the world cup Duke, we look good!
Pavs: Maybe he could do commentary with Richo after footy 2Phones
Stu7: Daniher could have buried Dees if it weren?t for his cr@p kicking
navy_blues: tides turned
DrSeuss: Yep same old story with Joe there Stu
beerent11: Good for lions confidence if they win at the g
Pavs: Who said Brisbane can’t play in Melbourne, Melbourne can’t play in Melbourne.
dodgybros: Crowd going bananas for Joey
Stu7: Come on Neale & Ashcroft lift
clay007: Are the Dees cooked?
Stu7: Lol Pavs
Stu7: Smoked clay
DrSeuss: Good for Lions mentality if they can win this – smoked in the first 20 minutes and were able to overcome that
original: ah salem. play one qtr a game now does he
Stu7: Yes good fight back Suess
clay007: I think Grundy would have a small smile on his face, while he sips his chai latte, eats sunflower seeds while meditating
DrSeuss: Not like Melbourne have lost this game in the ruck though Clay. Would feel bad for Grundy if he wasnt still getting paid
Raspel31: Where’s Ollie when you need him- not here tonight.
clay007: Yes, but Grundy would realise he is not the reason for their poor form. I am glad Pies gor rid of him, still paying him.
Stu7: Yeah they are missing chucky doll Raspa
DrSeuss: Haha how is that Gawn’s free – Spargo was the tackler
clay007: Neale-I just want to apologise for my earlier words, you are doing well.
clay007: …and then you give away a free kick
Pavs: I stand by my words Clay.
Stu7: Spoke too soon clay
Hazza09: Loving the cement bag
DrSeuss: How do you let Melbourne’s only dangerous forward that much space? Also that’s a rugby league pass
clay007: It appears so Stu. Oops!
Stu7: Daniher you flog
2Ph0nes: nice dive flog
Stu7: That?s better Daniher
Stu7: Off the pine Ashcroft
Pavs: Daniher doing baby giraffe impressions
loginpaul: Neale actually doing it
Raspel31: At this stage it’s not what they score- it’s don’t get injures.
clay007: Brayshaw will kick it right cos his head tilts to the right
DrSeuss: Can we stop getting Wilmot on kick-ins please
Gotigres: Of course 2 of my 3 opps don’t have Neale
runners47: Get back on the field McCluggage
DukeNewc: Gawn for 200, it could be possible
Stu7: Will Neale ton up?
DukeNewc: He has to get on his bike now stu…
Stu7: On the bench as I say that
Stu7: Yep Duke
Gotigres: Not while he’s on the bench Stu
DrSeuss: Ashcroft has hit the brakes after half time
Stu7: Agree Gotigres
Raspel31: Will Australia sign a trade with Europe- your guess as good as mine Stu.
Stu7: Neale will pass Ashcroft me thinks Dr
ElstyBoy: Petracca massively underscored surely
DrSeuss: Wilmot again – just dive on the ball and get rid of it
Stu7: Lol Raspa
clay007: Do scores slow in last 5 minutes of a game?
Pavs: Think they might Clay thought English got ripped a bit in the last 10 mins last night
DrSeuss: Lions playing stupid football – trying to give the game away
Stu7: Gawn not far away now Duke
Stu7: Wake up Ashcroft
Gotigres: When is Aus v France in the soccer?
TheLegend6: It finished gotigres
Stu7: Getting close Dr
TheLegend6: Sick that some people will have the English/Gawn ruck combo
DANGERous: big Maximus
navy_blues: gonna choke?
Pavs: Not sure why you kick it anywhere near Gawn at this stage
Gotigres: Thanks Legend. Just saw the score.
sc_god: got the C on gawn lads, good times
navy_blues: nice 200 maxxy
Gotigres: omg Gawn
Hughsy: He did it
DrSeuss: How is Wilmot on 77 SC – the guy has given away about 5 goals
clay007: Neale has gone awol when it matters
Stu7: Come on Brissy
DrSeuss: Another throw from Gawn to Brayshaw there
clay007: Wow! Afl footy is a great game.
Stu7: Oh dear
navy_blues: omg who said bris can play G
naicosfan: Colossal throw by the lions
Stu7: Massive choke
TheLegend6: game over, lions frauding at the G again!
navy_blues: lost last 14 out of 15
Stu7: Draw
sc_god: hahah!! sucked in flogs!! hipwood you tool LOL
circle52: Looked like a mark to Lions notice they have not replayed
Stu7: Wil it and Neale flogs
Manowar: Chockers – sack Fagan he has no idea!
DrSeuss: Mark to Hipwood there
circle52: Show that last matk please think Lions had it.
Pavs: Went a bit early on that one Navy. Melbourne can play in Melbourne
original: uh wot
sc_god: lol no mark dees player was in front
Raspel31: Will Gawn drop in price next week- just asking for a pal.
beerent11: Ah well
ralfsmiff4: Melksham been playing in the magoos all year. Comes in and wins the match!
runners47: Not a Lions mark – what a finish – kudos to both teams
navy_blues: lions went to save game to early i think
DrSeuss: Hipwood’s arms is on the ball – Lever’s arms around Hipwood – that’s a mark
Manowar: bye bye Brodie
bhg26: Ashcroft best m9 ever
ralfsmiff4: Poor Grundy. He will never get back in this team
Manowar: Hipwood’s shit would have missed anyway
circle52: Anyway Wilmott lost it for us AShould have marked rather than punch.
DrSeuss: Gave the game away though – absolute BS first 20 minutes and last 15 minutes
circle52: Bit would hgave been a draw
Zee94: Wow Gawns score
ralfsmiff4: We’ll take him at Punt Rd. Our ruckman/co-captain couldn’t help himself last week! My coach Andrew McQualter was livid
navy_blues: lever 1st touch
navy_blues: no mark
DrSeuss: Lever didn’t even get a hand on it
sc_god: lever grabbed it first plus that muppet flogwood had him in a head lock lol
navy_blues: hit his chest
sc_god: seussy youre such a baby lol

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