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Chat log from R18 of 2023: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R18 of 2023

navy_blues: evening all
Stu7: Evening all
Stu7: Hey Navy
frenzy: evening chaps
DANGERous: anyone got a full team this week?
navy_blues: think bulldogs easy
bhg26: Have to field Ashcroft and Windhager Danger. Bloody Dunks and Dcam
bushranger: Just Danger, zero bench cover too
Baldfrog: Nope have seagull and dunks out
navy_blues: dunks cameron and sheldrick out for me
Stu7: Frenzy
AlsoGmax: Good luck, all.
DANGERous: dunks cameron serong and maybe ridley out for me. mills now in for dev rob
Stu7: Yes I have Danger plus bench cover
Pavs: Evening all. One short because of Sheldrick. Danger could be worse depends on Ridley
navy_blues: ibba libba libba!
Stu7: Hey Pavs
Pavs: Sheldrick cover for DCam. Soz. Gone English VC this week
navy_blues: sheldrick out pavs
frenzy: sheldrick out Pavs
Pavs: Yeah didn’t explain myself Navy DCam out and no cover because of Sheldrick
Baldfrog: Gulden VC aint lookin good Swans way off the pace
navy_blues: ok
2Ph0nes: sheldrick, dunks, titch, dcam, serong out for me ffs, anyone worse that that?!
Baldfrog: Nope think you win 2Phones
Stu7: Go Millsy
Pavs: That is tough 2phones not even funny tough just tough
Stu7: Mills, Rampe, English, Macrae & Daniel
navy_blues: vc between libba and bont went bont
2Ph0nes: i had more players in the bye rounds playing lol
Stu7: VC Naicos
Stu7: Good choice navy
bhg26: We have other forwards swans
Stu7: That?s sh1t 2Ph0nes
frenzy: yep naicos VC stu7
Stu7: Hopefully he has a big one frenzy
beerent11: Dunks, Lloyd, serong, dcam, constable, Fyfe, drury and madden. Vc English.
Pavs: Covered if A Davey plays but I doubt it. Gone Naicos C as back up to English
Stu7: Not good beer
EvilMonk: Wow that was a bad decision umpire lmao
2Ph0nes: if daniel can keep get 12pts per kick i’d be happy
beerent11: Errol is so good
Pavs: A bit Pendelburyish beer
Stu7: Com on Daniel
bhg26: Listening to this on the radio and all I?m hearing is Buddy dropping marks
Raspel31: Very careless of me to lose Serong, Ridley, Lloyd and Cox last week. Carn Doggies!
beerent11: That pass on the wing before was elite pavs
Pavs: Congrats Rasp. Only for a short time but Congrats
Pavs: Gree beer under pressure
bhg26: If All Australian is picked based off position Errol is first pick on the wing beer
Baldfrog: getting excited for the season with Ange in charge Rasp?
Stu7: Daniel & Rampe wtf
Raspel31: I am indeed Bald.
Baldfrog: Hope he goes well Rasp
Stu7: Off the pine Millsy
Raspel31: Attacking football for a change.
beerent11: Him or jaicos bhg
bhg26: Errol beer. Think Jaicos is the third ranked winger behind Errol and Nic Martin
beerent11: English warming up now pavs
JohnHoward: tinman doing what he likes. luv it
Stu7: Nice Rampe
Gotigres: Now that I don’t have O’Donnell watch him go 80+
Stu7: Nice English man
naicosfan: I don?t know if Errol will be AA O
naicosfan: Only because he plays a higher amount of centre bounces than jaicos and Martin
Pavs: Loving this beer. Very rare for me to get on right especially with 6 playing this game
Raspel31: Perhaps a wiser man than I would have left the vc on English?
Stu7: I hope so Gotigres
bhg26: They never pick AA based on positions anyway naicos
beerent11: I had Neale vc all week and swapped over to english when I saw hickey out.
Stu7: Millsy you good thang
Stu7: Nice work beer
navy_blues: cant understand why some ppl use their C 1st game of the round
spdysaint: what were sydney thinking dropping Hickey?
Gotigres: Haha Stu. Good on ya for holding him
bhg26: Can?t believe that not picking a ruck against the best ruck in the comp is backfiring
naicosfan: True bhg
beerent11: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Stu7: They must not know about the loop navy
Raspel31: Why you are my guru beer.
bhg26: How come their forwards can mark and kick? That?s not fair
navy_blues: wondered why my opp was ahead by so much already has C on bont
Baldfrog: You bring that out every week Beer time to learn a new one
Ash777: English colonizing the swans
DANGERous: lift Mills
Stu7: English is go8ng to have a blowout beer
spdysaint: English gonna get 200
Gotigres: You are pathetic Mills. Nothing but a mid pricer. Even O’Donnell the cricketer is doing better than you.
navy_blues: was off with blood rule for a while tigers
Pavs: 200 sounds good to me spdysaint 😉
Gotigres: Oh ok, thanks navy
spdysaint: not for me pavs
beerent11: 200 would cover my dcam donut.
thommoae: Clever, Ash.
ballbag: even a blind squirrel can find a nut
Stu7: Lol Gotigres
Stu7: Off the pine helmet head
Stu7: Rampe can?t ballbag
Raspel31: We want the finest wines known to humanity-we want them here and we want them now!
beerent11: Hard for dogs players to go 200. Many mouths to feed
JohnHoward: garcia, scott and ad mcneil, what a bunch of duds
Ash777: Only dud is you JohnHoward
JohnHoward: seriously, ive never seen any of them inpact a game
Hughsy: cant tell if you are joking johnHoward
Stu7: Nice work Millsy – he will be okay beer
naicosfan: Indeed, never heard of those names until reading this list on fanfooty.
Social: I want a bean feast! Cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts. So good you could go nuts!
pcaman2003: Libba’s DE was 84, then a HB to a team mate. DE to 85. How does that work?
beerent11: The foot on Errol
sheezel420: They are extremely forgettable players
2Ph0nes: North havent impacted the game for a decade
Raspel31: That’s the spirit Social.
naicosfan: On it Bont, keep it up!
naicosfan: +15 for a goal, not too shabby
navy_blues: charity for franklin
Danstar: AFL must want Sydney in the finals or at least a chance
Pavs: Um prior opportunity?
OffaStep: I think we better release you from the l?gume, Social, and transfer your talents to the meat.
Napper: Franklin getting gifted everything this match
Danstar: And another hold by Heeney and play on lol
Dondeal: Fuck you Rampe
naicosfan: Gulden is getting the ball
Social: welcome
Pavs: Clever Gulden
Stu7: You got Rampe too Dondeal?
Hughsy: thats it bont, overtake english
bhg26: Bulldogs fans complaining about umpiring? I?ve seen everything
dezlav: Got the VC on English this week. Fingers crossed.
Stu7: Keep it up,helmet head
Stu7: Smooth sailing dezlav
navy_blues: Duryea been busy
bhg26: You?d think Heeney would have some goal kicking ability
DukeNewc: Bont went down 6 for that grubber
Stu7: Macrae cr@p efficiency
Danstar: Bhg: salty 7 years later? Lol
bhg26: Didn?t stop play when Lloyd went down last week
dezlav: @Stu7. Fat lady ain’t sung yet.
Danstar: 3 goals from free kicks. See how many more you get.
DukeNewc: The only ability heeny has is hitting a fan on the chest OOTF bhg
bhg26: You get gifted every week danstar. Think you?ll live after 1 week of unfavourable umpiring
Stu7: I?m pretty sure she?s about to belt one out shortly though dezlav
Danstar: Every week? Haven?t watched many dogs games this year?
Stu7: Off the bench Rampe
Danstar: Ty for admitting though umps are favouring your swans
ausgooner: You’re better than this bhg26
bhg26: I?ve seen a few from the last few years danstar
2Ph0nes: maccrae 10 possies in first, 1 posssie in the second. sums up his season
bhg26: You clearly don?t know me then ausgoonet
bhg26: Ausgooner* apologies
Danstar: Surprised unrealistic attempt there.
beerent11: Bhg is a different beast when the swans are playing. Especially if they start losing.
DANGERous: lift Mills
beerent11: All the highly owned are smashing it
bhg26: So every week beer
Pavs: Nothing wrong with a bit of passion bhg
beerent11: Love the passion bhg.
Danstar: Wow. How was that not a free in the middle after that tackle lol
Raspel31: The advantage beer is to own the lowly owned who are doing nothing.
wadaramus: Looks like a good game not to be watching.
bhg26: Pure passion is what I bring
wadaramus: Scottish Open far more exciting.
Stu7: Mills wake up
Soups07: mills went home
Danstar: After that mark Ed did over buddy. Buddy was looking for a fk, only to realise Ed msrked it
beerent11: Best game of the year wada
Ash777: again buddy holds the jumper
PigeonPies: swans are winning the flag
Raspel31: Thought this was The Scottish Open wada- whoops.
bhg26: Now who?s complaining about the umps
dodgybros: I hope Franklin plays next year to shut the media up about his last game
navy_blues: think swans are a better side without buddy to buddy conscious
bhg26: How the turn tables
beerent11: Already 180 points in the vc bank. Love it
navy_blues: amartey and mcdonald ready to lead frwd line
DrSeuss: Mills just seems to be 1-2 seconds too late to everything – teammates not looking for him like they used to do
beerent11: Two turntables and a microphone
thommoae: Well there’s a Macrae a McInerney, a McLean and even a Campbell – that Scottish enough for ya?
wadaramus: Best game of the year due to your VC choice beer 🙂
Raspel31: On a positive note I have Melican on the ground to cover Lloyd, Ridley and Cox.
thommoae: Not to mantion a MvNeil and a McDonald – och!
thommoae: And McCartin – they just keep on coming, mon!
Raspel31: McVandemeer?
wadaramus: I used to work for a Scottish bricklayer.
thommoae: Is Rotterdam in Scotland?
wadaramus: He’d yell out the car window “show us yer wee fanny luv:!
JohnHoward: phil davis annoys me.
wadaramus: A stubby was a hoffa halfa and a long neck was a holy woly.
thommoae: Sounds more like a Scottish thick-as-a-bricklayer to me.
Ash777: you forgot scott
wadaramus: They’re not too bright but they can lift heavy things.
wadaramus: Sorry for the generalisation PAFC 🙂
Raspel31: I believe Bontempelli to have Scottish roots too/
Pavs: Father /son rule best rule in footy. Think I agree with that.
Danstar: Sportsbet only offering $1.05 for buddy to get gifted at least 2 more umpire goals
exatekk: hey all. Bought in Butters for Sheldrick, but im also on the fence about Nic Martin….
gazza39: They?re bright and can lift heavy things
Pavs: Quality player exatekk.
wadaramus: You a stonemason gazza?
PAFC4eva: Nothing wrong with brick tappers wada steady on
DukeNewc: Miraculous, Heeney kicked straight… About time.
bhg26: Must have been a miskick Duke
OffaStep: Some players have to kick around a corner to kick straight, Duke.
wadaramus: Haha, there he is! I can still hear it mate, “more bricks, more mud”!
DukeNewc: He was aiming for Melican down the other end of the ground bhg…
Danstar: Another game where dogs looks good for a bit. Than just let oppo steam roll them
PAFC4eva: Faster faster
bhg26: Don?t worry danstar we usually piss off in the fourth quarter
ballbag: can anyone see if macrae is crying
wadaramus: When we wanted it to rain so we could go to the pub early we’d “put the arrows out” so it would rain here.
bhg26: Wtf Blakey
Pavs: Man crush on English tonight. (starting to sound like Raspel)
Danstar: More like dogs can never hold a lead and let teams steam roll them
PAFC4eva: Back in the day of no roofs one drop pack up
Raspel31: Use not my name in vain Pavs or beware!
bc__: What’s happened to you Mills. 90 at HT wasn’t unusual not that long ago
bhg26: Both teams are similar in that aspect danstar
wadaramus: Too hot, too cold, too wet, any excuse to go to the pub early 🙂
Stu7: Mills you?re a disgrace
bhg26: And another defender down
Danstar: What was that after the naughton tackle? Lucky we scored but still
Gotigres: Melican subbed out is not good for my team
Dondeal: Huge effort by Naughton
beerent11: How good was naughton then
DrSeuss: Sydney need to put Mills at half back for a bit – get some composure back there
DukeNewc: Neither for mine gotigres, he was my cover, so many injuries and outs for me
Raspel31: Well, Melican was only covering Lloyd, Ridley and Cox from last week- wtf?
wadaramus: Pelican filling at D6 not good.
TimT14: Surely everyone went Gulden VC
OffaStep: English for me, Tim. Very happy so far.
beerent11: A few of us on english Tim
Pavs: Solid 31 though Rasp
Stu7: Macrae 17 possies for 48 wtf
J.Worrall: Haha Surely everyone went Gulden VC
DANGERous: where did u go mills?
Stu7: Another week of too many low scorers
Raspel31: Amazingly solid and impressive 31 Pavs.
DukeNewc: Did he make his BE pavs?
Danstar: Wow advantage. Cmon
J.Worrall: Pelian a Solid 31 🙁
Dondeal: Disgraceful call by Ump
Pavs: Hamstring now Rasp. Hope you have 16 trades left
Dondeal: Ugle-Hagan stopped as soon as he heard the call of HTB
circle52: I may be on the outer but took Bont as VC as a POD. Do not have English
Gotigres: Go and slap Mills please bhg to wake him up
J.Worrall: Pelian BE -4, he’s gone totally Ken Bruce!
Raspel31: Well Dunks better return next week is all I can say.
bhg26: Can?t be arsed tigres
Stu7: Bont will finish with a decent score circle
beerent11: That?s a very Garcia moustache that Garcia has.
wadaramus: Yep, eating a donut this week thanks to Dunks not returning.
Pavs: -4 breakeven Duke this time of year not that important I don’t think.
RooBoyStu: Mills only 80% TOG what a joke
beerent11: Don?t have him but feel like Bont has been a bit better than his score.
bhg26: Throw and a half from jamarra
wadaramus: Mills been on the pine for an eternity.
Stu7: Mills off the sofa now a quick 50 please
OffaStep: Libba only 75% TOG, Roo. Mills has bigger problems. Regretting my trade…
Raspel31: Atta boy Bont- last minute vc switch from English.
Stu7: Great now Daniel on the pine
Stu7: Rampe overtaken Mills what a joke
J.Worrall: Go Dachshunds: Get a long, little Doggies!
DrSeuss: Stu I would be happy if Mills gets an extra 30 – just running around near the ball but no impact
Danstar: Give us a holding the ball ump
Stu7: Cheers DrSeuss
bhg26: Gonna complain about that danstar?
Raspel31: Everyone stop scoring- Melican just dropped to 29.
Danstar: Missed about 4 holding the balls in the forward line
bhg26: Well we?re down in the 4th quarter congrats doggies on the win
Ash777: damn dogs finally won a 3rd quarter
Pavs: D Cameron for Captain this week beer 🙂
2Ph0nes: they said get mills, they said he’s been played out of position..
bhg26: How is bont only on 103 I can?t see clangers or de
DrSeuss: Mills looked good for about a quarter 2ph0nes – he is around the ball just can’t get a touch or any involvement
Pavs: 3 Clangers going at 56% bhg
bhg26: Cheers Pavs
Raspel31: 4 in this- English, Gulden, Bont and best of all- Melican.
bhg26: Balances out rasp
DukeNewc: 5 for me rasp, Bont, libba, gulden, English and Melican
OffaStep: C’mon Mills!
Raspel31: Nice Duke.
Stu7: Daniel Mills and Rampe lift ffs
beerent11: I have many, many choices for non playing captains pavs.
Stu7: Gotta be happy with that Duke
beerent11: Unfortunately
Raspel31: Still thinking of capping Neale over vc English?
Stu7: Good stuff English
beerent11: My vc cut off is 180 raspel. Still a bit to go.
bhg26: We?re just kicking it to English
DrSeuss: Seriously – how do Sydney leave Bont so open so often – kicks just falling in his lap now
JohnHoward: macrae u beaitful man, impacting nicely should easily ton
Raspel31: 185 for me beer.
DukeNewc: Off the pine libba, 74% TOG
bhg26: Fucking man up on bontempelli
ballbag: why is darcy cameron out?
Soups07: injury ball bag
DukeNewc: failed fitness test ballbag
Soups07: hip
Dondeal: Of course they paid it
thommoae: A Buddy overhead pack mark!
EvilMonk: Jeeze, they’ve looked after Franklin tonight, 2 soft frees and thats a mark? Lol
DrSeuss: Does any other forward get paid that mark?
FoopyTime: yes
Gotigres: Wow English. Nice move up
DukeNewc: vintage Buddy is back thommoae
OffaStep: Gulden back on but not back in it.
EvilMonk: @DrSeuss probably not
dezlav: Wow. The V is Safe on English
Danstar: Buddy can get away with murder in his last few games
ballbag: oh gees thanks guys,i thought he went surfing
Stu7: Ffs Daniel on the bench again
Stu7: And Mills too
beerent11: Settle down. He?s earnt it.
OffaStep: If he’s gonna murder someone, I hope it’s Papley, Danstar.
wadaramus: Productive last quarter Gulden, well played.
bhg26: My goodness another one
bhg26: People don?t appreciate greatness beer
thommoae: Buddy the x-factor … one way or the other?
Stu7: Great game
OffaStep: Not when it’s on someone else’s team, bhg…
bhg26: Who is that 44 for the bulldogs?
beerent11: Only gulden libba and vc english here. All downhill from now.
DukeNewc: This is set up for a Buddy kick after the siren
DukeNewc: nevermind…
Raspel31: English not quite yet there beer- stay steady.
beerent11: Look out bhg. They?re back!
TheLegend6: Dale massive muppet
Gotigres: Ran too far from full back lol
bhg26: Hayward get the fuck out of the team
naicosfan: McKay? In red n white
beerent11: Been disappointing rasp
OffaStep: “Inaccurate with the set shot”
Harambe: Absolutely bonkers to snap from there Hayward
naicosfan: Dogs game to lose
bhg26: That applies to all our forwards offa
Gotigres: Kick the winner please English
OffaStep: Yep. Doing so much, so well otherwise, bhg. Hurts when it all falls down in the F50.
Raspel31: Cracker of a game- come on Melican!
bhg26: Fuck yes finally we?ve won a close one
JohnHoward: shame on u jack mac, shame on u
Harambe: 2016 avenged
thommoae: Maybe two points, Monty?
DrSeuss: Great game – not sure how, but good win Swannies (& bhg)
Pavs: English hard done by. Great win Swans
ausgooner: well done bhg. we’re all square now after this umpiring perforamnce
GuldenBoy: Everyone loves to shit on Buddy but he had some massive 1%ers late to win that game
Social: Very nice, got my tip right and I English VC, sleeping well tonight
JohnHoward: mills scored 36 points from 4 touches, CD BIAS!
bhg26: I still want a grand final ausgooner but i will take this
original: Needed Heeney 15 ffs bloke touched the ball 18 times in last qtr for three disposals
Pavs: You was in one last year bhg
bhg26: No we weren?t pavs pretty sure I would remember that
2Ph0nes: you lose more than you win original, gamble responsibly lol

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