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Chat log from R13 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R13 of 2023

_newcomber: Gunston left us just to be awarded the sic-doge
Yelse: Does anyone know if an emergency will come in for Byes?
_newcomber: an emergency will come in for a non playing person on field, even in byes
m0nty: I don’t think so actually, it’s just the 22
m0nty: and yes, some new icons this week 🙂
AlbySmedtz: can we get a preview?
m0nty: they are all in the icons list
naicosfan: Sorry to all who put the C on dunks, I have him as C today?
Cottees: naicos – if he goes bad, it is cause of me haha
Pavs: Haha traded in Neale this week sorry and sorry to you Naicosfan also have the C on Dunks
lana2146: Good start Day I feel he may finally reward us who stuck with him
original: mcluggage. just a real nothing season hey
Hughsy: some classic kelli underwood commentary
Cottees: Hughsy – when Hawks are playing, assume underwood is commentating haha
a1trader: Just changed VC from Sicily to Dunk, maybe bad decision
PigeonPies: day starts good every week
frenzy: every day turns to shower
lana2146: Well no Day tag today so this is his acid test
sc_god: whre is suess? im missing his expert commentry
PigeonPies: kelli top 3 commentator in the game, incredible performer
Hughsy: seriously considering muting kayo
naicosfan: Get on the ground dunks
naicosfan: U bloody legend Dunkley
PigeonPies: love your work dunks
Cottees: thanks Naicos for getting dunks on the ground lol
Pavs: Yes he is on the ground
Hughsy: 30 seconds left i changed my captain form dunks…
sc_god: day injured, in rooms
Pavs: Not good lana
Doggie Doo: Mr Neale you resting
PigeonPies: oh yeah i forgot i got neale… lol
Cottees: oooo goal for goal so far
original: choosing neale over brayshaw and serong, working out well atm
Doggie Doo: lol Original
original: rich. very crab like
pcaman2003: Cottees. The Hawks continue to show a lot of promise.
Cottees: pca – I know right, Great future and hopefully amazing rest of this year
PigeonPies: hawks are fun to watch, i like the ball movement
Pavs: Dunkley to Neale do this all day
original: how much would hipwood be on?
pcaman2003: Pigeon. Except for the time of terrible overuse of HB creating turnovers
PigeonPies: yes pca, but the growing pains are worth it
pcaman2003: Pigeon.I’m pretty happy with their progression. Will improve plenty.
original: lol from prior a ,o,emt ago. steaming hot garbage that
a1trader: happy with Sicily, Dunk and Brockman
_newcomber: shit, i was messing around with my team and didn’t change it back, now day is on the bench
pcaman2003: Equally happy with Dunks and Weddle.
bullet08: ashcroft forward – why do i still have him
pcaman2003: Weddle has been a revelation and strengthens our fragile backline
PigeonPies: weddle and mitchell both handy
Pavs: Missed out on that one pcaman. Weddle been very good
PigeonPies: great mark day
PigeonPies: bramble sucks man, wheres the effort
Manowar: got the C on you loser
pcaman2003: Manowar. C on who?
SwaggyP: He’s got the C on J.Prior
a1trader: Sam Mitchell needs to realise that Brockman creates scoring opportunities. Its hard to do that from the bench. Already
pcaman2003: Swaggy. Lol! I’d be committing Hari Kari if true.
PigeonPies: props to hipwood’s agent, hes a spud
PigeonPies: damn bullet why do you still ashcroft
naicosfan: Dunkley it?s time to get on the ground
DrSeuss: He is terrible pigeon – shows little improvement each year
bhg26: Onya Ashcroft
PigeonPies: yeah seuss im really not sure what brisbane were thinking
pcaman2003: Our disposal starting to let us down
Pavs: Brisbanes not any better pcaman
DrSeuss: pca – Brisbane kicking letting us down
sc_god: hipwood worst forward in the league
navy_blues: Brisbane really struggling
pcaman2003: C’mon Weddle! You can do better than that.
navy_blues: Brisbane should be flogging hawks
pcaman2003: Navy. Hawks aren’t always an easy pushover.
wadaramus: First quarter was good to watch, second not so.
slydon: classic “the g” doesnt stand for the gabba lions players, stop trying to treat it like your own ground
DrSeuss: Get involved Lachie
navy_blues: top 4 side verse a bottom 4 side pca
pcaman2003: Exactly Navy! This is why we’re down there. Our DE needs a big improvement.
beerent11: Dunks doing a great captain job again
Cottees: beer – might be my first insane Captain score. but knowing me 2nd half is gonna be terrible lol
navy_blues: not having a go at hawks pca just Brisbane way below par this game
naicosfan: Dunk
naicosfan: Is playing a great game, please play 4 qtrs unlike butters
pcaman2003: Navy. All good mate. Both sides underperforming to their capabilities.
navy_blues: Brisbane diff side away from gabba
naicosfan: Hip wood checked fanfooty and saw what you blokes were saying
naicosfan: He?s firing up
EvilMonk: Hipwood playing well!
navy_blues: take a photo of dripwoods sc score all time high lol
Pavs: Didn’t say anything but I still agree with what they were saying. Overrated
naicosfan: Same pavs, blue moon
pcaman2003: Pavs. Didn’t know Hipwood was rated.
naicosfan: Love a Dunkley ton, thank you
PigeonPies: hahaha glad we’re all on the same page
Pavs: Haha great point.
ajconodie: SC has blown another foofer.
pcaman2003: Lift Weddle! You were 27 at qtr time. Now get going lad.
PigeonPies: hipwood is a gun hey boys
PigeonPies: lift neale please
navy_blues: must have
Pavs: Trading him in next week
pcaman2003: The Dogs would like to take back Dunks.
PigeonPies: lol you guys dont have him?
navy_blues: ok Dunks finish this game off plz
PigeonPies: got some good talent at the hawks, good signs
Pavs: Trade out Dunks for him an obvious oversight on my behalf
pcaman2003: True Pigeon.We’ll get there eventually.
PigeonPies: go hawks
soup: go hoks
PigeonPies: hawks game plan is more noticeable than carlton’s. i still dont know what they’re trying to do
EvilMonk: I never barrack for Hawks, but I got a rough as guts multi on this. Go HAWKS!
lana2146: Hawks looking good
lana2146: Lions terrible record at the G
pcaman2003: Now we have Hawk lovers, rather haters. Good to see. Lol!
PigeonPies: ah come on butler
PigeonPies: i been on them all season! half the club has been in my team
Cottees: I step out for 5 minutes, and bam we doing well wow
PigeonPies: gotta take that kozzi
navy_blues: get back on dunkley
EvilMonk: Hawks just need to tidy up their occasional skill errors and they’d be dominating. they doing the hard shit well
EvilMonk: i cant say shit?
lana2146: Dunkley gone MIA last 10
Cottees: lana – no dunkley no lions
pcaman2003: I’m enjoying this game, but please, someone choke Underwood.
frenzy: step out again Cottees, Lol
Cottees: frenzy – I’ll step out in the 4th for the Hawks 😉
PigeonPies: cmon dunks big last quarter please
Manowar: L. Neale soft as
pcaman2003: Impressive qtr Hawks. Now do it again in the last. 😍
Nurfed: Carn hawkthorn
LuvIt74: Lions are shot
LuvIt74: Dunks done nothing in that 3rd quarter
frenzy: good for footy, carn Horfawn
naicosfan: 28 points for dunks that qtr, but could?ve had way more
naicosfan: I love you Dunkley
original: Please get to 100 neale
ajconodie: I think Supercoach is on the fritz. Those scores aren’t accurate.
Pavs: Dunks on fire
Vultures: SE scores are the same else where
pcaman2003: Get involved Weddle. You’ve become too quiet
Pavs: Chesser coming in to play for the Eagles. Waterman out
naicosfan: I?ve finally hit a C
naicosfan: Thank u dunks
pcaman2003: Mr Weddle heard me. Good!
Cottees: Naicos – me too! I am so happy haha
naicosfan: Let?s go Chesser late in is huge for me, replaces atkins
Pavs: Waited 12 rounds to land a Captain feels good, I should do it more often
naicosfan: Hugh is out cold
naicosfan: Sicily out for a few more weeks
RooBoyStu: If you had Joe Daniher kick for your life you would take euthanasia before the kick, he is like Justin Madden
pcaman2003: Sicily did nothing wrong there. He’s fine!
RooBoyStu: Sicily has a IQ less than a 5 year-old
Nurfed: i would avoid getting in to a situation where joe was kicking for my life
naicosfan: This is similar to a butler on Blakey tackle I reckon
naicosfan: MRO will take a look
bhg26: Get to 80 ashcroft
Vultures: Nothing in it
ajconodie: Sicily surely has no case.
Pavs: Blakey was cleared though. He aws off with another injury as well. Sic in trouble.
RooBoyStu: He’ll get 2 going on recent bullshower
naicosfan: 170 Dunkley go go go
pcaman2003: I’ll bet Sicily will not have to answer for anything.
ajconodie: Dunks is a superstar.
Cottees: Just saw the video. No way he is off?
Hughsy: ?Only 8 games for Sam Mitchell?
RooBoyStu: If Hawks lose this from here, they are tanking
ajconodie: @Hughesy – Was that Sam Mitchell from the brown and gold team? She is terrible.
navy_blues: wd hawks
pcaman2003: RooBoy. Hawks need to stop the turnovers on their HB’s. Happens too often.
RooBoyStu: No tv icon on Scicily as he is a hawk
sc_god: brissy a joke, couldnt beat an egg at the MCG
pcaman2003: One more goals Hawks. C’mon!
ajconodie: RooBoyStu – no icon as there was nothing in it.
Vultures: not even a free kick RBS
RooBoyStu: ajconodie lol
sc_god: rooboy needs flog icon
naicosfan: Great upset
JohnHoward: from mighty mouse, to lion KILAAA
SwaggyP: who needs tips lol
EvilMonk: alright JohnHoward, I just need Norf to beat GWS for my multi
lana2146: Well done Day glad I kept you
pcaman2003: Can I puff my chest out with pride? Very proud of the boys today.
Cottees: no one tipped Hawks surely lol
_Wang_: Congrats hawks. Well deserved
DrSeuss: Good game Hawks. How Coleman is the sub when we always struggle with run from defense is a joke
Cottees: Well done Hawkers! So proud
Hawkthornz: Great Win!!
pcaman2003: Can this be a warning to all teams?
bhg26: Im glad we got Hawks in round 2
pcaman2003: Congrats also to Sam Mirchell. Possibly the next Clarkson?
soup: thank you day
ajconodie: pcaman2003 – I think you’re still going to be on teh receiving end of some smashings but the signs are good. If you kee
ajconodie: keep the kids its all upwards from here.
Vultures: Bris are a lot less potent on the road..
naicosfan: Thank you Dunkley for my first C of the season
Social: Where’s Dredd? He wonders why people don’t take Brisbane seriously…
naicosfan: Brisbane, Geelong and Adelaide are the same, can?t win outside home
DrSeuss: Brisbane can’t be taken seriously if they can’t even beat Hawthorn at the G.
sc_god: brissy shouldnt even both making the 8, they cant win a game down here..
pcaman2003: ajcondie. I think you’re right. We’re heading in the right direction, with a few hiccups
Social: fishing for fishies naicos? lol

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