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Chat log from R13 of 2023: Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R13 of 2023

frenzy: chaps
BigChief: Evening all. Hoping for Swans win for tipping 🙂
Pavs: Evening all. Big 5 day streak of footy
navy_blues: win this saints!
PAFC4eva: Congrats buddy hope he bags 5 tonight
BigChief: Game started m0nty
Stu7: Evening all
DrSeuss: Looks like ‘Not 15’ is the rule of the week this week so far
navy_blues: marshall VC go big
grassguy: i got marshall, Lloyd and Sinclair
BigChief: So many fumbles already.
JohnHoward: steele looks so stiff
navy_blues: wilkie flogging buddy atm
PAFC4eva: just relised left the c on marshall from last week hmmm
DrSeuss: Get off the pine Gulden
Pavs: My opp left Gulden on the bench. Rookie error
AlbySmedtz: is Steele looking in trouble?
Stu7: PAFC4eva bugger hope he goes big mate
navy_blues: lmao buddy
BigChief: Pavs prob forgot Thurs footy
Gotigres: Get on the ground Gulden you lazy bastard
Pavs: Need all the help I can get Chief
DrSeuss: Longmire has forgotten Gulden on the bench for this qtr as well it seems
PAFC4eva: happy so far stu
grassguy: so many turnovers
BigChief: Cricket might be more interesting than this crap
ballbag: gulden, lloyd, sinclair and steele good for 80 tonight i reckon
lana2146: How bad have the swans become lol
Raspel31: Hmm- just clocked on- exciting game I gather/
DrSeuss: Skills have been horrid – hasn’t seemed like a high pressure / contested game – just meh
EvilMonk: this is a ripper game of footy
original: at the start of the year i skipped steele and plan was to trade him in after bye. phew
Raspel31: Well, we’ll all have Marshall so not much else to say really?
navy_blues: opp has steele and gulden stay low guys
EvilMonk: I wasn’t so lucky, I got Steele before the bye when he came back from injury, thinking he was cheap. -_-
bhg26: Gonna watch Smith and Head bat, this is beyond woeful
Ash777: oops didn’t realised there was a game on and my saints n swans are on the bench
grassguy: that sucks ash777
wadaramus: Yep, on the cricket bhg 🙂
bhg26: Think this lead is beyond reach
Pavs: The umpires dont need to get involved
original: knew i shoud have gone marshall vc. expected hickey to battle
bhg26: Good knock Head
bhg26: This is genuinely the worst game I?ve ever seen
wadaramus: C’mon Errol, lift mate!
BigChief: I have seen better skills in under 9’s
Ash777: actually I have marshall on ground and vc so not all bad
wadaramus: The lure of the greentop seduced India bhg!
DrSeuss: Gulden getting pushed forward again it seems – not great for his involvement
Ash777: I have lloyd, NWM & gulden on the bench
wadaramus: I noticed the same thing, why would Horse do that DrSeuss?
Raspel31: Ash- thaanks for sharing- we are in awe of your all seeing wisdom.
JohnHoward: i hope swans lose purely cos of the horrible jersey they are wearing
BigChief: No Parker and Errol still can’t get mid time. Horse you are a joke.
wadaramus: Amazing display of omnipotence Raspel.
beerent11: You beauty byrnsey!
DrSeuss: Yep – good to see Sheldrick get more mid time than Gulden
navy_blues: buddy having a mare
Raspel31: Wada- if we had such insight?
DrSeuss: Horse putting Gulden in a forward pocket….genius
wadaramus: Wow, ther would be no stopping us mate!
wadaramus: Horse run Titch out of town by treating him the same way!
original: lets go melican..
wadaramus: Not watching this game, but it appears to be another less than worthy viewing exercise.
Raspel31: It’s actually far more exciting not to watch wada.
navy_blues: head out
wadaramus: Dammit Head got himself out.
bhg26: It was an inspiring knock navy
RooBoyStu: Sad Franklin became 4th on all time VFL/AFlL Goalkicking list wearing that guernsey not the traditional one
wadaramus: Yes Raspel, I love the element of surprise watching the FF website for live updates :)!!
navy_blues: he has made a big diff to aus team
p0nga6: RooBoy is one of the saddest people in the world. feel sorry for you tbh mate
DrSeuss: See if Cam Green can carry his IPL form into some test cricket
BigChief: Yet another idiotic comment from RooBoyStupid
navy_blues: keep going marshall
Raspel31: pOngat- rooba6 RooBoy is to remind us we are all mortal and have no hope.
navy_blues: wow swap back and syd woken up
JohnHoward: rooboy i agreed with u mate, how embaressing from the swans
royboy16: what ever happened to Jack Steele?
Stu7: St Kilda are pretenders
p0nga6: john howard being your ally sums it up
Stu7: royboy16 never been the same since shoulder
DrSeuss: Haha commentator suggesting Gulden has gone back into the midfield – while he spends the whole qtr forward
BigChief: Suess that’s Daisy for ya.
Pies20: Ratten laughing at the kick out on full 5mins ago 😑
RooBoyStu: Don’t worry all I’m seriously organising a heterosexual march to block the main roads in Melbourne and lets see equality
Pies20: Would be hating that as a sts fan
DrSeuss: Yes – not the sharpest tool in the shed BC
bhg26: Nah that?s a burner account p0nga
pcaman2003: Evening all! Keep it up Mr Owens and Mr Marshall. Lif Errol!
Raspel31: Will you be the drag queen leading the march rooboy- asking for a friend.
Ash777: norf boomers
BigChief: pcaman welcome. Errol playing perma FP
DrSeuss: Gulden between half forward and full forward – stupid effing horse
Pavs: I have kept quiet Rooboy but with your idiotic comments you bring it on yourself.
BigChief: Cam Green out now.
pcaman2003: Hi Chief ! you’re kidding ,right? What is Horse doing to him?
RooBoyStu: How bring it on myself? Guernseys for everything, our greats of the game would be laughing, next we will have Vegan ones
BigChief: No joke pcaman. Horse has lost the plot.
RooBoyStu: The only reason clubs endorse it is dollars to sell them
Pavs: That comment there thats how
Raspel31: RooBoy- personally I love you but everyone else finds you a pain and an idiot. So shut up.
DrSeuss: Horse playing Sheldrick at centre bounces instead of Gulden – must make Errol feel valued
RooBoyStu: Relax Raspel I don’t talk a lot i come in and out, that’s why my nickname is the Sailor
royboy16: ok, that was a pretty dire half of footy. i still don’t know who will win, not sure i care
Ash777: what an irony of a nickname
wadaramus: How good is test cricket? Pissing down in the “dinge at present.
pcaman2003: Seuss. Beter hope Errol bags a few goals to get enough points
Pavs: Patience Ash Raspel is working on a good one here
Raspel31: Lol Pavs.
Pavs: Batter up Raspel.
Raspel31: Still prefer batsman- but, sigh, I know.
wadaramus: Goodness me, I just saw an ad with Razor Ray and advanced hair…
bhg26: Nice throw
naicosfan: not a mark lol
DrSeuss: Terrible call on the throw and then calling that a mark…footy gods stop the goal at least
bhg26: Ball dont lie seuss
naicosfan: ross lyon has paid umps
wadaramus: Tail wag time.
navy_blues: lol dangerous
DrSeuss: bhg – why TF is Horse playing Gulden as a forward and Lloyd up the ground
sc_god: lol umpires taking this piss
sc_god: ive seen harder hits in netball
naicosfan: nvm i recall my statement about lyon paying umps
naicosfan: that was a textbook holding the ball tackle.
Raspel31: Bring Lloyd in they said- going huge they said- hmm?
bhg26: Got absolutely no clue seuss
Pavs: Agree thats rubbish
Fromage: Saints pride Sox colours wtf
Pies20: Absolutely naicos
pcaman2003: Go Mitch! Nice goal lad.
original: didnt bring in lloyd. wanted to but sheesh got lucky
naicosfan: i swear if i see darcy moore wearing pride accessories, im convinced hes gay
navy_blues: agree pca
naicosfan: gay***
navy_blues: smith out omg goig down lie tenpins
naicosfan: oh, you can call one pride
Yelse: seriously golden move back in the mids or wing
bhg26: Hes a pretty good kick Errol
bhg26: Despite that efficiency
naicosfan: is this week a butters VC or a bont VC?
clay007: Someone holler a marshall-his battery has gone flat
bhg26: *Sheldrick lmao
Pavs: Its an English vc for me. Just to confuse
naicosfan: great timing clay
bhg26: Oh my comment did get deleted, Sheldricks been good
Nicko006: Steele doubled his score in a quarter of footy
bhg26: m0nty saving me from a hilarious spelling error
sc_god: Ross must have given Steele a spray, he’s been better this quarter
DrSeuss: Yeah Sheldrick looks a decent inside mid bhg
Yelse: get off the pine sinclair
Pies20: That’s soft
naicosfan: he did not touch the swans player????
naicosfan: am i missing something that the umps not?
Yelse: thats the softest free I’ve seen all year
DrSeuss: Call that one but miss the forearm to Gulden’s head down the other end – ok umps
clay007: Thanks Yelse-Sinclair back on field and straight in the guts
navy_blues: umps payi g soft frees
exatekk: Is Lloyd even playing? f-sake, bought him in this week.t
bhg26: Theyre on fire seuss
Vultures: it’s the frees the pay not the on they miss
Hughsy: Marshall as VC tonight
Fromage: Blakey sub
RooBoyStu: You have all your false teeth in Vultures re comment
Vultures: betcha Gulden tons up !
bhg26: We just got Rampe back and now Blakeys out, cant catch a break
bhg26: Daisy end the sentence!
DrSeuss: Lloyd has been playing a strange up the ground role tonight exatekk – not his normal half back role
clay007: Have you been drinking Vulture? He will not get close.
frenzy: Blakeys got 7 years to get fit, Lol
exatekk: may change now Lizards off
royboy16: shame about Blakey, but what does Butler do?
Yelse: wtf gulden 5 mins on bench is enough please i need 20 disposals
Vultures: hey, you leave my teeth or lack thereof alone
navy_blues: blakey had ankle injury b4 game didnt he? didnt look righ
naicosfan: opponent vc gulden, for once my opponent doesnt hit a VC
Wo0lfeee: Wow, was a bees d1ck away from trading in Lloyd Christmas. Bullet dodged.
Ash777: HIA injury confirmed
bhg26: it was concussion navy
grassguy: i did the opposite Wo0lfeee
navy_blues: yes but he sidnt looj 100% b4 that
original: lets go melican
navy_blues: need new keyboard lol
Pavs: Surely Daisy Pearce is on crack. Butler can’t get suspended for that tackle can he?
clay007: I think navy has been drinking-slurring his words
bhg26: I dont know anymore pavs
Raspel31: I am a reflective man not much given to anger but may I say- Lloyd-poo on you.
sc_god: yes pavs, he sure will
Vultures: yeah Lloyd won’t ton up.. lol
frenzy: going for the blues would drive me to the drink
naicosfan: marshall, dont get 150 please
DrSeuss: Nice work Errol keep giving away frees and running away from the ball
clay007: True frenzy, lol, but so would going for the Roos
RooBoyStu: Pavs no need to sugar coat your comments Pavlovas have enough
bhg26: Rampe didnt look good there
Pavs: Purely on the outcome not the action sc god
RooBoyStu: Lloyd donut that qtr
sc_god: agreed mate
Doggie Doo: How many points for Marshall lastquarter?
grassguy: Lloyd having a shocker
ballbag: seriously?? go and get fucked lloyd you lazy fuck! havent touched it for 45 minutes you fuckstick
RooBoyStu: I want all the muppets who traded Lloyd in this week trade him back out again lol had him from start
frenzy: slight difference clay007, we know we are showerhouse, they talk finals in May
Pavs: Is Ziebell going to come good or trade out to Luke Ryan?
bhg26: Yeah i thought we were about 183 on the pressure gauge
DrSeuss: Watch where Lloyd is being played – further up the ground – on a wing and near bounces – just not a good role for him
bhg26: Im going Ziebs to Brayshaw pavs, b/e too high and Hall still in the team for some reason. Getting out now
Raspel31: Fascinating DrSeuss- and a mere pom- but not helping our scores.
DrSeuss: Lloyd moved back now – watch him race up the scoreboard
JohnHoward: sinclair 26 points in 4 minutes. SUUUUUUIIIIII
pcaman2003: Oh Mitch you little ripper.
clay007: True again frenzy. I like the roos though, love larkey and zurrhaar
bhg26: We keep kicking it to him johnhoward
Nicko006: That?s such a terrible rule.. he gave him 1 sec to come back off of the mark
bhg26: Oh my god errol was going back
DrSeuss: Wow – quick 50m call – Errol turning to hear the ump to get back and then whistled
clay007: Gulden is finding great ways to lose points tonight
RuffLeader: Umpire: calls Gulden to stand, then says marks back here, then instantly gives fifty! Disgraceful umpiring
Gotigres: you fraud Gulden
bhg26: And another 50
sc_god: yes umps get the saints over the line please
naicosfan: who is umpiring? can someone let me know
Pavs: Consistency umpires please
Raspel31: Well, only best 18. So hopefully Gulden or Lloyd don’t count, sigh.
bhg26: Umps bending us over
DrSeuss: Perhaps Horse – you could now put Gulden on the ball so he can actually impact the game
masterhc2: Omg I was too busy with work today I forgot to take Gulden off the bench before the lcokout. Looks like a masterstroke!
RooBoyStu: Syd v Stk 15-15 Tennis Score Syd double fault 3 times and they lose re 50m penalties bullshower
Pies20: Is that the same ump?? Jeez holding the ball in my opinion
naicosfan: errol on ball
bhg26: Whenever the game is on the line errol goes into the mid
Yelse: when id sinclair jump to 115
bhg26: Just kick the fucking ball! This fucking overhandballing shit is doing my head in
clay007: When you stopped watching Yelse, so can you stop watching, it might stop his scoring.
Pavs: Steele back on the ground please
Vultures: Here comes Gulden !
Yelse: gulden in the mid makes a diff
Ash777: come on draw fc
DrSeuss: OMG – Gulden in the middle and Lloyd has gone back and they both impact the game – who would have thought
ballbag: outraged over lloyds pathetic score. useless POD. never again you old fart
clay007: Still not gonna ton up Vultures, lol
Raspel31: Nary a truer word spake Doc.
Vultures: I’m talking DT
Stu7: Rampe you spud 14 since 1/2 time
pcaman2003: Okay Mitch,it’s time for another goal.
Raspel31: Oh no- is Marshall going to sit it out again?
clay007: Well played Vultures…well played.
bhg26: I miss the mccartins
Vultures: Gulden has exactly failed, still a fair score.
Vultures: *hasn’t
Vultures: I need a drink
clay007: BHG is on the ground, streaking.
bhg26: Had to stop momentum somehow
Ash777: the most entertaining thing all match
Gotigres: lol clay. He’s quite athletic
ballbag: nice job bhg
PigeonPies: he made it across what a legend
pcaman2003: Slowly watching Owens score slide from 109 to 102 . Get the ball lad.
original: loyd score a joke
clay007: What do you think of the coaching tonight bhg? Interesting moves with Gulden and Lloyd
royboy16: I think Sharman might be the worst sub EVER
bhg26: This is disgraceful
Ash777: what a jump lloyd
Vultures: lol
royboy16: Until now….
JohnHoward: nice jynx
clay007: Rethink royboy-lining up for goal
naicosfan: i would agree royboy, until he did that.
Raspel31: Still laughing original- not.
DrSeuss: Wicks and McInerney BHG – terrible connection players
bhg26: Lloyd has to be half back and Gulden has to be in the middle. Thought that was obvious but apparently not clay
Vultures: Sharman seals it
Wo0lfeee: M Night ShySharman
bhg26: We are so average
clay007: Well bhg, get your clothes on and watch the remaining minutes.
sc_god: why was sydny favs tonight? th eodds were laughable. easy money
Vultures: that last entry was OMG
PigeonPies: owens is a star
Raspel31: And to sweat on Marshall Vc- not quite there methinks.
RooBoyStu: Owens has to get the 3 votes
Pavs: Played to many games last year bhg. I’m using that excuse
DrSeuss: Gulden moved forward again – great decision Horse
Pies20: Wanganeen the star
RuffLeader: Remember when Buddy Franklin wasn?t a million dollar a year traffic cone
Ash777: not having nwm on ground hurts
Vultures: that was woeful Sydney, on and off the field
pcaman2003: Well played Mitch. Good win Saints.
frenzy: good boy Max
ballbag: thanks for nothing lloyd. clown world. i said at the start gulden, lloyd ans steele good for 80
RooBoyStu: If Marshall gets more votes than Owens on Brownlow Medal night I will wear a tutu up Arden St, a star Marshall lol pleas
DrSeuss: bhg – your guys were in this game – Horse is a CLOWN
bhg26: Doesnt help our players cant kick for shit either seuss
DrSeuss: True – but need to put your guys that can kick in positions to get possessions and time to kick
EvilMonk: all my players did trash, teams gonna be garbs this week

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