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Chat log from R12 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R12 of 2023

RooBoyStu: Macrae will score 150+
J.Worrall: Very big call there Stu
bushranger: Hope not, my opponent has him
Gotigres: On Mullin watch
Sillybugga: this should be the first game of AFL football for the weekend
Pavs: Unusual just worked out I screwed up thought the Crows were playing tomorrow. Bont VC has to be Taranto C Idiot.
Gotigres: Now that Bont is no longer my Capt, watch him go 160+
Sillybugga: really hope he doesnt drop down to 160
Gotigres: Oh no, I have a cricketer in my AFL team
nbartos: Batman playing?
Gotigres: Obviously Stewart will go 65 this week as I got him in
BigChief: Treloar done already?
Gotigres: Treloar down in the rooms
DANGERous: jac mac a must now
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Please don’t do it to me. Need Stewart for minimum 110
Gotigres: Sorry pcaman
pcaman2003: Need Bont and Libba to go huge as well.
Raspel31: Had Mac for 5 years DANGE- but let him go 2 weeks ago. If moved out of centre- and therein lies the problem.
pcaman2003: Off the bench Stewart.
DANGERous: jac mac was a great own, i let him go rd3 for daicos
RooBoyStu: Treloar’s hamstrings are made of paper, fair dinkum.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Should be going well. This year I didn’t get him after years of ownership.
Sillybugga: looking at dogs disposals Chux dishwipes could be a good new sponsor
Raspel31: Well, VC on the Bont pcaman- so far so good.
original: @rooboy perforated paper
pcaman2003: Raspel. Excellent choice! I’ll stick with Naicos still to be safe. Bont for 150+ would be excellent.
RooBoyStu: Like Carlton’s scoring options @original no McKay and Curnow = low score
pcaman2003: Get back out there and lift Libba.
RooBoyStu: Macrae as useful as Joe Biden walking up steps
pcaman2003: Whatever they gave Treloar, I want some.
Pav300: lol, good one RooBoy – almost as funny as your racing tips 😉
beerent11: McRae no good when reload is in the team
navy_blues: lol Pav
RooBoyStu: Pav ok i work for a bookmaker supplying tips and you just talk about it at the pub. Yep ok
beerent11: Treloar. Not reload.
RooBoyStu: The moz is DPP as soon as they do it the player goes low, as all sheep jump on
Dredd: So I guess Im gonna regret taking Caicos VC over Bont.. and now Libba has fallen off.. have a sleep Bont please
sc_god: double ton bont!
Raspel31: Be nice Dredd- go the Bont!
Pavs: Dredd Shhh he might think you are serious.
TheFlagger: lol knew it
Pav300: not a bad nickname Beer
RooBoyStu: Serious question why is Sniffer Smiths TOG so low?
beerent11: Freudian slip pav.
beerent11: Got the c on diso
BigChief: Is RooBoyStupid still giving dud racing tips?
Pav300: cracker game
RooBoyStu: BigChimpanzee you still giving dud comments mate?
pcaman2003: Stewart, Bont and Libba. Noice boys!
beerent11: Got testy quick in here
BigChief: And yet you have no clue why I use this name. Nothing to do with Dunstall CHUMP.
beerent11: Got any players in this game pcaman?
Sillybugga: wow Bont almost gonna overtake Naicos in CP’s
sc_god: everyone is a tough guy in the chat
beerent11: What the fuck is that ad for at the top of the page?
RooBoyStu: Ok Constable
clay007: Let’s just keep cool. It is only a game.
beerent11: Oops it changed
Raspel31: Indeed pav- cracker game- let the ladies powder their noses .
Urbs: Settle down please children, FF chat is no place for arguments
RooBoyStu: @beer mine is kfc, stop watching naughty vids lol
Manowar: click on the link and find out for yourself!
Sillybugga: what is a better place for arguments then chat? Just curious.
Spifflicat: Why are clowns like RBS tolerated on this forum. Contributes nothing
TheFlagger: who went early on oisin?
RooBoyStu: @sillybugga the pub lol
Raspel31: I paid for a discussion- not an argument.
Troglodyte: Any ads for Ritalin beer? Old mate needs to restock
Pav300: good point Rasp
TheFlagger: knveitt ends the quarter on the bench and then starts the next quarter on the bench ffs
frenzy: Tom on top
Raspel31: And there goes the lure of Macrae- no centre time at all.
RooBoyStu: Serious question, why don’t more people hate Weightman from the Bulldogs as a player with all his staging
RooBoyStu: Worse than Lindsay Thomas
Sillybugga: Cats gun mids winning the clearances count
Troglodyte: How is that a serious question?
ausgooner: You’re a pathetic loser RooBoyStu
Sillybugga: Lindsay not as dramatic as Weightman imo
clay007: Why do the Dog’s fans whistle all the time? Annoying as Flower!!!
TheFlagger: if a kick goes to a contest and the kickers teammate receives a freekick is it an effective disposal
RooBoyStu: @ausgooner how so I picked Bulldogs and have picked against Geelong last 3 weeks
Oddsy5: wouldnt say I hate Weightman! defs dont like the way he plays but hes playing AFL and im not so whos to judge
pcaman2003: No love for the Libba tackle CD?
Pav300: Well done Macca
TheFlagger: every team has one player who stages like weightman
Ash777: sorry I bought in macca this week
original: bont done nothing this qtr
Dredd: Good.. need Bont to score under Naicos
Sillybugga: thanks Lingy
RooBoyStu: TheFlagger ok name them
beerent11: It?s not your fault ash. If you look at his good scores this year most of them came without treloar
ausgooner: @RooBoyStu cos inciting hatred on a kid playing footy is a bit much don’t you reckon?
RooBoyStu: O’Donnell will hopefully get a full match
Sillybugga: inciting hatred rofl
Ash777: weightman might like to milk frees but atleast he’s not a grub
Raspel31: Roo boy- no personal problem but tone the anger down a bit lad
TheFlagger: jack mahony one for north roo boy soft as butter
RooBoyStu: Raspel look at prior messages before mine mate, who has anger? I’m not angry mate. Far from it.
Pav300: Nice goal b the Helmet, just need Batboy to drift forward and kick one
RooBoyStu: Look i find this forum a release i work 2 jobs and love FF been on it a long time. Back on the game not about me
Raspel31: I know Roo- no blame-.
Pies20: Relax everyone pies win it’s all good 👍
RooBoyStu: Bruhn playing well now long after we all traded him
Pies20: Pav helmet been in good form of late
pcaman2003: Lift Bont and Libba.
sc_god: playing well? he on pace for 60 points lol
Pav300: Yes Pies what a player, this year he and Dale seem to be both scoring ok
Bulky: Baker is the worst disposer of the footy.
Raspel31: Took the words right out of my mouth pcaman.
RooBoyStu: Agree Bulky
Pavs: Daniel back in form and dpp as well
Cottees: Pavs – i’d get him and he would get injrued or something
RooBoyStu: Got a Half Time Question: Who was your Best Starting Player, Your Best Trade In and Worst Trade In?
TheFlagger: fuck yes knevitt
Pies20: Anyone back bolted in today?? Just saying my tip last night gamble responsibly
Bwad: chat test
RooBoyStu: Me BSP Ziebell BTI Dawson WTI Dangerfield
mattmac24: Best starting: Merrett. Best in Dawson after R3. Worst in Touk Miller the week of his injury
Sillybugga: Dogs zero excuses to drop this game
Raspel31: I prefer slim brunette Hispanic women but not averse to Scandos. What was the question again Roo?
Pav300: Me – TKelly start / Redman tade in / worst SWalsh
Pav300: Wasnt the french girl a winner Rasp?
RooBoyStu: Rasp can’t get a winner like Dons finals lol
Raspel31: Ah- Frederique Pav- now therein lies a tale.
Pav300: She didnt like your Eiifel Tower?
Raspel31: Behave Pavs- but no.
RooBoyStu: Lol Pav no enough cream, being a pav you’d know about that lol
Raspel31: And her Montmatre had far too many bushes for my taste.
Pav300: lol Stu
RooBoyStu: *not
Pav300: Rasp she did delay you from Fan Fotty once or twice from memory
_newcomber: BSP gulden, BTI butters, WTI rivers instead of hunt
Raspel31: This is true Pav- I cannot lie.
DANGERous: i went chad to ldu to danger to oliver. how does that rank
Pav300: Yes NewC – i have Butters envy
beerent11: Tom green, Tom Stewart, Tom barass.
Pav300: Yes can’t wait to get Martha in Beer
Raspel31: Tom Jones.
RooBoyStu: @beer as a fellow roo cheer my pre season bet on Larkey to Win Coleman at 50s, should kick 5 again tomorrow
frenzy: Dunks, Naicos, Setters
beerent11: Didn?t know you were a punter rooboy.
pcaman2003: Libba getting shafted by CD again with the clangers.
RooBoyStu: Haha beer, i think i said on here after Carlron beat Water Closet they’d lose next 6, lose against Ess they have
RooBoyStu: *Carlton
clay007: Odonell off the long run.
beerent11: Son of sod
clay007: Good wicket ODonnell!
RooBoyStu: Well O’Donnell
bhg26: Well done kicking your first goal lad, now get the fuck off the ground
Sillybugga: Carlton should have lost to norf and gws, they have over achieved this year
Gotigres: Nice mark and goal O’Donnell
RooBoyStu: $ O’Donnell
clay007: Macrae is so cool!
pcaman2003: And here comes Bont. Making his move.
Pavs: Bont wow
PigeonPies: did bont go up like 27 points already?
thommoae: The concept of ‘dissent’ has certainly evolved since that Carlton v GWS game, n’est-ce pas?
RooBoyStu: Macrae could still go huge
PigeonPies: giants were shafted that game
RooBoyStu: Agree @PigeonPies
slydon: still around 900 odd points to be distrib
yeah_nah: cats relying on the turnover for scoring. also getting smashed in contested.
PigeonPies: i honestly think gws win that game if that dissent call didnt happen
thommoae: Sure were, pigeon – but at least it elicited some common sense thereafter
PigeonPies: i love owning bont, seeing him get 10 points a touch
RooBoyStu: I would hate to buy real estate off AFL Umpires as 8 metres paid 15 metres
clay007: Mathematically-only 5pts a touch
pcaman2003: VC on Libba last week and scored 80. No VC this week and will go huge.SC hates me. 🙁
Dredd: Been a really good game this one.. hopefully goes down to the wire
Raspel31: Did you cap LIbba last week pcaman? why am I frozen in time?
sc_god: he’s on pace for 115 odd, thats not huge
PigeonPies: suns crows looking good too
Gotigres: Get to 50 please Baker and O’Donnell
pcaman2003: Raspel. Ashamedly yes!
Dredd: Has this A.Jones still been in this dogs team.. since round 3? the guy does absolutely nothing
slydon: lol bonts gone down
TheFlagger: this is a ripper game
original: bont into the rooms
PigeonPies: hes had a couple good games slydon, fell off again
Pavs: Toilet break Slydon. I hope
PigeonPies: sorry meant dredd not slydon
Dredd: For real? Missed the last few dogs game tbf.. done nothing in any other game Ive watched
sc_god: the bont just took a dump, he’s fine
navy_blues: dugs are stopping
navy_blues: dogs
original: good team mate is liam jones
clay007: If you are a sub-does that effect your BE?
PigeonPies: was really good a few weeks ago, but i agree he doesnt provide much
sc_god: clay you taking the piss or serious?
RooBoyStu: Forgot the r mate, they must be stopping, not much comments from you lol
Pavs: Yep Clay sure does
PigeonPies: hope hes not serious
clay007: Pretty ordinary rule-how is it fair Sc-God?
Dredd: -10 for Stewart for that!! come on.. that’s cringe
pcaman2003: Stewart dropped 12 points for that. What BS!
RooBoyStu: Agree shower rule
Sillybugga: maggots getting involved who would have guessed
slydon: umps have something against the cats atm those are some very stiff calls
clay007: So Samp Simpson needs to get 59 BE in less than a qtr. Wowee, should be subsidised! Ha!
Soups07: nah it only effects if he come on right
RooBoyStu: I know it’s not a dangerous tackle but the AFL will look at the Treloar one
Soups07: if he stays off the whole game it doesnt effect his be
Soups07: i think
slydon: bold take here but i dont think zac guthrie is any good
Oddsy5: had 1 super great year sly. agreed
original: soups we all know he will get on. happy about it too
clay007: I hope you are right Soups. I held on to him so I could sell him at the bye. If he loses money I will…
RooBoyStu: He’ll come on, they’ll make a tactical sub
RooBoyStu: Mullin will come off my guess
RooBoyStu: or Rohan
Dredd: Please be Mullin.. opp went early on him so hoping he stays well low
Dredd: Give Stewart double points to make up for the -10 earlier thanks
Zutroy: Flower me. These umpires are doing my head in
naicosfan: need bont more than naicos
naicosfan: english go haywire
Spifflicat: We need a Zorro icon for DeKoning
RooBoyStu: Naughton should lose the headband, makes Hewitt and Cash look bad.
beerent11: Thought you were a naicos fan, naicosfan.
navy_blues: keep going libba
Dredd: and you call yourself a nalcos.. fan..
naicosfan: cmon bont 130+ u had 2 50 point quarters
naicosfan: lol dredd
Dredd: Naicos defs has to beat Bont though thanks
RooBoyStu: Dogs,are shower don’t deserve top 4
Dredd: Caicos*
naicosfan: gotta do what i gotta do
Dredd: Alright, no more fan footy on a Mac.. so many stupid autocorrects
pcaman2003: Go hard Libba , Bont and Stewart..
TheFlagger: bakers ratio lol
RooBoyStu: Depleted Geelong midfield and deliver this
Dredd: Libba massive second half.. besides that stupid throw call.. umps are dumb
original: liba held wthout it, pinged for a throw. lol
mattmac24: WTF is this! Was so sure we’d get smashed that I agreed to doing overtime on a Saturday night..
naicosfan: cmon dogs u got this
pcaman2003: Dredd. Yet they can’t pick out an obvious throw.
original: good. simpson on. hehe
Dredd: Almost magnifying class for Bont.. has gone missing big time
slydon: jeez youd hate to have simpson on your team still
Dredd: 100% pcaman, its a joke at this point
naicosfan: i am never able to hit a C, ffs
beerent11: He?s injured dredd. Sore knee.
Raspel31: 30 mins since the Bont touched the pill- think a tough knock.
RooBoyStu: Simmo on lol
Dredd: Nice to have 2 good Saturday night games… looking forward to switching to the Suns Crows game for last 5-10 after this
Pavs: Bont doing a cripps. stop it.
Sillybugga: throwdogs
slydon: cracker of a game this one
RooBoyStu: Sniffer injected this qtr but too late
navy_blues: lol wheres Ash777?
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady singing
naicosfan: lets take a moment to compare zak butters and bonts scoreline, as their scores are even now… flower u cd
TheFlagger: yes knevitt
navy_blues: dogs lost their bark
TheFlagger: crippa clears
slydon: oli henry looks like a bit of a shit head, rubbed off from ginnevan
nbartos: Bont raises the bat TF
RooBoyStu: No dogs in thechouse here at FF who let the dogs out guys?
pcaman2003: Gee that Bont scores rapidly.
RooBoyStu: Dogs vs Blues a cliffhanger
naicosfan: as bont gets active he hits the bench
nbartos: naic – check tackles and clearances. CD gold and its only 3/4 time
nbartos: not to mention contested possies
TheFlagger: woa new symbol?
Bulky: 21 possessions. 9 marks. 33 SC points. WTF Baker. Embarrassing man.
slydon: whats the symbol on caleb
Raspel31: Hmm- DT has more time for my cover Oskar Baker than SC.
Dredd: Someone said A.Jones has been okay?? what was that though hahahaha.. surely he just runs it all the way in and goals..
slydon: is it mighty mouse?
grassguy: its the cobra head slydon
Pavs: Spitter Slydon Cobra head
grassguy: lol
navy_blues: dogs given up bont and libba on bench still
pcaman2003: Get back on Bont and Libba.
Dredd: How did Bont even get 100?? he puts a finger on the ball and gets +5.. rubbish
RooBoyStu: Dogs making up the numbers
TheFlagger: why are bont libba and dale all off at a critical point in the game
Pavs: How ridiculous that bont and libba on the bench now
slydon: these scores are cooked. the supercoach blokes must be dogs supporters
beerent11: Captain disco. Safe as houses.
Dredd: Hahaha dogs coaching and bench staff.. given up leaving 2 of your best 3 mids on the bench..
pcaman2003: Pavs. They’ve been on the bench for eons. Crazy!
grassguy: bont was on the bench for 30 sec WTF?
Zutroy: Umpires are flat out cheating now
naicosfan: bont was off for 8 mins
Pavs: Umps hate the Cats tonight
Dredd: Bailey Smith.. stick to trying to be a show pony and crying wolf when getting caught doing the wrong thing.. muppet
beerent11: Slydon the dogs are leading in almost every stats category but the score.
Pavs: Meant crucial point of the game pcaman. Good for the Cats though no complaints here.
Cottees: As per bloody usual another C choice gone… actually so ridiculous…
Dredd: omfg Bont will actually get the 123 at this rate.. kms
Dredd: Hahaha Stewart you legend.. rack up these cheap possies! love it
Social: woof
beerent11: Nice Martha
Dredd: Beer.. that shows how important a good game plan, structure is in different areas of the game.. Pies showed it last year
navy_blues: ty libba C
Sillybugga: haha take this bunch of posers to the vet
pcaman2003: Thank you Stewart, Libba ,Bont. Good game.
Social: Imagine if we had a midfield
nbartos: Bont will still beat Dorkson
Raspel31: Rather unpleasanat Sillybugga.
grassguy: good on ya Martha
Sillybugga: Sorry Raspel im realising this chat isnt for me
Sillybugga: have a good one

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