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Chat log from R11 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R11 of 2023

pcaman2003: Taking a deep breath as I put the C on Libba. Hopefully doesn’t bite me.
Cottees: pca – I just rolled a dice for Bont, Libba or Merrett. Said Bont for me. So means we should of done Merret
navy_blues: going butters as C so bont and libba will go off no doubt
frenzy: chaps
pcaman2003: Cottees. Good luck! Thought about Bont,but think Libba will go well.
stemy1243: Merrett captain for me.
Cottees: pca I agree. Theoretically both should go good
Wends: IGood luck pca… put it on Macrae :[]
DrSeuss: O’Neil inclusion for West Coast – so Merrett likely to cop the tag
pcaman2003: Interesting pick Wends, but hope it works out.
Wends: Very tactful way of putting it pca 🙂
beerent11: Bought libba in for jelly this week pcaman. Apologies in advance.
lana2146: Go the Humpty Dumpty minus 3
pcaman2003: Got rid of Baker this week, but opponent still has him.
Fromage: It?ll be a massacre tonight
Wends: Off the bench would be nice Macca, aaany time you’re ready
DrSeuss: English getting owned by Witts in the ruck so far
pcaman2003: Beerent. That’s okay ! I still have high hopes for4 Libba this week.
bhg26: Harry McKay?
beerent11: Yeah my seasons been hammered by injuries so just bringing in my favourites now
pcaman2003: beer. I hate the amount of trades I’ve had to make because of injuries. Too many!
beerent11: Surely the conditions should suit gc
pcaman2003: Get out there and go nuts Libba.
Wends: O Fiorini, don’t be a meany
Ash777: Dogs have been playing in wet conditions for the last few weeks
Cottees: Who said dogs will destroy gold coast when it was 20 to 0 lol
beerent11: Humph on the ball
sc_god: wheres the muppet that said it will be a massacre?
ajconodie: How much has Arty Jones improved?
Wends: About to eat some tasty Fiorini doughnuts at quarter time gah!
DrSeuss: How anyone thinks Fiorini is a good wing / half forward though is crazy. Put him on the ball
pcaman2003: Wends. Macrae as C migth be an inspired choice for you.
ajconodie: Nice VC choice @Wends 🙂
Wends: I was about to head off & make a cup of camomile tea there just quietly pca and ajc
ajconodie: I just realised having the VC on Macrae is useless for me. I don’t have anybody to loop.
Pavs: Code for wine Wends?
Wends: Bahaha – am I that transparent?
DrSeuss: Great week to put the C on English. Witts making him look useless and nothing around the ground
pcaman2003: Trust Baker to start scoring now I’ve dumped his alps this week.
Wends: Early doors yet Dr, long way to go
DrSeuss: I agree Wends but Witts made him look average that quarter
pcaman2003: What is Bont doing? He’s all over the shop with his disposal.
sc_god: these condotions are shocking, its not easy out there hero
pcaman2003: Calling Libba! Are you there Libba? Get the pill mate.
Hazza09: Ffs Libba
Pavs: Seen that Bont hit a target.
bhg26: Atkins this is woeful
_newcomber: cmon powell 3FA already you dud
bhg26: How can a team be 2 goals up and have no frees? Only against the bulldogs
pcaman2003: Was expecting Libba to go big. I was dreaming too hard.
DrSeuss: 25 HO Witts to 7 English – come on Timmy
Soups07: why isnt humphry playing
Soups07: 63 tog
Hazza09: Not watching pcaman but wtf is Libba doing tonight
pcaman2003: Hazza.. Absolutely nothing! Has 6 touches,2 tackles and rarely getting near the ball.
Cottees: hahahah I am actually getting destroyed in tips
bhg26: That was like Ward-Prowse to Che Adams, beautiful!
Cottees: “dogs gonna destroy them” – whoever it was lol
pcaman2003: Cottees. It was Fromage that called the destruction of GC.
Dredd: Probably the worst example you could use bhg.. considering they are finishing last and getting relegated..
Cottees: Just need eagles to win now hahaha
bhg26: Don?t you bag my saints dredd, no matter how god awful we are
pcaman2003: Wends. Happy with C Macrae?
bhg26: We kicked city out of the carabao cup and ended arsenals title run
Cottees: Gold Coast to win the game without a free?
bhg26: Haha arsenal
Cottees: hahah nevermind 2 frees
Wends: Wowee, what a Switched from chamomile to lemon zinger thank you pca. We need to get reverse voodoo doll out 4 Libba tho
Cottees: That better not be Humps on the ground at half
pcaman2003: I just can’t get my captains right this year . Lost count of captain failures.
circle52: Was Hunphreys but walked to rooms.
beerent11: I did apologise earlier pca
Wends: It sux PCA… I got up to 450-ish in AFLF this year but have tumbled back due to poor captains & other bad choices
bhg26: Commentators keep saying how bont is so clean tonight, 50% de and 4 clangers
pcaman2003: You did Beer. I don’t think it matters who I pick, the results probably the same.
pcaman2003: Wends. Has to be my worst year since playing. Normally well ranked, but not now.
Wends: Any thoughts as to why? My problem has been changing plans at last minute – first instinct was usually right!
RooBoyStu: Bev on the whisky now lol given up the beers
Cottees: Wends, pca is cursed obv
pcaman2003: Wends. Poor run with injuries mainly and unlucky timing.
pcaman2003: Cottees. I am cursed this year. Maybe Voodoo doll fighting me?
_newcomber: pca, who did u captain
Cottees: Does seem like it 🙁
Cottees: This year is my worst supercoach season ever. Generally top 10k with mybest 700ish. But now not even close to 10k
pcaman2003: Libba as C.
_newcomber: ohhhh
Wends: Yeah, hard to try and have a life on weekends! Timing huge issue
navy_blues: gotta have good timing wends lol
Wends: Have missed more than a few trades from tardy trading Navy, lol. Sad but true.
Pavs: Ton up this quarter Bont. Please
Ooost: Same Cottees, top 200 last year. Bottom 200 this year. Good times.
_newcomber: stop giving away frees powell
DrSeuss: English – you there? Try doing something? Anything?
Wends: Caleb omnipresent
pcaman2003: Get to at least 80 by 3 qtr time Libba.
_newcomber: get to 40 by 3 qtr time powell
Hazza09: Get moving Libba ffs
DANGERous: lift bont
beerent11: Doggies melting
pcaman2003: Libba has vanished. Hardly ever near the ball which is uncharacteristic.
PigeonPies: rowell becominging the player we saw him start his career as
Wends: Fiorini off the bench phew
navy_blues: Ash not on tonight lol he loves commeting on other teams but disappears when dogs play
PigeonPies: becoming*
Pavs: He might be coming in for Cripps Pigeon
navy_blues: commenting
beerent11: Nice jack
PigeonPies: could be an option pavs, has a great bye and loves contested footy
Hazza09: Libba is getting a bath by Rowell
blashtroko: Berry moved to bailey dale this qtr
PigeonPies: i fielded atkins over humphrey this week to get johnson’s 72, looking terrible right now
PigeonPies: looping is looking like the correct call, but benching humph over atkins is not
bhg26: Oh Bont
pcaman2003: Hazza. Libba just having one of those unproductive games. Hopefully lifts last qtr.
dezlav: Expected more from B Smith
beerent11: Humph only got one point in that qtr pigeon. Struggling to find it tonight.
PigeonPies: sure is beer, both struggling both still has 22 on atkins for now
PigeonPies: but* i cant type
LuvIt74: Oh Mr Bont, what a mess…
beerent11: Hahaha Still on track to ton luvit.
Nicko006: Beer he?s hardly been on!
Wends: Lol Lovit
DrSeuss: English playing some weak football – getting pushed around by Witts and Casboult
pcaman2003: Show some interest and get involved Libba. FGS!
Pavs: Inspired choice Wends can ypu be on next week and help me with the Captain crap
pcaman2003: Pavs. I’ll help you. Trust me!
Pavs: I do trust you just Wends more. lol
Wends: TBF pavs, it was a hail mary on my behalf. Wouldnt want to jinx you 🙂
Wends: He lost his head tilt lately, which was partially the rationale
frenzy: Nice Matthew, good boy
pcaman2003: Wends. Your choice was a good one. Mine a fraction underwhelming
navy_blues: rowell dominating
beerent11: Terrible call
Gotigres: That 50m was pulled from nowhere
DrSeuss: 2 terrible calls in a row – Bont HTB was questionable
Zooo: Macrae turning his season around
beerent11: Umps are trying their best to help the dogs
Wends: Ratty subbed
DrSeuss: Ainsworth stood still after the mark
Hazza09: Absolute disaster of a game Libba
BigChief: Suess ump paid it for being 2m over mark.
beerent11: Gee humph is impressive
Gotigres: I met a Footscray supporter once
pcaman2003: Oh Libba! A big nail in my coffin this round. Shocking effort!
mattmac24: I brought Libba in this week.. sorry guys
Wends: I’ll be writing Fiorini a sternly worded letter after this dogs breakfast of a score
DrSeuss: I know BC – didn’t hear the ump calling him back though?
DrSeuss: Write the letter to Dew Wends – Fiorini is an inside mid being played on a wing
Hazza09: Thanks Matt
beerent11: Far out umps
pcaman2003: mattmac. So I blame you and beer as the guilty parties.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Cody Weightman to draw a free for no contact by Farrar for a cheap goal.
Bulky: Umps have been BOG for the Bulldogs.
Gotigres: very one sided umpiring
Ash777: it was ben long on weightman
beerent11: Nice job by English
BigChief: Why do the umps continue to fall for Weightmans crap?
beerent11: Cmon sunnies!
Wends: Here’s Humphrey!
Gotigres: Nice goal Humphrey
beerent11: Humph!!
sfenda1: rowell has been unbelievable
soup: love the scaling on that humph goal
Hazza09: Flower you Libba!
soup: love the scaling on that goal from humph
beerent11: What a qtr!
Crave: royal commission into umps
beerent11: 26 points soup
pcaman2003: Hazza. My sentiment exactly. He’s been awful.
navy_blues: go the coasters
Pav300: cracker game
Wends: What a win by the Suns
navy_blues: doggies lost their bark tonight
beerent11: Hasn?t looked right all game pca. Maybe not handling the heat
Raspel31: Well, Rowell and the Bont- no complaints though Macrae finally comes good- sigh.
pcaman2003: beer. He was like it from the start. Never looked like getting the ball much.

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