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Chat log from R9 of 2023: Richmond vs Geelong

Chat log for Richmond vs Geelong, R9 of 2023

J.Worrall: GoTiges!
karens: Go Cats
frenzy: howdy
Yelse: VC on trranto or ollie?
pluggerpig: vc on bont for me.. i must resist the friday VC that i choose purely for entertainment
zadolinnyj: Ladies and gents
navy_blues: thinking vc on anderson? against wc
bushranger: Here’s to a great weekend .
bushranger: Ollie 4 me Yelse
Gotigres: Unfortunately I think this will be a 70 point drubbing
pluggerpig: tiges to kick the first 3 followed by 10 straight to the cats
J.Worrall: no scores?
karens: pedal monty
LuvIt74: Glad its not just me with no scores
navy_blues: m0nty missing?
TheLegend6: This site always struggles first game of the weekend
original: vc on oliver
karens: another ton please samson
original: not getting samson ryan a big regret
TheLegend6: Balta’s difference between his best and worst is hilarious
TimT14: Cats have moved twice on the stand rule.. games farked
TheLegend6: Thought that one on Ryan was obvious TimT
Ash777: someone poke hopper awake
karens: i’d poke hopper
Mikeagles: Took a punt and put the VC on Stewart
bhg26: Prestias all of a sudden a goal machine
Ash777: I bought in Anderson and VC’d him
Gotigres: C’mon Simpson. You are playing Richmond for goodness sake.
Hazza09: Ffs Simpson
navy_blues: tigers fan booing stewart lmao
karens: ffs marge, lift
beerent11: Evening, vc on Stewart here.
TheLegend6: @Navy he knocked out Prestia last year
Ash777: oh yes that was brutal
slydon: whattup everyone!? keen for whats looking like a good weekend of footy
Harambe: Mansell candy
Baldfrog: Is Simpson the box with Scott?
Hazza09: Where is Simpson playing?
a1trader: Dropped Grundy for Ceglar so I could drop Ashcroft for Bont, looking ok atm
Ash777: ffs hopper 2 FAs already
slydon: tomahawk worth bringing in with holmes?
TheLegend6: Simpson only needs one good quarter like last week
sc_god: hopper limping
Dondeal: limping hopper
bhg26: Pretty sure I say this weekly, why do we bother having goal umps when they review every score
beerent11: Hopper hopping
Baldfrog: So far glad I picked up Knevitt
Harambe: Hopper should only need 1 leg
TheLegend6: Cotch on fire
sc_god: it’s tiger time!
bhg26: If only my team could kick 6 straight. We?d have 6 shots at goal for 1.2
TheLegend6: This is a bit rare of us tbf bhg
slydon: simpsons scores arent accurate
slydon: hes had 2 touches, its not much but its more than hes been credited for so far
Zutroy: Any chance of kicking straight kraps
Gotigres: Great qtr Simpson, you spud
Zutroy: Anyone else still have Sav
Gotigres: Yes Zutroy
bhg26: How is that only one touch for Hopper
Zutroy: Almost got rid of him e weeks ago. Glad I held
TheLegend6: Happens every week but horrible ruling bhg
Harambe: First quarter was a Treehouse of Horror episode for Simpson
Raspel31: My neighbour Mr Hardwick is looking happier. Frankly I don’t care . But he’s a good chap.
bhg26: I know legend, it?s annoying. Free was paid a second after he already handballed
Pav300: still got the nice squueze Rasp?
Zutroy: Got the vc on taranto. Thought he’d destroy this cats midfield
TheLegend6: Super soft free
navy_blues: soft
TheFlagger: umps are crooks
slydon: stiff on stewart there
zadolinnyj: Weak free
DrSeuss: Blicavs tagging Taranto at stoppages
Ash777: bad frees both ways
bhg26: Its a contact sport isn?t it?
DrSeuss: Terrible decision – absolutely ridiculous
Crave: Umps scared of Richmond supporters
navy_blues: freekickrichmond
Zutroy: Brett Rosebury is having a great game for the tigers
zadolinnyj: That?s not a free either
Harambe: I would be too Crave
Baldfrog: Good to see nothing changes
TheLegend6: Relax navy ya sook
TheFlagger: 11-6 typical
navy_blues: haha legend u cant deny it
Ash777: tigers rarely have the frees go their way
TheLegend6: two soft frees mate thats it
Baldfrog: One day Legend may even go to a game
TheLegend6: genuinely cant be bothered baldy
Zutroy: Can’t buy a free here
navy_blues: htb against mcintosh no call
afted every one of his 10 points- mastterful
slydon: umpires…. this is a joke atm swallowed their whistles
Baldfrog: 11 now Rasp keep up m8
Harambe: The way Taranto kicks, he should be a helicopter pilot
Ash777: didn’t simpson have a really low score first game?
devize: Why does Holmes get such low TOG?
Ash777: oh nvm was thinking of someone else
Zutroy: Cats set shots getting too close to man on mark and shanking
Raspel31: Well cut me off at the knees and call me Tripod Bald.
thommoae: Holmes is Will Brodie’s cousin
Baldfrog: Na too much work Rasp
Harambe: Holmes needs a Speedo sponsorship to get more tog
slydon: oh no taranto limping in his jogs on the sidelines
TheLegend6: Cmon Hopper
PigeonPies: how many of us here vc’d stewart? ive gone with him hope he keeps it up
Baldfrog: Wish Ryan would get a few touches
zadolinnyj: That was Rioli not toranto
Zutroy: What’s gotten jnto Miers
bhg26: Stewart always burns Richmond
PigeonPies: gryan loves a goal assist
Baldfrog: Slydon u n eed specsavers
Raspel31: I had a coffee with Damien this morning- my zone. Not a happy chappy at the mo.
slydon: i actually do ned my glasses, im waiting on a new prescription soz
PigeonPies: that bhg, and have a look at every half back against richmond, dale, all the swans, saad and docherty, list goes on
TheLegend6: that build up was unreal
slydon: also lets not forget that simpsons be is only -2
PigeonPies: good stuff tigers
Ash777: tigers hurting cats on the turnover and leg speed
Reexys: is taranto good? someone lmk im not watching the game
slydon: hes fine reexy im just blind
sc_god: rioili needs the switch icon, he’s playing up forward now
slydon: imagine getting 25 dropped on you at monday night basketball by a half blind kid not wearing his glasses
Ash777: also poor kicking for goal not helping
Raspel31: Vote- who doesn’t want the Tigers to beat the Cats??
LuvIt74: Taranto about time
slydon: flower the tiges i only want taranto to do well
Zutroy: Running over the mark no longer 50?
Baldfrog: Sammy’s comin alive
Harambe: Disgusting non-free to Taranto there
navy_blues: gee will win
Ash777: tigers going to end up bottom 8 anyways might aswell sabotage any teams final run
ceaserr16: Good evening lads
ceaserr16: Just a reminder, up the flowering magpies
Cascadian: Yes Sam Simpson you legend
DrSeuss: Yes Harambe – Taranto held off the ball – pretty obvious for a non call
Raspel31: And there we go Simpson. The world is realigned.
dezlav: Taranto doing me no favours ATM. Put a flower on me.
navy_blues: dont know why they play riewoldt over cumberland jack is past it now
Gotigres: Another 26 possies and Taranto might ton up
Harambe: Sam Simpson, one of your boobs from Sector 7G
sc_god: lack of contested and clearances are killing taranto, clangers and effeincy too but that happens every game
Raspel31: Just between you and me dezlav- I think I few of us has Taranto. Now shush.
Harambe: Fortunately I don’t play SC so Taranto’s mongrels and helicopters just mean he’ll never get tagged
frenzy: wish Kardjashnee would lift
Raspel31: Think it’s important to say my last trip so South America- left no wounds. Seize the day lads.
Zutroy: Bring your kids to work not playing out for the cats
TheLegend6: Sampson score is harsh, he’s competing well
PigeonPies: unfortunately they dont give points for competing
slydon: tbf its a bit disrespectful to play your second side + cameron and hawkins against an afl side
TheLegend6: find the ball hopper
Raspel31: As Oscar Wilde said- keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Go Richmond- think 80% loving this
DANGERous: can we kick accurately for goal?
beerent11: Hop to it jake
thommoae: Cats can’t win, Zutroy: too old last year, too young this ‘un?
GJayBee: I didn?t know there were two games tonight. Captains loop fail.
Zutroy: I think the young lads have played well tonight. Kick straight and we’re in this
thommoae: May have been Sun Tzu, Raspel?
Ash777: Really it’s all about which team times their run best come finals.
TheLegend6: Esava is a freak
Zutroy: Rosebery are you kidding. Deliberate my anoos
Ash777: ffs BT it’s insufficient attempt
navy_blues: ceglar out
TheLegend6: Insufficient, not deliberate Zutroy
Raspel31: Personally- as a Dons man not looking good But Damo is my neighbour- so go Tiggers.
a1trader: Not Ceglar Sub – grrr
PigeonPies: biggg rateguloea
navy_blues: ceglar lives
Urbs: Cats really waiting on this sub hey
beerent11: Stewart stuck on the killing my vc.
Zutroy: Do you think it was insufficient Legend?
navy_blues: hopper gone
Gotigres: Hopper out
Ash777: ratty is my bench ruck still. I need to move him on field in the fwd line
sc_god: hopper subbed
beerent11: Get back on now tommy boy
Hazza09: Great Hopper trade next week
TheLegend6: no Zutroy
beerent11: Been a good stepping stone hop.
beerent11: Hop breakeven 77
Raspel31: I should like to say that I have no care for personal scores- But being honourable and dignified- snore, burp.
Zutroy: I pick Baker every year. Class
PigeonPies: so youve had 1 good season?
Zutroy: Love Richo. ‘I think Hawkins had Balta outnumbered’
TheLegend6: Mansell done a super job on Stewart in this quarter
PigeonPies: shit quarter stewart
DANGERous: Hopper is an easy sideways trade to one particular guy
beerent11: Got stuck on the pine pigeon
Zutroy: One good week Pigeon. Last week pulled 2,503 SC out of somewhere, back to 2200 mediocrity this week
PigeonPies: me too zutroy, me too
PigeonPies: please someone make me feel better and tell me they also got atkins
beerent11: In draft only pigeon
beerent11: Atkins scores always improve when danger isn?t in
PigeonPies: well that doesnt make me feel better beer
Reexys: tarantos makin a comeback
PigeonPies: i meant rory atkins sorry beer
Zutroy: Knevitt has looked good
sc_god: lol flop
beerent11: You only wanted an excuse to tell us you have atkins though really
PigeonPies: yeah i got tom atkins, masterstroke
Zutroy: Really missing Close and Stengle this week
beerent11: Oh thought we?re talking bout Tom. I have Rory in the same draft team lol
PigeonPies: lol beer
Raspel31: Yeah, me too pidgeon. Made sense. But I capped? get adventerous
TheLegend6: Score feels low for Taranto
Ash777: should have subbed ceglar because hes getting beaten by a kid
PigeonPies: hes going at 50% legend, seems fair to me
circle52: 52% DE for Taranto will do that Legend.
TheLegend6: He’s winning first ball in the middle and getting it forward, DE% irrelevant. Bont and Cripps do similar and get reward
Raspel31: Circle- everyone has Taranto- means nothing.
TimT14: Love how everyone knows how SC is calculated but really it’s random number generation
Yelse: wasn’t stewart on 80 at HT
PigeonPies: DE is absolutely not irrelevant thats literally how scoring works? lol
a1trader: Good win this, I didn’t give Tigers any chance
PigeonPies: yes he was yelse
TheLegend6: Not over yet A1
sc_god: yes its over
PigeonPies: definitely over
LuvIt74: It sure is over im afraid the cats are boiled
Yelse: Game over — Cats aren’t the pies. cameron been crap last 2 weeks
Zutroy: Why are they booing Hawkins?
LuvIt74: im not a fan of either teams tbh but im glad richmond won
beerent11: You?re thinking of dt timt14
TheLegend6: Probably to put him off
Raspel31: Damo- my neighbour- finally- we can have a happy coffee.
beerent11: Over to you clarry
PigeonPies: racism zutroy
beerent11: Knevitt looks good. Passed on him
Zutroy: Aren’t you supposed to say chewy on ya boot
TheLegend6: As I said, it’s not over. I’ve seen this all before…
Zutroy: Knevitt doesn’t have job security Beer. Agree looks good
beerent11: Fatal attraction style luvit74
slydon: this game is gonna get massive rebalancing by the end of it i reckon
Gotigres: Now I’m nervous
Zutroy: Ton up Taranto.
beerent11: That was why zutroy. Although not many rookies coming in do.
TheLegend6: Take Simpson’s score or back Wilmot?
Ash777: take the score
a1trader: Nice Ceglar, 100 will do fine
Hazza09: Simpson get to 75
Zutroy: Not often the oppo converts at 75%on SOG
Raspel31: Beeing a Spurs fan and acknowledging you are ar shite takes courage- go Gunners.
a1trader: Still nervous Gotigres?
dezlav: Starting to wish I’d held on to Rata now.
beerent11: Simspson all day legend
Zutroy: Who’s saying to back Wilmot. That’s crazy talk. Has about 5% TOG
DANGERous: good boy Tan
beerent11: Uhhh, no one is zuttroy
TheLegend6: 5% and no role when he is on haha
Zutroy: Legend was Beer
Gotigres: Now I’m feeling happy
beerent11: He was asking for opinions I thought zutroy. Perhaps I misconstrued
Harambe: 58,000 pretty underwhelming crowd, have Tigers fans given up?
Ash777: fair weather fans
PigeonPies: like the tigers of old harambe
Zutroy: Rosebery must have a Tigers membership
navy_blues: different rules for dusty
TheLegend6: getting some cheap frees here to end it hahaha love it
Raspel31: I think it is very important that weand s ———————————–s a group tonight and simply go to Geelong-
Zutroy: Very different rules for dusty ther navy
TheFlagger: 21-14 seriously
TimT14: Tiger’s getting rub of green today
Raspel31: Pardon bad post. Well done Tiggers
PigeonPies: tiges normally get shafted so i’ll allow it, still dominant win
Ash777: why go to rioli not prestia
PigeonPies: short doing his yearly run of good scores to suck people in

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