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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Richmond vs West Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs West Coast, R8 of 2023

_newcomber: anyone know wc sub
frenzy: Trew and hello
RuffLeader: Trew
TimT14: Let’s go tigers! Expecting a big game from Vlastuin
Mikeagles: lets hope we dont get done by 100
Yelse: tarrant or laird for VC
_newcomber: hi and thanks frenzy
bc__: Tarranto yes Tarrant no
Cottees: Surely Taranto goes huge
TheFlagger: oh boy
Cottees: Eagles first goal. Game over. Tigers suck
pcaman2003: Cottees. Dosn’t help when Taranto gets 0%DE because his own player drops the mark. A rubbish scoring system.
Cottees: Yeah I never understand how that is not effective by the kicker. So many times my players are amazing but teammates bad
Gotigres: I too am hoping for a big game from my vc TT
pcaman2003: Looks like there may be a few of us with the VC on Timmy
Gotigres: I traded out Ginbey this week so expect him to ton up
Troglodyte: Rioli has bird poo on his guernsey
TheFlagger: great to see allen get a clean run at it.
Cottees: Thankfully only like 2% went for Eagles lol so wont drop too many spots. Tigers suck
BigChief: Culley knee injury?
DaicosQB: Siren
DiggaDogga: Culley ACL. Classic ‘pivot shift’ mechanism. Terrible for him and them.
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers, even we beat Water Closet.
Urbs: Fair chance that’s an ACL sadly
DiggaDogga: pca – thought if kick was > 40 m to a contest it was regarded as effective?Or something like that.
Troglodyte: Ryan best on ground building
pcaman2003: Digga. That was my understanding too. Even some clangers are bemusing
bullet08: culley seems ok on the bench
pcaman2003: Where are you Timmy? Join in the game.
DiggaDogga: Bullet – no way Culley is OK, that is an ACL for sure.
Dredd: Annoyed Soldo got injured again.. Ryan already at 38 sc.. would’ve been free money from Soldo 🙁
BigChief: Cmon TT get off the pine and do something.
_newcomber: culley subbed
RooBoyStu: Barrass clap clap clap
Cottees: Culley out. Definitely ACL
RooBoyStu: Trew on, are you a Trew Believer?
zadolinnyj: Is someone tagging Prestia
Loggy17: Roo Boy, very punny
bhg26: Samson you flowering rippa
Gotigres: Ryan on his way to 200
pcaman2003: First time putting VC on Tarranto .Regretting it already. My VC’s have been crap this year
TheFlagger: boo that was a mark
Cottees: pcaman. Knew I should of stuck with VC Adelaide or Dogs players lol
RooBoyStu: Rumours Trew wants a trade to Carlton. Hey Trew Blue
bhg26: TT what on earth are you doing
BigChief: This is what I get for VCing a Rich player. I am an idiot.
_newcomber: gee richmond are a hard watch
TheFlagger: do someting taranto
Cottees: Laird and Dawson already gonna pass Taranto. God i suck at choosing VC
Jazza74: Come on Timmy?..first time I?ve used him as vc and he does this!
pcaman2003: Well, maybe Timmy will blow off the cobwebs next 3/4’s. Fingers crossed!
Gotigres: It seems quite a few of us are idiots choosing a tigers player as vc
RooBoyStu: Any muppet that used a Toothless Tiger as VC on their current form deserves a shower score
frenzy: TT tiny Tim
Jazza74: Hope so pcaman
RooBoyStu: Tigers missing Mrs Hardwick, ever since she’s been gone so have Richmond.
RooBoyStu: @Frenzy Tip Toe Through the Tulips. John Platten lookalike Tiny Tim
TheFlagger: tassie tigers
Jazza74: Thx for the heads up stu
The Ogre: Tigers Tanking
Gotigres: Better you suck at choosing VC’s Cottees than C’s
Cottees: Gotigres, that is true. But the stress ooof
Pavs: Stu typing angry these days.
sc_god: lol Stuart
sc_god: well to be fair North havent been the same since Carey slipped one into Mrs. Stevens
RooBoyStu: Angry lol Pavs, wrong logo mate, Freo Heave Ho
bhg26: How can taranto not score against wet toast
pcaman2003: bhg. He’s calling this season gone and playing accordingly.
BigChief: Tankmond here to stay. They want Harley Reid.
_newcomber: fair call chief
FoopyTime: wtf is taranto doing
Dredd: Wouldn’t blame them Chief, looked good for Carlton in the VFL today
bhg26: Taranto going at Russell Westbrook efficiency
FoopyTime: tarantos efficiency is to high tho
pcaman2003: bhg. He’s playing to the Richard Tambling Institute of Standard.
bhg26: love westbrook btw
TimT14: Tigers can’t get Harley Reid
BigChief: When they finish last they will get him TimT14
lana2146: Is soldo out ?
mattmac24: Tigers don’t have their first round pick BC
RuffLeader: Didn’t they trade their first round pick Chief?
JockMcPie: richmond dont have their 1st round pick though :’)
BigChief: lana Soldo was withdrawn yesterday. Replaced by Cumberland.
TimT14: With what pick?
lana2146: Thanks big chief
BigChief: 1st pick DUH
frenzy: sold out
Cottees: Knowing Tigers. They’ve forgotten they don’t have the pick lol
BigChief: Oh shit I forgot they traded 1st rd pick Sorry TimT
lana2146: Wow Samson Ryan?s stocks going crazy,,,and they all said trap lol
Yelse: S Ryan taps when he rucks are great needs more ruck time :)))
bhg26: I was hoping tt would actually show signs of life cause im not confident captaining bont againts gws
bhg26: They always try rough him up
Yelse: too much bench time TT
Spifflicat: I think GWS have the Tigers 1st rounder
Jazza74: Why bhg?
thommoae: Am I too late to join the Richmond/TT pile-on? Darn it – they seem to be doing okay now …
_newcomber: cumberland on fire
Jazza74: Sorry just read it
bhg26: Impeccable half from cumberland
Cottees: What is the worst score in supercoach ever? Cumberland surely close
bhg26: Just join the tt pile-on then thommoae
GJayBee: Ryan to non playing R/F for VC loop and mega $$$ in a few weeks
RooBoyStu: Barrass clap clap clap
Jazza74: What happened to Ginbey?
BigChief: I think Michael Gardner got -19 1 day.
sc_god: hopper on pace for 12 clangers
PigeonPies: gardner i think is the worst ever yes
thommoae: Might just hold off for a bit, bhg.
pcaman2003: hat’s better Timmy. A much improved qtr. Keep it up next half.
bhg26: No thommoae, negativity gets them going
thommoae: Life principle, bhg … or just Fantasy Football?
sc_god: cumberland -14 lmao
bhg26: Life thommoae, id make a great parent
Jazza74: Anybody know what happened to Ginbey?
Pavs: Just not getting the football I think Jazza.
Jazza74: He?s been on the pine for yonks Pavs
ceaserr16: Afternoon lads! First time speaker
Pavs: Welcome ceaserr16
pluggerpig: need a cumberland sausage icon for anyone in the double figure negatives
Gotigres: you can get 130 from here TT
BigChief: We can hope 130+ GoTigres
tor01doc: Hail Caesar – again
ceaserr16: Thanks lads!
RooBoyStu: Bet of the year next week Geelong 40+ against Toothless Tigers
ceaserr16: Anyone heard anything on Jai Culley? Been at work all arvo
TheFlagger: come on wet toast
pcaman2003: Just come back to this game. Timmy! The comeback kid. Keep going champ.
tor01doc: Culley knee
BigChief: Hurt knee early ceaser. Possible ACL
Cottees: Roo, itll be 100+ at this rate lol
ceaserr16: tor01doc Jesus? bad?
tor01doc: Scans required but not optimistic
ceaserr16: Damn? what a shame! Kid has potential
BigChief: Hahaha Cumberland subbed on -10
Harambe: Reuben needs to build his enGine
Gotigres: Seems like I made the right decision to trade out Ginbey
Harambe: Cumberland subbed, into the record books
tor01doc: There is vision in the AFL website. Looks ACL. Innocuous.
tor01doc: Cumberland will be cheap soon for you bargain hunters out there
bhg26: Gee cumberland stiff
pluggerpig: cumberland just couldnt get there today. edged at best.
Harambe: Cumberland could be priced in the negatives, what a downgrade option that would be.
Gotigres: Don’t think he’ll be playing tor01doc
BigChief: Very soft free to Darling.
Cottees: Chief only tigers so bad frees against them are fine lol
BigChief: So true Cottees.
BigChief: Fuck I have Tankmond in gauntlet. They better win.
pcaman2003: I don’t know what is a free or what’s not any more. The game I knew is lost.
Jazza74: I agree pcaman
JohnHoward: samson putting on a hitout clinic
Cottees: I lost Gauntlet with Freo to Gold Coast lol
pcaman2003: Jazza. Glad someone agrees. The game to me more confusing than it ever was
pluggerpig: BJ williams gets utterly schooled every week
Jazza74: And more confusing for the umpires as well
BigChief: WTF Prestia 3 goals to get cape
BigChief: Can we please go back to 90’s umpiring? Much better game to watch.
ceaserr16: I agree
Jazza74: Too right BigCheif
pcaman2003: I’d go back much earlier, but then I’d be showing my ancient age.:)
PigeonPies: goal
BigChief: I would take 80’s pcaman as my Roys would be playing 🙂
Jazza74: I?m 49 pcaman so I get where you?re coming from mate
Lodgy: Would love to see timmy tarranto become timmy trashcan last q
pcaman2003: Jazza.. Then you’re still a pup compared to me then
Jazza74: Lol pca?.fair enough
pcaman2003: Lodgy. Or major chip eater.
bhg26: If you couldnt tell by my username im 97, so bring back the 30s umpiring
pcaman2003: Chief. Yeah! 80’s were okay. So much better than now.
Lodgy: Pcaman. Caw caw!
lana2146: Why?s match status say full time? Scared the shiz outta me I got Taranto 25 dis
BigChief: What is Ginbey’s BE?
bhg26: Always does that start of the 4th lana
bhg26: Imagine if hopper and taranto could kick
Gotigres: I’ll take that goal TT
TimT14: Taranto and Hopper have had good games
bhg26: Taranto more likely to kick goals from shanks
Raspel31: My goal Gotigres!
bhg26: But again i come in with perfect timing
pcaman2003: TT, I forgive you for your shower 1st qtr. Now be a good VC option.
bhg26: Not saying they havent, but their kicking efficiency very low
Yelse: at what score do you take tarrant over oliver?
BigChief: Would like 30 more from you TT
BigChief: I wouldn’t have Tarrant Yelse.
Cottees: If Taranto doesnt get 125+ Do I got Liberatore, Bont or English for C?
Mikeagles: english
bhg26: Onya hopper
beerent11: Hop still making money
lana2146: I?m going English
TheFlagger: yes hopper
TheFlagger: 120+ ill take from TT, C’d english last week didnt work out well
beerent11: My draft side is happy to have sheed back
bhg26: Think 125 for me to take tt over bont
BigChief: I doubt I will be taking TT’s score
sc_god: hooper couldve had a 140 if wasnt for the butchery
bhg26: Samson Ryan you beauty!
Cottees: sc_god. If he was named bont with those stats. he’d be 130
beerent11: I?m a bit embarrassed about picking up Tom about 5 weeks ago. Failed selection.
obbynl: simpson 7 points this quarter
sc_god: lol probably right mate
runners47: C’mon, TT – rack up the points this quarter, now the game’s almost in hand.
BigChief: wrong game obbynl
beerent11: Cmon hop get past tarantula
BigChief: Oh great TT on the pine again.
biggerz: Baker owners dodging what should have been a 50
runners47: TT off now – but not much time left…
bhg26: this became a 46 point game very quickly
pcaman2003: Will now be Ollie or Bont as my C. Tough call from here.
Gotigres: Is -11 the lowest sc score ever?
Yelse: tarrato or ollie why has this become a tough call
bhg26: Good comeback from taranto considering first quarter, still taking Bont C though
BigChief: No Gotigres. Michael Gardiner got a -19
beerent11: Thanks don
Gotigres: Thanks BigChief

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