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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Carlton vs Brisbane

Chat log for Carlton vs Brisbane, R8 of 2023

Yelse: good afternoon champs… someone fell/jumped from the 3rd level to seats below
zadolinnyj: Evening all
frenzy: peoples
navy_blues: evening all
Oddsy5: TFIF, feel like this is an important week for supercoach!
TheLegend6: They okay yelse?
Social: Nice toss Sharon
zadolinnyj: Wow yelse
naicosfan: Evening all
truss15: hate to be on unders
Social: What?s with Crippas red nose?
Social: What?s with Joeys hair?
AuroraBore: yeah are they ok Yelse, thats grim
Raspel31: Whoopsy.
sc_god: come on baggers you muppets, don’t mess up my multi already
Troglodyte: Doc FFwd? Almost as good as Tuohy FFwd
navy_blues: you backed thhe blues lol even i do t do that
PigeonPies: hows mccarthy meant to stand when he hadnt even got up yet? unreal
sc_god: lol navy, no loyalty?
PigeonPies: gifted a goal
Troglodyte: Wilmot best on ground is building
sc_god: im having a ripper year in my tips so far tho 🙂
Ash777: wasn’t mccarthy it was hipwood who stood on the mark then ran off
PigeonPies: ok it was hipwood, still a shit 50
Raspel31: Cincotta looking very handy.
PigeonPies: yep just saw ash
BigChief: 50 was against Hipwood Pigeon
Ash777: not at all a shower 50
sc_god: it was a 50 base don the rules, if you know them
PigeonPies: theres also a common sense in footy, how can you give a 50 to someone who was told to stand after he walked off
PigeonPies: with his back turned, they arent robots lol, not a 50,
sc_god: baggers lifted
naicosfan: Hoping Neale and Dunkley have a quiet night, so far so good
naicosfan: Silvagni 3 touches 37 sc, what were his touches?
Social: His mum touched me
Gotigres: Chalie Curnow has 2 icons?
PigeonPies: couple contested intercept marks
bhg26: Hewett a watch this week
PigeonPies: my carlton fan mate saw the silvagni’s out once and he only wanted a photo with jo silvagni, was elite
navy_blues: and thats what it deserve
Social: can you imagine being breastfed by that
naicosfan: Flowering heck Dunkley calm down
bhg26: Have a loophole going this week where I can pick the 2 best scores between cincotta McKenna and Samson Ryan
bhg26: McKenna might be staying on the bench
clay007: How can you loop Cincotta and McKenna? They’re playing in the same game.
original: cincotta is mid def
navy_blues: cincotta def/mid
Raspel31: Such thoughts did cross my mind clay.
Pavs: Cincotta DPP
bhg26: Have constable and roberts on field, if one of them goes bad I can swap them around to get Ryan on field
clay007: If players are on the emergency, can you still swap their positions post game?
navy_blues: not once they have played
Ash777: nope clay
Pavs: No Clay you can’t
sc_god: constable not playing is giving me the shits, b/e of -52 just waiting ffs
clay007: The player loop always goes against me. Tricky game.
bhg26: No I have McKenna in defence and cincotta in mid, Constance?s defence loop and roberts mid or forward loop
bhg26: And he gets 30 plus touches every week in the vfl sc god
zadolinnyj: Need Walsh to get on top
Raspel31: Same sc-god- keeping him till he makes some dosh- one day?
clay007: Why is constable not getting a game?
sc_god: he does but defensively he’s a joke
original: thats HTB
bhg26: Hall gets games sc god
Social: You?re off topic blokes, we?re talking about Jo Silvagnis norgs
sc_god: not this week!
original: 60% still own constable
original: ill even take hiom in as the sub. pls
bhg26: Hall gets games occasionally then
sc_god: yeah mate, because of the -52 break even, one game and he makes 60k
thommoae: Unacceptable Social. You’re looking for a different website, I’d say.
daniel87: bit of heat in this game wonder if they willbe a brawl
sc_god: also he tends to butchered it
Gotigres: McKenna doing well on field for me
navy_blues: carlton their own worst enemy this qtr
zadolinnyj: Common McKenna need 15
sc_god: is doch playing forward?
navy_blues: no adv there
navy_blues: free kick brisbane everywhere
Raspel31: McKenna cuts loose with a simply amazing kick.
Gotigres: Hollands going backwards
navy_blues: cant hit a target now
Social: Jack Silvagni daydreaming?
zadolinnyj: 1 goal quarter
Gotigres: That’s the way McKenna. Good lad.
Raspel31: Wilmot looking sharp.
bhg26: Is Ashcroft out there?
Hazza09: Wilmot ffs
sc_god: ashcrofy wont bw out there next week, when i upgrade him to Oliver
Pavs: McKenna taking kick ins. More points please Carlton
Raspel31: Straight swap sc-god? You don’t have Clarry- shame.
thommoae: My opponent last week had Newman’s beast mode.
Ash777: I bought in cincotta this week as you should
TheLegend6: whos everyone captaining? Can’t choose between clarry or english
Gotigres: Neale is a liability
sc_god: bont
naicosfan: Loophole on clarry or bont legend
Hazza09: Well done Cincotta
circle52: I am vcing Taranto against Eagles.
Harambe: Ka-chingcotta
wadaramus: Neale just not trying 🙁
sc_god: i vc’d taranto into the Bont
Raspel31: Gotigres- my worst and most exensive trade this year 3 weeks ago- disaster.
Pavs: Liking this Cincotta kid.
Harambe: Not really a kid Pavs
Spifflicat: Good to see the Blues acknowledging their 12 GWS players with tribute jersey
Gotigres: Was that after his 176 Raspel? That’s when I got him in.
runners47: Saad gone into his back-seat mode – happens every few games
Raspel31: Oh yep Gotigres- more fools we.
zadolinnyj: Cmon doch
Pavs: Fair call Harambe. Thinking relevant to games
Cottees: Was tempted to Vice Dunkley but got scared. Going Taranto into Bont or English
Social: Lion opponents always seem to be covered in scratches
Gotigres: We never learn do we Raspel.
Social: Taranto into the pig
Pavs: VC Cripps tonight. Crap quarter Crippa.
beerent11: New recruit clarry into English here
navy_blues: thinking clarry into bont
Raspel31: Tarranto into Clarry for mine.
Raspel31: We could have had Bont for that money Gotigres- sigh.
_newcomber: reckon chesser will be sub?
Slugus: Stewart into Naicos for me
sc_god: nah i dont think so, the way Simpson spoke of him. I doubt it
bhg26: Thats a keays tag into a clarke tag slugus
_newcomber: also how do you get the team symbol
Gotigres: I have Bont Raspel
bhg26: Lads Sinclair or steele in this week
Gotigres: Hopefully Neale can still ton up. He might put a bit of effort in if it’s close
Pavs: I have gone Steele. Looked real good last week
Slugus: I got in Sinclair
Social: Thought they might have Lance Whitnall on at half time to talk about domestic violence
Gotigres: Or Fevola talking about being a role model Social
zadolinnyj: Need doc 20, bailey 15 and Newman 15
original: ashcroft on field..please lift
Gotigres: Knew I should have vc’d Dunkley
zadolinnyj: Acres should be dragged for that
Grimes Jr: everyonee has him original dont worry
Social: Ashcroft is stiff, at most contests but seldom scores
circle52: I tossed a coin between Dunkley and Taranto.
circle52: and as per my luck went Taranto
Pavs: Look what Wilmot can do when he wants the football
navy_blues: omg this is woeful
navy_blues: played 1 qtr then went to water
Ash777: stop giving it to saad lol
biggerz: why has Cripps stunk it up since qtr time?
clay007: How is Charlie Curnow on 50? One kick was a goal, another a behind, one never hit a target and 1 handball, goal.
Social: fak neale is sucj a squealer
circle52: Sop kicking behinds Lions may cost you
Raspel31: Amazeball kick Neale- you still wule!
oc16: finally Dunkley
Pavs: Opponent jumped off Neale onto Dunkley as VC. well played
original: cmon umpire
beerent11: Ashcroft is undoing all of last week?s gains. Breakeven of 32.
Slugus: Going to take Cincotta score, well played kid
bhg26: Good lord ashcroft
Social: dont fak me tips blues
beerent11: Yep 50?s the loophole benchmark with the rookies this year.
Harambe: FFS Rich and Kiddy both injured, need McKenna to step up now
Social: jaysus
Pavs: Dunk’s 10 tackles already nice
beerent11: Might be Holland?s sub
Harambe: Gee whiz Dunks could hit a DT double ton here
Pavs: Young beer. Not sure about that
beerent11: Nope. Wrong
Social: McKay stops and goes back a step after a mark with no-one in sight. Its all in the head.
TheLegend6: Bloos getting smacked, love to see it
BigChief: Carlton have been terrible since 1/4 time. Brisbane smashing them everywhere.
Harambe: Charlie Cameron is a god
navy_blues: lol richmond going well lmao
beerent11: And it begins
RooBoyStu: Overrated Carlton will lose their next 6 including tonight, Voss might be sacked soon lol
TheFlagger: the easy walk in goals remind me of 2018 lol
navy_blues: gold coast comes to mind legend
RooBoyStu: Carlton choked last year and even bigger chokers this year
clay007: Is there some sort of Curnow tax? He gets double points for everything he does.
TheLegend6: All good navy, bloos getting done here, class this
navy_blues: beer i admit my side isnt playing well thats np
Grimes Jr: for a team with so many guns, carlton are coached terribly
RooBoyStu: Voss was a shower head coach at Brissy and still is
BigChief: You mouthing off again RooBoyStu? Where were you last week?
Wo0lfeee: McKenna’s score a bit harsh? Thinking he should be 45ish?
RooBoyStu: Grime Jr guns lol water pistols hahaha
navy_blues: how your tip go last week littleboystu
Pavs: First game of the round as well
Harambe: Port went backwards too after Voss became their midfield coach
Raspel31: RooBoy back to spread love and harmony.
TheFlagger: the last thing we need is another new coach
Social: Seriously, can we bring the conversation back to breastfeeding please? sheesh
Pavs: If McKenna would run outside the goal square when kicking in he would have more
beerent11: m0nty, is there only ever one spud at a time?
Troglodyte: Port finished 1 & 2 the years before Voss left, get your facts right mate
Hazza09: What is Wilmot BE?
Harambe: McKenna is too team-oriented for Fantasy, he will point to better options and not always play on from kick-ins
Pavs: Should have Spud of the week. Thoughts m0nty?
Harambe: He doesn’t have that Naicos thirst for the footy
navy_blues: so lilboy norf has apparently one of the best coaches ever so whats norfs excuse???
Pavs: 48 Hazza
Social: 47 Hazza
beerent11: 48 haz
BigChief: The Flagger you should have hired Ross.
Hazza09: Cheers boys
Raspel31: Will Neale make his BE tonight?
Hazza09: Straight trade for Rory Atkins next week
navy_blues: get cincotta back on
Harambe: Cmon Dunks give us a 200 DT
TheFlagger: he declined the interview process, cant hire a coach after a massive review with no process
Yelse: neal gonna be cheap and chip soon
Troglodyte: Blues not too far off just need the guns to gel again after not playing together for awhile
bhg26: Ashcroft might not even get his 32 BE
TheLegend6: Under 600k after this Yelse
clay007: Blues should see if Malthouse is available.
Yelse: the missed a walsh handball to hollands
Gotigres: McKenna, Wilmot and Hollands all have BE’s in the 40’s
TheFlagger: we are shooting ourselves in our foot with forward half turnovers
Ash777: what about malthouse’s pupil Bucks
Raspel31: You can have Neale for $50 Yelse- cash up front.
TheFlagger: cerra in great form
Harambe: Imagine a senile Malthouse coaching, would be hilarious
Social: Silvagni seems distracted…
clay007: Does Cripps work hard enough? Must frustrate Voss?
BigChief: Blues should go after Sheedy LOL
naicosfan: Loving Neale having an off day, don?t like McKenna having one tho?
navy_blues: prob be better than he was sane
beerent11: He?s pretty average on the wireless harambe
sc_god: imagine not have Dunks lol
beerent11: Cerra is playing some very good footy lately
Harambe: Is there a better sight in footy than watching the opposition’s home fans leave during the third quarter?
BigChief: wireless beer? Showing your age there mate LOL
sheezel420: pretty sure everyone has him sc lol
Social: very few harambe
Social: but they do that at carlton
clay007: What is an inside out slider?
Gotigres: My main opp doesn’t have Dunks but has Rayner
Harambe: The game’s not even over at the moment, no idea why they would leave
BigChief: clay isn’t that something KFC sell?
thommoae: Wow. Sole witches’ hat next to Cripps.
Ash777: why is this game a snooze
beerent11: Mine has a cassette deck too harambe. State of the art.
TheLegend6: here comes ashcroft
clay007: That is what I thought Big Chief! Lol. It was just a stock standard banana!
Social: these big clubs have bandwagoners harambe, no win, no fun, no stay
clay007: Ashcroft got BE! Tick!
DANGERous: where has this scoring from Doc been?
Raspel31: I’m listening to the game via telex- slow down chaps.
naicosfan: My tip of lions by 30 looking real good
Ash777: finally it’s over
TheFlagger: Cripps killed on the spread again. Dawson did the same.
BigChief: Cmon Blues need tou to get to 14 points 🙂
Ash777: 2 very soft frees to lions
BigChief: you even
Harambe: People don’t realise what an athlete Payne is, almost the fastest sprinter at the club
xodeus9: Pittonet has dominated the hitouts for Brisbane
beerent11: He?s a massive unit
BigChief: Harambe he is easily the most improved at Bris
TheLegend6: triple double from dunks
sc_god: he’s a massive hack
clay007: Durdin with an inside out slider-well done son!
Urbs: Quadruple double alert
Dondeal: Quadtriple Double The Legend6!
beerent11: Game recognise game sc god
Raspel31: For every Dunks there’s a neale and Ashcroft, sigh.
Pavs: lol Clay not sure that terminology will take off though.
xodeus9: And when he doesn’t tap it to a Brisbane player he kicks it straight down one’s throat
Dondeal: Hextuple Double with the tackles
Harambe: If he keeps his disposal within his limitations, he could be a Steven May type of match-up for forwards
Gotigres: To all those who last week laughed at me for trading out Ashcroft, I forgive you.
clay007: Ask BT Pavs-he loves that. I think it is pox though. Lol
TimT14: Dunkley as VC finally paying off
Yelse: is it time to get rid of ash croft mckenna willmot?
Raspel31: Have the same 3 problems Yelse.
Social: affirmative
clay007: Yiou should be trying to get rid of all of the rookies Yelse.
sfenda1: cerra is carltons best mid. been amazing this year
TheLegend6: Mckenna and Wilmot yes, Ashcroft probably at byes as last upgrade
Social: Steele next week
BigChief: Ashcroft not yet, but the other 2 sould have dumped weeks ago.
Yelse: @bigchief its hard when injuries have been brutal to my team
runners47: Switched Dunkley to C at last moment – best decision so far this year
Pavs: Don’t like it but fair call on the witches hat m0nty.
sc_god: ashcroft is done, b/e will be about 70 range.
Social: Linc McCarthy wondering who’s wearing his Premiership medal…
Social: hint… it rhymes with Sty Tengle
sc_god: do you realise, he hasnt played at the cats for 5 fucking years bro? lmao. how is that relevant

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