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Chat log from R6 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R6 of 2023

frenzy: chaps
Gotigres: I wouldn’t captain Neale. I traded him in.
Pavs: Wilmot ton up
Gotigres: I have 5 Lions
Pavs: Their colours are a bit similar
Dredd: Was thinking the exact same thing Pavs hahaha.. Orange v Gold.. poor choice of strip this week from us haha
beerent11: Jelly stick on the pine
beerent11: Stuck on the pine
Gotigres: I need Callaghan to have a quiet game.
MrWalrus: Lawn mowed, go bears!
pcaman2003: Arvo people! Mckenna and Wilmot my possible achilleas heal this round. Scoring well so far.
MrWalrus: Holy hell, Hunt must have blitzed the last bit of the game for a fantasy 90!
pcaman2003: Voodoo doll workes beautifully on JHF and Alir Alir.
beerent11: 99 to go pavs
MrWalrus: Wilmot is my bench loop, keen to give Cincotta his debut by the look of it
Pavs: Its only early
beerent11: We need a good spike game for Ashcroft $$$
DrSeuss: Wilmot stuck on the wrong wing – ball just not going there at all
MrWalrus: Your expert & surprisingly effective voodoo is wasted on JHF PCA, he is a bit poo
Hazza09: Going to be a tough watch today with Wilmot & McKenna
Raspel31: You me and pcaman Hazza
Pavs: Would have loved to trade them out this week Hazza but couldn’t get to Dawson doing it.
pcaman2003: Walrus. Not so . JHF and Alir were poo. My players were great.
zadolinnyj: Need Daniher to score
beerent11: Cogs was 480k this week
pcaman2003: beerent. Thought about Cogs but really needed Dawson, so got him.
Dredd: Charlie is something else.. that goal was absolute class
TimT14: Wow what a goal Charlie
zadolinnyj: Amazing
Vultures: Nice goal shame about the lengthy review
FlaggersXD: Cogs does this every game
Zutroy: Oioi
_Wang_: To all the neale owners my apologies I traded him in this week
pcaman2003: Wake up McKenna!
Hazza09: Don?t worry Cogs WikkaWiki go huge today as my opponent bought him in
Hazza09: *will
navy_blues: like neale to stay low
Dredd: Thanks @Wang.. meanwhile I VC’d 3 weeks in a row before last.. VC again.. smh
zadolinnyj: That Zorko handball should count.
_Wang_: Dredd:(
beerent11: 655k bit expensive for my taste pcaman
beerent11: But my team is pretty shit this year so don?t listen to me
pcaman2003: Opponent doesn’t have Dunks ,so go LARGE Dunks
RooBoyStu: Bye bye Wilmut and McKenna, both traded out next rd.
beerent11: Payne is
pcaman2003: Beer, I hear you mate. I just had to get him in.
beerent11: Payne is huge
beerent11: I spose you put him in your midfield at that price
pcaman2003: In my defence at the moment.
circle52: Umpires goal
beerent11: Does cogs do this every game flaggersxd?
TheFlagger: coniglios you gun
pcaman2003: Cogs! Lol! How many here have Cogs?
Spifflicat: Don?t whine Circle. If you play in front you get frees
RooBoyStu: Cogs new moon was on the 20th. Blue Moon Cogs lol
Manowar: go back to Ireland McKenna!
RooBoyStu: I want to see Cumming play on Berry lol
DrSeuss: Brisbane need to move a man to Jelly – lock that man up
pcaman2003: Seuss. Most likely to score well without Green available.
TheFlagger: fuck me jelly is everywhere
beerent11: Nice jelly boy.
Yelse: seriously wilmot ad mckenna liftttt for the love o god
TimT14: Berry get moving you’re killing my draft side
DrSeuss: Brisbane playing some very average football – making bad decisions
bhg26: Danihers role this game is exactly what the swans need buddy to do, drag the best defender away from the contest
oc16: I still reckon Lyons offers way more than Berry
pcaman2003: Thank you Dunks for making up for McKenna and Wilmot some what.
Cottees: Sydney just need to stop playing Buddy
Dredd: Bloody Neale… killing me
circle52: Will not be the only one with Neale Dredd
Hazza09: McKenna going for Sinclair next week, over this crap every week
beerent11: See what happens to Sinclair?s role with Steele back tomorrow hazza.
beerent11: Anyone bring cogs in out of the bargain bin
circle52: Interesting all the stats favour GWS so are CD missing Lions stats
Hazza09: My opponent did Beer
bhg26: The swans are always going to play buddy cottees, no matter how bad hes been, especially with reid and amartey out
beerent11: Haha a few were talking about not taking English vc and putting the c on Neale. Wonder how many did.
sc_god: sinclair avging 78 in last 3 games lol
bhg26: So if we do have to play buddy he has to play as a decoy otherwise hes useless
Fromage: C on Oliver
beerent11: Talk of him being crook fromage
frenzy: shh sc_god
Fromage: Green comes back and Cogs goes down
Fromage: @Beerent you are kidding right?
Spifflicat: Been in the news the last two days Fromage
beerent11: He is under an illness cloud with flu like symptoms trained away from the group yesty
TheFlagger: leather poisoning finally got to him
Fromage: Thx guys. Naicos gets the C
beerent11: Winnie!
MrWalrus: Baldy was going to turn down libba for Neale, I think we talked him down but could you imagine?
navy_blues: omg charlie handballed lol
Spifflicat: Beer, any numpty who ignores a 131 from a VC, deserves to fail
beerent11: Dunk to tag jelly. Sucks when you have them both.
beerent11: Yep spliff
Pavs: Mckenna gets his BE thats a positive
Baldfrog: Got the 140 from Libba so took it. Cheers monty for putting round games above current one
beerent11: m0nty, what is the number to the right of the players possession count ?
LuvIt74: @Spifflicat – I agree
Baldfrog: Meters gained beer?
MrWalrus: The Irish boys always do weird stuff that confuses everyone, case in point McKenna just before, keeps it exciting
beerent11: Is it frees for and against?
The39Steps: Tks for the round games on this page also.
PigeonPies: yes beer
LuvIt74: They are lighter in colour and the vast majority of the numbers are in the hundreds
beerent11: Cheers pidge
MrWalrus: Like him or not Greene is a hell of a player
PigeonPies: can dunks not tag kelly? he was making up for last week
Pavs: Metres gained Luvit?
Spifflicat: Greene is box office
wadaramus: Neale is straight to video.
beerent11: They might drop the tag now the margin is opening up
navy_blues: thinking of getting taylor but not now
MrWalrus: Neale on the chipolatas perhaps?
sc_god: its not really a tag, just mostly round stoppages, making him accountables
Spifflicat: Nice Wada
MrWalrus: How was that HTB? Not tackled, knocked out of his hands.
Dredd: I actually can not believe Lachie Neale is on 36 SC halfway through the 3rd.. wtf is happening
Davo27: Wilmot and McKenna spudding it up again? They’re gone next week
PigeonPies: was going to say the same thing walrus
Ash777: glad this isn’t a lions home game
navy_blues: pca got voodoo doll on neale Dr
bhg26: Balancing out last weeks game dredd
Pavs: You can still ton up Wilmot. ( 9 more quarters of footy )
beerent11: Wilmot breakeven 23. Cash gen stuffed.
PigeonPies: country roads on repeat
Raspel31: Add Neale to Wilmot and McKenna sigh.
oc16: why is Dunkley tagging Kelly? Theyre up by 40!
MrWalrus: Lol pavs, best check the rulebook on that
Davo27: If mckenna and Wilmot can get to 60 ill be happy
beerent11: Hopefully seamus Mitchell or cincotta get a good run at it.
wadaramus: Cracking day at LIV Golf today, right next to Cam Smith in the sticks at the 7th!
MrWalrus: He’s just making him accountable around stoppages as someone said before, good footy
beerent11: He?s a beautiful man wada. Say Gday for me.
wadaramus: He smacked a fairway wood out of the sticks and made birdie on the par 5.
DrSeuss: Missed a Wilmot kick then – we need every Wilmot possie we can get
wadaramus: McKenna lifting, carn WIlmot.
Dredd: Neale is disappointing.. can’t go 170 into 40.. need an Oliver like qtr in the 4th
MrWalrus: Wilmot to get his 50 odd, good slow burn rook
Pavs: I have his old driver in my golf bag wada. He didnt like it but works alright for me.
Ash777: oh no wonder giants aren’t get any ump favors baldhead is umpiring
Fromage: @wada great day at Liv
MrWalrus: GWS being stiffed by umps a bit
wadaramus: Was right behind him when he chipped out of the 13th bunker with Koepka, so good!
beerent11: Looping him with Cowan walrus. Would take a 50.
PigeonPies: cogs fallen off this quarter
MrWalrus: Got one back there with that Whitfield “handpass”
TheFlagger: fuck sakes leave kelly alone
wadaramus: The Grange GC was superb.
MrWalrus: Nah beer, I’m looping with Cincotta so certainly not
navy_blues: neale played for that
sc_god: lol why are you a spud?
PigeonPies: there is absolutely no way that is dangerous tackle, this is becoming a joke
navy_blues: ump sucked in there
Pavs: Thats a bad look
oc16: the ump had to pay that free sooner
Ash777: someone in here owes $100 lol
MrWalrus: Me god? Because I don’t think N Daicos is the greatest player to ever lace a boot
DrSeuss: Nice work Lachie – players starting to make it look like their head hits the ground – its the new ducking
navy_blues: neale knew he was htb so hit head on gr
Spifflicat: Why would get Cincotta before s played a game?
PigeonPies: you had it long before daicos mate
MrWalrus: I prefer go getters like Rachele over seagulls & won’t compromise on this view
navy_blues: ground
navy_blues: thought neale was better than that leaf outta ginnivan book
sc_god: oh i see, myabe trading in rookies that havent even played a game yet is another reason
beerent11: We don?t have to do this again do we? Collingwood aren?t even playing.
zadolinnyj: He got it last year as a passionate Richmond supporter. Was a bit harsh at the time. Owning it now like a boss
bhg26: You should be getting used to this by now beer
sc_god: sorry my fault, was just curious
pcaman2003: Hey Wilmot and Mckenna. This is the last qtr so let’s go boys.
MrWalrus: Yeah, wasn’t nany options though plus I’ve been itching to get him in
navy_blues: as in playing /faking free kicks beer settle down
suns4ever: who was the genius that didnt take English’s score because neale was meant to have a massive one :’D
aj74: Lol at the spud. Daicos has more contested possessions and clearances than Rachele
Troglodyte: Brought in Rachele too Walrus. Should go well against the Squawks
beerent11: Haha crossed wires navy wasn?t talking about your comment. Can happen on ff
PigeonPies: keep pushing to a 125 please jelly
LuvIt74: I would take a 130 VC as ive been burnt far to often by playing greedy
beerent11: Was talking about walrus and naicos.
LuvIt74: In fact my VC was England and now my C
navy_blues: ok all good
MrWalrus: Cheers, Zado, hey he asked:) aj lets not get into how CPs are judged
Pavs: Lyons on Who’s off?
MrWalrus: I’m off, later chaps and chapettes
LuvIt74: I thought i smelly an off spd
PigeonPies: whitfield been struggling last couple years whats happened to him
zadolinnyj: Ciao walrus
Ash777: he misses his mates probably
Cascadian: Come on Neale get up to that ton
LuvIt74: Wilmot has to go next week
DrSeuss: Agreed LuvIt – wouldn’t mind a 30 point junk qtr as his final goodbye though
circle52: Personally keeping Wilmot with DPP will be handy D8/M11
beerent11: You could keep him if he got 60 Seuss
PigeonPies: toby greene 6 weeks for umpire contact
Spifflicat: Joyce
Pavs: Electric chair Pigeon
navy_blues: simpson in for ceglar tonights game
DrSeuss: I know beer – there is zero chance
LuvIt74: I cannot believe how ordinary Giants have been since they started & they recruted a ton of top players when they started
PigeonPies: thought you meant dawson simpson for some reason navy
PigeonPies: i really like watching himmelberg, good to watch
beerent11: That?s too sensible for ff chat circle52
navy_blues: sry sam simpson
PigeonPies: yeah, forgot about him
pcaman2003: C’mon McKenna and Wilmot. Just another 30+ between you will be okay.
bhg26: McKenna flowering around again
PigeonPies: oh no toby
sc_god: they lost a lot of players luvit
sc_god: Cameron, Adams, Shiel,Treloar, hopper, taranto, bruce, lobb, steele, finlayson etc
Manowar: no it wont, both are losers!
beerent11: Don?t see bags of seven too often in today?s game
PigeonPies: thats 50 meters
PigeonPies: kelly made up for last week thank you
beerent11: And they were all kids when they were there.
pcaman2003: Wimot will have to go. Just can’t get his own ball.
Pavs: McKenna taking the kick in. I like it
beerent11: Jelly is so good when sound.
Pavs: He is very opponent consious pcaman. Agree
DrSeuss: Wilmot does well when he gets the ball – just doesn’t get it enough
DrSeuss: Yeah good point Pavs – has been very defensive minded – not ideal for fantasy
pcaman2003: Pavs. His ability to earn $ is now greatly diminished. Time to say thanks and goodbye.
Ash777: karma
beerent11: Does Lyons try and accidentally take out Dunkley?
slydon: 2 weeks for toby?
navy_blues: i know cameron can be electric but ive never liked him very selfish player
PigeonPies: agreed navy, normally kicks em when the game us over too, he was good tonight though
Pavs: Was trying to say goodbye last week but couldnt get in Dawson pcaman. agree again
navy_blues: ashcroft right on proj score

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