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Chat log from R3 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, R3 of 2023

Scotti2Hot: Cats to register their first win today with ease. Dangerfield to return to his best.
TigerTime1: Does anyone know a website where I can get the percentage of ownership of players in supercoach? without supercoach plus
Crippa9: Need times adjusted monty?
daniel87: daylight savings had me scracthin my head
frenzy: howdy
BigChief: @tigertime search player you want to know about on SC site and it show towards bottom.
Troglodyte: Hopefully Stewart survives this match
BigChief: ie Tom Stewart has 6% ownership
Social: He’ll be at a tasty price in a few weeks
BigChief: He has started well. Didn’t expect him to play TBH
Flagm@ntle: Where is Ollie Henry playing
Gotigres: Stewart on track to reach his breakeven of 214
FlaggersXD: Stewart skills awful yet says 100%
Hazza09: Good start Rat, was close to trading him
BigChief: Are you mixing Z. Guthrie with Stewart?
Gotigres: What a ratbag. Plays like this when I put him on the bench.
m0nty: Cats are very gettable today if the Suns can not suck.
Hazza09: Always the way Gotigres
oc16: Stewart looking like a tasty pick up
oc16: it is also such a relief to no longer have Bruhn!
frenzy: sexton and rohan the vests m0nty
bc__: Career in the 2nds for you Bruhn
frenzy: or the donuts monty, Lol
MrWalrus: Indeed m0nty
Fatbar5tad: Geelong ordinary again
MrWalrus: This Stewart situation is most vexing, 4+ weeks forces the trade yet here we are a week later
TimT14: If king could hold a mark could have kicked 3 by now
BigChief: King having a shocker. at least 2 sitters dropped already.
FlaggersXD: spud for king
feralmong: fml. constable E for LDU. all my other E played. Donut.
thommoae: Bruhn. Off the mark!
feralmong: well lots of Vit D from gardening all day at least.
BRAZZERS: why would u have the emg on him? he was named out when the teams came out
feralmong: yeah didn’t pay much attention this weekend. stuff to do. my muppet.
BRAZZERS: lol digging up dirt is more important
MrWalrus: I wish I was well enough to garden, looking forward to being well by pruning time, im getting a new chainsaw
BRAZZERS: i feel your pain nackers, i stuffed up too. looped bakers score therefore caught the 0 with LDU missing
feralmong: i’m not that well mrwalrus. did the front and back with blurry/double vision.
BRAZZERS: you dont need a chainsaw to pick potatoes mate
bc__: Come to the pies Lukosious. Start your career son
feralmong: feel good after the work though.
MrWalrus: Well done and hope you’re on the mend soon
feralmong: yeah hope so. I have Myasthenia Gravis.
feralmong: take steroids and some interesting stuff called mestinon.
Troglodyte: He’s from SA @bc. If he goes anywhere it will be to the Crows
MrWalrus: You don’t really need a chainsaw for anything but I really, really want one nonetheless
feralmong: Give a bloke a chainsaw and some stuff to cut. Heaven.
MrWalrus: Damn feral, that’s some nasty stuff,my nerve impingement is soft in comparison, give your MG hell mate, good luck.
feralmong: Thats the plan, had the surgery. Waiting the 12+ months for improvement. Keep on punching.
Fatbar5tad: Absolute dog5hit Geelong. 1999 levels of horse5hit.
BRAZZERS: are the Cats taking the piss this season? surely won’t lose this one
PigeonPies: maan this is why everyone had stewart
Ash777: sdk cant catch a break it seems
cmperrfect: would really love the header back to swap between games please m0nty
TimT14: If you’ve got chrome just open new tab in group
benty691: definitely agree cmp
m0nty: wll get to that for next week
cmperrfect: rather the hoe page header stay for all pages Tim, easier to navigate
cmperrfect: thanks m0nty
Ash777: cats look like they have the biggest flag hangover ever.
cmperrfect: *home
PigeonPies: doing god’s work monty
PigeonPies: are there many witts owners in here? went him because i didnt trust sean darcy.
Gotigres: That’s better rat. This is what I expect. 30 points per game is what I expect, not 30 points in a qtr
cmperrfect: one ruckman teams are a lock. English, Witts, ROB etc
Hazza09: Rat 0 points in 2 qtrs
MrWalrus: Really, really displeased about the Stewart situation, will wait one more week then back in I guess
PigeonPies: order restored hazza
PigeonPies: surely doch back to stewart
Ash777: stewart’s be is 214
MrWalrus: Yep Ash, meaning if he scores well next week as well hell be primed for picking up
TimT14: Would love a 140 from you Stewart.. your the key to my draft
Bazza2023: loving the Jelwood Hangover.
Ash777: hawkins is cooked
Bazza2023: its got a 2009 feel about it
navy_blues: cmon gc keep going
MrWalrus: So this is happening
navy_blues: great goal
Bazza2023: 70 metres?
TimT14: The premiership hangover looks real
MrWalrus: Lukosius! Yeah im having a shot, ump err you sure? Puts it into the crowd!
cmperrfect: ok sub Stewart off now Scott
Bazza2023: its now got a 1976 feel too it
MrWalrus: That travelled 70+ i reckon Bazza, looks like we have a new elite kick, that was just so good
Rynnie: Danger on bench for 12min. Lol
Fatbar5tad: Going to sulk like its 1999
BRAZZERS: amazing stewart played, they last week said he was still 2-3 weeks away lol
Bazza2023: woo hoo GOLDY, jelwood Hangover! #official
Fatbar5tad: Hawkins cant play next week. Get him right.
Bazza2023: the coming of Luko as a CHF
Ash777: far out luko is such a good kick
Grimes Jr: cats more cooked than tiges!
Bazza2023: Goldy home since 2017…good on em, couldnt have happened to a better team
PigeonPies: lukosius finally moving into that chf role we know hes so good at. good to see
mattmac24: A lot of passengers at Geelong at the moment, especially our small forwards.
Bazza2023: maybe danger should stay off the Uber and AAmi adverts
Fatbar5tad: Spell Close, play Whyte
PigeonPies: hawkins struggling all season matt, and half your backline injured ,doesnt help, stengle has a big ego too in my opinion
frenzy: nice Jarrod, keep going
MrWalrus: Suns are actually spanking them this quarter, Geelong average but suns looking genuinely good
BRAZZERS: Rats is the worst key back in the league
BRAZZERS: liability
wadaramus: Bloody hell, Stewart back with a bang.
PigeonPies: agreed i said that aginst us in rd 1 and saw so many saying he as good, we scored almost every time we kicked it his way
PigeonPies: about rats that is
Ash777: yes spoon cats!
Fatbar5tad: Hang yer fekking heads.
navy_blues: 0-3 love it
navy_blues: go hawks next week lol
bc__: Cats cooked. List turn over imminent
ReggieOz: lol
PigeonPies: i know rowell’s points arent great but hes a pure inside bull

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