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Chat log from R3 of 2023: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R3 of 2023

PigeonPies: hey all, who’ve we got in this one?
frenzy: bring back the black
drfrazzll: north by 30.
drfrazzll: LDU out after warmup injury reported by sen.
m0nty: there are buttons now for Dark Mode and to change link colours once in dark mode.
drfrazzll: april fools :)))
m0nty: No April Fool’s jokes, it is after midday so they don’t count.
Sheezus: LDU big late out
m0nty: hmm turns out LDU really is out!
Wends: LDU a late out! ABC radio source
drfrazzll: oh my god i jinxed it!!!
Wends: Sheez the tag now is on the cards
TheLegend6: SC servers unable to handle traffic right now, incredibly frustrating
BigChief: Anyone else have issues loading the SC page?
PigeonPies: wow LDU late out, did that screw anyone up?
Raspel31: Can we have some purple m0nty?
TheLegend6: I managed to get Davey onto the field to cover LDU, but man how frustrating after trading in this week from Steele
Legix: a lot of coaches just got wrecked not being able to take LDU out
Wends: Brought in JZ for Callaghan so not entirely happy abt it. But Setters won JZ/Setters toss up last wk. Had to be done.
Pavs: Bit of sheez bit of zieb & mackenzie as an e Pigeon
Pavs: purplish sort of colour there Raspel hit the change links button
Raspel31: Some peeps would have brought in Cameron and LDU-eek.
TimT14: Worst commentary team on fox
Que Cerra: Brought in LDU and couldn’t update the trade in time. Locked out by a few seconds 🙁
Wends: That is officially a shocker Que Cerra. Bad luck.
_Wang_: I brought cameron in
Pavs: No Watchlist m0nty.
PigeonPies: thats rough cerra
Raspel31: Whatever will be will be- but terrible luck.
arbel: same cerra … just the worst and couldn’t update to setters
PigeonPies: i was as heep and brought in jb and setters, was seconds away from getting ldu
bhg26: Lovely start ziebs. Feeling great about going him over setters so far
PigeonPies: a sheep*
ausgooner: Absolutely stitched up by the SC site crashing
BRAZZERS: lol brought in LDUm looped Bakers score. FPrgot to check teams before game now catching a donut with phillips on bench
ausgooner: missed out on changing LDU to Setter by seconds
ausgooner: but at least i’ll get baker’s score off the bench
MrWalrus: Must have been a late out, what is wrong with him?
Que Cerra: Yep tried to update to Setters also. oh well
m0nty: watchlist fixed
Legix: Calf walrus
zadolinnyj: Apologies I brought in LDU
Pavs: Calf tightness. Thanks m0nty
Cottees: Man. These injuries have been insane this year. Thankfully only had Hopper (kept on bench though) and a Gulden scare
arbel: glad I got ziebell too
Raspel31: At this rate spare your trades for rucks- sheesh.
Ooost: JZ and Setters and D Cameron came in for me this week. So far not great only missing LDU
MrWalrus: Stewart, Kelly, Steele now this, standard start to the season
TheLegend6: JZ not on kick ins?
bhg26: Ziebell this isnt funny
MrWalrus: I reckon we should get a refund on our Stewart trades, how does at least 3-4 weeks become 1?
Raspel31: Boom MrWalrus- tough. Only Cameron for me so far and at least he scored.
Pavs: ziebell and sicily please start playing football
TheLegend6: players not being highlighted when scoring @m0nty
bhg26: Too big of an ask pavs
MrWalrus: Got Ziegull in this week too, reckon he might come good though
GOD: good work @m0nty, GOD loves the dark mode
BRAZZERS: sicily, cameron, LDU, catching a donut and hearing Underwood. Great afternoon lads!
BRAZZERS: and ziebs
MrWalrus: I swear, if I ever get a clean start to a SC season I’m going to win by sooo much
bhg26: Oh my word hes done something!
TheLegend6: Hardwick going nuts
bhg26: Worpel and ziebell disasterclass
zadolinnyj: Lucky I traded Cunnington out for UDL. Bugger
Pavs: I dont understand the decline in Jaidyn Stephenson surely to get a game
Pavs: *lucky
Migz: i brought ziegull in for fyfe aswell. not worried. He will squawk his way to 80+
Sheezus: I can’t work it out Pavs. Been poor for a long time now
MrWalrus: Agree Migz which qt his price and BE is actually pretty good
Migz: piss off dermo. if you can see the back of the goal line thats all you need.
Raspel31: I am intrigued by those who brought in Ziebekk- 2 good weeks?
bhg26: Averaged 110 in this role rasp
arbel: @raspel … good price low break even and potentially will get DPP to defender
TheLegend6: Role and history Raspel.
MrWalrus: Based on role and history Raspberries it’s a no brainer
Pavs: Playing same position as 2021 raspel and he was cheap cash gen
Migz: yeah rasp. i mean its either switch to another mid pricer or leave fyfe on the bench. we have extra trades, may aswell
Migz: take the points and cash while its there
Grimes Jr: Yep looking like a no brainer rn
MrWalrus: Comben on my bench quadrupled his on ground effort from last week already
bhg26: But right now ziebell can go flower himself
bhg26: Which might be what hes actually doing at the moment
TheLegend6: JZ will be fine
Migz: the ball has barely been in the hawks back 50 this qtr so he hasnt had a chance to come back
TheLegend6: JZ gets a handball away, then gets a free kick and a kick but CD doesn’t give him the handball
MrWalrus: Louge you clown, why pass up a handpass to a free player to kick across goal to a contest?!
circle52: S;ow down MacKenzie put you on bench to take Bakers 95,
bhg26: Would be nice if worpel got off the pine
Raspel31: But Mackenzie- now that’s an investment..
Legix: Worpel needs to get off the bench and get a kick
Cottees: Go MacKenzie. Thankfully got Bytel on bench I can loop in for MacKenzie
MrWalrus: Yes legend because that’s how it works, essentially the HB never happened
Legix: Walrus the handball happened before the call though
TheLegend6: The free kick was for holding the man, given after JZ handballed it away, you’d think both stats should be given
MrWalrus: Not how it works
TheLegend6: You really are a spud mate
MrWalrus: Lol, I’m a spud for knowing the rules? Seems about right I guess.
PigeonPies: hes right, its not how it works lol
The Hawker: “Hungry for more before HT” with 6 mins left…
Raspel31: Hand bags away ladies.
SMii7Y27: My season has been great! Only had howe, stewart, gawn, steele, cameron and Ldu out!
TheLegend6: hes right if its a high tackle or something given away during the disposal, but this was holding the man after disposal
MrWalrus: You win
Pavs: Ziebs on fire now
Cottees: “only” SMii 🙁 brutal seasion
bhg26: He remembered how to seagull pavs
SMii7Y27: cottees, you have no idea
Migz: fergus… what a name. wonder what they were thinking haha
MrWalrus: If they’d played on he’d have got the hb, if not it’s the subsequent kick
Cottees: I cannot image SMii. I am been lucky as
Raspel31: SMii- things can only get better.
MrWalrus: SMii, did you C Laird r1 too?
SMii7Y27: no but i Cd Ldu this week, now forced to take bont as vc 🙁
Pavs: Hugh Greenwood another on a free ride Sheezus
Migz: wow, buzzer beater
Bazza2023: Clarko getting his pants dropped at the moment in sunny lonnie
Raspel31: Come on Liverpool!
MrWalrus: Good batch of kids this year
Sheezus: Plenty of passengers Pavs… don’t get me started on Kayne Turner
Raspel31: There are indeed MrWalrus- a wealth of riches.
MrWalrus: Loving darklemon too m0nty, will save battery too.
Slugus: Yeah the purple on black is nice
Pavs: Agree with Walrus great work m0nty.
GJayBee: God punished me for trading McCrae to UDL
MrWalrus: How do you get the purple?
Slugus: Im on PC, but there is a change links button next to the light mode/dark mode button
BRAZZERS: lol hilarious trade
JockMcPie: the visual upgrades are elite!! good work m0nty
Pavs: Conditions to good we need more points scored for Zeibs and Sic
Raspel31: Indeed all hats off to m0nty.
MrWalrus: Cheers Slugus, works on phone too
Migz: yeah looks much better than last night. this is easy on the eyes
Slugus: Come on Sheezel!
Migz: the real question is how do 31% of the players not have sheezel
rickybrad: Is ldu not playing, just tuned in
MrWalrus: Fantasy aside Sheezel can really play, does some great stuff
Migz: he didnt make the field ricky
Slugus: Late out, strained his calf in the warm up I think it was
Cottees: Rickybrad, very late change with calf tightness
TheLegend6: Was just soreness Slugus
rickybrad: Ffs
Migz: @m0nty the dollar symbol doesn’t seem to look great on dark mode. too much white in the cutout
Slugus: Fair enough, was listening on the radio earlier and they said it was a strain… guess that would cause soreness 😉
Raspel31: give the chap a break Migz.
MrWalrus: How that wasn’t a free against louge then…
jddd: does anyone know which api is used on fanfooty for the live stats? trying to build a iphone app with live activities
TheLegend6: Cmon Worps
Migz: i figured hes just introduced a new feature and he might want to know what does and doesnt work
bhg26: Worpel tf
Raspel31: He’s pedalling very hard Migz- but fair point.
TheFlagger: nice powell nice
TheFlagger: bring back aaron hall
Oddsy5: traded sheezel, setterfield and naicos in so far. missed out on cameron and LDU thank god
Wends: almost 30% of the comp still don’t have sheesh. Crazy times.
Cottees: Sheezel having an amazing 3rd
TheLegend6: Sheez a proper captaincy option at this point haha
Sheezus: Nice work Sheez
Raspel31: Oddsy-all I can say is that you are late to the party.
Pavs: Love having you in my side
Slugus: Good work racking up those stats at the end Sicily
Migz: wends. an additonal 12000 teams have traded him in this week
MrWalrus: Louge is just bad at footy, lock down your opponent then stay away from the ball champ
Harambe: Superman cape for Sheezel, 51 DT that quarter
MrWalrus: A few quick roos goals then Ziegull playing kick to kick with Sheezel for the last 10 minutes would be nice
BRAZZERS: worpel you muppet, needed you to get 20 for my 8th leg of my multi ffs
Wends: Better late than never I guess. Underpriced premo @ this point Migz 😉 Also,James Sicily, you beautiful beautiful man *)
bhg26: 15 marks with almost a quarter to go is insane
TheLegend6: Normal service resumed for Worpel
daniel87: sheezel rise star winner if he continues this rate
navy_blues: grrr LDU
Harambe: Cox had 20 marks at 3QT in round 1 bhg
daniel87: i feel pur pain navy blue same thing check afl 30 before game nothing
navy_blues: went to sons practice match and missed the out oh well my priorities were right lol
Grimes Jr: sheezel a better player than Caicos. hope hes also a better bloke
Raspel31: I did say beware the Ziebell and copped abuse. Such is life.
TigerTime1: where is ziebell
Harambe: Nah Navy, put him up for adoption and win the Hilux. Jks
BRAZZERS: kelli go back to school
bhg26: thats also pretty good harambe
oc16: you can just feel the roos are going to win this
NickyD: Grimes Jr did you enjoy the footy on Friday night? I certainly did.
Sheezus: Great call by Kelli… “Kangas back within a point! Or 2, Or 3
TheLegend6: Beware what Raspel?
Cottees: Only Hawks can lose this lol classic
Pavs: LDU was very late tightness in the warm up
Grimes Jr: pies better team, but if thats ur best not winning it all. n daicos a mega flog
Raspel31: Exactly TheLegends.
navy_blues: he is 21 harambe lol
bhg26: We all probably have to bring phillips in next week
navy_blues: but prob best start ive had to a round down the drain lol
NickyD: “n daicos a mega flog” Alright buddy 🙂
TimT14: You’re a good dad going to your son’s game at 21
Cottees: I kept Phillips. No need to trade and potentially waste one lmao
MrWalrus: Naicos is a low dog, ran in from off the play to give a jumper punch to a bloke on the ground
bhg26: Phillips probably getting dropped next week even though Stephenson still gets a game
TheFlagger: Powell huge q
navy_blues: always followed my boys in their sport cost me a packet lol
Harambe: Good recovery Powell, still probably trading you in AF next week though
bhg26: Has Ziebell left early?
FlaggersXD: pushed a bloke on the ground then sooked
Cottees: Do I keept Greenes score and put Madden on field over Davey? Thoughts?
Grimes Jr: happy that he showed his true colours walrus. will never get a hard ball in his career
TheFlagger: if he goes 60+ yes cottees
Yelse: whats wrong with constable why he dropped?
navy_blues: now walrus you cant call players out for being dirty richmond have 2 of the worst offenders!
Wends: Melb fans, any chance Laurie a late in? Mackenzie’s E score a goner if he comes in.
Pavs: Roll the dice with Davey at this stage
TheFlagger: bloke cannot kick
Cottees: Thanks Flagger. Seems like a fair call
Yelse: wtf worpel
NickyD: LOL at the NDaicos hate. Get over it, and back to the game please 🙂
Harambe: Poor disposal efficiency and not as good defensively as Wil Powell
MrWalrus: Why not navy? I’ll call them out too, I hate that cowardly stuff
Raspel31: Keep it nice ladies.
navy_blues: im saying lynch and cotchin has more history than naicos
bhg26: Ziebell you donkey. Setterfield to score 150
pluggerpig: why exactly is this a famous victory Kelli….
NickyD: So many triggered in here…. just enjoy the last 4 minutes here. GO SHEEZ 130+
Wends: Nice snouting m0nty
Harambe: Tipped Hawks, nice
oc16: Day an easy BOG
bhg26: Oh wait games still going nvm
MrWalrus: Youd expect that with over 500 games between them, still neither run in from nowhere or run away after
NickyD: Will Day a solid pick. Grats to those with him
bhg26: Day and Sheezel carrying my draft team
Cottees: Man, I wish I started with Day and Moore
NickyD: LOL Walrus Lynch biggest flog in the league
MrWalrus: Day is going to be very good in a few kgs time
TheLegend6: JZ grinding out an 80 is fine by me
Grimes Jr: haha nickyd, what happened to enjoying the game. at least doesnt prance around like he owns the sport
NickyD: TheLegend 80 for JZ is a good result considering his game today
bhg26: Considering he didnt play the first quarter legend its alright
Bazza2023: woo hoo beautna, take that roos
Wends: Phillips’ score snuck up… will he stay in the team tho?
Bazza2023: wheres the roos nuffys now
Cottees: Wends, surely better than a few others. Surely!
beerent11: Gday, not watching. Ziebell forward?
Oddsy5: sheezel is the goat
NickyD: Prance around? That’s a funny way to say “dominating against Richmond” 🙂
BRAZZERS: degoey who assaults women says hi
Harambe: They should drop Greenwood for Simpkin and keep Phillips based on that perfromance
Wends: Guess we’ll know by thurs Cottees
Harambe: LDU if fit has to push someone out though
JockMcPie: brazzers mate your screen name is literally a porn site, sit down champ
BRAZZERS: nicky no d
bhg26: Seen our draft matchup beer?
Pavs: No beer down back
NickyD: Nicky D 3 votes vs Richmond 🙂
bhg26: Reckon de Goey 3 votes
BRAZZERS: zero premierships tho
PigeonPies: lol, pies fans relax. youre embarrassing

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