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Chat log from R2 of 2023: Brisbane vs Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs Melbourne, R2 of 2023

rickybrad: Hi
J.Worrall: Go Dees
Yelse: big game VC C this round guys?
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: May late out
bhg26: Carn Dunks
upweydons: Dees or lions ?
delaxey: go dees
frenzy: chaps
Maroonies: go lions
Wends: Evening… e on Chandler, so let’s see how he goes.
Growlers: Hey Guys, we need to put the Sub vest on Melksham
rickybrad: What’s the icon on Oliver?
navy_blues: evening all
Gotigres: Hi all
Baldfrog: Berry
Gotigres: Berry rickybrad
BRAZZERS: read the list of icons nackers
Gotigres: Gawn going into the rooms
Baldfrog: Gawn off ground
BigChief: Fawn gone down in rooms.
Depressed: Good old money McKenna you earn those sc points
Yelse: At least demons have back up ruck
Depressed: Not a bad back up but Gawn could be huge loss
Wends: Also oppt has Brayshaw to my Dunks
Gotigres: Nice start Wilmot
RooBoyStu: Clayton Oliver looks like a young Roger Federer with a pony tail, google roger federer with pony tail to see lol
Wends: Wierd seeing Grudy in dees colours. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
beerent11: Dees might have a good one in chandler. Looks up to it.
RooBoyStu: Gawn, wants time off to play AFL23 in April
RooBoyStu: Agree beer will be most traded in next week before price rise
beerent11: Clarry would have to be happy with that rooboy. Roger maybe not so much
Yelse: is neale ok? lots of time on pine
BigChief: Gawn done
RooBoyStu: Gawn subbed lol
Ash777: Gawn gone!
bhg26: Im hyped for the ultimate team rooboystu
Bulky: So glad I traded Grundy to Gawn this week. Sigh.
Jaypa: evening gentlemen, Gawn Gone?
Baldfrog: Gayest haircut ever
Yelse: Gawn not gonna get DPP
Baldfrog: Did not say that
Gotigres: I need 70 trades this year
Bulky: If Oliver gets 300 points that should cover the loss of Gawn for me.
BigChief: Imagine having the vc or c on Gawn.
RooBoyStu: Brisbane will win by 30+now
Yelse: looks like lions have a good chance in winning this
Baldfrog: Least many will have a massive price drop
Wends: Bad luck Bulky
BRAZZERS: CD will still give gawn about 70 points by the end of the game
Baldfrog: Maxy *
Baldfrog: Go Willy
bhg26: Ashcroft starting much better than last week
Yelse: Stewart Gawn Laird big doherty drops coming should have started all mid pricers
beerent11: Bit of 1st year ben cousins about Ashcroft
Jaypa: VC Doc, C Gawn. You know there’s a few out there
beerent11: Fuck cuzzy was good.
Wends: Gawn in the rooms: hello darkness my old friend 🙁
BigChief: Maxy not looking happy. He knows it’s a bad injury.
Ash777: Gawn looks so dejected in the rooms.
Jaypa: why the flower is Grundy on the bench with Gawn injured? Not even a quarter in, SOFT
Yelse: awn should be with his teammates on the bench
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Viney ya kent
RooBoyStu: Melbourne should have kept Majak Daw
Yelse: Maybe Gawn did his ACL
MrWalrus: Umm surely HTB then, had it dropped it, picked it up, ducked…. Ball up…
BRAZZERS: no gawn no dees by the looks of things
Ash777: Yelse it looks likely.
Wends: From those shots Yelse, that sounds about right
frenzy: why is Chandler on the bench for so long
BigChief: I don’t believe it. I actually agree with BT about the winded player.
a1trader: Grundy looks exhausted, on the ground all the time and slow to get up – not fit maybe
RooBoyStu: frenzy has a tank like Bruhn and people forget Dusty had a weakntank his first years in AFL.
MrWalrus: Gawn has done an ACL before too
RooBoyStu: Oui Walrus
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Gawn is Gawn…
beerent11: Long time ago
DiggaDogga: Gawn MCL – more mild than Stewart’s. Reckon he will miss 2-3. Def no ACL there. **Physio by trade**
Butch14: Dunks doing more would be nice
Crippa9: gawn has done acl twice. Looked like medial and given he was walking with ice
RooBoyStu: Alright all catch you later killing time before going to airport to my mates place in Perth for tomorrow night. Go Roos.
Wends: Agreed Butch…. This is where we need FF alum Heizenberg’s good old fashioned “LIFT!!”s
Moona: This is gonna be a smashing
Yelse: Does Mleb lose premiership favouritism
beerent11: All that started grundy rejoice!
beerent11: Dunkley mediocre
LuvIt74: Dunks is doing enough for now
Jaypa: how’s the Oliver flop trying to milk a 50 hahah
LuvIt74: @beerent11 – He’s starting to warm up…
LuvIt74: The bench i meant…lol
Gotigres: Looks like another season where I trade Gawn in and out a few times.
Ash777: lol imagine no goal review with that.
Fatbar5tad: Gawn in my team 60, out 140.
Fatbar5tad: every fucking tije
DrSeuss: Dunkley and Ashcroft need to get more of the ball – Melbourne wrestling back momentum
LuvIt74: Dunno why you’d have gawn this year
Wends: Was so so close to moving heaven and earth to bring Maxy in this week…
thommoae: Ah, because he’s a champion, Luvit … and pre-season was strong, maybe?
Ash777: at least wilmot is having a better game.
LuvIt74: @ thommoae Gawn & Grundy scared me coz they like to rotate Gawn to the forward. That concerns me.
DrSeuss: Wilmot will have a monster game – I have him on bench – opponent has him on field
Wends: Same Dr… not going to be able to loop him
beerent11: Find hodge hard to listen to
LuvIt74: Great that it happened in Round 2 thought for all Gawn owners
beerent11: Who did all the Stewart owners bring in?
Depressed: Gawn was my captain this week. Thought he’d tear the game apart not his own knee
BRAZZERS: sicily
LuvIt74: @Depressed- Who was your VC Docherty?
Ash777: I bought in Naicos beer
DrSeuss: Chandler has had a very quiet 2nd qtr
beerent11: I?ve got j McGovern sitting there at the moment
LuvIt74: I thought Naicos was a steal this season at $500k
upweydons: Throws not paid anymore ?
BRAZZERS: do msny muppets traded ashcroft last week lol
Wends: Nice recovery Dunks. I loike what I see
BRAZZERS: so many*
LuvIt74: Who has Dunkly, Wilmot, Ashcroft, McKenna & Oliver fielded?
LuvIt74: I told ya, Dunks was just warming up…
Raspel31: Me Luvit.
beerent11: Just the first 3 for me luvit
LuvIt74: @Raspel nice thus far, im liking it.. I do also
Butch14: all but mckenna
Raspel31: And Tracca
LuvIt74: Wish i had Hollonds on but he was my E but cant loop him
DANGERous: show us Gawn owners why we should take you Grundy
BigChief: Damn Clarry only 1 clearance
Wends: Chandler! Are you on board?
Gotigres: I do Luvit plus Gawn
original: mclugg wtf real stinky this year
navy_blues: dees have syd next week no Gawn maybe no May interesting for tips
original: picking mcclugg in draft . F my supercoach
Pav300: Wens – Dunks needs another spray
beerent11: Gonna be so good for Ashcroft to play with and learn from Neale.
Social: Viney such a flog
Wends: I tried Pav… LIFT must’ve tripped M0nty’s swear filter 🙂
Pav300: lol Wens – get off the bench Dunks and lay a tackle or two would be nice
BigChief: How can Melb have Clarry and Trac on the bench at the same time? Poor coaching.
dezlav: Cmon Dunks. Need you to outscore Oliver.
DrSeuss: Dunks and Ashcroft been on the bench way too long as well
Pav300: Pull some strings DrS
Depressed: Why is the kayo broadcast so bad tonight
Social: I think it’s the fox feed
DrSeuss: Dunks need to follow Zorko around – 8 marks to Dunkley’s 2
BigChief: Foxtel having issues as well Depressed.
DANGERous: Grundy not really screaming “pick me”
beerent11: Let?s make some cash Ashcroft
megawatts: why is fanfooty not updating
DANGERous: grundy not really saying pick me as a gawn replacement
Wends: BC someone at FF stopped pedalling @mega
stocko12: DANGER the Big O and Fort are hard to score againsdt at the best of times.
Social: got the pee wee 50 moving that time
ballbag: ooi.. pull ya facken finger out dunks!!
runners47: Waste of time picking you McCluggage the excess luggage
ballbag: @wends stopped peddlin ey? sounds like dunkd. dont make me go upside the head
BigChief: Keep those $$$ coming Ashcroft.
dezlav: Zorko off, kick it to Dunkley
dezlav: And the lights are out in Brisbane
Gotigres: The lights are out!
DANGERous: lol the lights
Social: oopsies
Wends: The Darkness!!
Manowar: Game over!
dezlav: Cost of living, couldn’t pay the power bill
BigChief: Okay who pulled the plug?
DrSeuss: Chandler has done very little since quarter time
Malaka: Forgot to pay the electricity bill.
Social: good time to go the biff
DrSeuss: Well….thats not ideal
dezlav: Get BT to get back on the Pedal Bike
Manowar: who forgot to pay the electricity bill?
casey22: no contest
Baldfrog: Queensland beautiful one day blackouts the next
dezlav: Call it. Lions get the 4 points and Dunks gets 150 Supercoach points
BigChief: @dezlav that would kill him. Oh that’s a great idea. BT pedal faster. LOL
Baldfrog: I heard a bang just before they went out anyone else hear it?
BigChief: 1 of the lights is on fire.
casey22: Dees could have won this
dezlav: @Bigchief. Zorko’s off now. He can use the bike as his cool down.
beerent11: One of my opponents has clarry vc. Call the game off I reckon
Gotigres: Fire in one of the lights
dezlav: @baldfrog. Sure did
ballbag: @wends ice cold. didnt me to bring the Darkness to the ground. just needed dunks to lift
BRAZZERS: this game is done, it won’t restart
a1trader: they will have to call the game a draw if they can’t finish it
Wends: What did the five fingers say to the face Ballbag? heh
Wends: He needs a little Rick James special ballbag 🙂
Social: How bout we play all games at 2:10 on a Saturday!
wadaramus: Did someone hit a stobie pole?
Manowar: old man Fagan will fall asleep soon, hurry up and turn the lights back on!
frenzy: some would be nice Social
dezlav: Check down in the Rooms, Could have been Aiden Pearce…..
Wends: They didn’t dial before they dug wada
Baldfrog: Most excitement BT has had in years
Wends: Interesting fantasy consequences here…
wadaramus: Spot on Wends!
J.Worrall: Coul be some very interesting scaling here!
ballbag: fuck yo SC score. fuck yo sc score
frenzy: about 400 SC’s short
Yelse: call the game off and sportsbet refund all bets lol
Gotigres: Gawn to scale up to 70 please
Wahab_18: surely give most of the scaling to brissy players
wadaramus: Ballbag not happy?
Trindacut: Just give the remaining points to Gawny.
Baldfrog: Country road is on loop
wadaramus: Scale up Neale please.
dezlav: Right, well back to work for me then..
Wends: Buy another one yo rick MF!
Cottees: Good joke found. 2nd time Brisbane can’t handle the power
beerent11: I used to train under worse lights than that get back on ya sooks
BigChief: 60 min break atm.
Gotigres: 380 sc points still to go
Baldfrog: Yep soft cox these days beer
Wends: look up F* yo couch on youtube wada 🙂
Gotigres: Could be a long qtr
Manowar: What 60 more minutes of Country road, how lame is Brisbane?
Wends: *on you-tube
Social: We had to train on bindi fields in blindfolds. Luxury.
Baldfrog: If this happened in America 50 would be dead by now
wadaramus: Why is the clock running on here?!
ballbag: there you go. SC has scaled all the scores
m0nty: the quarter is still live wada
Wends: Oooh you had fields to train on? Tha’s luxury! All we had were sewage ponds!
wadaramus: This is an AFL disgrace,
wadaramus: But the lights are out m0nty 🙂
frenzy: cos it took m0nty 20 mins to restart it
Moona: reminds me of the Ess V St Kilda game when the point post got stolen
wadaramus: I love fanfooty and I love m0nty. Let me just make this clear.
Manowar: love your work V’landys, I know it’s u
Baldfrog: Synchronised swimming wends?
Social: hehe
Baldfrog: Did someone hide it down there pants moona?
Wends: Aye, but in them days Baldy, we’d no pegs for our noses
LuvIt74: Have most traded Hopper to JHF?
Baldfrog: You were tough back then
BigChief: wada the game has not been called off yet.
Moona: look it up Baldy – the crowd literally stormed the ground when the liights went out, snapped it off and off they went
wadaramus: I traded him LuvIt, but so I could get Cheezel in.
ballbag: his is bulldust. Dunks is my C…. i want more…. sir
mattmac24: How long is left in the game?
Baldfrog: An Aussie thing to do moona it was asking for it
Social: Aah sewage, that’d be nice. If we got thirsty we’d be given a teaspoon of gravel.
dezlav: @mattmac24. 12 Mins
LuvIt74: Oliver is my VC and i’ll be taking that, no repeate of last week by putting the C on Laird
Moona: happened in 96, essendon v st kilda
Baldfrog: We got cement Social
Wends: Ha! Warnie’s reply to Tim Michell’s ‘why they do this to us?’ tweet: You guys can make up your scores & no one will know
Wahab_18: have they already scaled a but
Wahab_18: bit*
LuvIt74: thankfully i had sheezel from the getgo…
Baldfrog: Shall we take a poll on hammies?
LuvIt74: This game was looking quite nice for my side. Oliver VC, Dunks, Wilmot, McKenna, Ashcroft on feild
wadaramus: Game on moles!
LuvIt74: Oh great there back on thankfully…
Wahab_18: so what happens to the extra points that were given just then
Cottees: Baldfrog, I’ll go 4 Hammies
beerent11: Watch the hammys go twang!
wadaramus: 40 minute qtr 🙂
navy_blues: lol imagine if 2 or 3 injuries happen in the rest of game ppl wont be happy
dezlav: In 12 mins watch Dunks get 40 SC points. 🙂
Wends: Baha!
Baldfrog: I’ll go 2 cottees
Wends: Manowar wins conspiracy theory of the day award tho
BigChief: Gawn to ton up guys.
Social: Mind you the gravel we had to grind ourselves from bluestone with our foreheads before training.
snake_p: Looks like this is going to be 12 mins of absolute junk time stats, bring it on
ballbag: yeah. when they pulled the point post down they also lit a fire aswell
a1trader: SC is showing Final on scores
Baldfrog: That was so dunk could warm up the supplements ballbag
Baldfrog: Dank*
BigChief: OH great BT is on the ground. Will be at least 2 hours b4 they start
BRAZZERS: long quarter boy oh boy wowee
Wends: You just know this will be a trivia question at the bowlo in a year or two
Wahab_18: such a long break and dunks starting on the bench
Social: See if you can take Grundy out as well Viney
LuvIt74: They cant be SC final score coz Oviver was on that and so was Dunks
Baldfrog: As monty python would say get on with it
DrSeuss: Of course 2 of my 3 players are still sitting on the pine
Social: Lot of uber eats getting ordered there
Wends: Yes! Get on with it!
bhg26: I havent been following the game, why is this a 50 minute quarter?
dezlav: Get off the bench Dunks
Wahab_18: you had a 30 min break why u on the bench dunks
Moona: @bhg – streaker on the point post putting on one hell of a show. worth stopping the game for
Social: Who’s gonna handle this one…
FlaggersXD: Have they over scaled
Napper: Yeah great clarry scaled to 128
BigChief: The game is still going so no scaling is not correct.
dezlav: Berry off. 1st Injury since restart
BRAZZERS: that injury is irrelevant to the restart tho
Social: Helen d’Amico still looks great, how she balanced on that point post?!
dezlav: @Brazzers, True. But lions will argue wouldn’t have happened if werent for the restart
Baldfrog: They are way fitter than when we used to play
dezlav: Can the Dee’s win this????
BigChief: 4 goals in 4 mins?
navy_blues: helping melb %
BRAZZERS: well who cares thats the rules! tough titties mate!
Wends: Wowee Chandler
beerent11: Easy nackers
BRAZZERS: be hilarious if the dees got up
BigChief: Surely they can’t win
Baldfrog: Na just 2 mins left
ballbag: damn, i subbed ashcroft for hollands fantasy score
dezlav: Charlie Cameron, Injury number 2
dezlav: Unreal
navy_blues: draw?
Gotigres: wow
Bazza2023: bahahahah what a game, evenin
beerent11: Uh oh
Social: hehe
beerent11: How brisbany would it be if they lost this
BigChief: Brisbane safe (just)
navy_blues: 40 points down to 11 lol
Wends: 😮 amazing end
Gotigres: 69 minute qtr
dezlav: Dunkley, where were you????
Bazza2023: that got the dees percentage back at least
Social: 100 minutes like that would be fun to watch
beerent11: 100 minutes of that and the dees win by a 100
beerent11: World record highest score for a subbed off player surely

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