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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R10 of 2023

Cottees: Marshall C please go huuuge
navy_blues: saints jumpers look better than their normal jumpers
BigChief: GWS should have dark numbers.
Spifflicat: How that wasn?t 50
navy_blues: thinking same bc
Dredd: Marshall C as well.. please get 121+
sheezel420: 5 premos this game, bound for a disaster
Spifflicat: Captaincy seems to have had a positive effect on Greene
PigeonPies: thinking that too chief
TimT14: Let’s go Green and Kelly need 120+ each
sheezel420: Flower off O’Halloran, owning Sinclair sucks as it is
Raspel31: Marshall not exactly storming towards the ton.
Soups07: i only need 65 from sinclair
Cottees: Yeah I am so worried about Captaining Marshall. Cannot hit a VC or C to save my life
Hazza09: Ffs Marshall
naicosfan: Same cottees, can?t pick a good one to save the life of me
Wends: Same Cottees… not watching, what’s going on with him??
Cottees: I have him as captain. That is what is going on. Not allowed to get over 2550 lol
Wends: Consulting you early next Fri evening re your choice for next round then lol
Cottees: legit. I have used a VC score this season. And I have hit maybe 3 captain scores of 120+
Cottees: I am literally salting right now
Wends: Me too… time to pour!
Hazza09: WTF Marshall
sheezel420: Get off the pine Steele
Cottees: Honestly – 22 from Marshall is generous for his garbage quarter
Wends: Whoever said Green over Marshall for C, I should have taken that on board 😐
PigeonPies: no way kelly is running off the ground after 3 minutes
pcaman2003: Have Owens on field so go Mitch.My SC looking good for me this week.
beerent11: Sorry cottees
Wends: In the name of Heisenberg, LIFT Marshall!
TheLegend6: Ah ffs, Haynes is my D4… I hate this game.
TimT14: Coming Green need you to kick a goal in next 13 mins for $1.5k
Hazza09: Marshall looks terrible, never again
PigeonPies: lift jelly
pcaman2003: Early days people so why the panic on Marshall? Give him time.
beerent11: Coming green? Don?t think that?s normal.
Number 8: Had Mills and Duncan last week, JJ and Haynes this week. Can’t take a trick.
Hazza09: Forget it pcaman he won?t even get to 80 at this rate
sc_god: steele is cooked
pcaman2003: He will Hazza. Stay calm mate and have a BEX
Number 8: Have also copped Doch, Xerri, Yeo and Miller this year
Number 8: And have Oliver at M1 … not my year!
RooBoyStu: The people who put Marshall as C will be Hollering for a Marshall lol only if you are over 40 you understand this
pcaman2003: Geez, I’m loving owning Owens since round 1. What a gift.
RooBoyStu: If you are just off your mothers milk you tube holler for a marshall ad. It was a tv ad
Tommygun77: Pay the perryman
bhg26: Really Sinclair, I take weddles score and now you fucking turn up
pcaman2003: That’s nasty for Owens. Hope he’s okay.
Harambe: That was an all time jinx by PCA
Spifflicat: Well done PCA, you killed Owens!
Oddsy5: tough watch that hit fk that wouldve hurt
Hazza09: 12% of the Top 1% put the C on Marshall
sc_god: you mozzed him lol
Wends: Oh, awful 🙁
pcaman2003: My bad! I’ll own that one.
RooBoyStu: Knock knock. Who’s there? Owen the saints…
PigeonPies: lift kelly ffs
sc_god: owens had to go last week after that 50 odd last game
Raspel31: Doubt he knew much about it Oddsy- but yep, ouch.
PigeonPies: kelly has got what 2 touches this quarter
PigeonPies: ok he just got 12 points as soo as i said that lol
RooBoyStu: Pigeonpies on the plums?
DrSeuss: What role is Ash playing in this game? Doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere near it this week like the last few week
PigeonPies: i wish
Oddsy5: ur right @raspel wouldnt have felt a thing :p
beerent11: Marshall might end ok cottees cordial
sc_god: mason wood back to earth, last 3 games not great
BigChief: Wow long qtr. Was there an injury delay?
Cottees: I am on too much tilt to care beer. 48 is so meh
Hazza09: Anyone not got a single C right this year?
Social: this is quite a long quarter
Wends: 10 minutes for medicab
PigeonPies: mitch owens got knocked out and stretchered off
Cottees: Hazza, I don’t think I have hit a top 3 score in my C this year. I have lost way too many points with VC and C
sheezel420: Cogs Green Sinclair Steele Marshall… what a week it’s been
DrSeuss: Decent comeback from Marshall in that qtr – hopefully plays the 2nd half like the 2nd qtr
Social: 3 weeks Caminiti
Hazza09: Same here Cottees, I?ve missed every decent VC/C score
Social: As Peter Landy would say – it’s 8.3.51 apiece, each of two
PigeonPies: oliver out for a month with a hammy
Social: wines or hollands
Spifflicat: Clarry out for a month being reported
naicosfan: No way pigeon, Oliver to butters will most likely be my move
Spifflicat: Snap Pigeon!
Social: buckenara… I just brought the pink pig in
BigChief: Hayward cleared but Hunter suspended? What a joke the MRO is.
Wends: Language Social!
Social: sorry Wends, it is at the extreme end I admit
Wends: It would be a bucken hard hit to take tho
Grimes Jr: what scores is everyone looking at this week
Hazza09: Bought in Clarry 3 weeks ago, when?s this going to end
sc_god: some massive ones this week. I’m proj 2566
Cottees: sc_god – I could of been proj 2700+ if I hit butters as VC and traded Buckley to Weddle like I should of
slydon: get involved wood, i regret bringing you in, youve done nothing
Pavs: 2561 Need to work this Captain thing out though.
sc_god: who cares, shoulda woulda coulda. i would be 3000 plus in that case
RooBoyStu: Muppet for Dwayne Russell, someone tell him the shoulder is not a knee re Steele strapping comments before
sc_god: overall ranking of 23 overall coming into the round
LuvIt74: ,Must win game for saints otherwise they are pretenders
Cottees: sc_god only say it cause those 2 options were 50/50 and I did coin flips. Of course ends up going wrong
LuvIt74: scgod your overall rank is 23?
naicosfan: TOG on Clark?? Helloooo
LuvIt74: If so good luck i hope you win it mate, i can only wish lol
sc_god: saints jumpers are rubbish, you can’t even see the numbers clearly
Hazza09: Marshall been given a bath by Briggs
Cottees: Hazza – yeah actually frustrating. Shouldn’t be happening. Only happening cause im unlucky as
BigChief: Saints junpers? Go to specsavers sc_god.
runners47: Get off the pine, Marshall
Hazza09: Same here Cottees
RooBoyStu: sc_god took the wrong clour pill, GWS he means lol
RooBoyStu: Marshall lol gumby of AFL
Wends: Sinclair very happy after a couple of shizen weeks
BigChief: Steele with the left knee strapped. Is that new?
Hazza09: Well done Sinclair, making up for Marshall the grub
Cottees: bhg – sorry mate, so unlucky that sinclair finally decided to play properly. Actually unlucky as
JohnHoward: rip to mee, i looped cinccota to take weddles score over sinclair
lana2146: Cogs went backwards this quarter like cogs usually does
Harambe: I looped Weddle and benched Sinclair in DT. Thought I should be smart and take the ton but it’s gonna cost me
beerent11: Seems there?s not really any set and forget every week captains this year. Except for maybe Bont.
Harambe: LOL good minds think alike JohnHoward
TimT14: Get going Clark need you to get 20
pcaman2003: Hazza. Marshall going alright now,so why the vitriol?
Cottees: Better Marshall. Big 50 pt quarter for 4th please
Cottees: pca, Marshall should be gettng 150 against Briggs lol
beerent11: You can stop telling us about your punting thanks Tim
Wends: pca your calming words of reassurance worked 🙂
Raspel31: Bont wasn’t great for me this week beer after vc on Tracca.
beerent11: Yeah 112 not catastrophic though
pcaman2003: Cottees. Maybe,but hes’ going well against his proj score for this rnd which is 106.
Hazza09: Need a 50 point qtr Pcaman
sheezel420: Tim can say what he wants, I’m sure you say stuff he doesn’t wanna hear too
slydon: v cold qtr for cogs
pcaman2003: Good luck then Hazza. Hope he scores big as I have him too.
Cottees: pca – let me be mad about his score please
pcaman2003: Thanks Wends:) I do my best.
beerent11: Ah sheezel me old mate. How?s it go?
Hazza09: Pca weekly could be 2900
naicosfan: I want a ton please Greene
pcaman2003: Cottees. You’re mad at 94? You must be having a fantastic round.
sheezel420: Pretty good, would like a big quarter from Steele and Cogs but can’t complain. you?
TimT14: Lift Hunter Clark
suns4ever: Need green, Kelly and Sinclair to score 35 more than Marshall this quarter to remain undefeated. Showering bricks
Cottees: pca – yup mad as today. Bloody Sundays
beerent11: Ups and downs mate. Hangin in.
bhg26: Field sinclair for 2 weeks, gets 99 and 65. Take Weddles 114, Sinclair gets that at 3qt. Stuff this game
pcaman2003: Cottees. I’m looking at 2587 but there will be plenty better than that
Cottees: yeah pca that is why I am frustrated. Could of easy had that 2700 but just getting the wrong choices every damn time
beerent11: What?s your rank pcaman. That?s a bloody nice number.
pcaman2003: Cottees. Losing poor Owens early will cost a bit.
TheLegend6: Relax bhg, could’ve had Haynes and Simpson on field this week
sheezel420: Marshall to Briggs once lockout ends
beerent11: I find out how far behind I am when you blokes start talking big numbers. Paying the pod tax this year.
Cottees: pca – oh yeah that is unlucky as man. Briggs kicking goal on Marshall argh
sheezel420: Beer if someone has a bad score they won’t post it, Your score is probably fine
pcaman2003: beer. Not high enough and the number will probably be close to average this week. Haven’t looked at my rank lately.
Wends: Sinclair magnificent mullet is flying
Pav300: Me too Beer 2300 tops
Raspel31: I’m happy with 24500 at this stage beer- yep- some big scores.
sheezel420: 2587 is not average at all this week lmao
JohnHoward: im on track for 2650
Cottees: I think the average will be lower. I have seen 2000-2400 scores projects but than also alot 2500+. All over t he place
Cottees: Big spread of scores this week.
Ash777: go nwm
beerent11: Geez raspel that?s gotta be a record mate.
wadaramus: SInclair starting to eke out a living in the midfield.
pcaman2003: sheezel. Apologiy, I’m looking at my own league,,not overall in Australia.
Raspel31: Lol beer a mistaken extra 0.
Pavs: Good to have you back Steele
wadaramus: Instead of feasting on chips in the backline.
beerent11: That?s more tan 10 times my score
Ash777: lol there’s an umpire in the crowd :p
frenzy: if my shower show team can get 2300 this week 2587 would be ave
sheezel420: That league must be insane then pca
Hazza09: Ashcroft to Sinclair doesn?t look that bad now
bhg26: Gotta say you called it cottees, if I looped Weddle on Sinclair will get 150
pcaman2003: sheezel. An exceptional week rather than the norm.
Cottees: bhg – yup was always gonna somehow happen even though he averages 95-100. actually rigged
sheezel420: Sinclair and Steele singlehandedly saving my week
pcaman2003: Off to dinner,so good luck everyone. Have a good week.
beerent11: Joe dirt is killing them
Wends: Heart for Whitfield
naicosfan: Bs free
BigChief: Toby you spud.
Ash777: keep going wood
beerent11: Cottees. Look At romar
Cottees: beer – na not buying it. He went to bench. Needs to get on
Pav300: good call Wends
Cottees: But yes – thank god he recovered mate – needed that
penguins00: I’m projected 2602 which is only the 4th highest in my league
biggs2dujj: Coniglio always on the bench when the game needs to be won
biggs2dujj: Par about 2650 this week
beerent11: Steeles be is 121 so want rise a heap.
beerent11: Bloody hell biggs, I?m a triple bogey in the water then
beerent11: ?won?t rise a heap
beerent11: I think par is whatever score makes you not lose or gain rank.
original: par is different for everyone though, with handicap
bhg26: I got one guy in my league get 2735

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