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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Naarm vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Naarm vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2022

J.Worrall: Go Dees!
daniel87: go power
daniel87: lets go power
PAFC4eva: go pear
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Stu7: Petracca and Boak
Stu7: Afternoon all
Gelly: trac should go huge without the pig
Stu7: And Brayshaw
Stu7: Hope so Gelly
Stu7: Hopefully Angus will score better than Andrew
pcaman2003: Hi all! Where is this played at?
Gelly: alice springs
Stu7: Weather looks amazing
DrSeuss: How does Houston know to only play well my opponents have him?
LuvIt74: both teams are on vacation enjoying the weather and cant find the goals
Pavs: A few Great Northerns getting consumed up there today Stu7
Baldfrog: How many times are Melb allowed to drop the ball before being pinged sheesh
Stu7: Pavs – 100% I see the ladies are giving it a nudge too
Pavs: Noticed that as well Stu. The one holding 2 shows a girl with promise.
Stu7: A keeper ya reckon Pavs 😂
DrSeuss: Gawn going to get outplayed by Jackson – fan-freaking-tastic
Pavs: Must be the Alice version of Tinder Stu
hinsch: Naarm might need to change there name maybe to Melbourne that could work.
Stu7: They are play8ng like Naarmskulls
bhg26: So happy i held butters
Ninty: their*
Gelly: getting killed in the mids without olliver
DrSeuss: So happy I held Gawn bhg – maybe should have held Jackson instead ffs
navy_blues: is it free entry at alice?
Pavs: Gawn the better option long term Seuss. I hope.
bhg26: Butters is closing in on being grounded after the game
DrSeuss: Hope so Pavs – hope so.
DrSeuss: Not sure if I need to be more worried about Gawn or Wines – neither performing as I would hope
Stu7: Go you good thing Brayshaw
PAFC4eva: hows dixon going to get cheap frees for goal playing ruck bhg?
bhg26: Just wait till he gets forward PAFC
Stu7: Come on Trac touch the ball
Pavs: A lot of fumbling for perfect conditions
Stu7: Thank you
banta: They aren?t including ANBs handballs before?
DrSeuss: Wines you fucking spud. Get moving, a touch, anything – even try a tackle
Pavs: Like it Stu. Have a chat to Gawn as well for me could you
runners47: Don’t starting cruising, Houston – or I’ll have a problem…
PAFC4eva: dixon
Pavs: It looks as if the fottballs are pumped up too much
Stu7: Come on Gawn pull your finger out!
PAFC4eva: the footballs are a bit hard to pavs
LuvIt74: not a great game
Pavs: I left that for Ninty to correct me PAFC. lol
DrSeuss: WTF is Gawn doing? Not watching – but it seems like very little.
Gelly: gawn not a fan of teh hot weather, seem to remember last time he played up north he gassed
Pavs: Looks like a hard ground to find space Seuss. But yeah not much.
DrSeuss: All I needed was 100 from both Gawn and Wines to win all my leagues. Guessing that will not be happening
bhg26: Butters ffs!
DrSeuss: Gawn just playing lazy af. Not even rucking
duckky: Melbourne said Gawn wasn’t going to ruck today, he is carrying a niggle
Pavs: Agree Seuss showing no interest at all. Not good from the Captain.
bhg26: No dont go to the bench butters youve done fuck all
amigaman: Umpiring is farcical
amigaman: Whoops
thesilentl: Not sure im picking a non rucking, clearly injured gawn
bhg26: Butters may as well be at home sitting on the couch
Mcswains: Lift Boaky
twinpeaks: Traded in Max over Bont this week in AF, sigh. My year in a single trade
bhg26: Butters! You are grounded mister!
hinsch: Tracca a quick 40+ this qtr
Pavs: So far my 3 ruckman have scored about 140. Nice English, O’Brien and Gawn. What a good coach I am.
Ash777: There’s going to be some cheap rucks next season
DrSeuss: Twin peaks – I traded in English over Bont this week.
LuvIt74: @Pavs Ya need Goldy
Social: I was planning to upgrade 2m Peter to Gawn… maybe not
Pavs: Correct Luvit stuck now holding trades for the finals. They might find form by then.
Ash777: Is this game scripted? :p
Gelly: only the collingwood games are scrypted
Gelly: scripted*
Social: lol Gelly, they ‘find a way’ against the bottom teams. amazing
Stu7: Spud Brayshaw

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