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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R11 of 2022

LuvIt74: Did i hear right, Who’s 350th game?
Valorlonga: BT clearly has money on Elliott for first goal kicker, horrible commentary
navy_blues: bt bias for collingwood already coming thru
pharace: Probably a maggott
DANGERous: clean up that de walshy
Baldfrog: And the work experience kid won’t shut up
HolyNorf: Hewett, Crisp and Cripps in this one for me
Oddsy5: had to go hewett c over boaks cripps. couldnt risk looping carroll 🙁
Baldfrog: Have you let the herald Sun know Holy?
Valorlonga: I wish there was an option for crowd sound with no commentary
BigChief: It’s called mute tv and listen to radio Valor
Fatbar5tad: Great call Valor. BT is going to do our head in today.
Baldfrog: Cox’s goggles arnt fogging up today
navy_blues: wasnt 15m
Valorlonga: This is horrendous from BT, when its Richmond or Collingwood, he is 10x worse
HolyNorf: not too sure if that travelled 10m let alone 15
BigChief: Not even close to 15 navy.
Fatbar5tad: go Carlton
BigChief: Sorry Blues fans this will be a bad day for you without Weitering
BRAZZERS: blue did use sub last week, i high doubt that will happen 2 weeks in a row
navy_blues: yes he is a big out
BRAZZERS: didnt use*
BRAZZERS: lol subbed already
Baldfrog: How was that advantage lol
HolyNorf: Only person in my league to tip carlton, feel so dirty supporting them
navy_blues: thats 2nd so called advantage umps called baldy i could be doing a walrus bout umps today lol
Baldfrog: Yep thats the one I was referring to Navy absolute joke
HolyNorf: meant collingwood not carlton*
Raspel31: Carlton will win this by a country mile- go easy on yourself Holy.
LuvIt74: Get Carrol off the bench
Fatbar5tad: Exciting start to gaje. Reckon Ginnivan could have had a couple.
Fatbar5tad: um game lol
LuvIt74: I don’t see Carlton a top 4 side this season by the end of the year
BigChief: They really are trying to get rid of the tackle now.
Baldfrog: Be the end of the game Chief if they do
DANGERous: lets go walsh
mattmac24: A 100% fit Carlton can easily be top 4 but injuries are hurting
Baldfrog: fox have GC VHawks score up lol
Social: Cameron and big Cox oughtta kill it without Weitering
BigChief: If Blues get within 6 goals it will be a good effort.
LuvIt74: @MATT they haven’t beaten anyone in top 8 apart from Sydney last week mate.
HolyNorf: Feel like with how open the competition is Carlton could definitely end up in the top 4
mattmac24: Dogs are in the 8 at the moment Luvit. But regardless of who they’ve played, they’ve played good footy
Baldfrog: Stocker is $hite
BigChief: Apart from Syd who have Bris beaten LuvIt?
Valorlonga: Are they planning to keep Carroll fresh for another injury or something??
Stu7: Wake up Hewett
mattmac24: Melbourne have also only beaten 2 top 8 teams and they’re favs
wadaramus: Is Cripps the barometer? If he fires Carlton fire?
navy_blues: im wondering if cripps is 100% hasnt been winning the ball much last couple of weeks
marls: Carroll was my C loop for Neale VC. Now I?m getting his turd on field (not Clark 72) and Cripps C
BigChief: Always has been wada.
mattmac24: Sometimes Wada. Cripps didn’t do anything special last week against Sydney
Valorlonga: marls Carroll was always going to be sub
Raspel31: On the bright side- no N Daicos- on the dark side- are you breathing Cripps?
HolyNorf: never trust a medi-sub loop
rupertmarn: Glad I avoided Cripps
BigChief: There ya go Raspel. You speak he listened.
Social: Crippa’s on track
wadaramus: Cripps is averaging 115, I’m glad I started with him, almost didn’t!
Tangent: Batman & Robin
rupertmarn: Carroll is on subbed in
BigChief: BT really is an idiot. Jack Silvagni has never played in def.
duckky: You are correct BigChief – Jack Silvagni has never played a good game /s
navy_blues: lol ducky u havent watched much footy then
Raspel31: To comment would invite hubris- so I shan’t.
pcaman2003: 104k still own N Daicos.Why, when he’s bleeding money and won’t make his BE this week either?
BRAZZERS: carroll on fire lads!!
cherry9: Byes pcaman.
Valorlonga: because he has round 14 bye, and other issues to look at first
mattmac24: Some people probably need him for the bye or have bigger issues Pca
Raspel31: pcaman- you are not a child carer. Relax. But agree.
Oddsy5: bye pacman and most ppl have 1-2 premos left to go, daicos mccartin last 2 rookies for lots
beerent11: Haha, I had Carroll on field to loops Greg Clark?s score. Just the way my round/season is going.
thommoae: Perhaps ‘cos they (we) have spotfires elsewhere, pca?
pcaman2003: With so many trades avilable,would’ve thought there’d be better options.
Baldfrog: Collywobbles rattled atm
rupertmarn: Curnow is an elite playa
BigChief: Whoever said Stocker is sh*t, they were correct. He can’t hit a target.
beerent11: Crippa moving a bit better this week.
Baldfrog: TY Chief who said Carlton will do well to get within 6 goals?
Raspel31: Young Daicos was dropping every week- can’t believe people didn’t take the money and run.
BigChief: That be me Baldy and game not over yet.
StuL: The person that has Doc, Sinclair, English, C on Neale and Stewart is king of the world.
pcaman2003: Raspel. That was my thought. 63% ownership still is interesting.
cherry9: Not when you look at the bye fixtures pcaman.
Baldfrog: Well it’s not me Stul
frenzy: blue moon Cerra Lol
Ooost: I have that but not English StuL
cherry9: Pretty happy I fielded Paddys 75 over N Daicos so far
BigChief: Surely Carlton take 2 key def in mid season draft now.
MrWalrus: Mason Cox got beaten by silvagni 4 times in a row in the ruck them, what a spud
StuL: Well done Oost
Baldfrog: Walrus think Cox’s goggles are fogging up
StuL: Cox has made his contribution to football. The prelim. Time to retire.
Dredd: Raspel. The most he?s been is 381k and he?s 376k.. 5k diff ain?t much fyi
pcaman2003: I bet Horse wished he had Hewett back. He’s having a stellar season and rewarding his SC owners well
StuL: In the 1992 GF I yelled at Robert Scott to make a tackle and he made it and we lost anyway. That’s my contribution
Ooost: I sold Daicos for Stewart a while ago, no regrets (yet)
BigChief: Every time I go to trade Daicos another player gets injured.
Raspel31: Okay, anyone got Cerra. Be honest.
frenzy: yep rasp
bc__: Come on baby, Darcy Cameron big 2nd half.
pharace: @pcaman – approx 33% of players become non-active so take ownership with grain of salt
Social: Daicos went for English this week… reasonably happy
Raspel31: Same Social.
Dredd: Gotta feel like a muppet if you didn?t get Cameron..
Ooost: I’m feeling like a muppet
BigChief: Happy with Gawn and Witts thanks Dredd.
frenzy: is this what a muppet feels like
Ooost: Its more Cameron is a fwd
pcaman2003: The abbreviated meaning of muppet is BT.
MrWalrus: I’m happy not having Cameron
Stikman35: Still holding onto preuss with Witt?s and Gawn. Trade looming
navy_blues: and carlton stop again
Oddsy5: captain hewett vs captain walsh?go hewett ffs
wadaramus: Not watching, appears to be a good contest?
Social: a real ding dong battle wada
BigChief: Pies kicking for goal keeping Blues in it.
Fatbar5tad: BT barracking hard here
arbel: Cmon durdin get involved a bit
original: Dunno if that was high or a make up free for the HTB
Social: ump’s SC opponent must have the C on Cripps
pcaman2003: Oddsy5. Don’t sweat it too much cos Heweet is doing fine.
navy_blues: bt calling the decisions now
pcaman2003: I wish there was a mute button just for BT.
BigChief: Thought you were going to the game navy?
navy_blues: couldnt get tickets chief
Oddsy5: ywah pacman im happy already im just being greedy now
Stikman35: I love Bt
BigChief: Nice throw from Cox.
mattmac24: We got tickets to go but my sister went into labour so I need to look after my niece.. lol
navy_blues: i didnt want to sit up at level 4 either
thesilentl: Umps have forgotten the dissent rule, Newman’s was the worst this season
Fatbar5tad: Shut up BT
DrSeuss: Cripps – stop giving away free kicks – and get back on the ball
MrWalrus: It was his free silent, not how it works
beerent11: Was. Cerra on 108 at ht?
Fatbar5tad: thats the end of Durdins little run.
navy_blues: 103 i think beer
thesilentl: Dissent free should have reversed it @mrwalrus, happens all the time
HolyNorf: Why was Hewett’s projected so low???
pcaman2003: And to think the NRL has better review cameras than the stingy AFL. Cheapskates!
pharace: Was weighing up between Cameroon, Dagoat and Pinski – wonder did I fall OK?
pcaman2003: carroll going well. 8 touches and 6 clangers. Hope there’s not too many owners.
cammo6556: Is doch ok?
wadaramus: Pies proving too strong, can the Blues get back in the game?
pcaman2003: Wada. Looking a bit doubtful.
wadaramus: Need a Cripps boost!
MrWalrus: No it doesn’t silent, carn blues!
Ninty: Hewetts projection was low because his last two games v Pies 72 and 31
mattmac24: Carroll only on my be ch
BigChief: WTF is BT smoking? Henry done fuck all. Not been good at all.
beerent11: I?ve got Carroll on field. Was busy all morning and had him on to loop Clark?s 72. Hahahaha
mattmac24: Carroll only on my bench but not even going to reach his BE
Social: Look out, Carroll cold go past Weitering here
Ninty: Carroll started well but score has gone backwards
frenzy: Durdin’s got overs for SFA
BigChief: Game over.
pcaman2003: Beer. That must hurt a bit. I’d rather have a tooth pulled.
Stikman35: Not over yet
Ooost: Time to junk it up Crisp, Cripps and Hewett all 3 of you plz
BigChief: Yeah it is Stikman
Ninty: Carlton tanking with a draft coming up
pcaman2003: Ooost. You’d have to be happy with Hewett now.
Ooost: I’m happy with all of them, I’m just greedy.. I’m 436 overall I want to climb some more. Before my decent
Ooost: Descent*
thesilentl: Reckon Henry getting punched in the side of the head was probably high contact
Ninty: All the top teams would have them anyway ooooooooost
pcaman2003: Ooost. Impressive indeed. I’m a mere low 2000’s
mattmac24: Yeah bit unlucky there Silent
beerent11: Lucky I don?t take it seriously huh pcaman.
Ooost: low 2000’s is still pretty fucking good man.
pcaman2003: Beer. Certainly not worth getting ulcers over. 🙂
beerent11: I just jumped into the top 39000 this week. Killing it.
Ooost: Cripps has answered the junk call
Ninty: I?m low 50,000?s, I?m coming for y?all
HolyNorf: Who was the guy that had the Walsh C vs Hewett C matchup
beerent11: Not sure Carroll gets a run next week
wadaramus: Is there still time?!
Ninty: Carroll is rolling himself out of my side, bye bye
Ninty: Yes wada
zadolinnyj: Wow
Ninty: Not now
pcaman2003: Cliffhanger! Good win Pies.
BigChief: Carroll can rot on my bench. Not wasting a trade for bench fodder.
mattmac24: Walsh definitely had a hand over the shoulder but well done pies!
frenzy: very ave 2nd half Cerra
thesilentl: @mattmac24 after the Henry one pies deserved a call

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