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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2022

navy_blues: arvo all
pharace: Does Bevo follow Touk with Libba or Dunks?
pharace: Oh, and how soon will Macca go to the bench 🙂
pcaman2003: Afternoon! Good win last night navy. Bet you were stoked.
Raspel31: We are not appreciating the slow start Mr Macrae.
navy_blues: yes great 1st half 2nd half stopped but got the Wt
navy_blues: dont like the way suns are playing rowell need to let him run and create
original: Sc hating on miller
Raspel31: Preuss apparently out?
Yelse: oh myyyy i brought in khamis :((
banta: lol macrae struggle game it seems
circle52: Not reallyoriginal gave away a free early and then had a couple of porr disposals, Hoping he follows last week.
Breezey: Yes Pruess, Taranto and Ash all out for GWS
bhg26: Noah “the butcher” Anderson
TheFlagger: glad i got rory over buku
Tig-Train: Miller doing what he does best? hopefully turns it around like last week
Baldfrog: where u at Macca?
pcaman2003: Treloar goes chocolates one week to turds the next. Wish he was more consistent.
bhg26: Off the pine macca
Raspel31: Set Macrae free-sheesh.
Baldfrog: Hasnt he been doing that for years now Pca?
bhg26: Is Buku going to get suspended?
Migz: nah. probably a fine
Migz: and a fine at worst. he elbowed him in the back and it slipped into the back of his head
bhg26: Rory down in the rooms
bhg26: Cheers
original: Yeh sick touk
Breezey: Rory been subbed
Raspel31: So happy to introduce you to my team this week Mr Touk.
bhg26: So you did this rasp
Migz: dont worry. miller can easily pump out 50+ qtr
Tig-Train: Flagged still happy with choice? Hahah
pharace: JJ has some skills
TheFlagger: haha cursed him
pharace: Big TOG for Miller so far
Tig-Train: At that point I was like why didn?t I go Rory, I was debating it so muc
Baldfrog: Go Rosas you’re flying now
DrSeuss: WTF happened to Touk in the 2nd qtr? Also Treloar with this week off after last weeks game??
Manowar: has Rowell checked out? going to Carlton in 2023
DrSeuss: What role does Dew have Rowell playing this week?
Raspel31: Macca starting to look a bit better for cap- phew.
TheFlagger: rowell has some massive holes in his game. has 0 outside game
original: Miller miller miller u don?t treat my draft team no good
Migz: soft free against chol? didnt look like much
DrSeuss: Miller on the bench for the last 12+ minutes. Better have a big 2nd half
circle52: Dogs been getting rub of the green this quarter – Dangerous tackle against Suns paid similar done by Dogs not.
rupertmarn: Why bother playing Rosas if you’re gonna give him less than 50% game time?Vote Greens
ajconodie: When did Joel Jeffrey’s mum get remarried?
ajconodie: @rupertmarn – That is bannable.
Baldfrog: Why Aj this site has Libs advertising?
rupertmarn: I didn’t know that, I withdraw
ajconodie: @Baldfrog – Because the greens!
Baldfrog: Haha fair enough
Tig-Train: UAP only way to go
pharace: Unhinged Australia Party @ Tig-Train?
Baldfrog: Suits Tigs personality well Pharace
ajconodie: If the greens had any sort of power they would turn every football field into a safe space.
Stikman35: Miller. It hurts to say. You can pack your bags now and stay the flower away.
pharace: T-T – The Leader of the Party @ Baldy
Baldfrog: Greens then should start with Ballarat and Geelong Aj
pharace: Write that on your forehead Stikman to remind yourself later…
ajconodie: Hahahahah @Baldfrog
ajconodie: Miller will still ton.
pharace: Touk will get there in tackles and frees for
bhg26: that is a fucking disgraceful htb
Stikman35: That?s lovely pharace. Your quite brilliant arent you.
rupertmarn: Wow, what a choice peach is Rosas.
rupertmarn: Everytime I bring a premo in like Miller, they go crapola.Every time.
rupertmarn: Lil Stikman
rupertmarn: Thanks for ruining my season Rosas
DrSeuss: What happened to Miller after the 1st qtr? Tag? Changed role? Forgot how to play footy?
Stikman35: Farrar was playing the game of his former life
Torz: Forgot
ajconodie: Rowell on my NAL – Never Again List.
Tig-Train: Is rowell the biggest let down ever after those first 5or6 games he had?
Raspel31: My fault DrSeuss- brought Touk in this week.
pcaman2003: Long overdue Treloar. Couple more would be nice.
Migz: how did rowell look like he was going to win a brownlow his first 5 games and done nothing since then :
DrSeuss: Thanks Rasp – much appreciated.
duckky: The AFL is cruel scheduling Gold Coast for Ballarat. They will all have blue arses and noses in the cold
BRAZZERS: what you talking about? Rowell played well in rd1 thats it
DrSeuss: Dew changed his role to tag a few weeks and he has never been the same. Anderson has taken some of his mid time too
duckky: Rosas’s score just jumped by 20%
Tig-Train: 5-6 games of his career not this season
DrSeuss: Miller is more concerning though. Done nothing and spending less time on the ground. What?s going on with him
Catatafish: Ahh Macrae you’ve done it again. Rosas should be replaced with a loaf of bread, more useful
Migz: mccomb has the face of a marine that dies in a war movie
Stikman35: Witts as VC is a fairdimkin failure.
ajconodie: Rowell was a contested beast. Now he is lucky to be within 5 metres of a contest.
Pokerface: he’s not allowed to be ajconodie. bulldogs players took a restraining order on him
Migz: well he gets his tackles. doesn’t often get the tap to him
bhg26: Come on Touk give us something
Tig-Train: Touk looks like he is tagging dunkley, why is beyond me
Stikman35: Disappointed suns arent pushing for a win.
Catatafish: @Migz haha so true
Migz: dogs mids are all so strong and interchangable. its crazy good
pcaman2003: Just get that DE up Treloar.
rupertmarn: Congratulations Malcom Rosas, you’ve just played your last game of AFL football.
TheFlagger: dogs have shutdown cholboult
Wahab_18: Mark today’s date, round, this match as the worst SuperCoach game in History
TheFlagger: witts being outscored by sweet is crazy
Dogs5416: Pretty shower to give Levi the mare and let Rosas off
Yelse: this is upsetting taking VC of macca for oliver
Stikman35: Here comes touk. Leaving the texter in my breast pocket for now.
rupertmarn: Bont knee
mattmac24: Captain Macrae makes it a pretty good supercoach game for me!
Stikman35: Bont has super powered genes. He won?t be stopped by any acl
pcaman2003: mattmac. Nice choice. I had VC on Mills. Failed! Choose now between Kelly or Neale.
Stikman35: Going Neale here
pcaman2003: Stikman. That’s my leaning
Baldfrog: just worry mitchell will have use Worpel to tag neale
Tig-Train: Flagger your Rory choice was probably still a better choice hahah
Baldfrog: oops worps not playing
original: I?ll take 80 from here miller ffs
Stikman35: Nearly put Kelly in this week. Chose mills. Sure he will pump out a big ton soon.
TheFlagger: haha true. well buku is a key forward, cant expect much from him
TheFlagger: connor nash did a good job on clarry. maybe he goes to neale?
Baldfrog: Maybe Flagger cant see hawks letting Neale run free
ajconodie: I’m banking on Laird as a POD and skipper.
original: Miller creeping backwards. My man
Raspel31: Stikman- my choice exactly. And of course I went Touk.
rupertmarn: Really hoping for a 15 from Rosas.
bennyballs: Rowell close to his SIXTH game without a mark
DrSeuss: Is Miller getting a tag? He has had about 3 touches since the first qtr. anyone watching?
Stikman35: Miller is an enigma
Bluebagg11: Any other flogs captain Miller over Macrae. I give up
pjw1234: miller just cannot get near it. running around free where the ball isnt
Tommy_C: talk about luck for Chol
Tangent: Lol
Yelse: how come smith not 96 TOP
Baldfrog: Woot Rosas off the bench
Raspel31: Touk just cracked 50-until his score drops again. Now feel justified.
Stikman35: Macrae captain boasts. Lol.
Stikman35: Go Witts ya legend
pharace: Think I might need to borrow your text Stikman
TheFlagger: 120+ macrae lift
pcaman2003: C’mon Treloar and at least ton up. Lift Macca.
ajconodie: Nice goal Rankine.
mattmac24: Damn, Macrae done nothing this quarter. Happy with Witts though
bhg26: Give us some magic touk you grub
Migz: rowell doesnt get enough link up chips like that. Those are easy points if you do that 5 times a game.
ajconodie: Macrae tends to go missing a lot in final quarters.
Baldfrog: Rosas must have splinters in his ar$e
ajconodie: Cleary has been very good.
Catatafish: To the reserves for you Rosas
Baldfrog: 110 isnt enough for a C cmon Macca
rupertmarn: Every Rosas has its thorn
Stikman35: Let Witts kick the winning goal.
Raspel31: I know Bald- but you have me remember.
Baldfrog: Sorry youre right Rasp
Stikman35: Jeffrey. Who the hell?
BRAZZERS: rosas! goat
rupertmarn: If GC win, Rosas to get bonus
Hazza09: What a joke Touk
Baldfrog: See what a few splinters can do!
Migz: atleast the suns went down with a fight.
Catatafish: Well done Tik Touk.
TheFlagger: witts has had a 60 point quarter wow
beerent11: Macca c not ideal but could?ve been worse. Considered touk.
DrSeuss: Wow how far has Rowell fallen.
Hazza09: Oliver or Trac VC?
DEESareSAD: How Witts continues doing this week in week out is beyond me
bhg26: Tossing that up hazza, trac could have gotten 160+ last week so im going him
bhg26: So watch clarry go huge
Dogs5416: Ed Richards BOG by a country mile

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