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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Geelong vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Port Adelaide, R10 of 2022

Migz: all quiet on the western front eh
pcaman2003: I’m just waiting for Boak to stink it up yet again.
zadolinnyj: go away butters
Raspel31: Bit more like it Butters.
pcaman2003: That a boy Butters. Sit down and let Boak get the ball.
HolyNorf: Go butters and houston
pcaman2003: Off the bench Boak,you plodder.
wadaramus: I picked the right week to trade Stewart in.
zadolinnyj: Wonder if I?m gonna get the Duncan Ying Yang again
pcaman2003: Stewart and Boak my POD’s. Oh well!
Migz: i had a choice to bring in stewart,doch or short yesterday pca and i chose doch so i think stewart will hit 130
pcaman2003: Migz. I doubt it very much. I’ve had so many low scores from premos tis year
TheFlagger: just saw preuss out with illness
TheFlagger: at least hayes is goin alright
HolyNorf: Lovely start so far
Baldfrog: Where are the Butters Karens sooking today?
Migz: hope hayes goes atleast 80 if pruess is out… sigh i hate SC
pcaman2003: Thank goodness I have Hayes.
BRAZZERS: sorry lads, I brought in stewart this week
m0nty: Jones running around like Daniel Chick looking to hurt blokes today
Manowar: just got the good news that Preuss is out, thanks for the update y’all
Manowar: looks like Butters is starting to melt, good news for the haters & Karen’s out there!
navy_blues: where u see preuss out flagger?
Raspel31: Preuss and Ridley out- oh what jolly days- not.
bhg26: AFL app, taranto out as well navy
Baldfrog: Manowar looking more like a knob everytime he logs on
navy_blues: ty
banta: get off it duncan you seagull
Tig-Train: Butters only doing something this week because he isn?t a POD in my match
BRAZZERS: lol baldy, facts
Baldfrog: Wc might have a chance tomorrow
Manowar: thanks for the positive feedback Frogman!
pharace: Yeah thanks Brazzer – would have traded Stewart out but for Whits – not a good loose play against team is PA
Baldfrog: Anytime m8
Raspel31: Think you will right royally kick my butt this week hairless amphibian.
Baldfrog: Rasp? Am I playing u? I dont check whom i’m playing
Raspel31: Yeppo non hirsute toad.
Baldfrog: lol
pcaman2003: You stink Boak. After last weeks pathgetic 36, you’re gone this week.
navy_blues: premos just not being premos lately
pcaman2003: At least Stewart starting to move along now.
pcaman2003: navy. Been a real mine field this year. Inconsistency is the name of the new game.
Baldfrog: Forward rookies have been worse pca
Migz: told you stewart would get 130 as punishment for not choosing him
zadolinnyj: Does Duncan have second quarters off in his contracr
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. My fwd line is my archiles heel until now. Have a couple of upgrades to come.
pcaman2003: Migz. You were right. Just wish Boak would follow Stewarts example.
Manowar: k’mon Houston
colin wood: Zado he?s on limited minutes mate it sucks I know as I have him also
ajconodie: Butters is much better today, not just by his SC score, but contested balls too.
Yelse: what happened to press and tarranto? wrong week to have whitfield injured
circle52: Says Ill so maybe Flu rather than Covid
mattmac24: Preuss illness, Taranto failed a fitness test
pharace: Wow, one touch Duncs though meant he was clean – but he literally had one touch that Qtr
LuvIt74: @Matt is Preuss out?
ajconodie: @Luvit – Preuss and Taranto
Baldfrog: Wouldnt be suprised if more arnt out by game time
Pokerface: Preuss hmm. How do you get extra boosts?
Pokerface: Port your season is over. play skinner.
LuvIt74: Thankfully i have Hays as my Emer but also got Taranto bloody hell…
pcaman2003: Is this Danger’s last year? Just a shadow of what he was.
Baldfrog: Love to see Danger go out without a premiership Pca
mattmac24: I think Danger should take the rest of the season off, come back fresh for a final season or two.
mattmac24: Usual opinion from a crows fan Bald
pcaman2003: A bit salty there Baldforg. Long memory I guess. 🙂
Baldfrog: Matt his nickname isnt FIGJAM for nothing
pcaman2003: Better than TOEJAM i guess.
mattmac24: Nevermind Bald.. read that as you wanted to see him have a premiership! My bad.
mattmac24: No chance of Danger finishing with a flag. Cats premiership run is long gone.
NewFreoFan: Danger is only 32, still considered a youngster at the cats
Tig-Train: Hahah Newfreo
Tig-Train: Any players that leaves a team to win a premiership, I always wish they don?t get it?
Pokerface: that’s not why he left.
NewFreoFan: I respect someone who trades to win more than someone who just trades for cash
BRAZZERS: thats what tom lynch did lol
TheFlagger: a la tom lynch
mattmac24: Just let them think that Poker, easier that way. Lol
Tig-Train: And Tom lynch won straight away? good choice by him haha
pcaman2003: It will be a relief to dump Boak from my team this week. He’s a nightmare
sMiles: wtf P-Pepper? My draft team are going to get spanked because of you!
Stikman35: Is it full time?
Stikman35: Ah just app trick on full time
Catatafish: Poor Rosas must be tuckered out the little fella
Catatafish: Whoops not sure how I got wrong chat
mattmac24: I am very happy with SDK as both a suoercoacher and cats supporter
Stikman35: Go dekoning my son.. go boy
pcaman2003: SDK is improving steadily.Will be good for the Cats.
wadaramus: Junk it up Stewart and Butters.
mattmac24: Both the De Koning bros are. Going to be a star pair of brothers
pcaman2003: Boak no longer SC relevant in my side. 3 or past 4 weeks terrible scores. Bye bye!
Catatafish: SDK is very very highly rated. Under 30 and getting consistent games.

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