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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Richmond vs Collingwood

Chat log for Richmond vs Collingwood, R8 of 2022

Tommy_C: Afternoon all
frenzy: howdy
Yelse: going mills VC into neale instead of neale into gawn
Sam_R01: Hey Fellas
duckky: Neale into Maxxy for me.
duckky: Dusty should be cheap in a couple of weeks
duckky: Kermit for Lynch
Gotigres: You idiot Lynch
Swans Star: Great to see Dusty back, mental health must always come first
navy_blues: gee lynch is a muppet
Yelse: the pies are gonna bomb it long like against the eagles gonna be a fail
Social: What the heck?
Gotigres: Balta has started well
DEESareSAD: Nick Daicos being managed this game for sure
duckky: Balta doing real well
DEESareSAD: Short playing mid again?
TheFlagger: never thought i’d say this but go tiges
duckky: Gee Ginnivan gets knowcked over a lot… Is he the new Selwood?
banta: Dog Ginnivan acting for frees again
thesilentl: Lol @duckky that was just a coat hanger
TheFlagger: rhys mathieson and lachie hunter have been waiting to take the crown from selwood for years
TheFlagger: weightman and ginnivan in queue behind them
Gotigres: Riewolt too lazy to pick the ball up
Ash777: lol hunter just plays like he’s t-rex with his head always stretched out.
thesilentl: Anyone calling that ginnivan free a duck needs to give up footy, bloke got coat hangered standing up
Gotigres: Does a toe poke to a team mate count as an effective kick?
Baldfrog: Can’t agree with you more Flagger
duckky: Some people manage to run into a coathanger … most good players m,anage to run around them
thesilentl: @duckyy careful mate, your bias is showing
duckky: Yep – I dislike Selwood
Gotigres: Yes it does according to Gibcus score
Yelse: pies worst enemy to themselves
duckky: Settle down Dusty… I want to trade you in for Butters
Tommy_C: Lynch has redeemed himself
Swans Star: @Ducky I was thinking the same, cant handle Butter for another week
a1trader: My opponent has J Daicos captain and N Daicos VC
2Ph0nes: held brodie and daicos and traded jhf and NOD. so far so good
thesilentl: Short actually ducked, where’s to blow up in here about that one
RenoMan: take off ur bias glasses silent hahah
Yelse: pies have no chance unless they start lowering their eyes and stop bombing it in for the tigers defence to sweep it up
SwaggyP: hey silent, dig up, st00pid
thesilentl: Just fishing @renoman, both were clear free kicks but the anti Collingwood bias in here is ridiculous
mattmac24: Silent you’re in here every Collingwood game containing about the same thing.. bit tiring
Gotigres: Get involved Gibcus
Ash777: go jnr
Harambe: Cameron is handy around the ground but the bloke can’t win a hitout to save his life
Gotigres: Bolton you idiot
thesilentl: @mattmac literally never talking about ducking, nice strawman attempt though
DrSeuss: Dan Rioli get involved ffs – time to leave my team it seems.
thesilentl: Dusty protected species…what a joke
Dogs5416: Why even play begg if he’s under 50%TOG
zadolinnyj: Why play 2 games exactly same time so you can?t swutch
TheFlagger: no madgen no backline
thesilentl: Its begg or cox @dogs5416….pies have huge dramas with talls
don key: pendles just gets better
DEESareSAD: Rioli Jnr a rook for us next week?
don key: welcome back DUSTY
DrSeuss: WTF Dan Rioli – you do something and then go to the bench after 3 minutes – WTAF
Social: M Rioli looks got to trade in next week
don key: bit inexperienced still Social but maybe a trade in
Social: hes gotta an improvement on Connor MacD
don key: Ginnivan having high tea and scones?
BRAZZERS: lol no rioli shouldnt be traded in, he’ll score 30 next week
Ash777: duckvan
Yelse: dirty tigers just keep hitting gin high and done with intent
Tig_Bitty: Mansell reminding us all why everyone dislikes Richmond! Grub
a1trader: Mansell just got himself a week off
Number 8: Has Ginnivan kicked a goal from anything but a free kick this year?
thesilentl: @nunber 8 tell us you don’t watch footy without telling us you don’t watch footy
Number 8: Just don’t have much interest in irrelevant clubs, silent
Social: that’d be enough for a quick $60k brazzers
thesilentl: Only the biggest club in Oz mate, keep talking though you look foolish
BRAZZERS: prbably mate until he startes losing you money the week later
Ash777: lol eagles are the biggest club
don key: brisbane had a few cheapies too i recall
mattmac24: Biggest club in Oz.. lol!
thesilentl: Feel free to look it up lads, pies top almost all metrics. Jealousy doesn’t suit you all
don key: not today Silent tho
Baldfrog: To be fair Collingwood do count each tooth as a separate member
TheFlagger: reality check for pies
thesilentl: Reality check for the pre season wooden spoon favourites @theflagger? Hahahah
don key: lol Bald spilt my drink ty 4 that
DrSeuss: Dan Rioli – any chance of a touch or 10?
Sam_R01: Thats an early BOG urbs
feralmong: i do love the grin on Rodan’s face when dusty got his goal. lol
thesilentl: Another Richmond player going to miss a week, scumbagate high tackles
don key: shh silent … gilligan got a goal 4u
feralmong: it takes a few whacks to find those few remaining teeth. Its hard work.
thesilentl: 3 actually don
DrSeuss: Get off the pine Rioli
thesilentl: At least you tried @feralmong , terrible effort though
don key: would love howe up front think he would be good
don key: pop your gold jacket on now silent !!
Ash777: Howe cant play forward because his body wont allow it
don key: thought so Ash
thesilentl: 99% of pies fans hate that pies fan club @don key, pack of clowns all of them
don key: gilligan 43 points woohoo
navy_blues: i think 1 of the clowns escaped
thesilentl: Clearly not you @navy, carlton don’t have fans
DropCox: Grats on the win Tigers. Too good.
navy_blues: think u need to change your name silent1
SwaggyP: Sounds like you’re the clown silent
don key: waiting for dean to debut for pies hes a goodun
thesilentl: Resorting to name calling hey @navu @swaggy, what are you 10 years old?
Tommy_C: Crisp for the snout
DropCox: @don key, I think you hate the pies more than you like the tigers
thesilentl: Couple of big fish reeled in today, too easy
SwaggyP: You’re the one who said pies fans were clowns lol Just reaffirming what you said champ
don key: no mate
navy_blues: name calling? just made atatement that your not so “silent”
navy_blues: good old colliwobbles
duckky: LoL – is it a draw if you lose the game but win the fight afterwards?
feralmong: caught a silent today. he bit hard.
don key: percentage for you navy coming up
Cr1cketeer: @duckky have you been listening to Diego Simeone
mattmac24: Silent always claims to be “fishing” you do it so often it’s just funny to bite now
don key: silents gone to his potty
bc__: Give the scaling to Rowell. Kick started the win in the last
don key: gl matt in your game
Dogs5416: Scaling to comeeeeeee

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