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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R13 of 2020

CozzieCan: Only Fyfe & Lloyd for me , keeping an eye on Walters & Henry
m0nty: welcome back to FanFooty to Ben Gogos! 🙂
BigChief: VC Lloys and Walters for me.
navy_blues: monty
navy_blues: who won png?
Kidult: Forgot about this game think I would’ve changed tip
m0nty: cmperrfect did
pcaman2003: Got Lloyd as C,so watch him burn me.
DrSeuss: VC on Lloyd, Walters and Brayshaw
valkorum: I dont think anyone did. Me and another person were both 1 either side
Ash777: need lloyd to have a quiet game. lol
navy_blues: ty
Gandhi: Peak lloyd is him handballing it through instead of to his teammate so he can take the kickout for an extra stat
boxy36: Need a big one out of Parker and Lloyd in this one
BigChief: Ben should put the seagull on Lloyd now. Saves time later.
Ben_Gogos: Thank you @monty! Great to be back at the wheel!
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe get on the ground & do something
Gotigres: So glad I got Foot in.
CozzieCan: @Chief you forgot to add the 110 sc points also !! Pmsl
Stst1001: Hill
Stst1001: Hill going tiny
BigChief: @cozzie ooops my bad. LOL
Stu7: Hill is such a low scorer
DrSeuss: VC on Lloyd doesn’t seem to be going too well
pcaman2003: Keep going Ryan,but get going C LLoyd.
LuvIt74: Lloyd and Fyfe killing me so far
Stu7: pcaman2003 didn’t you have Macrae?
bhg26: Same LuvIt, do have Brayshaw and Walters tho so it kinda balances out
kascadev8: lloyd with a low, start, if this keeps up i predicted correctly
Stu7: Off ya ar5e hill ffs
kascadev8: just woke lloyd up, you’re welcome
Stu7: Hopefully Hill gets suspended – will give me the little reason I need to trade him out
Kidult: Kick no more points Freo don’t give Lloyd freebies
thommoae: Serong playing water boy?
pcaman2003: @Stu7. No mate. Have Macrae,but had the VC on Oliver and the C on Neale,but worried about a tag on Neale,so went Lloyd
Stst1001: Is Hill awake?
Stu7: Hill is never awake
Stu7: pcaman2003 bugger
CozzieCan: This game is rubbish no offence to the supporters
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Hopefully Lloyd will do the right thing and gather lots of chips.:)
bhg26: I agree Cozzie
Stst1001: @Stu7 fair point
tdarian: traded out bruise free footy hill last week – so glad i dont have to look at his face again
NewFreoFan: None taken Cozzie, agreed. 2 defensive focused teams at the wrong end of the table. Never gonna be good for the neutrals
Patty19: Hope serong wins rising star, most consistent young fella by a mile
Stu7: @pcaman2003 he’s definitely capable enough
bhg26: I love our play where we go backwards, sideways, backwards, turnover
tdarian: gobble up them chips lloyd. don’t miss any
kascadev8: good from wicks, keep going
NewFreoFan: Haha, same when we do that bhg26
Stu7: What the fvck is Hill doing! He might as well be in the crowd!!
gotigers04: Not watching, is fyfe playing mid?
NewFreoFan: Big 211 in the crowd, what a superstar
Fatbar5tad: lmao Stu
pcaman2003: Is Fyfe playing? Hadn’t noticed.
NewFreoFan: Mostly gotigers
Kidult: haha Frederik went below his start price now pumps out this
Kidult: Doing a 2020 Noah Balta
pcaman2003: Lloyd you have a very low DE for a chip gatherer
Stu7: The guy catching the footy behind the goal posts is getting more of the footy than that dudd Hill!!!
boxy36: Come on Parker, get up and about
scboy123: is lloyd even gonna ton the week i bring him in lol
boxy36: 44% DE is attrocious
beerent11: So many dud rookies. So hard to generate cash.
boxy36: *atrocious
NewFreoFan: Hill has lost his edge Stu7, not in our best 22, only in because of our ravaged backline
Stu7: @beerrent11 I’m hearing you
pcaman2003: scboy123. He better or I’ll send Maick Gatto to his doorstep for collection.
Stu7: @NewFreoFan so true
Stu7: A bowling ball has more of an edge than Hill!!
beerent11: Wicks might be done
StuL: Got Hill and Foot. Wow.
BumSniff: Lloyds score isnt that bad is it. Just shit DE
BumSniff: Foot was worth the rushed trade in before the game
Gotigres: At least Foot may come in handy for a loophole.
pcaman2003: BumSniff. Not up to his average,so not good really
Ash777: Time to look for next year Stul lol
srj2409: Wicks done? LOL.
BumSniff: Should still reach the ton fairly easy
Woodie22: Wick’s done how?
MercAm: Lets go then Monty
scboy123: what happened to wicks? i bloody started him this week. ughh
kascadev8: whats wicks done?
88360: Lol, stop complaining I have foot!
BumSniff: is fyfe attending many CBs
kascadev8: i have 2 feet too 88360
CniglioSsn: Monty! where’s all the flags, huh?
CozzieCan: Foot & Wicks disease … ha haha ha
boxy36: Yes lloyd! Gobble up those chips
pcaman2003: C’mon Lloyd and get those big chips lad.
The39Steps: Was Fyfe a late out?
Woodie22: Monty’s doing the other game
Woodie22: Fyfe is playing?
pcaman2003: Woodie. In name3 only
NewFreoFan: Fyfe has the most clearances and equal most contested possies, just not much outside of that
Woodie22: Argh ok
pcaman2003: Woodie. In name only
kascadev8: lloyd stop just under 100 points for the game, u dont needa play after that
StuL: Going to have a nice collection of non playing Swans rookies
nbartos: good they dont rely on Fyfe
pcaman2003: Papley you flog
bhg26: ffs Papley
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe flower me dead
pcaman2003: kascadev. Yes he does. My C owes me plenty.
Raspel31: Well, was Fyfe or Tracca this week- either way on a road to nowhere, sigh.
beerent11: It’s a seagulloff
poolboybob: Papley, what a tosser
bhg26: Slow it down Swans, youre moving to quick
nbartos: no eyes on the ball Mills?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Life is tough Charlotte.
beerent11: Horse tricked me. Foot played high half forward last week.
Raspel31: Just taken my vapour powders Adele- all good.
CniglioSsn: why the hell did we have to lose to sydney. oh i nknow, its because we’re rivals and they showed up with correct passion
boxy36: Need a huge last quarter from here from Parker…
StuL: No more heroics seagull.
thommoae: Made us look second rate is what they did. Season high for them.
Gotigres: Oh my goodness Foot. You actually did something.
CniglioSsn: i swear thom, that game was the difference between pushing top 4, and struggling for the 8
CniglioSsn: its even worse if the dogs make it now. I do have a good feeling bout tomorrow tho
thommoae: One might also include the Norf awfulness, Conig …
thommoae: You’d be in the 4% of tipsters who do. (So am I.)
kascadev8: wicks gone to sleep?
CniglioSsn: dont even remind me that we lost to them. Love the team, but theyre underperforming big time
BumSniff: My big toe can play better foot
CniglioSsn: not tipping us, i have too much to lose. maybe a year out of finals is what the lads need
SC-STAR–: watching garbage in the other game turned up here
pcaman2003: Make it a huge last qtr seagull.
nbartos: papley the umps mate?
thommoae: I doubt anyone benefits from a year out of finals.
CniglioSsn: whats sydneys lowest ever score? todays a golden opp to break it
pcaman2003: Keep going Seagull and Ryan. Looking good!
beerent11: Hopefully foot doesn’t get the boot
BumSniff: Is anything wrong with Mcinerny injury wise. He wasnt that bad was he
CniglioSsn: but maybe it’ll drive them more, i know it would for me.
BurtCocain: come on sonny, get up
CniglioSsn: anyway i’ll just keep calm and trust cameron
MercAm: Henry so bad lol 14% disposal efficency
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe let’s go
nbartos: put Fyfe on ice this ones done
pcaman2003: Happy with my scores so far including the other game.
Ash777: oh I didn’t notice jpk is back lol
kascadev8: fyfe in the mud, doesnt wanna score
V@lks: Brought Fyfe in for Yeo…why did I not just get Titch
DrSeuss: Keep going Lloyd need that VC score. A few more for you Walters
heppelitis: proj score upto 2605 very nice
CozzieCan: Keep going Fyfe !!!
BumSniff: Fyfe is still a top 8 mid. He’ll bounce back
pcaman2003: heppelitis. Why such a low score?
BurtCocain: @cniglio sydney’s lowest score before tonight is 26
heppelitis: haha pca
CozzieCan: I’ll be lucky to crack 1900 this week
StuL: No more chips Lloyd
Napper: My projected is around 2150 and don’t have Gawn
pcaman2003: heppelitis. I’m looking at 2531 but I’m happy with that. Your score is great though
CozzieCan: Good boy Fyfe keep going son !!
goat_19: my proj is 2300 with mcpherson C for the crae loop
88360: Lloyd or neales score for c
StuL: Lloyd and Ryan both look essential but that aint happening
StuL: Steele will clamp Neale
feralmong: over 300pts scaling to come
TgrTime: Steele hasn’t played tagging roles this year
CniglioSsn: yes, take that sydney
feralmong: i mean almost
ElstyBoy: Mills, Lloyd and Parker, fuck thats depressing
poolboybob: Lol Schultz got zero votes for BOG
CozzieCan: Cmon Fyfe 90 plz
feralmong: Yes Ryan u beauty and u too Lloyd.

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