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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Adelaide vs Essendon, R8 of 2020

BigChief: Essendon should win this by 5 goals at least.
frenzy: crows first win comes next week
amigaman: Tiger fan free zone please
heppelitis: Ess never win by 5 goals
Poliyagon: morning lads, ridley and devon
Nurfed: If anyone loses to adelaide i feel it could be essington
Tangent: Lets go crows!
Raspel31: Let’s go Crows is an oxymoron.
DrSeuss: Dev Smith is such a waste put forward
Raspel31: Pollyagon- sigh- we share the same.
MercAm: scoreboard error again…
Stu7: Afternoon gents! Is Snelling okay? What injury is it?
rupertmarn: Tiger fan here. Projected to go 2478 and win $1000
DrSeuss: Stu – got hit in a massive tackle from Doedee – back on already
rupertmarn: Hibberd is my secret weapon.
Stu7: @DrSeuss thanks bro
Misternick: Rupert whats your team name?
rupertmarn: Doedee and Ridley about to explode.
Raspel31: Possible Grand Final?
FlyinRyan2: why does laird have such low tog
GOD: Still hope for a win this year Adelaide!
Ash777: smith isn’t a waste forward because he sux as in the midfield.
boxy36: Afternoon all
rupertmarn: Misternick it’s ‘Stack the Pickett’ – I estimated projection as Buderick loop and Kelly VC
boxy36: Who’s everyone got in this game?
Raspel31: I stuck with Buderick as captain. He’s a champ.
pcaman2003: Ridley,Laird and Dodo.
spdysaint: I’ve got Smith and Ridley
Raspel31: Ridley and Smith for me boxy- just can’t offload Smith with endless injuries
cmperrfect: Riddler you gun
boxy36: Don’t feel so alone still having Smith! Just hoping Dodo has another big game to make up for Doc
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I brilliantly traded Smith for Simpkin
DrSeuss: Smith does fine when he is in the middle – but then he gets moved back forward and doesnt see it
pedsz: Laird you muppet
Raspel31: I traded Heeney to Simpkin- we are winners pcaman.
rupertmarn: pcman yr having a bad weekend
boxy36: pca that hurts me just hearing it – hopefully will come off in the long run for you
cmperrfect: Zerret will go huge today, has free reign on the ball
rupertmarn: Laird is largely an ineffective seagull
Schillaci: Hamill on 25 and not even QT WTF have the E on him may have tobring on BWilliams
boxy36: Keeping an eye on Keays in this one – he was solid in the guts against the saints on Monday
pcaman2003: Thanks for the encouragement boxy36. I needed that
cmperrfect: Stop calling Redman Ridley, you flog McGuire
MercAm: Laird is triggering me, he is around the ball but doesnt want to touch it
pcaman2003: Yes! Unfortunately had Laird from the start and he hasn’t improved at all. Very disappointing
Raspel31: You may be right cmperrfect- too late to bring him in?
frenzy: Lard Alps
Ash777: Got Ridley n Hamill in this game. So far so good.
StacksOn: nothing would make me happier than seeing the crows win their first game against the bombers!!
boxy36: cmperrfect, McGuire’s player recognition is painful – without fail he mistakes Dean Kent for Tim Membrey
Raspel31: I truly believe most people on this site lie about their SC scores.I might hit 23.
BigChief: ROB having a shocking year.
pcaman2003: We simply do not have decent commentators now. Bring back Dennis and clone him.
BigChief: @Raspel I might get 1700 with some luck.
StuL: How did Doedee lose a possession?
cmperrfect: Not with Shiel back next week raspel
Crowls: stacks -nothing would make me happier than seeing Adelaide finish bottom for the next 5 years
duckky: O’Brien’s SC score cannot be right – can it?
Poliyagon: i’m projected for 1900..
amigaman: @Raspel31 does that include my predicted 2900 🙂
boxy36: Lets hope zerret stays under 153 (SC) so he bottoms out next week!
StuL: Ok so holding Smith might have been a bad idea too
amigaman: O’Brien 5 possies & 5 clangers
pcaman2003: I wondered why Dodo’s score dropped points. Damn!
jbjimmyjb: ROB has 5 clangers which is -20, so yes his score of 1 makes sense
Raspel31: Possibly amigaman once scores are factored.
pcaman2003: Okay Dodo and Laird. Big lift this qtr please.I ask nicely.
Ash777: Mcgrath’s transition to midfield has hurt smith.
Ooost: Might be time to upgrade Devon Smith…
DrSeuss: But Smith is a ball winner in close – McGrath is a better link up player. Just a waste to have him where he is.
zadolinnyj: Great shepherd
BigChief: Been trying to offload Smith for weeks. Too many injuries stopping me.
bhg26: Saad and D Smith, do something ffs
amigaman: Turned sound off. Ed’s barracking is unbearable
rupertmarn: What’s happening to Doodee those watching?
Raspel31: I wake up in the morning and wonder what’s happening with Doedee.
pcaman2003: Not sure Rupert. Did a nice tackle on Tippa not paid though. Bit rough!
Bezzina: Can’t get near it rupert
BOMBRBLITZ: ROB getting spanked by big Tommy Belchambers
Poliyagon: o brien had a mare
Schillaci: Hamill still ticking along.
Bezzina: McAsey on field is another punch to my chin this week
Schillaci: Just saw DSmith for the first time in 5 minutes and he gives a free away
Poliyagon: doedee always starts slow
boxy36: Need a big second half from dodo now
pcaman2003: Maybe dumping Smith for Simpkin wasn’t so bad after all.
Raspel31: So fortunate to leave Mcasey on the bench- my week’s highlight. And Smith- go you gun.
duckky: Swapped Smith for Greenwood this week as a POD
rupertmarn: Hibberd a gem in the rough
scboy123: Afternoon gents
cmperrfect: Zerret brought his own Sherri today
heppelitis: wow the brains trust is trying Hibberd in the middle and not on the wing. amazing thinking.
amigaman: Hi scboy how’s the hangover
Raspel31: Out of school already scboy?
Ash777: tought dons will be 4 goals up by now.
duckky: Howler from the umps
amigaman: That’s 3 goals to the umps
Grimes Jr: go crows
pcaman2003: Someone give Dodo a prod.
Poliyagon: gotta trade devon for bailey, smith for smith
frenzy: tought Lol
rupertmarn: Might have to loop Hibberd in for Simpson
JVT123: I don’t say this lightly, but I think McAsey might be the worst player i have ever seen play AFl
Kidult: Gave D.smith one more week because it was adelaide and perfect to get rid of him next week with 3 trades
DrSeuss: Dev at Full Forward now – WTAF?
tdarian: my scores dont seem to be showing correctly. it says ROB is on 3 – can you gents tell me what he’s really on?
FlyinRyan2: he’s on 3
Raspel31: Might upgrade Devon Smith to Gawn next week. What do I do with the spare change?
Kidult: 8 disposals at 12% eff, 6 clangers with 2 of those FA is all negative
pcaman2003: Ya killing me Dodo. Get near it son.
boxy36: This game has cemented it, Smith is my first out next week – deadweight
BigChief: @tdarian his score is correct.
DrSeuss: Yep role is killing Dev Smith – finally time to pull the trigger
Ooost: Smith to
Apachecats: Same boxy with Rozee hot on his heels.
tdarian: he must have had a big last 15 seconds
FlyinRyan2: hate how there is a Monday game, don’t wanna see smith in my team anymore
duckky: So we get some UFC at half time too?
Raspel31: Well we have the 3 trades next week lads- for me, Simpkin, Smith out the door for any player who will get injured.
duckky: Will McPhersonbeat BCroche’s score in the 3rd or 4th quarter?
frenzy: correct tdarian
scboy123: if we get 3 next week i can finally trade matt rowell out lmao
Ooost: Smith to Haynes via Brander perhaps.
boxy36: @scboy ooft that will be big – nice cash!
Raspel31: But he’s a gun scboy?
scboy123: im playing 4 rookie mids so a midfield upgrade is well overdue
frenzy: couple of head butts
bones351: I don’t think there is a single commentator that sees things Essendon way. They all barrack for the other team.
frenzy: they’re sick of reading about them in the paper
scboy123: I swear Brander has been “injured subject to fitness test” for like 3 weeks, does he have any shot to get back in wc def
Ash777: It’s a adelaide home game why should the away team get favorable treatment.
rupertmarn: Brander is free from injury now but not being selected
Apachecats: So was that one headbut or 2 headbuts that they are reported for.
duckky: Both Townsend and Crouchhave been reported for headbutting. LoL
amigaman: @Ash777 why should any team get favorable treatment
bones351: Exactly Amiga
scboy123: Apache it was a single weird headbutt
rupertmarn: What happened to Trent Rivers?
boxy36: @rupertmarn I’ve no idea – but I have absolutely no bench cover this year, these 3 trades/round are super handy
Ash777: dont ask me that’s just how sport goes.
Apachecats: Sounds like they were nodding in agreement and bumped heads.A good lawyer will get them off.
scboy123: im with u boxy, i missed the 5 trades round 2 and i have 0 bench coverage at this point
pcaman2003: Own this qtr Dodo,Laird and Riddles.
Valens: What the fuck is wrong with Devon Smith. Doesn’t seem to give a shit any more.
boxy36: Uh-oh dodo getting treatment for hammy
Raspel31: I have full bench cover but Buderick is my highest scorer this week?
chilipowdr: cant believe I still have Smith. At least Im not alone
DrSeuss: Valens – he is playing 95% forward pocket – nothing good happening up there for him
amigaman: Hurley needs to take Tex. Too strong for Francis
bones351: Dev and Towner are both doing every mongrel act they can to make up for the rest of the team not having any mongrel
bones351: In them. And it isn’t doing there fantasy scores any favours
boxy36: Dodo back on now, hopefully nothing in it
Raspel31: Those who moan about extra trades wait till 30 plus games in 20 days. We’ll need them all.
rupertmarn: What’s the Doedee injury?
pcaman2003: @rupert. He’s back on now.
boxy36: @rupertmarn he was just getting some treatment on a hamstring, is back on the ground now though
rupertmarn: Cheers pcaman
Apachecats: Weak heart rupert.
SpookFraser: In my draft league have the captain on ROB not looking good
rupertmarn: Doedee plays better when he’s captain
Valens: Seuss his attitude looks off to me regardless of position?
bones351: Bloody Dev stuffed Langfords mark and goal there
Raspel31: I’m setting up a “how to get devon smith out of my side” facebook page. Feel free to join
StuL: I knew as soon as the game started Doedee was a terrible idea. And keeping Smith
pcaman2003: @Rupert.He and Laird scored better when they used to take some kick ins.
rupertmarn: Doedee just needs a few intercept marks
Grimes Jr: essendon are bad, adelaide worse
boxy36: Doedee back on the bench isn’t a good sign…
Ash777: doedee looks done.
pcaman2003: Oh No! Don’t make me add Dodo to my carnage list.
rupertmarn: Bloody hell, I just wanted Doedee to make 80.Disaster for me @Boxy
Raspel31: Alas pcaman- not calling it but think so.
boxy36: @rupertmarn same mate, need him playing – can’t afford any more injuries this year
pcaman2003: Harden up Dodo. It’s only a hammy.
wadaramus: Bloody crows.
Grimes Jr: was looking at 2450 and now doedee
casey22: Got Doedee & B Croach in the one draft team. Not a good day
Bezzina: Dodo looks high hammie
jbjimmyjb: doedee done
pcaman2003: Looks like I’ll be losing my 1st position in my league at this rate.
frenzy: Doodah done
Ash777: doedee done. ice on the hammy
StuL: Atrocious trade Dodo in. Straight back out. Lucky we have extra this year
DrSeuss: Dev Smith – seriously just get to 50 ffs you useless flog
boxy36: Ouch… another in a long line of injuries to crush me this year
pcaman2003: Laird okay,but need you to lift Riddles.
JVT123: I’ve got Doedee, McAsey, Smith. Awesome
jbjimmyjb: idk how smith has been so bad, he’s been at more than half the CBAs
Yelse: wtf i just traded doedee in FFS
DrSeuss: Smith used to be hard at the ball, tackle machine – now he just sits off packs – gotten lazy af
pcaman2003: Dodo to Crisp,or Seagull Lloyd?
Poliyagon: at least dodo got the break even by 2
boxy36: @poliyagon let’s hope he beats it
boxy36: @pca surely the seagull
pcaman2003: Good boy Riddles. Keep that up son.
Grimes Jr: carn the crows
bhg26: Seagull pcaman
StuL: Crisp a punt like dodo. No more punts
pcaman2003: Looks like Seagull it is then boys.
Kidult: Mcgovern out for Rotham
StuL: Dodo will be -10 by ft.
pcaman2003: Seagull will be cheaper too I think with a 130+BE
Poliyagon: ton ridley please
boxy36: was going to wait and watch Stewart before fixing backline, but now will be forced to make moves -_- again
Slicendyce: How is Smith such a spud
pcaman2003: I need D Smith to stay low as oppo has him and I’ve lost Dodo. Sorry Smith owners.
boxy36: @pcaman I’ve got both so either way I lose – gonna cost me a few wins this week
softwhitee: wish it were brander in ughhhh
bhg26: D Smith for Simpkin or Cripps?
pcaman2003: @boxy36. A very nasty year for SC survivors.
Kidult: I Wish it was Williams
Stu7: SC is killing me Doedee Snelling in my team
Stu7: What is Doe’s injury?
Apachecats: neither bhg
Kidult: Grundy should smash Allen in the ruck because Naitnaui won’t ruck for alot of the game
Kidult: Mckenna never tackles he always goes to bump almost cost them a shot on goal
Ash777: hamill making up big time for last game.
bhg26: What if Cripps goes under 500k
Stu7: Come on Smith ya flog
StuL: I was 350 ahead in the predicted. My opp will just about get a look. Dodo. Smith. Simpkin.
boxy36: @softwhitee Brander would have killed me – traded him this week
Apachecats: Sometimes he bites Kidult.
Stu7: Anyone know what Doedee’s injury is?
StuL: Hammy stu
Nurfed: Hammy Stu
softwhitee: ye stephen hill killed me this week, thats what i get for running no cover, had holes to plug everywhere else
pcaman2003: Smith playing like he wants a trade back to GWS.
Apachecats: m0nty could you put the next game up please. ,need to check late changes.
Breezey: Good boy Hamill. I knew you you could do it.
Ash777: probably see doedee miss 2 of the 3 in the 20 day block
bhg26: Keep going Saad and Ridley, given up on Devon Smith
frenzy: Ham comes out on top of Devon
circle52: @apache McGovern out Rotham in
Stu7: Thanks StuL & Nurfed
Poliyagon: how long will stephen hill be out?
Apachecats: Reckon Smith will get dropped ,hoping any way.
Apachecats: thanks circle.
Kidult: Smith to Smith for me next week
Stu7: Smith = flog
pcaman2003: At least Ridley and Laird are reducing some of the pain. Ton up boys
Stu7: Snelling is going to be a good player
boxy36: At this rate 3 trades/week isn’t going to be enough to clear injuries from my team -_-
Raspel31: Keen to upgrade and bring in Devon Smith next week. Can you negatively gear?
DrSeuss: Smith been moved out of the mids by Snelling, McGrath & Parish – probably wanting time leave i reckon
circle52: Depending on next set of fixtures may keep Smith and loop with Rankine at F6/7
Stu7: Ridley hashes a great year so far
bones351: Only thing missed on my multi is Brouch 20 possies. Bloody injuries!
Stu7: @boxy36 I’m hearing you
Stu7: Is it 3 trades next round?
Stu7: Someone kick it to Smith then kick it bad to him and then again 😂
bhg26: Ton up Saad please
Raspel31: I haven’t even picked a VC yet- Grunty and Oneale to come.
Kidult: Adelaide backline rookies stood up pitty i own none
gazza39: McPherson the winner with Doedee gone
Grimes Jr: mcpherson making up for doedee big time
GOD: Don’t give up Adelaide, this is your only hope of a win this year!
Rilian: heart symbol for Snelling? <3
Apachecats: make sure you’ve still got a loop somewhere raspel
AuroraBore: mcpherson been fantastic this qtr
pcaman2003: raspel. I picked Grundy,but who knows the way things are going.
Stu7: @Rilian – I agree
Stu7: I’ve VC Grundy and if that fails C Neale
boxy36: Like what I’m seeing from Keays though – could be a cheap swap for Smith
Raspel31: I do Apache- but the surgeon says they’re removing it next week.
Grimes Jr: come on crows
bhg26: Smith is junking it up now
circle52: I am going Grundy VC into Gawn
Stu7: Smithhhhhhhhhhh 🤯
scboy123: how in gods name does smith have over 50,every possession hes throwing it to adeliade players
DrSeuss: Even Hibberd seems to have taken Dev’s mid time lol
Kidult: Treloar into Gawn for me as I think Grundy will low ton
Raspel31: Well, Grunty obvious pcaman and oodles of time to swithch to Lachie.
StuL: A lot of bombers fans. I think a few vics are living in exile
pcaman2003: Okay Laird,your turn to ton up now.
Nuffman: So… How many throws until they pay a free??
Stu7: Good boy Ridley
Stu7: Essendon deserve the electric chair if they lose to Adelaide
Grimes Jr: drug boyd
GOD: You blew it Adelaide! no wins for you in 2020
Apachecats: Phew!!
Badgerbadg: Spoon
duckky: Iam more confused about the umpiring than ever… just sort it out
Ash777: how does a team like dons deserve to be in finals on that lol.
bones351: What a terrible win
amigaman: The crow throw is back
Raspel31: Phew, that was tighter than a nun’s…
Stu7: Kicking 10 points will wee you lose everytime Adelaide
duckky: McPherson came good. Star for Merrett. Heart for Keays
Woodie22: Pretenders Bombers
amigaman: woodie’s a wood duck
duckky: But they kicked 11 Stu
pcaman2003: I’ll need Starcevich to score 100+ next game. lol!
Kidult: Pendlebury probably late late late out

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