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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R22 of 2019

Sixty656: Kick a bag Roughie!
Dead_Ned: cmon burgess and sicily. spud up worpedo
zoomba23: Let’s go Sic
feralmong: Suns are due a win. lol.
Ash777: suns are so bad
megawatts: haha @ned burgess+sicily=2, worps=15
Lynch_MOB: give roughy the heart
feralmong: Advice to Suns. Get in roughy to teach King and etc.
DrSeuss: Is there really a tag on Worpel?
GobChuck: Hopefully nobody needs sicily to have a big one to win a prelim
Dead_Ned: sicily ur actually the biggest flowering shower
Wends: Yep, I did GobChuck… he’ll lose it for me after Giants/Dogs players nearly snatched it.
Dead_Ned: same
BigChief: Cmon Roughy, 3 more goals would be nice.
StuL: What a pig, Worpel!
arbel: Afl needs to dump the sun’s experiment. Just no good and even with picks players just leave and other clubs prop them up
GobChuck: need 20 more points from sicily to win a prelim. yikes.
Wends: it’s actually quite painful 🙁 Can’t point the finger of blame to him alone in midfield of potatoes
Yelse: why sicily so bad anyone watching? ball not down there ?
DrSeuss: Only need a 103 pt second half from the Worpedo
Grimes Jr: pretty sure i need worpel to score less than 60 odd in this half. This will be fucking nerve racking
boges11: I need 66 from Worpedo.
Dead_Ned: rip me. burgess and sicily need 70 more than worps
Ash777: go the suns
Wends: Oppt 6 points in front with my Sic and their Worps…
GobChuck: caleb grahams a p plater
benzammit: Morning, well evening for most, Suns will come back Hawks would have heard the other result.
Ash777: that’s alot of hawks supporters
benzammit: arbel everyone said the same of Brisbane, look at the wonders the AFL worked there.Picks n people can save them.
Dondeal: Nice that Roughy’s son could be goal umpire for the farewell
amigaman: Worpel already has enough for me 🙂
benzammit: well i hope the suns do, my hate for da Dawks runs deep.
GobChuck: 14 more points sicily don’t f this up
Wends: Cmon Sic, lift!! Where’s old Heiz when you need a LIFT!!
Grimes Jr: fuck off worpel
DrSeuss: Keep going Worpedo – just another 68 points for a miracle win lol
Wends: Did the romance of Roughy coming back kill a few Sic depenent prelims??
benzammit: lead by 171 op has Worpedo and sicily
thiccgucci: sic what the actual fuck lmao. kick six rough <3
benzammit: think im done for the year.
PowerBug: Clarko, send Sicily forward!
Grimes Jr: fade out worpel u prick
boges11: C’mon Worpel. 23 more
Wends: First year I won’t be in a grannie for long time… Where’s Raspel – need to crack a nice red.
Grimes Jr: someone take worpel out
GobChuck: 13 points from sicily this quarter. Come on u filthy plow
BigChief: Cmon Roughy 1 more goal please.
benzammit: My hatred for all things Hawthorn cost me R.Gray failed me in finals n Worpel went nuts.
m0nty: never let team hatreds affect your DT, ben
pcaman2003: @Benzammit. Lost your final? Shame!
benzammit: True Monty, not out uet but headed that way.Maybe Worpel breaks an arm n Sicily gets a knee in the nuts.
BigChief: Yes Roughy. Just won my bet 🙂
thiccgucci: keep going worpel, dont have u, but just so benzammit gets a touch up
pcaman2003: C’mon Worps and Sic. Big last qtr boys.
benzammit: Not a great year for my SC top 5k worst result for while, thats the spirit lads.:)
dipstick: 3 more for roghnutter to equal franklins goals at hawks
Grimes Jr: words getting points for not touching it……
dipstick: @zammit? Rank 5000? Baahahahah there’d barely be 10000 players who are still playing
benzammit: had a horrid run across the byes not a even spread.
benzammit: outta here got GAA training for son,goodluck.
dipstick: How cheap will titch be next year?
Grimes Jr: keep worpel on the bench pls
benzammit: 20% discount long term injury
Grimes Jr: worpel getting points for sitting on the bench…..
Grimes Jr: this is bs
boges11: 9 more Worpel. C’mon
PowerBug: no, it’s not BS. if you don’t like it play AF or RDT
Lynch_MOB: surely roughy gets a game next week!
thiccgucci: what is considered long term? someone like coniglio if he doesnt play?
boges11: Gahh!!! 1 more point
boges11: 10 games or less played in the season Thicc
Grimes Jr: Sicily won’t be picked next yr. As for you worpel, get fucked

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