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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Fremantle vs Essendon

Chat log for Fremantle vs Essendon, R22 of 2019

dipstick: Who’s Margaret a replacement for please?
Ash777: Says hooker and lol Margaret
benzammit: Carn da Bombers!
Ash777: ooh classic Freo Guernseys
Dead_Ned: fingers crossed fyfe C
Apachecats: Bezerk makes his debut.
Ash777: Mundy looks 5yrs younger
Breezey: Gee Bombers off to a quick start
benzammit: We kicked 1 in the 1st minute last week😕
original: Plz tag merrett
original: Boy that was bad freo
TommyC: love the retro guernsey
Danstar: Who’s tagging Fyfe
DrSeuss: Langdon might have to be one of the first picked next year
benzammit: Ambrose
Ash777: Depends where Langdon ends up
StuL: Come on Fyfe. Tags don’t bother you!
original: Tommyc agree love the guernsey
runt: Hey benzammit how did your multi o you muppet Cats by 10goals 60 points for us? twat
DrSeuss: True Ash – the move to Port didnt help Rocky lol
SilverLion: Petition to make this the permanent freo Guernsey again
NoneyaB: what did u expect runt the guy is clueless….
Danstar: Got a feeling I should’ve just taken gawns score and been safe
runt: How come twat doesn’t get censored? lol
Tangent: Brown leading the coleman medal
benzammit: Nonya I recall you saying we got the #1 pick after the scandall year clueless who?
The0Grrr: Langdon making Dees price go up
NoneyaB: um research it you had your stinking fill in players because ur team got done for illegal drug use u finished 18th that
NoneyaB: and as u finished 8th u got the 1st pick in the draft
original: Not a free
SilverLion: You got Mcgrath ben
original: Oh maybe it is lol
GobChuck: I said a lot last year Ambrose should play in the middle. This tagging Job is a good fit
OhSoRozee: cmon freo atleast make 2 spots in the 8 up for grabs give my dogs 2 chances
NoneyaB: Geez pull ur finger out fyfe
benzammit: 2 years later we got rubbed out of finals ,fined 2 million.Then the following season finished last.
VodkaHawk: Lol Rozee, that’s what I’m hoping for. Pies and Norf(so far) have done their job
dipstick: Enough already fyfe. Pull ya fucken finger out
benzammit: How many top 10 picks have you been gifted in the 4 years?
OhSoRozee: if dons win this and hawks tomoz 3 games 5 sides fighting for that 8th spot next week
NoneyaB: yes Ben and you were missing half your team is why you finished 18th
benzammit: Afl bailed you out with the big 4’s cash,
runt: Bomber players suspended for 2016. 18th. Same year McGrath gets selected no 1.
NoneyaB: oh geez gifted no we sucked for 10 yrs is why we got the good picks no bloody hand out though lol dont know why u
benzammit: Dons win they are cemented😉
NoneyaB: whatever dude lol pretty sure that every bottom side gets the good picks including your lot at their lowest..
benzammit: Yes after you swallowed up Fitzroy and with an extra 600k a year intravenous injections cheated the comp.
runt: I dont usually barrack for other teams to lose but my god I am praying Freo win this
dipstick: That clown @zammit was trying to put words in my mouth earlier aswell
benzammit: We have finished bottom 1 time in over 140 years
Ash777: they were fined and lost the first 2 picks for 2013-2014 then players got banned in 2016.
runt: benzammit talks like a Magpie supporter. No sense and can’t admit when he is wrong
SwaggyP: Go to bed zammit
amigaman: Dipstick, if you are going to call people names, maybe you should just move on
Breezey: Hey hey there Runt
VodkaHawk: Umm, 5 spoons for the bombers…
benzammit: Correct Ash someone who knows more than SC
GobChuck: Shocking end to the quarter dons, don’t fall asleep again please.
runt: People usually have names. Clown is his
Danstar: Freo to come out firing !
benzammit: SwaggyP unlike you I follow my team from the other side of the globe 11:49 am is a bit early
NoneyaB: meh I am gonna argue I know what happened im guessing ben is a youngster aswell
amigaman: Then you only have abuse as an argument @runt. Not necessary if your opinion is correct.
VodkaHawk: Fyfe with a 50pt quarter and a 100pt 2nd half
NoneyaB: not* going to argue I should say Bugger zaka injured
jbjimmyjb: benzammit and toxic chat. name a more iconic duo.
wadaramus: Carn Fyfey, break the tag!
benzammit: I like to think I’m young, you must have issues with your memory old bloke, coz your knowledge sux.
NoneyaB: hate seeing injuries regardless who it is that looked nasty
NoneyaB: yeh yeh…. whatever kiddo
runt: benzammit you keep talking but what about your multi?
jbjimmyjb: when is walters gonna get suspended for staging?
GobChuck: 150 games and he still gets away with diving. Disgusting.
NoneyaB: a mate of mine tipped brissy by 1 apparently not sure how much hes won but good on him
benzammit: Lost that’s betting champ,fortune telling ain’t my thing, but historically I’m a sponge.
benzammit: Still waiting on your answer for priority picks gifted?
biggs2dujj: Fyfe is cooked. Barely interested
Raspel31: Fyfe and Zerrett sigh biggs.
runt: benzammit Gifted? Like Andrew McGrath gifted?
benzammit: Go Bombers!
runt: I praise the AFL morning noon and night for their benevolence.
benzammit: Runt you making yourself look silly bud,a priority pick is given hopeless teams in addition to draft order picks.
original: Wow
runt: allelujah! Brother. Mornin noon an night!
Searly34: Clarke is a disgrace of an AFL player
benzammit: You should and the Victorian teams that prop your club up when your struggling.
dipstick: I give him a score of only one out of fyfe. Pathetic
benzammit: He’s still tracking a tonne.
Dead_Ned: walters and fyfe 250+ combined plz
Grimes Jr: lift fyfe
benzammit: Runt is it true they give Lions memberships out with every slab of xxxx to reach 30k?
benzammit: Xxxx that is.
Raspel31: Runt’s too young to drink benza- don’t stir the pot.
BigChief: Back on the game please. Enough is enough. We don’t come here to read your arguements.
benzammit: Uh please get markets next.ouch
Pusti: Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who …
NoneyaB: ouch schulz will get a holiday out of that
DrSeuss: Zerrett – tmie to get involved again
benzammit: I’ll stop ok.
wadaramus: Well said BC.
dipstick: As useful as tits on a bull fyfe. Thanks for nothing hippie
GobChuck: Darcy Parish doing his best Clayton Oliver
Raspel31: Indeed DrSeuss- 8 touches by half time?
benzammit: Great half bombers😎
benzammit: 1 half 22 point start march to September.
Majump96: Fyfe needs at least 120
greshprinc: stay down fyfe
Dead_Ned: 80 point half needed from fyfe
GobChuck: dons can’t afford to fall asleep here
Grimes Jr: alright fyfe. my seasons on the line. give me something
StuL: Come on Nathan. What the hell?
dipstick: I hope they have a 40 foot tray to give Sandi a lap of honour
jbjimmyjb: lift merrett come on
biggs2dujj: Fyfe has to be injured. Just not going to a contest
Danstar: Benza. I should’ve listened to you and put
Raspel31: No Zerrett, no Fyfe wtf- ah well.
Danstar: Get a touch Fyfe!!!
J_Herer: Fyfe shoulder under a cloud
DrSeuss: Wow this has been such a mediocre week – worst score in forever
wadaramus: Fuck sake Fyfe, this is insipid.
dipstick: 👈 fyfe shitty score 😅 enough to drive you insane
Danstar: Ambrose doing a very hard tag. Holding him at every stoppage
wadaramus: Still time for him to come good..
dipstick: Pffft taggers. NFL. Doesn’t allow for obstruction. It favours ball players. Tagging always a blight on our game
greshprinc: my decision to change the capt to macrae looking good so far
Raspel31: Thank god for the EPL- after this dismal round I can get depressed in another sport.
wadaramus: Wholeheartedly agree dipstick.
Danstar: Omg. I got great news. My
wadaramus: Why do umpires allow them to hold?
Danstar: Omg I got great news. My
Danstar: Omg. I got gr8 news. My opponent changed his C to Fyfe too!! Hahah
StuL: Lacazette scores! 1-0
wadaramus: Your what Danstar?!
BRAZZERS: glad i put the C on Grundy instead of Fyfe
Danstar: Sorry for multiple
biggs2dujj: Fyfe is shocking.
The0Grrr: U stutter @Dan?
StuL: I have Fyfe but opp has Zerrett and Blakely so still ahead.
Grimes Jr: get to 70 at 3/4 time fyfe
Danstar: The chat refreshes while I’m typing and it sends in through
Raspel31: Lol The0Grrr
Dead_Ned: if fyfe doesn’t lift he will single handedly lose me my prelim
biggs2dujj: Had an unloseable prelim with Grundy VC. I got greedy and deserved to die
Raspel31: Kind of nice to be massacred in a semi final- a feeling of freedom.
biggs2dujj: Schulz, cerra and Brayshaw have tunnel vision. They never look sideways and handball to Fyfe
jbjimmyjb: merrett vs fyfe’s SC is a joke, CP cant be the be all and end all
dipstick: Do something bout that hair fyfe. You’re an embarrassment to my team
Pinkman: Picked the wrong week to captain Fyfe
Grimes Jr: cheers fyfe. season over
Dead_Ned: same pinkman- its gonna cost me my prelim
biggs2dujj: Ambrose is a pure grub. No talent. Does not deserve a career
Grimes Jr: agree biggs
pcaman2003: Sounds like a few on here need my Voodoo doll. Works well,ask Raspel.
Pinkman: Thinks it’s gunna cost me all my prelims @dead-Ned
VodkaHawk: Still a chance for Fyfe to do something. He’s one of the few players that can pull out a 60pt last quarter
BigChief: I can see Ess losing this.
benzammit: Absolute work horse Ambrose, star clubman
wadaramus: Taggers have no skill, just good at scragging.
The0Grrr: Roos and Dons should be swabbed this weekend I reckon
Danstar: Aww come on sandi
Raspel31: Pcaman is indeed very handy in the darker arts but a bit late tonight. But get in touch with him tomorrow..
biggs2dujj: That said, Fyfe is an insipid leader. I’d rather follow a nuff off a cliff
Grimes Jr: not too late pca. give it a go
pcaman2003: My tipping going relly well. Picked 0/6 games. FFS!
amigaman: @BigChief you’ve got those glasses on the wrong way around again 🙂
StuL: Expecting 2020 to be Tiger or lion-like blue baggers?
dipstick: Yeah not too late. Give it a go. Put a prick in that Ambrose’s ring see if it stops him
VodkaHawk: 4/6, unless Freo win
Dead_Ned: 50 point finish fyfe cmon!
Raspel31: Unless Freo win? Please Vodka.
The39Steps: I have a note in my study NEVER AGAIN: Just added Rocky.
BigChief: Maybe Amiga, but Ess like to choke LOL
Danstar: Freo or bombers want the ball lol
benzammit: Choke hey?
original: Operation stop merrett. Cmon boys u can do it
VodkaHawk: Will definitely make it more exciting next week if Freo win this
amigaman: BigChief, that’s silly. They’ve been coming from behind
dipstick: Pcaman voodoo useless on bombers. They’re used to being jabbed
Raspel31: Zerrett’s really not doing much original- leave him alone.
DrSeuss: 39STEPS – I decided to keep Rocky this week and trade Higgins instead – only a 83pt loss 🙁
Stikman35: Walters is diving Louganis style leftright n centre.
amigaman: Umps are doing their best though
benzammit: All it deserves!
Grimes Jr: come on fyfe
BigChief: They do every week amiga. Been bad all year.
The39Steps: Farewell games for Balla, Sandi. Put Ross Lyon on the ground for the last 20mins as well.
Jackwatt$: Essendon Biggest win since 2000 GF. Probably says more about their recent wins (or lack thereof) than anything
coldog: Whoever said when will Walters cop it for staging is right on. That was bad
benzammit: Lol remember 2000
The39Steps: Typical west free count – 21/7 and the bogans still cant win.
BigChief: Lies like that are a bannable offence JackWatt$
amigaman: Might as well have a kick ump
benzammit: Wow you need a 5 goal lead interstate.😡
Jackwatt$: Sorry guys no offence intended, just trying to get m0nty to chuckle as they are in the top2 of his most despised teams
BigChief: Ok I was wrong Ess can’t lose this now.
benzammit: I’m not offended your right.
Raspel31: And the weirdest irony- Fyfe still abave Zerrett in SC?
wadaramus: Come on Fyfe, get some junk..please
amigaman: Is that the fat lady ?
jbjimmyjb: raspel i know, its a joke, there needs to be transparency in the scoring
Danstar: Head dived. Thought he knocked himself
BigChief: Nope it’s the fat man amiga 😛
wadaramus: Rexy would be belting it out now for sure.
amigaman: I miss Rexy
Jackwatt$: SC rewarding the losing team again? Surely no Freo player has been better than Merrett
dipstick: Fyfe higher than a bomber who would a thought
wadaramus: Me too Amiga, and Clinton Grybas.
BigChief: Rex is a legend. Bring back Rex.
benzammit: Wondering if Ross the loser Lyon has any tongue in cheating jibes.Flog
wadaramus: Word up BC, Rex made footy commentary fun.
benzammit: Cheek*
original: That’s enough from fyfe and merrett thanks. Blow the siren
wadaramus: Missy Higgins, King Island O’Bree
wadaramus: Cameron the Bruce
BRAZZERS: well Ross would be right tho
phivee: at least hit the tonne fyfe
BRAZZERS: Bad luck to the muppets who put the C on Fyfe, especially dipstick lmao
dipstick: @zammit LOO even you can’t resist using the word cheating when talking about dons
amigaman: He hit the stick!
benzammit: Only silverware Ross has he robbed of his Mum.
wadaramus: LLLLLLoooooyd
dipstick: Slip of the tongue much? LOL
wadaramus: Thanks for the sympathy Brazzers.
BigChief: cricket time
wadaramus: Spinning, spinning, spinning back into play.
benzammit: Finals dipstick remember those things.😘
The39Steps: 58 hit outs to 17 lose by 30-odd. Gawn plays in the second bottom team. Wot value rucks?
wadaramus: Smith going well BC, loving his quirky mannerisms.
Raspel31: dipstick- crawl back into your dark and murky den of hate and gloom. Stop being so unpleasant and negative.
wadaramus: Paine gone, time for the tail to wag..

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