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Chat log from R5 of 2019: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R5 of 2019

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
DrSeuss: Marshall, Parker and Brayshaw – 300 total would be nice lads
Manowar: C’mon C. Oliver 150 today
Pokerface: make me happy hore
Umpirespet: The home of football looks bare. Have all the dees sups gone skiing?
Manowar: need 100 M. Parker, don’t fail again
BigChief: Lets go Steele. 120+ please.
megawatts: cmon dean kent, jack lonie, 150 total please
OhSoRozee: hailing freos win upset of the season? who thinks FReo over GWS in canberra or PORT over WCE in Perth?
the worm: you mean 400 drseuss
cobrakai00: Parker benched, Petrucelle/setterfield loophole
the worm: after long and serious thought ohso, i can say i dont care
lukefield9: anyone’s live stream not working?
Yelse: has it frozen again
BestCoast: Umpirespet they went three weeks ago
Migz: anybody could beat eagles in the wet rozee. they are trash if they cant mark
Struda: @lukefield9 strikeout is working
feralmong: hit refresh luke worked for me.
Raspel31: Yeah managed to get Perol on the ground by moving Setterfield forward .
BigChief: @Migz WC were beaten well before it started raining.
OhSoRozee: @migz yeh last 3 qtrs were wet got spanked from siren to siren
feralmong: ahh woops thought u meant scores. i see u said stream.
lukefield9: ahh yeah sweet cheers @feral, wasn’t working when i closed the app
Manowar: get on the ground Parker
cobrakai00: demons are awful defending that rebound at the G.. too slow
BestCoast: BigChief we were beaten like a red headed stepchild
frenzy: Preuss is a putrid fwd they said
Apachecats: thats a keeper BestCoast.
BestCoast: Been copping it from the Dougy Dockers supporters
Manowar: C. Wilkie off – M. Parker on and I mean NOW!
pcaman2003: Traded Setters for Marshall. Could be interesting.
Manowar: another wasted trade
BestCoast: Go Easter egg
Raspel31: Might have to turn my vpn off- ads are annoying but even more so in German.
feralmong: i went setterfield to wilkie through some dpp moves.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Not as annoying as the Troll on here gain.
BestCoast: Got Easter egg hunt for the kids tomorrow might be a bit lean as I have eaten half already
StuL: Had to field Parker. This will suck badly.
Stu7: Come on Billing’s work
Raspel31: Ah, duly warned pcaman.
BestCoast: 150 be nice Mr Oliver
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Hope that arm is improving buddy
feralmong: hehe marty hore nickname is marty hore. lol.
DrSeuss: Marshall, Parker and Brayshaw – not the greatest start!!
hinsch: When are the Cats Hawks teams for Monday released
noobcoach: Brayshaw stiched up in SC
PowerBug: Got the VC on big Max cmon lad I believe in you today
Raspel31: Cheers pcaman- almost there. Carn Parker!
OhSoRozee: good start by marshall imo against gawn/preuss
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Opp has Brayshaw and Parker,me Marshall.
lukefield9: aaaand the live stream isn’t working again
Sixty656: hawks vs cats teams are on afl com au now
frenzy: Will take 80 Rozee
StuL: Cats emergencies, Z Guthrie, Smith, Parsons, Constable.
feralmong: go the ho.
BigChief: @hinsch in about 30 mins I believe
Natopotato: Come on Wagner get into the game
PlungeMe: first whitfield, now brayshaw getting dogged by CD, cant catch a break me
feralmong: the copper is out. damn.
noobcoach: plunge same situation devastating
Natopotato: NOOOO That was Parkers free to kick the goal!
OhSoRozee: man crush on hore
Gelly: lol advantage stiffed parker
mace485: I really like hore
Gelly: nice dangus shot up to 21
OhSoRozee: brought in hore instead of a premo upgrade coz im in love
BestCoast: Looks like everyone has jumped on Hore
Raspel31: Parker- terrible one week- abysmal the next. Carn Oliver.
LetItBe: Steele you are killing me , 3FA already
noobcoach: i missed the boat on hore devastating
Oddsy5: marty hore hopefully keeps going…happy i held him for a couple weeks
noobcoach: hore is a ball magnet
Dondeal: Two missed from Hore on center wing about 5 mins ago.
Dondeal: Two handballs I mean
Dondeal: Handballs I mean
blonde0na: umpires taking care of steven so he doesn’t miss with mental health issues again?
OhSoRozee: didnt start hore coz thought he wouldnt b in with frost/may starting and lever to b back
Jackwatt$: m0nty you missed to Hore possessions. Please keep up
frenzy: The town bike, best coast
Pokerface: two hands hore
LetItBe: Wow umpires must hate umpiring with Ray Chamberlain. Calls everything even when he’s 45 m away
Umpirespet: Silly comment blonde
Natopotato: What are you doing on the bench Wagner! You have a -22 BE do something
Apachecats: Different Billings this year ,reckon he was playing injured last year.
feralmong: hmm sub stack, smith or gibbons for the copper? thinking smith v blues.
smashedavo: Yeah poor comment blonde
Apachecats: blonde way out of line ,you are obviously a newbie.
BestCoast: frenzy nice
PlungeMe: trading danger to billings has so far been great
Raspel31: Very poor comment blonde.
blonde0na: how is it a poor comment?
BestCoast: 2 weeks for blonde very ordinary
BigChief: Your name says it all @Blonde
OhSoRozee: opp has parker/oliver
cobrakai00: danger to billings LOL
Bloods22: Dumb blonde!
Wizz: @blonde disgusting
OhSoRozee: @plunge ballsy
lukefield9: Cos you’re a nuffy blondey
mrpotato: So Oliver & Hibberd has a worse DE% than Brayshaw but better SC scaling?
Dondeal: Because men’s mental health is a serious blonde
Pokerface: just apologise and move on, don’t follow up with that garbage blonde
pcaman2003: Trading Danger to Billings very daring. Brave move!
Jackwatt$: m0ntys gonna say ‘back to the game’s and it’s a Saturday night!
Oddsy5: oliver gawn hore good starr1
BestCoast: Blonde do the collars match the cuffs
Dondeal: Making jokes about it contributes to men not seeking help
circle52: As I said yesterday amount of free kicks seems much higher this year. this game already heading for 50+
m0nty: back on the game please
GraysFan: Missed what blonde said 🙁
StuL: If Melb don’t win this then def book the mountain cabin
LetItBe: Only 25 free kicks payed in the Gws/Freo game and it was brilliant. Free flowing and high scoring in comparison to other
BigChief: 24 for Steele with 3 FA is ok I guess.
LetItBe: games this year.
Umpirespet: Every year circle they keep adding new rules
StuL: Come on CD make sure you pay Hore well.
Jackwatt$: Yes! The catchphrase comes out! That’s a triple for me fellas!
Raspel31: You traded Danger to Billings pcaman?
LetItBe: @BigChief 100% agree. He was like 10 with 3-4 mins to go.
blonde0na: roger, apologies if it offended anyone
pcaman2003: @Raspel. No way. Someone else here did.
BigChief: Is that Kermit I see heading to Petracca?
circle52: Agree Lietit be when whistle put away games seem to be more free flowing.
BigChief: @ Raspel I believe it was Plunge
Raspel31: Phew pcaman- didn’t want to dump you as a pal.
DrSeuss: Damn Marshall was always going to struggle against twin towers – but at least get me an 80 big fella
pcaman2003: Lol! Raspel
OhSoRozee: danger will leak probz 70k so i can c why but yeh id upgrade some1 else not touch danger
VodkaHawk: Viney seems possessed today, lol
Apachecats: Gawn racking up now ,any one brave enough to put the C on him.?
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Yeah! C’mon Marshall and get moving cobber.
circle52: Having to play Parker in DT hurts. Could not loop Petra.
Pokerface: i did Apache 🙂
Hadouken: will parker get his BE ?
PowerBug: he’s my VC Apache
the worm: how is putting the C on gawn a brave move?
Raspel31: Oh I mean really chaps- come on Oliver and Parker.
Dondeal: Hore copped one in the mouth
circle52: Doubt it at the moment Hadouken
Pokerface: good q hadouken.. when did his BE hit 49!
Hadouken: ywah i believe it was a high from parker, thats what ump called. no -3 for parker
Tig-Train: Hore is on fire…
Pokerface: lol don
OhSoRozee: @raspel no my oppo has em =)
StuL: Gawn with Preuss in the team is still a bit of a ?
Apachecats: Just that picking Captains has been a minefield this round thats all worm.
Raspel31: Who put VC on Neale and is now sweating on cap pick?
pcaman2003: @Dondeal. I ain’t touching that one.
OhSoRozee: @raspel no sweat got dogs vs blues
BigChief: Pruess looking like a 6 footer, not a 7 footer.
DrSeuss: Parker got a touch – now your turn Marshall
duckky: Thats what she said pcsmn
frenzy: hore is a good workhorse
Dondeal: I am @raspel. Between Macrae and Cripps.
Gelly: and no one goes near pruess
teddyt: lmfao don
circle52: @Raspel I had VC on Neale and Cripps C so no change.
Raspel31: Yep Rozee- but McCrae or Cripps?
m0nty: I don’t wish to alarm, but I could be forced to give Hore a gun
pcaman2003: @duccky,read below
Raspel31: Same Dondeal.
Umpirespet: Hope gets around
Umpirespet: Hore*
RGriffen: give Hore the $ paid a nice price for this one compared to others
feralmong: monty cherries would be more sexy.
OhSoRozee: no more picking up hore with montys gun
Umpirespet: It’s not America Monty
Hadouken: like preuss’s intensity.goes hard at it.
th3rio: Good.Parker just get your projected
feralmong: or three X’s
mace485: Hores with guns, dangerous
OhSoRozee: gone cripps just coz english vs kreuzer
Hadouken: harmes horrible skillz
Gelly: pruess is like a more co-ordinated cox
Raspel31: Cripps too- but he’s no Hore.
BigChief: Cripps smart enough to rove off any ruck.
cobrakai00: who fell in the Marshall trap?
LuvIt74: Had the dirty hore on my bench as (E) and now Clark is named
pcaman2003: Marshall wearing an invisible cloak. Can’t see him
PlungeMe: hore brayshaw and gawn doing alright, just want parker to get his BE
OhSoRozee: defib @newnes 4 pts since qtr time get goin kid
feralmong: be good when Nakia comes back. Can have a Hore and a Cockatoo.
Apachecats: Yeah I was going to say that about Macrae as well BC.
DrSeuss: He is sharing it with Parker @Pcaman
BigChief: Marshall will be ok, just not against the Dees monster rucks
Raspel31: Thought about Marshall this week but v Gawn- um, er, nup.
aces-high: I broke Marshall 🙁
Stu7: Come on billings stop fvcking around
mace485: Marshall was always going to get found out against gawn
DrSeuss: True @chief – This was not the week to trade him in.
pcaman2003: I know Marshall will struggle, but still holding some hope.
OhSoRozee: ya didnt go marshall till after the dees
the worm: who doesnt get found out against gawn?
BigChief: Both Gawn and Pruess in top 3 SC scores for Dees LOL
Apachecats: Always thought Clark would play after they announced Constable being rested.@luvit
BOMBRBLITZ: mind getting a touch Parker?
Ladbrokes_: he’s on the bench @stu7
Tig-Train: Wakey wakey Oliver…
Kahunas: horebag has some great skills
LuvIt74: Done great with my fielded rookies so far with Drew, Petruccelle, Butters & Duursma, I’m gutted i’ll miss Hore’s score
OhSoRozee: clark will b out in 2 weeks when tuohy fortnight in 2nds
Stu7: Cheers Ladbrokes
Umpirespet: Oliver isn’t a premo anymore
Raspel31: Almost the same Luvit but Parker’s one and only touch was simply sublime.
OhSoRozee: never had pet thought he only avg 40 compared to 60+ of the other fwd rooks
LuvIt74: Clarke out in 2 weeks doesn’t help me though this week
RGriffen: get the rookie wall out for Parker, he’s cooked as a cash cow
OhSoRozee: oliver had both shoulder opp late yr so probz come good after round 8
Jackwatt$: Parker’s 1 touch was so good that nobody saw it with the naked eye
Umpirespet: Parker out and probably Liam Baker in next week
elroy67: yep. it would have been parker out if not for setterfield
Raspel31: Have resisted rage trades so far but this game is Oliver’s last chance. Always was.
Apachecats: Preuss going to have a crazy BE after this ,tempting.
PlungeMe: never seen a player get burned more than brayshaw, always open, never kicked to
feralmong: baker will be out soon as cotchin or butler come back.
OhSoRozee: games gone past lewis in 2017
Dondeal: Hore’s dried up late
DrSeuss: True @plunge. Super frustrating.
OhSoRozee: dang it b2b draws for souths in sanfl
Manowar: Dees no good, need to start rebuild again…Epic Fail
Kahunas: get hore some lube
Natopotato: Wagner and Parker on the field 🙁
Raspel31: Hore’s tired- needs a fresh set of legs.
feralmong: Bolton will hang on longest cos he tackles a lot.
OhSoRozee: butler should only ever come in for castagna baker much better than casta
circle52: Billings score would be better if he could kick goals.
Pokerface: cant believe i tipped dees to win the flag
hinsch: saving grace here is most still have Parker saving trades
th3rio: Parker prob gonna cost me my league games. Shit tog too
Apachecats: It was the gun Monty ,no more guns.
Raspel31: Parker just crept up a point-looking a keeper.
pharace: Hore worked too hard early filling the hole down back
the worm: i tipped saints today
Manowar: J. Lewis got a Hamburger? is he really that bad?
duckky: At least it wasn’t the cherry Apache
OhSoRozee: moved setters to mid to have parker on bench
Pokerface: butler coming in for castagna because he didnt have car insurance?
the worm: yeah i dont understand it either, Lewis looks fantastic
feralmong: all my oppo have gawn, hore and parker. no advantage.
OhSoRozee: @manowar yeh games 2 fast for him for couple yrs now he gets fustrated and will end up reported
Dondeal: Parker 1 kick and 3 CP??
spudaroos: Marshall getting tag teamed here. Poor fella. 2 Good quality rucks to deal with lol
Pokerface: possession is not a disposal don
feralmong: advantage rule dondeal didn’t get the kick.
teddyt: @Dondeal contested possesion is having the ball in your hands. Dispoals is kicks/handballs
Tig-Train: Year after year, people saying GWS and Melbourne are premiership favorites… both just overrated
BigChief: @Dondeal Disp and CP are 2 different things. Disp means he kicked or Hb and CP means he gathered the ball.
Dondeal: Ok, so for the free kicks then? Team mates played on?
Pokerface: you can gather the ball and not get rid of it.
Apachecats: he must of run over the boundary line with 2 of the CP’s because he didn’t kick or hb them.
Apachecats: * tongue in cheek ,sorry.
Ash777: crap I should of put setterfield on field to take petrol’s score over parker 🙁
hinsch: I could not see coaches like Haffey, Parkin, Matthews coaching today players don’t seem to get the same spray nowadays
Ash777: I think coaches keep their sprays behind closed doors now days
OhSoRozee: ratten should b coach again he done good with a carlton list very underrated coach
Tig-Train: in this PC world we live in, they would cry…
BigChief: He would make a great Dogs coach Rozee
Ash777: which coach will be sacked this year?
duckky: North’s Scott @Ash
Manowar: Your right, Ratten will be a coach again in 2020 at Carlton!
Pokerface: bolton. ratten went for less
Pokerface: manowar does your name come from the band or the horse
OhSoRozee: any1 find swans laughable response to trading buddy ludacris they would get more from trading him for next premiership
Hero3: parker with lead poisoning today!
OhSoRozee: window than maybe 1-2 more yrs with him not making finals
LetItBe: Membrey might just have the best mark in the AFL
Manowar: the band Pokerface
th3rio: Parker on the pine still ahhh
Pokerface: man after my own heart
Dondeal: Hore back on the job!
OhSoRozee: ya membrey top 5 fwd just needs good team
DrSeuss: Get Brayshaw and Parker off the pine ffs
Pokerface: yeah parker spent alot of this game benched
OhSoRozee: honestly thought parker would b rested from his ankle last week
Gelly: wait? parker is playing?
Natopotato: Parker had the ball :O
Ash777: parker back out
Natopotato: Am i seeing things?
th3rio: Should have fielded balta uh oh
Lawls: So I’m looping Setterfield to take either Parker or balta. Am I crazy to put balta on field? Since I have E on Parker.
th3rio: Just needs to kick a snag and he might get near proj
Umpirespet: Cmon Saints
pcaman2003: R U still alive Marshall?
DrSeuss: Damn Melb going to lose to the saints??
OhSoRozee: id go balta
OhSoRozee: coz vs sydney
th3rio: Id take Parker if he goes 50+ lawl
LetItBe: Ray has to either reverse the free or let it go. Just stopping the play so he can be heard
Pusti: On the bright side for Melbourne, they’re still not as crap as Carlton.
PlungeMe: brayshaw open again going forward, ignored again
Haydo: Hey just got on saw hoppers score 66 rage trade time
th3rio: Parker goes alright when he’s on the field
Natopotato: Great tackle Parker! More of this!
OhSoRozee: still think richo should b sacked sadly saints wins gonna make them dud for a few more yrs
OhSoRozee: keeping him in the job
th3rio: They said that bout Hardwick and Buckley rozee
Struda: parker 4 cp but only 3 touches tf
PlungeMe: maybe the idea is to not tip at all and get the away teams
OhSoRozee: hardwick is the exception buckley gf spot was a fluke didnt end up winning it
Haydo: Billings 4 effective disposals for 3 points
OhSoRozee: touchs is disposals vs possession is gather and can b tackled or taken over boundary or resulting free kick to play on
Hero3: what happened to melbourne wow
Wizz: @struda free is a cp
OhSoRozee: advantage
Ash777: seems that change of assistant coaches pushes players to play better.
Wizz: yea cp isnt disposals its frees and ball gets
VodkaHawk: I Hope not all the away teams win 🙂
Breezey: No one makes a GF by fluke.
the worm: richmond did and they even won it!
original: Possession different to disposal. Possess:have ball. Disposal: get rid of ball
Ash777: tigers and pies both changed theirs too before they won/made the GF.
Pokerface: bulldogs did and they even won it!
th3rio: Lol
Haydo: But we backed it up with the minor premiership worm
StuL: Someone was getting bagged for ditching Brayshaw earlier. Looking OK now
Apachecats: How about this : a disposal has to have a possession but a possession doesn’t have to a disposal.I rest my case.
OhSoRozee: hore with his proj already <3
Gelly: might have to rage trade brayshaw next week
original: Love it apache
OhSoRozee: kick of the ground disposal no possession?
original: I’m in love with a Hore
Apachecats: No one will kick it to Brayshaw.
Pokerface: hore needs more tackles
Apachecats: Is play on when kicking in counted for SC points any one?
OhSoRozee: brayshaw is coniglio is disguise (butcherers)
th3rio: Yrs apache
Pokerface: if you kick outside the square apache
OhSoRozee: sweet as my defib attempt on newnes worked a treat
VodkaHawk: If you run and bounce 3 times, is that 4 possessions?
Haydo: Should’ve picked up hore instead of hopper
original: Apache believe if they play on it counts as a proper disposal. Whereas if they kick within square it’s just +1sc..
clay007: Melbourne supporters off to the snow earlier this year
Apachecats: thanks
Struda: parker needs to go ffs, traded hore out for him
Lawls: Shit I can’t see if someone answered my question about Parker or balta lol
original: Clay007 which is odd given how warm it is
OhSoRozee: @haydo unfortunately told ya yday
Pusti: If St. Kilda play their cards right, they could win this.
duckky: Snow? It’s 32 degrees in mid April
Apachecats: yeah clay plenty of seats at Melbourne games.
the worm: lawls, was your question “are they both crap?: the answer is yes
clay007: @Ducky, that won’t worry them.
wadaramus: Don’t stop Hore, don’t stop!
Natopotato: Parker and Wagner still can’t break 30.
teddyt: is that a Richardson comment pusti?
Apachecats: yeah Ducky they will still be going up to tidy their chalets ,chop some wood etc.
Lawls: I’m looping Parker with Setterfield ATM. Or I could put balta on field for Setterfield and not take parkers score
OhSoRozee: are hores marks around the ground or intercepters?
Umpirespet: Eating their cheese platters in the jaguar
OhSoRozee: id take 45 from parker if not balta
OhSoRozee: although itll b dewey up at the scg being a decent night
pharace: Bito both Rozee
The0Grrr: I think I can safely say this rebuild is over and time to start a new one
OhSoRozee: 22 degrees minimum of 17 in sydney so i think he will slow down after qtr 1
the worm: id roll the dice on balta
Raspel31: Had to pop out for an hour and Parker tripled his possies in 1 qtr. Amazing work lad.
elroy67: um, isnt tonights game at marvel?
Lawls: The game tonight is at marvel isn’t it? Not the scg
BestCoast: Dees haven’t got over the belting the got in the preliminary
Dondeal: I swear I’ve seen Marshall lay at least 3 tackles??
clay007: Billings seemed to hurt himself when he fell over, late in 3rd. Hope he is ok. Needs to ton up for me
OhSoRozee: my bad went with scg coz some1 said it on mangarook footy show
OhSoRozee: watch marshall get screwed over by longer inclusion next week from dud coach
BestCoast: Parker 3 touches not exactly leather poisoning
italz: brayshaw come on mannnnnn
Raspel31: Parker on fire.
Oh8ball: @ohsorozee no mate.
pcaman2003: @Dondeal. I’ve seen 2 at least and not paid 1.
th3rio: Atta boy Parker
the worm: cape for parker
Apachecats: Traded Butter in for Hore .Can relax now ,safely past butters SC
OhSoRozee: zac smith didnt play vfl 2day but other emergencies did other than rested constable
Raspel31: Next week we begin trading- whoopee!
pcaman2003: Everyone will have a Hore next week. How lucky!
Tig-Train: 40 points up and still tackling like that… wow
Raspel31: Hore seems to come good when under the pump.
wadaramus: Hore = door knob, everyone gets a turn.
Pokerface: some trash now hore
original: Let’s all remind ourselves this beautiful Hore was a late in last week and killed it since
pcaman2003: Marshall you Sloth,get moving FFS
clay007: Hore’s price is cheap. Usually more expensive
Dondeal: Hore nearly took it on the bench there.
Pokerface: hore about to raise the bat
clay007: Billings goes missing
mrpotato: Marshall = Pumpkin
Oddsy5: devo got gore on bench…had clark on n assumed he wasnt gunna play shoulda switched
Pokerface: come on m0nty, you wanted to give hore a gun.
OhSoRozee: does hore take the kick from behinds?
Pokerface: is hore in the pocket?
Ladbrokes_: Look at his time on ground @clay007
original: Can’t believe Marshall fooled so many
clay007: You must get out of Harme’s way
Dondeal: Hore nearly with a respectable 69 efficiency.
pcaman2003: @OhSoRozee Nah ,but he likes to come from behind
th3rio: 78 isn’t horrible
Apachecats: Marshall will bounce back next week against the Crows rookie.
feralmong: Hore is a great link up player. He works with team to receive and dish off.
th3rio: Parker just one more push u Dusty looking mf
Migz: i wouldnt say marshall has fooled everybody. Look at all the rucks vs melb this year. all are down 30-50%
OhSoRozee: sadly with preuss in gawn loses 25 pts a game
PlungeMe: brayshaw needs to legally change his name to clayton oliver if he wants any SC points
Apachecats: you’re right th3rio 78 is OK 45 is horrible.
RGriffen: Marshall is fine, has ROB next week its just its killed his cash generation in AF
BestCoast: Hore loves receiving
pcaman2003: At least Marshall should make more money for my trade up.
OhSoRozee: just glad hore isnt all about the hands
Dondeal: Hore’s positioning behind the ball is A1
mrpotato: Brayshaw stitched up by CD
OhSoRozee: seb ross DT to Sc ratio applause
wadaramus: He sure does love getting it good BestCoast!
Raspel31: M0nty has taken his shot- given him the gun.
StuL: Hore taking a big load for the team.
beerent11: Just logged in stoked to my 3 demons at the top of their totals cmon Oliver tonne up
GOOD: lift long brown savage hore
StuL: Happy with Brayshaw to Libba now. Took Begala’s advice
Gandhi: Hore is more a ball magnet than a gun
Pokerface: m0nty you devil
megawatts: @rozee and he’s going at 76 percent with 26 touches… how?
Dondeal: Hore legit robbed. Last 2 def 50 pos total 3 points???
Pokerface: is hore the Spitter?
megawatts: traded brayshaw to bont. Not too sure yet
Raspel31: So, is this enough to save you Oliver-hmm,hmm?
OhSoRozee: i think hore will scale to the ton
frenzy: Imagine if hore goes to cockatoo
wadaramus: I’m not going there Pokerface!
Wends: Evening all. What’s red, blue & is abt as useful as an LNP $80m water buyback is to river health?
th3rio: One more goal Parker? Please
Pusti: The Saints will win but I’m rooting for Hore.
Pokerface: please Oliver, may I have some more?
feralmong: Hore flesh for fantasies, got a gun.
nick2397: Hore should always have the dollar sign symbol.
OhSoRozee: was gonna say something about the crows butts but 2 rude
beerent11: Don’t get rid of Oliver still racking them up just not tackling while his shoulders are still sore
original: Good boy parker
th3rio: Mr brazzers has impressed last 2 week’s I must say
Wends: Yeah… I went there… sorry monty 🙂
clay007: Only three tons. Is that an all time low
the worm: i must admit, river health isnt my strong suit
beerent11: Nice twist pokerface
th3rio: Parker lad !
BigChief: That was poor from both Gawn and Preuss.
Dondeal: Saints been good, but Melbourne seriously putrid.
OhSoRozee: newnes 5 pts since 3qtr time i spoke to soon
Raspel31: Evening Wends- and behave.
feralmong: When the other man has none You don’t need a gun
beerent11: Although just checked and Oliver’s had 6 tackles
BestCoast: Greetings and Good luck tonight Wends
Yelse: how did parker not get SC for mark and goal assist
Wends: A Hore on your bench 🙁
beerent11: Could we get a ton from petters and horebag in one week?
Lawls: Parker’s score is enough for me
OhSoRozee: hore/newnes me vs oliver/parker was close
pcaman2003: Bye Dees. Your season is done
feralmong: No hore on my bench, got a head down and bum up.
Yelse: hoping scrimshaw or clarke late outs
original: Did Parker get 2 points for a mark and effectiveness kick(goal assist)???
OhSoRozee: some would have 3 tons hore/pet/drew
Raspel31: Come again beerent?
Natopotato: Wagner 🙁
Tig-Train: Live ladder top 8 is funny
clay007: billings got nothing for that goal. Update Monty
aces-high: Steele yet to get points for that last pass to billings will get 100 again
th3rio: Yes original noticed that too. Wtf
BigChief: Clay m0nty doesn’t do the scores.
NoneyaB: When u have hore drew and pet on the field because u arent sure if the cats will name their youngsters wooo!
clay007: Oh Ok Chief. Not sure how you can get nothing for a mark, kick and goal
megawatts: @pcaman and so is ur season if you lose to us
frenzy: Marshall scaled down wtf
BigChief: He will once it is updated, just be patient.
OhSoRozee: @clay pts will scale after game to get the correct pts for effectiveness

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