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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Melbourne vs Essendon

Chat log for Melbourne vs Essendon, R3 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
Hawks_13: good evening all. Hopefully its a good match. expecting Melbourne to win comfortably. Looking for a big game from Salem.
duckky: Myers out Ridley in
gdshifty: Monty aren’t Myers and Langford our?
Sixty656: Not a single player of intrest tonight :/
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Beast_Mode: Worsfold: “We’ve been training really well”. Lol
J_Herer: Heaps traded Ridley out lol
Beast_Mode: Only have Gawn and Z.Clark here.
9inch: Tankers vs Cheaters
duckky: Ridley on field for me
duckky: Relevance 9 inch, relevance
frenzy: same ducky
Searly34: Evening gents
heppelitis: traded ridley and could not reverse. coping a zero too. thursday games always burn me.
clay007: a bit of interest in gawn, salem and Brayshaw
gdshifty: were missing 2 players from each team….
MONEY TALK: wheres half the team lol
frenzy: earth to m0nty, come in m0nty
duckky: Wooh thats different
V@lks: Few players missing from both line ups on the list??
duckky: Omitted the duds
pcaman2003: Go Big Gawnie and Riddles.
BigChief: I count on 17 names each team.
dipstick: @bigchief well i count on 22
MONEY TALK: what does tippa even do anymore gets barely any touches , barely tackles
Ash777: he’s become unfit.
clay007: that is what tippa does
Pokerface: so you were copping two donuts before the trade heppelitis?
Breezey: He delivers one to Orazio
Schillaci: Tip is silk.
J.Worrall: 17 against 22 seems a tad unfair
Ash777: I bet this is a danger game for tippa
duckky: Tippa looks lost this year
wadaramus: Go Maxy.
Ash777: I reckon this will be dees game to lose
duckky: Mutch apparently done hammy
duckky: Yay – ridley scores
Breezey: That’s why he hasn’t done much Mutch
Pokerface: guess that’s why m0nty left him off the list
gdshifty: yay Mcgrath is actually playing on the ball in the midfield!!
clay007: Smith’s pressure acts are through the roof
BigChief: This looks over already. Melb just not in this at all.
VodkaHawk: Schillaci, there is only 1 silk
J_Herer: Melbourne, wow, just terrible
Searly34: Didn’t think you’d show your face again so soon after that barrage last night Clay
Ash777: dons are just giving their 1 qtr effort
pcaman2003: Essendon mids carving Dees up
the worm: go plugger lockhart
Ash777: also dons are getting a ump ride
Breezey: He hasn’t mentioned one certain player @Searly34.
MONEY TALK: i knew i shoulda changed my tip to dons
clay007: It is just a game searly. Just cos I did not buy danger. I will buy him though
V@lks: Trust. Traded out dsmith
clay007: Who have you got in tonight’s game Searly?
Raspel31: Well there goes my Danger loop- all my bench named. Carn Gawn and Macrae.
beerent11: they’re putting serious time into clarry.
VodkaHawk: Gawn and Gus for me
Breezey: I have D.Smith tonight and opponent has Oliver. Good start by Devon
VodkaHawk: Who is your ruck bench rasp?
duckky: last 2 goals have been ump specials. Put the whistle away chaps
Donzoes: Sucks for Mutch
BigChief: Umpires need to stop paying frees that are not there for both sides.
JR33: Forgot to take the C off Gawn and VC Danger. praying now…
Migz: how is that not a free to jetta wtf
circle52: Looks like they have a new rule this week Big Chief wrapping hands around
StuL: Looks all over already dees. Wtf?
beerent11: dons picking dee zone apart
upweydons: Shit umpiring
J_Herer: Oliver…
HowI Rioli: These umps are showerhouse
TheMessiah: This umpiring is so bad. Poor Dee’s don’t stand a chance today with this crap
Breezey: Qtr breaks seem to change momentum. Expect Dees to come out hard in second
Yelse: oliver seriously get involved
clay007: Wow
Silz90: Low tog for Angus why???
duckky: OK. That was good from Tippa.
beerent11: not all the umps
TigerKid_A: how the hell is mcgrath only on 13 from 6 disposals?
BigChief: HTB Heppell?
jocka: That injured player didn’t do Mutch tonight.
JockMcPie: Cmon Oliver
gdshifty: @tigerkid im watching Mcgrath closely. He seems too slow to lay a tackle. Bit soft in contested footy.
heppelitis: McGrath keeps throwing on hos boot and not using it very well
Pokerface: that one was for the old timers here
Gotigres: Great start to the 2nd qtr Gawn and Brayshaw
MONEY TALK: keep going gawn
TheMessiah: Come on Gawny and Brayshaw
pcaman2003: Go Gawny! Pick it up Ridley
Silz90: Y did the dees recruit press… as a back up?
Oddsy5: finally created my account…lost 3 activation emails
Pokerface: welcome oddsy
Breezey: @Silz90. I am not sure why Preuss went to Melbourne. To be back up to Maxy like he was with Goldy
BigChief: #freekickEss
HowI Rioli: Dees getting shafted here
wadaramus: G’day Oddsy!
beerent11: better oliver
Oddsy5: cheers…been a rough few years watching the bombers 🤣
beerent11: hehe best username ever howirioli
Ash777: dees must be tanking again
pcaman2003: Maxy magic!
poolboybob: Gee if you’re getting lit up by a crab like McKernan, maybe it’s time to hang up the boots
magpieryan: tagging wrong player. Get Harmes on Shiel
BigChief: Harmes is tagging Shiel.
magpieryan: good move coach
wadaramus: Kept Ridley in DT an played him…:(
batt: OK now I understand why Clarke wasn’t in the Bombers’ team
Breezey: Devon not meating my high standards
Oddsy5: shiel looking unreal tonight
beerent11: gawnoliver dragging them back
Crowls: what happened in tulla this week. same players different attitude
Ash777: no 50 for dees twice now.
BigChief: Did someone slap Melb to wake them up?
GOOD: cmon oliver cape it up
magpieryan: DANK returned?
Ash777: ok just bad camera angle
Wends: Evening all. @Breezey Smith has a corky
pcaman2003: C’mon Gawn,where are you?
BigChief: 50 for that? That’s so soft.
Gotigres: BT actually said something clever
Pokerface: how the hell is that 50
ajconodie: Does anyone actually rate McGrath?
circle52: Agree Big Chief – Going for the ball
Ash777: dons are back!
Carnster: Need Dees for multi
BigChief: Surely you jest @GoTigres
pcaman2003: Max scored 4 pts in 15 minutes
beerent11: footsteps melksham
meziare: Clarke looks a better ruckman than Belly!!
Breezey: Cheers for that. Wondering about his non attendance at the Sherrin
upweydons: Turnover city Ess last 10 mins
clay007: Well done Maxy!!!!
cobrakai00: bombers are hot garbage
MONEY TALK: heheh gawn
Wends: @ajconodie I rated him enough to pick him 🙁
poolboybob: Not sure I have ever seen a ball kicked near Melks where he didn’t immediately start yelling at the nearest umpire
ajconodie: I feel for you Wends 🙁
Ash777: never ever pick RS winners. They’re cursed!
Pokerface: nice efficiency shiel
Oddsy5: playing against my brother and he has smith and fyfe and i have neale and gray..both same VC and C
Schillaci: Brayshaw does well for someone who spends so much time on the bench.
Ash777: I made the same mistake with Mills.
pcaman2003: Couple of nice taps to finish the half Gawny
heppelitis: @mezaire..they both as good as telephone poles on a footy field
DrSeuss: Brayshaw’s TOG even lower than usual – still a Jet
Gotigres: An Essendon player was tackled by Harmes @BigChief and BT said he ran into Harmes way
PlungeMe: Brayshaw mightve tonned up if he had Olivers TOG
Breezey: Is Devon likely to return at all.
Wends: Every year without fail I pick one dud Def & one Fwd. Just continuing tradition…
beerent11: have to go back to j selwood to find a rising star worth picking
m0nty: Smith returned just before HT.
wadaramus: Live life to the MAX!
TheMessiah: Why does Angus Brayshaw have such low TOG? Is it a common thing for him?
JR33: Good stuff Max. Got the C on you
wadaramus: Looking at the Melbourne stats, plenty in the 60’s.
beerent11: was hoping to bring in max this week. gonna be hard if he keeps this up
Ash777: I am not doing any trading now for a few weeks except in case of injury
StuL: Smith is broken
Gotigres: Smith in the midfield
mattmac24: Messiah, maybe got stuck on the bench due to the runner rules, maybe failed to organise an interchange
the worm: i doubt many people took smith
duckky: Tippa is very good tonite. Heppell set that up.
Wends: Wow Tippa two GoTY contenders in the one game.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw is generally around 70% TOG as they use him in bursts
gdshifty: GOTY lol are you serious?
DrSeuss: Although his TOG is even a little lower than normal so far
duckky: Flower me, Tippa really wants the car this year
Silz90: Omg another goty contention from tippa
Gotigres: Who was criticising Tippa earlier?
Oddsy5: tippa has kicked 3 unreal goals tonight
Umpirespet: There must be a few cheese platters being thrown atm
Wends: Yeah, serious. why not?
Tig-Train: Tippa is on fire!!
the worm: tippa looking lost out there
BigChief: That’s pathetic from Hunt.
gdshifty: you dont get goal of the year for kicks 10m from the goal lol.
duckky: Ok @the worm… I got that wrong
smashedavo: lol none of Tippas kicks would be a GOTY contender at all
gdshifty: TIppa is having a great game i agree
Tig-Train: Umm Higgins got GOTY from goal line… so get a clue
Ash777: only the 1 in the pocket counts as a contender
BigChief: Agreed @smash
gdshifty: Yeah what Higgins did we’ve never seen before ever in the VFL/AFL. What Tippa did happens every week. You need a clue m8
Sixty656: Higgins also threw the ball to himeself….
gdshifty: Higgins goal >>>> Any of Tippas goals tonight
Ash777: cant be a throw if it wins goty
Tig-Train: Just making a point that GOTY can be within 10m
gdshifty: Regardless of Higgins goal, Tippas goals were nothing special and certainly not GOTY.
DrSeuss: Can these teams only play 1 good quarter in a row?
VodkaHawk: Matty Lloyd won GoTY with a lame back heel. All Tippa’s goals > the back heel
Tig-Train: What @ash777 said
Beast_Mode: lol not a throw at all
Sixty656: The AFL also said Melb didn’t tank… soo yeah, rules go out the window some times…
BigChief: @656 how can it be a throw if it doesn’t hit anything but his boot after he let it go?
smashedavo: BT Christmas Edition, what the hell was that laugh lol
Apachecats: Higgins threw it onto his boot ,you’re allowed to do that.
gdshifty: @vodkahawk i agree the Lloyd backheel goal was ridiculous. Much better goals than Lloyds but he was the media darling
duckky: Gee Smith seems to be going alright for someone with a broken leg
Ash777: AFL said nothing about dees not tanking. They even fined them for tanking.
MONEY TALK: higgins won through a popularity vote
Gotigres: Smith has woken up
DrSeuss: Ok time to get Brayshaw back on before this game is gone
JButcher: unpopular opinion but I really enjoy the BT/JB combo
Apachecats: It snowed on Mt Buller last week.
Tig-Train: Lucky a lot of people had Melbourne winning premiership this year ;/
pcaman2003: ridley has disappeared
Wends: Will be surprised if it’s not up for consideration this rd, but each to their own. Either way he’s fun to watch.
Donzoes: Me too JButch
Migz: and you should burn for that opinion butcher. BT is horrible. I wish we could put some of the radio commentators instead
Ash777: I see the Ridley has done FA
the worm: popular opinion, i hate BT and JB in any combo
VodkaHawk: Tippa’s 1st quarter goal will definitely be up for consideration
thommoae: Any combination with BT is arduous.
Umpirespet: Agree worm and Migz
JButcher: BT’s radio work is even better @Migz
Beast_Mode: I can tolerate JB but BT is a flog
smashedavo: disagree vodka, nice goal but there’s already been better goals this season. I imagine better to come
Pokerface: potato for JButcher m0nty
the worm: ah nice trolling jbutch, you totally sucked me in
Umpirespet: Three worst commentators are Basil BT and McGuire
Ash777: BT’s limit is radio.
Wends: Always have the TV down and radio call on @Migz. There’s no comparison.
Beast_Mode: gawn done fuck all this 1/4
Pokerface: gee the melbourne structure looks horrible inside the 50s
biggs2dujj: Raise the bat Smith. 50 point SC quarter
Pokerface: how was that tackle not paid!!!
Oddsy5: anyone care to tell me how that wasnt holding the ball 🤣
BigChief: Where was the 50? Exactly the same as the Harmes 1 from earlier.
duckky: When is a tackle a HTB tackle?
TheMessiah: Umpiring in this sport is getting worse and worse. Where the hell is the consistency
Donzoes: Unbelievable how that wasn’t paid
duckky: Cape for Smith
Ash777: when the umps deem it to be HTB.
Apachecats: Same Wends ,but dodge Kelly Underwood
Apachecats: *whenever possible.
duckky: BigChief – I think the umps compensated for not paying the free a few seconds earlier
Oddsy5: either way i reckon umpiring has been very ordinary for both teams
JButcher: Probably been the most ordinary 2 and a bit rounds of umpiring i’ve ever seen
Raspel31: Agree- umpiring favoured no-one but really poor tonight.
BigChief: @duckky he handballed it though, so not HTB
pcaman2003: Pull ya finger out this qtr Maxy.
Breezey: Kicking to the left of screen seems to be the scoring end.
Wends: ABC call so good when yr out and about Apache – they just always have a way of putting you right there…
mattmac24: Too many rules for the umps to dictate, probably why it’s so ordinary this season.
Wends: And good evening to you Raspel.
BigChief: Melksham is scared of being tackled.
Silz90: Does God have the c on heppell
Raspel31: Howdy Wends.
JButcher: Agree @mattmac too many rules open to interpretation
The39Steps: The old McDonalds surely dont know how to farm fantasy points.
Yelse: whats classified as a score involvement
BigChief: Are these umpires for real? McKernan had hold of Frost. SMH
V@lks: Shocking decision. So hard to be a backman
duckky: Very soft to McKernan …but we’ll take it
smashedavo: another poor call, umps aren’t having a good night
Breezey: Soft as free. Jesus
DrSeuss: Thats a terrible call. Sucks when Umps calls change momentum
circle52: Surely one of the umps could have seen the junmper hold.
Wends: So good to not be obsessively watching Hibberd’s score creeping up 8 points a qu. this year.
upweydons: Fantasia delivers a perfect tackle late in the 3 rd , play on , McKee an softest free kick ???
pcaman2003: Brayshaw left to his own devices.
BigChief: @upweydons perfect tackle except Fritsch handballed it.
biggs2dujj: Come on Dev….get that bat ready
Breezey: 9 tackles for Devon. Helping no end
beerent11: brayshaw everywhere
Monfries96: Tip one out for those that thought Clarke was a viable ruck option
JButcher: Anyone brave enough to C Brayshaw?
Silz90: That is htb to Bradshaw get stuffed
Breezey: My god is that HTB on Tippa
Raspel31: That would be a very brave call JButcher
BigChief: You goal hungry moron Petracca.
Wends: Yep @Jbutch, my oppt in FFLeftfield RDT league 😐
pcaman2003: Surely a free to Stringer
Pokerface: this umpiring
HowI Rioli: Can’t wait for the afl to come out and say this was a well umpired game
BigChief: How is that not HTB against Frost?
JButcher: ooft thats tough Wends good luck mate
upweydons: Worst umpiring for a while this game
Pokerface: i don’t like bagging umps, easy targets. but this is difficult to watch
clay007: Who wins?
Breezey: It’s anyone rules tonight.
MONEY TALK: keep going gawny boi
Apachecats: They’ll need security to get these umpires off the ground ,both sides of fans ropable.
Breezey: Got to favour Dons now but I tipped Dees
BigChief: Is Melb season all but over now? 0-3 tough to come back from.
biggs2dujj: Dev with the match winner. Come on son
smashedavo: This looks like Melbourne from a few seasons ago, nothing like their efforts last year
Ash777: dees are like turn over kings. Too many handballs.
pcaman2003: Max been off a fair while. What’s happening?
Wends: Oliver, for the love of GOD.
VodkaHawk: Terrible umpiring, but Hawks v Dogs last week takes the cake
beerent11: red rover
pcaman2003: This is game over
duckky: Don’t encourage him Wends
Breezey: Game Over
pcaman2003: Max is back. Thank goodness!
Raspel31: Tell me Wends- terrible one week, fab the next, mediocre tonight
thommoae: This looks like the Melbourne of MOST seasons.
TigerKid_A: my god woosha seriously needs to play mcgrath in the midfiled all the time. much better the second half.
biggs2dujj: Devon smith getting murdered by Champion Data
mattmac24: Stay under 100 please Oliver!
Wends: He also needs to have stern words with his barber, Raspel.
BigChief: Surely a cape for Hibberd. He has more than 10 this qtr.
Danstar: Still salty vodkahawk? But you’re right was terrible, giving hawks a free run to get back into the game in the 3rd
Raspel31: Lol Wends
smashedavo: CD loves oliver lol, lost no points for that huge FA
Apachecats: Parish and McGrath have got the Bombers home this 1/4
JButcher: Are Melbourne tanking again?
Wends: Have you got him Raspel? Maybe we can hold an inaugural Clarry support group.
biggs2dujj: Dev Smith will lose -10 here
Carnster: Brayshaw lowest TOG of any Melbourne player
VodkaHawk: I’ve watched my team win 9 flags Dan, i’m good and you?
valkorum: I hope Dees win just so that the supporters who are leaving now dont get to see them win
beerent11: 3 goals 3 mins -lethal rule
Raspel31: I do Wends- and a fine idea. I’ll bring the red wine.
Apachecats: Star on Sheil Monty ??
Apachecats: Maxy will burn a few $ ,but not too bad.
Breezey: Plucked out the old kicking in f
dipstick: Its 100% true. Oliver is fantasy useless with viney in the team
Sixty656: Star for Shiel with 51% efficency?
Ash777: wtf umps ppaying 3 soft ones in a row to dons
Wends: Mmm, I’ll bring a lovely dees commemorative cheeseboard.
BigChief: Heppell BOG imo
DrSeuss: That was a duck on Zaha – leaned down into it
Breezey: Plucked out the old kicking in danger rule rule
smashedavo: Is CD bugged? Oliver lost nothing for two FA hahah
ReggieOz: The umpires have completely lost the plot
JButcher: horrible doesn’t cut it for the umps tonight
BOMBRBLITZ: What’s happened to Hibberd,,,, poo since going to Melb
Apachecats: Clarke outpoints Ding Dong Bellchambers.
CamT: Gawn’s given away two free kicks and his score went up by 8 ??
Ash777: lucky these teams wont make top 8 the way they’re playing
Apachecats: Think the players have given up trying to work these umpires out.
V@lks: Over umpired
duckky: Shiel? Heppell or Smith. Not Shiel
Pokerface: guess it cancelled out his hard ball possession shamed avo
beerent11: has your opp got oliver smash?
Apachecats: 10 players ahead of Shiel on SC.
Breezey: That confirms it. 51 free kicks tonight. 30 last night. Different game. Different umps
JR33: How crap is the umpiring this year.
pcaman2003: F off Brayshaw.
JR33: How crap is the umpiring this year.. so inconsistent.
Pokerface: where is luvit. i need to know if he approves of me not taking gawns vc
vamos77: Don’t blame the umps blame the AFL
BigChief: I think putrid is still not bad enough for these 3 umpires.
PlungeMe: Is Brayshaw was treated the same way as Oliver by CD he’d be on 200 right now
mattmac24: Currently at 3305 total supercoach points. Bit of scaling down to come
smashedavo: yeah Brayshaw really should be 115+
Pokerface: so pick oliver then if its rigged
megawatts: brayshaw mark kick goal =3sc pts wtf?
pcaman2003: No pts for Max on last 2 tapouts..Score dropped 4 pts?
teddyt: whats with the oliver hate? He got 29 touches 17 contested and only 94. Acting like he got too much?
brent_007: Still waiting for them to add the +4 Smith tackle when he won the Free For

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