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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Fremantle vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Fremantle vs North Melbourne, R1 of 2019

BigChief: McKay not a late out for North.
StuL: Hall will get 130 just to keep the madness going
jbjimmyjb: It’ll be interesting to see how Goldy goes
StuL: Had Gawnstein all summer and caved to the Grundy love. Guaranteed beast mode for goldy
heppelitis: this is fantastic..i get 1 point every ball up. Go Goldy and Darcy!
pcaman2003: Have Goldy and Munday with Scott on bench. Looking at close to 2100 with luck
Umpirespet: Only Scott left go son
original: @StuL 100% me too. Fuming I caved
circle52: I had the Grunstein set for quite a while and then upgraded to Gawn.
jbjimmyjb: pca I reckon 2100 is good score, I got 2098 with GG rucks & Oliver
original: Let’s get mundy back on the I swapped him in for TKelly..
pcaman2003: @jbjimmyjb. I think anything over 2000 is reasonable this round. Gawn as my C wrecked my score good
TigersMan1: What do you reckon I’ll get? Currently on 1985 with Goldy to go
circle52: I need 250 from Ryan, Fyfe and Mundy to get to 2000 so need a bit more from Mundy and fyfe atm.
pcaman2003: Beauty Goldy! More of that please mate
Rebuild: Please Fyfe
Ash777: already halfway to grundy’s score
pcaman2003: Where is Mundy playing? Hardly sighted.
StuL: Scott is awesome. He’s on the park next week
J_Herer: Yep very happy with Scott, last player on field for me today
pcaman2003: @Stul. Highly likely if he keeps this up.
FordyHawks: Had grundstein for ages, considered hoffstein…. went with gawndy:/
Rebuild: Thanks Fyfe
StuL: Need Fyfe, been rubbish. Not going gawnstein is hurting
pcaman2003: Goldy back to his best again.
J_Herer: @Fordy, same had Goldy/Witts for ages, was convinced to go Gawn/Grundy, silly, going back as they will bleed $
gIMX7: I need fyfe to score 173 to top my league this round, cmon Fyfe
MONEY TALK: i changed goldy to grundy last second
StuL: Are free doing a promo or being retarded and changing their jumper yet again?
Snooks16: Awesome start for Scott.
Yelse: Goldy not really playing against anyone
Ash777: I think the new rules have cut the stoppages down so rucks that don’t do much more than ruck will suffer.
MONEY TALK: grundy has turf toe
StuL: Everyone was saying the new rules would help rucks
DanBlack: StuL it says 25 on the jerseys, it’s the clubs anniversary
FordyHawks: Is that what Sandi had for ages?
Apachecats: Turf toe put Sandi out for nearly the whole season MT.Is that official about the turf toe.?
StuL: Ok. Why the power rangers front though?
the worm: is that true or just spreading misinformation about grundy?
frenzy: no cape for goldy
MONEY TALK: nah just some whispers during pre season that he had turf toe
MONEY TALK: could be true could not but he doesnt look right rn
Ash777: roughead injured his toe that is true
FordyHawks: Ash, that’s why Grundy was so good last year, because he did a lot more than just ruck
the worm: does tom campbell come into norths team soon and steal 20 hitouts a game from goldy?
Ash777: it was tweeted but that was back in january
FordyHawks: But with treloar, pendles, sidey, and beams all fit he doesn’t need to do as much ?
pcaman2003: C’mon Mundy and fire up this qtr.
Ash777: yes fordyhawks. he doesn’t have to do much now with them all fit.
Apachecats: Anyone see the latest Krygios dummy spit.World record material.
J.Worrall: The turf toe thought is old. I think the club line has been broken toe …
J.Worrall: Grundy’s foot wa stomped, he didn’t drive it into the turf …
J.Worrall: good footy Freo
Apachecats: Looks like the same old A.Hall
DrSeuss: Grundy looked like he just needed some match fitness. Had Stanley running with him most of the night.
Ash777: Macmillian backing up his jlt form
Apachecats: Mundy off the ground a lot.Injured??
LuvIt74: Hope you’re all having a great w/e, bloody gutted I didn’t start goldy
pcaman2003: There’s Mundy. Bout time Mr
Umpirespet: Another belting coming by the looks
Apachecats: Typical -Mundy doubles his score the same instant I posted.
StuL: Goldy not touched it this quarter.
pcaman2003: @Apache. That happens to me often. But I see he has low TOG
Ash777: goldy only needs 2qtrs to ton up lol
Crowls: goldstein playing, scott on bench. may drag me to 2100.
Umpirespet: Nice goal Crusty
LuvIt74: lol @ crusty
StuL: Sideshow Bob maybe?
Umpirespet: Yeah him to Stul
pcaman2003: Scott showing them up.Could be SC gold this kid.
LuvIt74: Glad I started Scott but i stuffed up not putting Constable on field, had him as my (E)
Umpirespet: Same lovit
PowerBug: Sean Darcy is gonna catch Goldy
runt: Any advice who should be playing amateurs Stu?
original: Apache please keep posting about mundy
pcaman2003: Goldy only 4 pts this qtr so far.
original: Goldy playing like Grundy and gawn this qtr lol
Manowar: Don’t go moldy..Goldy do something!
LuvIt74: Was Goldy on 50 after first quarter?
pcaman2003: He was on 50
Apachecats: No worries Original ,just got to get the timing exactly right.
LuvIt74: Haven’t really been watching much footy this week, seen my score of 1774 with Fyfe, Scott & McKay and thought I done ok
LuvIt74: until i seen others posting their projected scores…lol
Umpirespet: Fyfe is life by the looks
StuL: Fyfe has caught gawn already. Would have put the C on but last time I did he busted something
pcaman2003: Hell no Goldy. Don’t go backwards ya dork.
italz: whoever said they needed fyfe to get 173 to be top of their league, it’s looking good hahaha
J_Herer: Ton up Scott and get me to 2200 AF
Misternick: I need Scott to have a great second half, want to get into the 2k
Donzoes: fyfe and cogs saving my week
runt: No place like home
J.Worrall: Scultz I know nothing
heppelitis: shcultz has a little pot belly
FordyHawks: Lol, Need 61 from Scott to get to 2k
Apachecats: This aint Kansas runt
StuL: im sure it’s all muscle.
runt: Fyfe wasnt joking when he called himself a contested possession beast.
pcaman2003: Have to go out. Have a good week fellas and good luck.
Apachecats: see you in round 2 pca
Umpirespet: L8er Pcaman
J.Worrall: cya
StuL: Ed Volkswagen ACL they think
original: Scott wowee. Subbed duursma on for him and thought I did ok
OnTheRocks: Might as well just give Fyfe4Lyfe the hulk icon now
TheOnyas: Onya Scotty
Apachecats: Anyone having trouble getting into their SC team?
BigChief: 2006 with Darcy and Scott
Donzoes: all good for me Apache
J.Worrall: Better than me, @BigJason
LuvIt74: I’ve noticed a few have mentioned Darcy, do many have Darcy, awkwardly priced for mine?
LuvIt74: My only midpriced player is Libba, Dahlhaus & Williams
BigChief: my name is from Street Outlaws, not Dunstall @JW
J.Worrall: yup
J.Worrall: Sorry about that, Chief!
BigChief: np JW you were not to know 🙂
TheOnyas: Onya Fyfey
PowerBug: Awkwardly priced, but hopefully returns for his price
BigChief: great work Darcy
PowerBug: If he was 2.0 not 0.2 I’d be happy with his return
TheOnyas: Onya Hilly
RGriffen: ffs got Tucker as a POD and his shoulder went like 5 minutes ago Monty
Donzoes: sucks RGriffern, he was playing well, good pick
StuL: Did any ruckman other than Goldy do anything this rd?
sfenda1: nankervis did
BigChief: The Hoff
Donzoes: nank tore it up
StuL: Oh yea, stanley
StuL: Yea, I think we just have to suck up the cash loss and hope grawn come good
BigChief: McEvoy played well also
Hadouken: if Scott scores 30 i lose 🙁
StuL: I wouldn’t have Hoff as a ruck tho
HappyDEZ: also Sinkers solid
blonde0na: in AF, nank and mcevoy had to score 3 and 2 goals to ton up
StuL: Oh yea, his stomach. I think his spine might be bent
BigChief: Me either StuL, but they have him as ruck so I grabbed him as my R1
StuL: Schultz
J_Herer: Hoff has to be best ruck option as he isnt in the middle spread, thoughts?
Ash777: Sinclair tonned up this rnd but he was against a young ruck.
Donzoes: Fyfe looking really happy on the bench
StuL: Yea, come on fyfe
StuL: Yea, come on fyfe
Ladbrokes_: they are up by 70 lol, he hasn’t lived this for a while
Juzzo: Is Fyfe coming back on? Got him as C
BigChief: He has himself as C in SC and wants more points
runt: I doubt Fyfe will be back on
original: Cmon mundy
StuL: Coming back now, finally
runt: So Fyfe comes straight back on….
J.Worrall: At this stage, you’d say he’s had most of the SC impact possible …
StuL: Mundy off
J_Herer: lol
BigChief: Who said Tucker did his shoulder?
m0nty: yeah teh Dockers might get Monday off at this rate
J_Herer: Dockers dominating, no player over 100 in DT, very even team game, 16 scored today
Ash777: Mundy looked unfit in the JLT
Umpirespet: Dockers will be top of the ladder
original: StuL argh! Bloke has lowest game time. Carrying something?
valkorum: Monty, I might have Monday off
BeastMode: 12 more from scott gets me 2300 in RDT, cmon me boy
J_Herer: 2300, very nice!
J.Worrall: Wondering if the game ought to have been scheduled for Monday …
Donzoes: Stumbling over the 2k mark thanks to fyfe
Ash777: bailey scott for RS
italz: grundy and gawn cost me a good score this week, barely got to 2100 sc
BigChief: Sam Walsh for RS
Hadouken: go away scott. 11 more i lose
mattmac24: Anything over 2000 for R1 in supercoach is good
Umpirespet: Walsh is a clanger king
Silz90: Typical crow supporter. That was his first game against a top team buddy
J.Worrall: Which Scott is on field
shang0: Looking around 2250
FordyHawks: Cousins for RS
BigChief: Treloar is the clanger king
J.Worrall: Which Scott is on field? The rookie or the Coach?
StuL: Walsh will be fine.
LuvIt74: currently on 2067 thanks to Fyfe and Scott and good to see McKay do better in the 2nd half
Sixty656: Taylor Adams is the worst kick going round
Umpirespet: Yeah when he leaves Carlton Stul
StuL: Nice ton Scott.
BigChief: How many clangers for Atkins umpire? More than a 1st gamer you a bagging.
Umpirespet: Calm down Dunstall
runt: Scott will have lots of mates after this game
FordyHawks: Lol Ump
BigChief: fuck off you SA maggot
StuL: I hope north are just bad, dont want freo back.
italz: 103 on the bench, feels bad man
Ash777: goldy just sneeks into into a ton
mattmac24: Dusty had more clangers than Walsh so does that make Dusty a bad player? Same with Treloar?
Silz90: I’m with big chief on this one. You have no idea umpirespet
FordyHawks: 6 out of 9 for tipping, only the 2 big upsets wrong (port, lions) and the 50/50 (cats)
RGriffen: Tucker the star, held Higgins and kicked 2 goals himself. Gun to Fyfe
Umpirespet: Dusty is crap I have him
J.Worrall: Oh, there’s the Chief …

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