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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, P2 of 2019

Umpirespet: Dream on Monty won the first at stony creek today. Your horse Monty?
Umpirespet: Hope heeney is ok
m0nty: nah I stay away from horsies
SilverLion: Never seen GC wear blue
bones351: geez Hanley has concrete boots on
frenzy: rankine file
Pokerface: is there anywhere we can find live HTA stats?
Pokerface: Witts gets so many taps not to his mids
SilverLion: Deja vu ballard
Pokerface: 1 clearance for the so called clearance king..
pdiddy: hi lads – anyone looking at mills?
pdiddy: hi lads
Pokerface: certainly a consideration puffy
Pokerface: these ball ups are hopeless gold coast. no set play at all
Pokerface: witts just taps it without any awareness where his mids are. and his mids just stand there
pdiddy: any action on A.Miles – thought he may get a bit of ball? I’m not watching the game
Pokerface: like last week, he’s very quiet
Pokerface: expected more
sammyo7: Papley looking decent on the wing
frenzy: hasn’t been tested, sammy
HappyDEZ: GC a massive problem for AFL House atm.
HappyDEZ: Lost both co-captains.
HappyDEZ: What chance Luko & Izak head home in a couple years for more draft picks & B graders.
Pokerface: yep, same old same old DEZ
frenzy: didnt get the same consessions as GWS, about 11 first rnd’s less
Dogs5416: GWS were far more looked after. AFL couldn’t have two teams performing like this.
Grimes Jr: Thoughts on matt and brad crouch
Dogs5416: Collins, burgees, rankine and lukosius. Not going near them
Grimes Jr: in the same team
Pokerface: they chose ablett instead.
Pokerface: and khunt
frenzy: gotta sell the brand
Pokerface: and instead of taking the time to develop kids like gws did kept getting hacks like cbrown, rishcitelli, bock, krakour
Umpirespet: Bock wasn’t a hack his broken leg stuffed him up
Pokerface: malceski etc. the list goes on. gws at least invested in young developing guys – ward, davis, scully
sammyo7: The heavy reliance on ablett hurt in the long run too
Pokerface: exactly sammy
morgs640: Bock was All Australian
frenzy: gws had their share of hacks
Pokerface: and the culture karmichael brought in didnt help either.
Pokerface: ok take bock off the long list if you want, hardly nullifies the point.
frenzy: the simple fact is the AFL made mistakes with GCS and didnt make the same with GWS
Pokerface: you are letting GC admin off the hook. they made just as many, if not more mistakes
frenzy: GWS having a mass exodus atm, god help us if they fall off the map
Pokerface: yeah their exodus is for different reasons.. they now cant fit so many good players in the cap
Pokerface: a bit of the go home factor gold coast suffers from but not to the same extent
Pokerface: different culture there
Pokerface: i know you should use jlt for assessing rookies and positions
Pokerface: but i reckon over the last couple of weeks miles has played himself out of my team
frenzy: some players leave for success, others purely for cash
HappyDEZ: Conigs out of contract this year. Hails from WA.
Pokerface: v true frenzy
Pokerface: and others for opportunity. some gws kids get better opportunity elsewhere
sammyo7: Freo have much in the warchest?
HappyDEZ: Miles is 2 things. 1) small 2) slow
Pokerface: much easier to get a game at carlton 😉
Pokerface: dunny sammy, hogan and mccarthy haven’t come cheap
Grimes Jr: thoughts on witts r2
Coutzy: Throw this game out in any considerations you’re making. He’s playing against no ruckman.
sammyo7: True they’ll have a decent spine in a few years IMO
Pokerface: he’s been in my team for a few weeks Grimes. Don’t think so now. Love to see HTA for this game, reckon its very low
sammyo7: witts is very inconsistant i wouldnt go near him
SilverLion: Read nothing into witts today, up against aliir and reid
Pokerface: so was grundy before last year. witts is still young, best to come. but won’t be this year
HappyDEZ: With Jackson maybe Dogs R1 & Mummy missing the start has to be 2 of the 3 Gs
Pokerface: Pierce still an option to start Dez
Pokerface: or a hoff/lobb dpp type if you wanna be funky about it
HappyDEZ: True but Longer a worry or do you mean the Pierce/Mummy combo?
Pokerface: Longer out for some time
HappyDEZ: Oh. I thought he was due back round 2/3
Grimes Jr: cheers lads
Grimes Jr: collins was good JLT 1. questioning today tho
HappyDEZ: Agreed Grimes. I had Collins as a lock. Probs change to Clarl/Dursma/Scrim now.
Ash777: Thompson out has caused Collins to play lock down.
Jukes82: Exactly, players getting written off after one game lol
Grimes Jr: and assuming his role will stay the same for the rest of the season Ash?
Pokerface: anyone heard why zac williams didnt play this weekend?
Pokerface: Thompson is out for the year Jukes
HappyDEZ: listed as ‘managed’ pokerface
Pokerface: ok thanks dez
Jukes82: Yes Poker, the club said he was being rested along with Josh Kelly this game
frenzy: why did Sinkers miss today
Pokerface: cool
Pokerface: noone seems to know yet frenzy
Pokerface: comms have no idea if it means he misses rd1
frenzy: ok ta pokerface

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