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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, P2 of 2019

pcaman2003: Burgoyne not on the list of players m0nty. He’s playing
OnTheRocks: Tigers catching up to the Saints with the number of Jacks on their list
m0nty: it’s a Jack off!
Umpirespet: Keep on the game please
Jackwatt$: Saturday night drinking game rules. 1.If m0nty speaks, I drink
Jackwatt$: 2.If what m0nty says is funny, double
Umpirespet: Iu will be sober at the end of the game then
Jackwatt$: 3.If m0nty Saya his catchphrase (back to the game please) it’s a triple!
Jackwatt$: So I’m up for a double. Lucky not 5, but there’s no rule if someone else says it
Umpirespet: Dwayneo is excited tonight in commentary
pcaman2003: Scrimshaw looking a good pick up.
Drak: Geez Dwayno waffles some rubbish
Drak: Superman for Scrimshaw
JRedden: cousins is an interesting one, a bit expensive, but hes getting a lot of mid time
Yelse: who is everyones floating zero?
pcaman2003: Where is the Balta of last week?
pcaman2003: Butler! Hahaha
Jukes82: Balta isn’t ready yet, ppl getting exited after he played one good quarter lol
Jackwatt$: But our fwd lines are screwed, we badly need a bolter!
Coutzy: @Yelse Sweet from the doggies. Blues have 2 extra Sundays but 70k more
pcaman2003: @Jukes. Wasn’t excited,just asking
Yelse: the problem with a ruck as a zero what happens if one goes down, u trade or u get a zero
Gotigres: That the advantage of having Hoff. Swap him into the ruck
m0nty: now looking for a Short shank redemption
Ash777: Sicily looks unfit.
pcaman2003: Butler again! Hahaha!
pcaman2003: Smithy! Hahaha!
Gotigres: Scrimshaw done nothing since quarter time
Chelskiman: That double 50m is ridiculous, and I’m a Tiger’s fan.
Jukes82: still tempted to get scrimshaw tho
pcaman2003: @Jukes. Tossing up between him and Collins. might be coin flip
Jukes82: Yeah i like them both, the backline does have a lot of cash cow options
pcaman2003: This game looks ugly. Terrible disposal
Ash777: Higgins is moving around the ground more this game. new role?
Jukes82: he’ll be playing mostly in the guts
Jackwatt$: Oh m0nty I look away for a quarter and you pull out the joke of the night!
Jackwatt$: I just spotted Scrimshaw getting off the Tasmania boat at Port Melbourne!
Jukes82: Jackwatt$, That was a rubbish effort at humor

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