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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R20 of 2018

Wends: O captain my captain; Gawny pls make up for my finals loophole stuff up? Amen.
ReggieOz: Good Luck Wends I hope he comes through for you
Wends: Thanks Reggie. Who’d you have?
ReggieOz: Titch vc had to take the score
Haydo: get going petracca
SilverLion: Oliver trying to one up Kelly lol
MattyZ: Capeeeeeee
ReggieOz: I hope so Lion
Haydo: i should ask players to have a big quarter more often! Another big one please petracca
ReggieOz: Can you call out Tmac pls Haydo lol
Haydo: hahaha sure reggie
StuL: Why do we never consider Oliver for C? Next year
Haydo: look tmac, ur team is winning but us supercoach teams need you to go big to have a good week so get going
ReggieOz: lmao thx haydo!
DrSeuss: Brayshaw and Hogan – my uniques; opponents uniques – Oliver.
ReggieOz: and give Gawn a rev up for Wends
Wends: Haydo is Heizenberg mkII. Always good for a LIFT!! Anyone seen Heiz this year?
Pinkman: Go Oliver. Match Kelly and I might have a chance
MattyZ: Murder them, Melbourne
ReggieOz: Was about to call you a genius haydo lol
Gelly: crowd is looking quite sparse
Gelly: sparse*
BigChief: Has Clarry bought his own footy today?
Gelly: lol is sp-ar-se a banned word?
ReggieOz: lol @ Gelly thought you couldn’t spell
poolboybob: I guess ars.e is a bad word? Hahahaha
hinsch: The Carlton Suns is looking better every season
Haydo: hahaha reggie
ReggieOz: GC getting thier arse kicked <– melb joke get it lol
BigChief: Gold Coast Blues Hinch?
Haydo: Max, Tom, Christian P are to report to the principal’s office immediately
BigChief: hey GC this is why Lynch wants to leave your rabble club.
Haydo: Now, you three need to get a move on, take you’re peer: oliver’s lead you all haven’t got enough work done this week
poolboybob: AFL should merge the Suns and Blues, that team might win 6 or 7 games.
Gelly: i thought alps was a reference to melbourne supporters =P
shaker: Fuck shit cunt aresehole bastard just testing swear filter
shaker: HA ha spelt arsehole wrong
Hadouken: come on hogan, 2 more goals and its pay day 🙂
DrSeuss: Hogan will probably be the only forward to kick a single goal. SPUD
Haydo: Tom Mac get going, pleaseeeeee
The0Grrr: U forgot power @Shaker
shaker: Yep TheOGrrr but at least we can call each other bastards
SilverLion: Cmon Ollie catch Kelly
Pinkman: Yes @silverlion. Given up on my main SC final thanks to Kelly. But gee, Oliver. Back in it!
AFL Blues: I reckon Melbourne full-forwards will have a good last half. Full-forwards often do. Come on, Hogan & McDonald!
DrSeuss: Is Hogan being lazy, still injured or being ignored again this week?
The0Grrr: Hogan looked real sore last week. Surprised they didn’t rest him.
banksie: Cape for Sexton’s 3 goal second quarter
AFL Blues: Hogan: good goal.
ReggieOz: Ok I hate you lol
Haydo: Lol reggie maybe it only works once a round
colin wood: Petraccas score is laughable.
BigChief: Please explain why colin wood Mr SC scoring expert.
colin wood: 14 possesions @ 64% is hardly 81pts worth lol.
Haydo: Its called pressure acts collin wood
BigChief: You do know it’s not all about disp and eff right?
TheLegend6: What’s more laughable is Sexton only 59
colin wood: Was about to say that legend makes no sense…
BigChief: Spot on Legend. 5 goals and only 59 is laughable.
Hadouken: if oliver doesnt get 5 more possies, im going to cry
colin wood: Just checked AFL site no tackles, no 1%’s … and has now jumped to 85 laughable…
BigChief: if you want to play disp fantasy game play DT or AF
TigersMan1: Who wins? Neale, Gaff, Walters, Gawn, Angus Brayshaw vs Gawn(C), Mundy, Hurn + 150??
AFL Blues: Everyone’s going quiet… Hoping their players just get a few more possies and their opponents’ keep silent so they can
ReggieOz: Loose and hard ball gets are key to supercoach scoring
JRedden: brayshaw is simply unbelivable, a freak.
Apachecats: Oliver has scored well for such poor disposal.
pcaman2003: McDonal very disappointing,no goals in a goal fest.
toddyelton: how is there only a 1 pt difference between brayshaw and tracs scores

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