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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Carlton vs Collingwood

Chat log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R3 of 2018

Yelse: who is everyone Vc this week?
vartic: Had to be Cripps for me, only non player is Olango and Gawn / Goldstein both lock out early tomorrow
Yelse: yeah i tossing up between cripps and fyfe
wadaramus: Fyfe for me.
wadaramus: Don’t have Cripps!
Apachecats: went Laird VC and Dusty C
Apachecats: Actually considered Taylor Adams for VC ,playing 100th game and due for a good one.
NewFreoFan: Pies banner spelled tonight as tonihgt, they’ve taken it down again to fix it hahaha
wadaramus: Good grammar is always a good start!
valkorum: Doesn’t matter who is VC, Titch gonna kill it for C any way 🙂
BigChief: Gibbs as VC and Dusty as C
NewFreoFan: Oliver VC Mitchell C for me
Umpirespet: Gawn VC Titch C here and hey all
wadaramus: Got the C on Dusty, still undecided between him and TMitch.
Umpirespet: Chief rekon Gibbs and dusty will score similar
TheMessiah: Hi Guys!
BeastMode: how does ben crocker get a game… serious question
wadaramus: Barry Crocker…
BigChief: I would have Crocker in before Cox.
zadolinnyj: Gents
Umpirespet: Colliwobble fans should be worried I rekon
Snarfy: Go-Go-Garlett
MONEY TALK: mason cox as my C, in for a big one
TheMessiah: Collingwood will win this… surely
Breezey: No different to any other week Umpirespet
Umpirespet: I know Breezy but u don’t look on at all atm
RGriffen: Dow’s kicking in the AFL has been shocking
zadolinnyj: Where is carlton_99. I’m not sure how the umpires are going?
TheMessiah: Brought Fisher in this week! Hoping he goes 85+
wadaramus: Looping Garlett and Murray, go Simpson!
boo!: pedal minty
cusch1: Petrevski Seton is going to be a very good player. Already showing some strong glimpses
Chelskiman: Site frozen?
cusch1: Pedal away m0nty, pedal away!
Pokerface: kouta would have kicked it
m0nty: well that was a poorly timed ISP stuff up 🙁 sorry about that
Umpirespet: All good minty for a few minutes thought it was me lol
runt: treloar attacking the ball like a poodle attacking a shadow
Chelskiman: Happy with this start from Crisp! Let’s hope he can do it for four quarters though.
Terlob: I forgive you monty xoxo
Breezey: Not clean and not real composed.
anthsill03: dow will come good… goes in hard
cusch1: Why are they booing Kreuzer? Any reason?
Wends: I should be working, but just signed on to lol @Runt 🙂
Terlob: Theyre saying boourns
Umpirespet: Don’t they say krrruuuzzzz?
RGriffen: you can’t be serious…
TheMessiah: Kreuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzeeee – Pretty Sure?
anthsill03: its kreeeeeeeeeuzerrr
cusch1: He has a lot of work to do Anthsill, but he has plenty of time.
runt: weitering picking up where he left off
BigChief: I think you will find it is Kreuuuz @ cusch.
Breezey: They arent booing. Saying Krooz
circle52: Is it boo or the Krooooooozer
StuL: They’re not booing, they’re saying boo urns.
feralmong: Lol runt.
runt: Murray looks good
anthsill03: agree cusch only his third game so fingers crossed
Chelskiman: Lmao, Stu.
cusch1: Murray picks it up and first instinct is to run. Looks great though
Raspel31: Got all the good rookies this year-even Murray runt.
PieCannon: drop murray in draft and of course he kills it first quarter =(
BigChief: Kermit for Weitering?
Breezey: That’s rubbish on Cox
RGriffen: Coffield playing this week I can’t loop Murray onto the field
cusch1: Cox is very stiff there, an easy mark. Definitely did not manhandle his opponent
Chelskiman: Please stay low, Simpson. 🙁 Without doing anything he’s already smashing it.
RGriffen: Cripps should have had a quick shot and hoped that got reviewed
Umpirespet: Same griff put finlay on and murray on bench 🙁
RGriffen: excluding having to loop Doedee. My first year picking the right rookies on the field
zadolinnyj: reid looks like dr evils love child
StuL: Nice Murray
Rush: I went Murray on field. Been pretty lucky with cheapies this season
cusch1: First week of matches this round, and my opponent has his captain as B Mihocek…anyone know who that is?
duckky: Got the E on Murray. Sicily might just get a run instead of Dougal or Hibberd
Costanza: Crisps making me thirsty
Pokerface: agree cusch, cox was very stiff
Raspel31: Who managed loop?I couldn’t. Fyfe, Martin, Titch, Danger-hmm?
Yelse: regret not picking up fisher
feralmong: Pretty happy with Murray and Fisher both on the ground. Dow and Garlett bench.
Breezey: Mihocek plays for Collingwood. Will probably get a game at some stage
StuL: Miho is a pies mature age rookie.
Yelse: simpson has not been 100 on target missed kicks and handballs
duckky: Mihochek is on the list for Collingwood, unless there’s a delay, they stuffed up their C loophole
the worm: depends what he was aiming for
cusch1: Regardless, a solid captain choice in supercoach!!
TheMessiah: Lol, who is his VC @cusch?
circle52: @Raspel I am looping. have Olongo permanently on field. Going Fyfe into Mitchell. Tempted on Mitchell to Gaz
Pusti: Great quarter from Sidearse!
the worm: i’d kill to see sidey break titch’s record
Raspel31: My only non player plays too early circle-but good call.
TheMessiah: @theworm… not a chance
runt: Casboult looked at the ball and went…what the fuck is this?
cusch1: Liam Jones seems to just run at opposition players and hopes for the best
travo: havnt played SC for few years been playing UF.. but when is the lock out for captain and emg?
Wends: Evening Raspel. Can’t loop this round, but if I cld, wld VC Oliver. Either way NFI whether to C Dusty or Titch.
Raspel31: Pleasure as always Wends- no loop you or me.
cusch1: And his captain is Toby Greene!!??
wadaramus: Treloar playing FF!
supastarr: Treloar fully fit? Best mid at FF
zadolinnyj: I went fyfe
the worm: i’d kill to see taylor adams break titch’s record
RGriffen: playing forward might mean he can kick at over 70% for once
BigChief: The butcher played FF last week too @wada
Torz: Curnow with a hard tag on Sidebottom
Umpirespet: He may have given up cusch1 is the rest of his team crap?
Raspel31: You’ll have to kill a lot of people worm.
TheMessiah: @theworm… Not a chance
StuL: Carlton DO have some good kids finally, yet they’re still woeful. They’re a modern Fitzroy.
Wends: Thank God, still not into the groove of OCD’ly checking on scores/juggle loops all weekend.
BigChief: Best mid @supastarr? That would be Pendles.
Apachecats: Got MCox on the ground ffs.Need my head read.
anthsill03: yeh how many years u followed geelong for? i assuming maybe since 2008
Umpirespet: Not complaining Stul we get their 1st 2nd round pick
cusch1: UmpsPet, he has maybe 5 “Premium” players, and i say that including Daniher and Tex
zadolinnyj: Jones struggling on midfield forwards
Pokerface: lift Cox
Apachecats: Went Pies by 27pts ,not going to be enough.
RGriffen: game over
Wends: Whoa! Is that Fasolo or has his dad done a Fine Cotton?
Umpirespet: Yeah sounds like he gave up
Wends: Not that there’s anything wrong with that…
TheMessiah: Did you guys really start Mason Cox?
supastarr: onya bigchief just an opinion buddy. carry on
Pokerface: TheMessiah I just want Cox to lift
Wends: That joke never gets old @Poker, since 2001…
Breezey: I’d kill for Tom Phillips to hit a target. Just once
Pokerface: timeless Wends
Umpirespet: Fisher where r u?
Raspel31: Cox’s game is now in his own hands.
Umpirespet: Looking better Breezy
MONEY TALK: cox will hit the ton trust boys
BigChief: @Breezey Treloar been teaching him.
PureSwag: @Wends Mason Cox was like 13 in 2001. lol
Wends: Atleast his output is rising….
anthsill03: i am sorry but cox is no good, if he wasnt a yank he wouldnt play
cusch1: Weitering is just not up to AFL standard atm
feralmong: Weitering is a broken man. It’s sad to watch.
anthsill03: weiters looks lost so down on confidence
anthsill03: is carlton the worst tackling team in the comp?? so many broken tackles 🙁
BigChief: Weitering was great in his 1st year, but done nothing since.
DrSeuss: Murray – good. Stephenson if you could do something – that would be ideal
PureSwag: Just needs to play him in defence, to get it back up. Forward line is nothing.
cusch1: Weitering, Schache, Francis, what a waste of 3 top 10 picks
TheMessiah: Is Marchbank back on?
runt: Hoskin-Elliott-Thomas
the worm: marchbank is back on
wadaramus: Get your hands on it Simpson!
BigChief: We all know Weitering won’t be playing AFL next week.
wadaramus: It’s been down your end often enough!
Ash777: weitering maring itt up big time
TheMessiah: Also, where the hell did Fisher vanish to?
Raspel31: Get your hands on it Cox.
cammo92: @BigChief – playing him fwd last year stunted his development. Still think he’ll come good at some stage
Wends: Ahh young Swag, maybe I should’ve clarified… since D. Cox made weagles’ rookie list….
PureSwag: In Weitering draft class, Oliver was the best with Parish 2nd.
Breezey: Seriously if I was gunna have a crack at Weiters I would want to be better than Crocker.
Pokerface: it just hasn’t been down Cox’s end, that’s all.
anthsill03: leave him in defence, no point playing in the twos. leave him in the one position
PureSwag: Cox got 3 only 97 more to get that ton, I believe in you.
RGriffen: Dow can’t kick ahaha he was such a good kick in the juniors though
cusch1: Callum Mills and Daniel Rioli go alright too Pureswag
LuvIt74: Fisher went fishing
Pokerface: anyone still have dow?
BigChief: @PureSwag. Charlie Curnow better than Parish imo.
PureSwag: @cusch there props the top 4 in that draft class, Mills, Rioli, Oliver and Parish
Chelskiman: Stephenson the only one letting me down. Was undecided whether to field him or Fritsch. Think I made the wrong choice
Pokerface: cox working hard there.
RGriffen: on bench but hes gone next week to Danger
hinsch: Dow was first trade OUT
Wends: Worked underneath it, according to commentator.
cusch1: Burton in 5
Apachecats: Cox can’t take a trick with the umps
The39Steps: This now quiet damming for the Blues. Nearly 300 SC points behind suggests pressure and defence is an issue.
cusch1: Sam Murray has disappeared this quarter
anthsill03: losing doc and gibbs was always to make this year difficult – no excuses but it doesnt help
the worm: carlton were 16th last year and lost gibbs and docherty. not sure what people are expecting
Wends: Finally popped up!
MONEY TALK: he just got two touches but shit kicks
RGriffen: back to back turnovers
wadaramus: And hes still on 52SC cusch!
BigChief: Ball not in Pies defence for Murray to get it.
Pokerface: but apparently they have kouta this year the worm.
BeastMode: Carlton are SO flat footed, they wont mount a comeback like that
PureSwag: @theworm I think in my prediction ladder I put the Blues 14 unsure about that now
wadaramus: Carn Simpson get involved a bit more
Wends: Crap, just realised Stephenson still on my SC field.
zadolinnyj: Cox a bit stiff to be kicked to in a 4 on 1
the worm: I beleive carlton had kouta when they won their first wooden spoon
PureSwag: @Wends first question why do u have Stephenson in the first place.
Apachecats: He’s been stiff all night zad.
runt: Carlton so poor, even the pies supporters are flat
Raspel31: No happy endings for Cox.
Wends: Monty, Cox needs more USA flag. Plus needs own icon really.
TheOnyas: onya crispy
Pokerface: Cox real hard luck story from the night
Wends: I’m ok with him @Swag, me no complain – when I remember to leave him on my bench that is.
the worm: cox is a poor man’s mike pyke
zadolinnyj: What would you suggest for an icon wends?
Apachecats: Cox will come with a big spurt in the 2nd half.
zadolinnyj: Were u thinking bald eagle wends?
TheMessiah: Whats up with Crippsy tonight?
feralmong: How can a cox and a j Thomas be so far apart.
Umpirespet: Cox needs a long slong
LuvIt74: It looks like Titch will be my Captain this week…
TheMessiah: What would Garlett need to score to loophole him?
Umpirespet: icon
Wends: Minty stopped peddling to go make a 1/2 time cup o jarrah…
runt: The Pies clearly enjoying the game tonihgt
Raspel31: Yep-Titch for me Luvit.
Pokerface: don’t pick grundy, cox gets in the way they said
The39Steps: Half time poll.Commonwealth games: Most gold or most medals wins?
Raspel31: Cox may yet pull it off.
Wends: Eeew Apache!! And lololol the rest of u. Bald eagle perfect tho, @zad
TheBoy89: Dow out Barry in
wadaramus: Cox needs to get his hand off it.
TheBoy89: Thoughts?
Pokerface: oh your kidding me. how does my opponent have josh thomas.
wadaramus: A penny for yours @TheBoy?
Wends: Great fore…..sight there Raspel. Ppl are one eyed monsters where Mason concerned, just jealous.
wadaramus: Always the way Poker!
Chelskiman: I swear in every game this season my player has lost points at half time. NotLikeThis
BigChief: I think Carlton already have a spot picked out for the spoon.
TheBoy89: @wadaramus what do you mean?
cusch1: A penny for your thought, its a saying.
Umpirespet: SOS should be applauded for his draft picking
wadaramus: What did you mean?! I was asking what you were thinking.
Pokerface: think cox will explode in the second half
Umpirespet: Poker u think he needs a heat map?
TheBoy89: Ok
DirtyDawn: Evening all
cusch1: Dow would struggle to hit a barn door. Really poor accuracy
wadaramus: Greetings DD.
Apachecats: Evening DD
BigChief: Dow was meant to be 1 of the best disposals in U/18. Well the rest must be rubbish.
Wends: Evening Dawn.
Ash777: first year yips probably
BigChief: Grundy brings up the ton already.
Raspel31: Evening Dawn.
Wends: Marchbank still in the rooms by the sound of it.
The39Steps: Grundy SC ton. Cruise 36pts.
PureSwag: Evening DD
The39Steps: Hi DD. Couple of lazy pots on the way home?
TheMessiah: So glad I have Marchbank on field in draft 🙁
Ash777: much better by carlton
BigChief: Sav Rocca is a genious.
TheMessiah: Wish Cripps and Fisher would lift
wadaramus: Cox 100% DE from 4 handballs, magnificent!
TheBoy89: Simpson almost a must have
Wends: Ouch @Messiah.
PureSwag: Dow what a kick and got lucky
DirtyDawn: Indeed 39, must have been following me…..
RGriffen: another shank from Dow… Hits teammate on the chest
Wends: Fish n Cripps should be ok tho.
cusch1: Dow finally hits a Carlton jumper, too bad he was aiming for the goals 20 meters away…
Pokerface: kouta would have kicked it
DragonLass: Weitering’s mare can apply to his whole season so far
Breezey: All class Sidey
Nuffman: How are they judging effective disposal? I have seen Simpson not hit targets, but also not allowed teammate clean possie
anthsill03: You’re So tough rgriff.. have u got anything else to say.. rainman
BigChief: Umpires can not bounce the ball. Time to get rid of it.
The39Steps: plus 18! a new record?
cusch1: Weterings mare can apply to carltons season after 3 quarter time in round 1 Dragonlass
the worm: possibly if he drops the ball and it hits his foot, it is classed as effective
Rockafella: Dawn, what’s going on
Pokerface: @39 you realise the pluses arent for individual actions, they are cumulative since the previous update yeah?
feralmong: $ for fisher. He had a – BE
cusch1: Sam Murray sprinting through packs is great to watch
Chelskiman: Come on, Crisp, I need you to some how beat Simpson!
LuvIt74: Worm, Simpson should be a sniper hes just so good. What a gun…
DirtyDawn: Howdy Rocka, just home from Friday after work beers!! Does anything taste better than a Friday pint?
The39Steps: Sure am @pokerface. But Sidebums plus 18 is the biggest ive seen in a refresh.
Rockafella: At work drinking a peroni
stoo: Murray you bloodee bewdy
Pokerface: @39 you weren’t here before when m0nty wasn’t pedalling quick enough then
boo!: lift crapps
Rockafella: Side I’m is going well
The39Steps: Monty and exercise are distant cousins.
th3rio: I reckon ive seen a +30 on danger once before haha
Pokerface: rofl
anthsill03: Didnt nic nat score 40+ after the siren
Rockafella: Sidebum is going alright
Rush: I could use a +30 on cripps right about now
BigChief: Bont had a +40 last year.
luke394: Zac Fisher has imrpoved a heap since last year
feralmong: The Bowden brothers used to go +18 every quarter.
th3rio: Haha rush
cusch1: Big Chief he probably got that for giving away a free kick to CD love him that much
runt: Why is Reid wearing a swimming cap?
BigChief: You may be right cusch.
MONEY TALK: heheh cox is pushing
BigChief: Marchbank done m0nty
feralmong: Lol runt you are on fire tonite bud. Watch out Seinfeld.
wadaramus: Looking for a dip in the Yarra after the game?
Pokerface: come on cox get in there
Raspel31: I think Cox is shot.
cusch1: Maybe its a tribute for the commonwealth games Runt?
Pokerface: whoever was asking earlier how much does garlett need to be fielded, he’s probably hit it
anthsill03: Y do we keep kicking it to crisp
th3rio: Simpson keeps slowing down fml
BigChief: Howe you muppet.
Chelskiman: Wtf, is that the first mark that Howe has ever dropped?
original: garlett +60 = field him over english
cusch1: Howe dropping a mark, a Paddy Dow kick resulting in a Carlton goal, is the apocalypse happening?
jfitty: Simpson getting points for doing nothing this quarter haha
runt: The classic comedy of errors costs a goal
Chelskiman: @anthsill, I dunno but can you continue doing it?
BigChief: @anth because Carlton have him is their SC team.
wadaramus: Simpson doing nothing alright…do something!
cusch1: These Sportsbet commercials are great
luke394: If Garlett hits 70 ill be fielding him
RGriffen: Adams 5 point quarter in DT
runt: A classic Casboultian kick
Chelskiman: I’d take a 50 from Stephenson at this point.
th3rio: Oppt has garlett on field im relying on bung fritch to out score him
happytimes: Anyone trade in Simpson this week
cusch1: What is Stephenson’s BE?
wadaramus: 80 for me luke!
TheBoy89: Nope and opponent has him as vc
th3rio: I did happy, got rid pf hibberd who will prob get 140 this week
billnats: WENT Simpson in for Hibberd over Shaw. Watch them two explode this week week.
TheBoy89: Now I’m hopping hibberd goes bonkers
wadaramus: Get some junk Simpson!
anthsill03: Mismatch with jones make a move bolts
Raspel31: Grundy all over The Cruiser-hmm?
luke394: Is Matt Kennedy the new microphone head?
TheBoy89: Anyone go Cripps vc?
RGriffen: down arrow for Adams. Doesn’t even look likely fantasy relevant any more
RGriffen: yep have Cripps vc. Will just roll with Dusty by the looks
anthsill03: Suspension for steele?
Chelskiman: Grundy is a beast. Had him in an early team but was scared that Cox would take points from him.
TheMessiah: Fisher done?!
TheBoy89: Dusty or titch boys??
TheBoy89: For c
TheMessiah: Ignore please
feralmong: Fisher will have a conc test
feralmong: Anth danger went for less.
RGriffen: will be looked at potentially 1. Will depend on medical report
cusch1: If sidey is suspended then this game is gacked
BigChief: No chance Anth.
cusch1: They’ve already killed the bump, now theyre killing the tackle
RGriffen: Fisher back no worries
Wends: Fish back on
TheMessiah: God I hope fisher comes back on
Ash777: mrp = medical report punishers
Apachecats: Umps have killed the bounce as well cusch1
anthsill03: Yeh steele should be fine. I dont like players getting suspended for stuff like that
feralmong: Then Steele will be clear.
TheBoy89: Star Sidebottom
th3rio: Murray just went from like 73 to 86. Glad hes on my bench
original: wow
jfitty: Simpson kicks a clanger, goes up in SC points. Should have brought him in!
cusch1: All I ask for is 1 point per minute Murray. Get that man a tonne!
Apachecats: T Adams b/e 202 gunna absolutely burn dollars.Got to go for mine.
BigChief: Glad I have Murray on my field.
TheMessiah: @Cheilksman great pick with Crisp man!
DragonLass: bullshit that did not hit his head
cusch1: If Carlton had kicked straight, we’d have a game on our hands
Chelskiman: @TheMessiah, cheers! Hopefully this isn’t a one off though.
luke394: cmon big finish Cripps
Lodgy: Howe will he junk up?
anthsill03: Pies midfielders have killed us all night.
Chelskiman: Did someone say before their opponent has Josh Thomas? If so, ouch!
Apachecats: Cox stiff again ,takes mark ,team mate gets a free.
The39Steps: 18 scoring shots each. 30pts the diff.
Nuffman: Put your hand if you you’re one the schmucks that went hibbo -> Simpson 🖐️
kano: Monty is cooked, Sidey best on ground by an absolute fucking street
wadaramus: I went B.Ellis to Simpson.
Wends: Stephenson on my field if that makes you feel any better Nuffman.
th3rio: I was too nuffff. Also murray on bench..glad opt has him on bench too tho
TheBoy89: @kano ikr I said before Steele star
th3rio: Fair call on grundy, demolished arguably the best ruckman in the comp
RGriffen: give Murph the gun, Sidey the star, Grundy xfactor. He’s smashed Krooz today
Raspel31: Nuffman-had Simpson from day 1- where you coming from? He’s a gun
Lodgy: I like Montys call on star. Sidey been seagulling halfback
Nuffman: Thanks Wends. Th3rio…me too, good thing I Have Keefe I can put on..but who for? Thinking Finlayson
Apachecats: Got Murray on bench and can loophole him cos MO’Connor not in.
billnats: SIMPson will scale up to 100 and I’ll accept that happily
Nuffman: @raspel: I was swapping between him and Hibbo for D1. Thought Hibbo would step it uo
Wends: Cox catching everything now.
Apachecats: Here comes big Cox
Pokerface: chelski – yep, that was me 🙁
th3rio: Yep finlay, surely doedee will smash over saints attack
billnats: More worried about Cripps score
Pokerface: big cox in front
runt: Reid capping off a fair night with a goal
cusch1: 16.4 is great kicking for goal
RGriffen: carn Cripps kick another goal
the worm: cox really stands up when he is being double teamed
BigChief: Grundy best on easily. Sidebottom been getting the cheap disposals.
Pokerface: took a while but cox starting to lift now
Wends: He clearly heard you rogering him poker.
wadaramus: AFL HTB rule is a deadset fucking farce.
Raspel31: Yep, Cox is coming Poker.
MONEY TALK: cox will get the ton
wadaramus: All of us who grew up playing Aussie Rules have no idea what the AFL HTB rule is.
Pokerface: it wasn’t a good performance but he wants to finish well
luke394: I hope Hibberd out scores Simpson and burns everyone who traded him
Raspel31: Misunderstood Nuff-NUFF SAID.
th3rio: Simpson junk time
Apachecats: He’ll get a ton MT but it will take him 3 games to do it.
Wends: What’s the crowd size? anyone, anyone?
anthsill03: Who is everyones worst on ground – mine is either lamb or wright
th3rio: Even if that happens luke simpson will be more consistent all year tbh
wadaramus: Hope so th3rio 🙂
TheMessiah: The umps hate Cripps… Jesus
jfitty: Trash can Simpson too
billnats: Hibberd bleeding cash regardless. I’ll take Simpson’s plus 100
Breezey: Stock standard ton from DePendlebury
runt: The Blues have not improved Best players very good but the next 16 are very average
cusch1: It’s official. The tackle is now dead. May we all take a moment of silence. RIP
BigChief: That is a shower decision.
Wends: I feel like a wistful ex, a bit painful not having Pendles on my team.
Breezey: That will deadset do me for a dangerous tackle
wadaramus: Free kick “his head is in a vulnerable position” WTF?
StuL: Stop over officiating umps. This has been a bit of a game of free kick ball.
luke394: do you take Garlett’s 65 or play Fritsch?
the worm: the rules are fine, the umpires are the problem
BigChief: BT says crowd about 68k. What would that flog know.
Snarfy: Murray’s price has probably gone up by another 20K after tonights effort:)
billnats: FA killed cripps. Kicking it to the opponents in the first half didn’t beheld either
Raspel31: pendles long past a primo Breezey.
th3rio: Fritsch imo
Wends: Murray oWhat were the odds of Murray outscoring Cripps?
runt: The head is sacrosanct but also sticks out a fair bit.
wadaramus: It’s a close call luke, will need to mull it over!
Breezey: Just
Breezey: How long past. Tons up every week
Wends: It still hurts tho Raspel, that was the end of a beautiful, long term relationship 🙁
Nuffman: With so many #1’s and top drafting picks, surely Carlton are the most disappointing team of the last 13years?
Pokerface: $ garlett
Pokerface: if bucks doesnt stuff about his position, pendles is still rolled gold. unfortunately thats a big if
RGriffen: Sidey wins the medal

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