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Chat log from P1 of 2018: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, P1 of 2018

RGriffen: how was that not a free to Stringer? Bloke gets hit in the head bleeding forced off and it was play on
penguins00: Head clash
RGriffen: Parish on fire
RGriffen: still the tackler accident of not meant to be a free
bones351: Incidental contact on Stringer. He hasn’t had a good clean possession yet. Too slow to dispose of the ball.
bones351: Hopefuly he picks up the pace of the midfield game.
penguins00: He looked a bit out of sync early. Saad and Smith looking promising though
RGriffen: this is ugly so far. Essendon zoning deep and wide to stop run and carry. All but 1 tigers shot have been hit up passes
RGriffen: Zerrett looks done for the day
StuL: Stringer looks like a big bull of a fwd trying to play midfield. Don’t seen it lasting.
cusch1: Confirmed: Stringer back on
SilverLion: I’m gunna find it hard to watch Richmond games this year. Commentary is all Dusty and Rance love
seeker11: Agreed StuL
RGriffen: Saad caught ball watching haha
RGriffen: geez Lambert rarely sighted
SilverLion: Smith impressive, playing solely midfield
RGriffen: Draper looking decent. I like him as a bench option
TheLegend6: Anyone else looking at Graham as a M6? Good price and will play through middle/forward.
SilverLion: I’ve got Coniglio at M6. Think Graham is awkwardly priced
penguins00: I think Graham could be a decent option
StuL: Smith is locked. Stringer is and always was a Lumumba of a selection.
RGriffen: I don’t have Cogs, injury prone as a SC option. Had Graham locked in
RGriffen: can’t believe Corey Ellis is doing this

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