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Chat log from R9 of 2017: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R9 of 2017

JockMcPie: Neale and Murphy to have stinkers
DrSeuss: Picked Neale this week over Titch, Danger and Hanners – time to shine
All Reds: yeah also wanting neale to struggle, hoping for a decent docherty
AngryRyno: oooh yeah Zisher
luke394: I missed Danger Vc Friday night, I’ve had Pendles, GOldy, Hanners and I stuck with Fyfe C he better reward me
Pokerface: walters in the middle lyon. you know you want to
DrSeuss: Marchbank, Fyfe and Capt Neale – perfect finish to a shite first bye week
9inch: Thomas looks like a burger these days
JRedden: do soemthing fyfe you spud
Pokerface: good start micky
m0nty: Freo such a mercurial side.
BeastMode: purple Rain
luke394: cmon Fyfe u rat I need a good score just this week
Tommo2909: That’s unlucky @luke394
9inch: Almost a match winning lead already in this weather
jgilf: Of course I play Myers over Fisher 🙁
Pokerface: forced to field hannan, barrett and fisher this week. 😀
DrSeuss: Freo trying to do a Collingwood style comeback? It’s freaking Carlton – how can you not score in a quarter.
dipstick: % blue boys. let’s destroy this shambles 😈
Heizenberg: Hi dipstick, up
Heizenberg: Hi dip, up the blues!!!
penguins00: I also took Myers emg score over playing Fisher 🙁
TheBoy89: holy fuck just logged on and saw doc and fisher
TheBoy89: wtf marchbank not again
AT_123: Captained Docherty, keep going you flowering legend
LMartos: when you doubt Docherty’s captaincy and change to Fyfe :((((((((
LuvIt74: wish i had fisher on field rather then Marchbank bloody hell
Hooks: Marchbank getting robbed as of late.
Tommo2909: Sandi bing robbed???
Tommo2909: Sandi being robbed???
Pokerface: why do people ask if someone is being robbed as if the scores are wrong?
Tommo2909: Up to 22 now. Must have just been slow to load
JockMcPie: Cmon Simmo, Sandi and Fyfe…
Pokerface: no, he is now being effective withhis disposals
pcaman2003: Fyfe no longer a beast.
Pokerface: and not getting as many taps sharked. people don’t get ‘robbed’
DrSeuss: FFS – traded Rockliff to Neale and put him as Capt. FMAF
TyCarlisle: why would you trade out rockliff
AngryRyno: he’s out for a couple of weeks, trade in AF but hold in 30 trade formats
DrSeuss: In AF – 2 trades a week and Rockliff is out 2 weeks + bye – well that was the initial story
Sloaneyyyy: Kept rockliff but only because Beams came back
luke394: please Nat
StuL: Doherty is an unstoppable beast. Should have got him at 580k
JockMcPie: Will get Doc after his bye, wish I started with him over Shaw
DrSeuss: Really don’t want to wait until the bye to trade out Fyfe – so disappointing
LMartos: had the skipper on Doch for a week then doubted him last minute, so stupid
JRedden: fyfe isnt even the best player at freo anymore
jxxxxk: If you dont have Docherty, Laird and Adams as your backline in SC then you’re an idiot
dipstick: need a 1 fifty 7 doch. can you prescribe please!
luke394: I going to lose all my cash leagues cos I have Fyfe C
JRedden: why would you C fyfe? hes been in shocking form
luke394: wouldnt u say he’s due @JRedden?
JRedden: nah, you gotta see 1 good game before you go captaining him
TheBoy89: pendles for fyfe
dipstick: shaw and fyfe are fantasy smoked
Pokerface: luke saying someone is due is like saying ignore form completely. You could captain daisy, after all he is due.
man0005: pendles for lyfe
TheBoy89: i have adams,doc and laird
luke394: well I VC’d Bont and didn’t trust Hanners or Pendles so didn’t know who else to go lol
9inch: Wouldn’t be captaining fyfe until he has shown some form.
JockMcPie: Fuck off Neale
9inch: Chose Zerrett over Neale today. Not unhappy but was hoping Neale might go down in price by after his bye. Gun.
TheBoy89: lol fisher 0 that quarter
Raspel31: 9inch-why would he go down after a bye?
LuvIt74: Fisher done nothing that qt
MONEY TALK: yes go murphy
wadaramus: Pull out your finger Fyfe.
Stuart88: How many goals from free do they want what’ a joke
MONEY TALK: go sandi,fyfe murphy and marchbank
9inch: Few low scores go down in price and be cheaper after his bye rd.
Stuart88: Thomas gone for the day
MONEY TALK: holy scrap sandi is he having alot of HO to advantage ?
StuL: Freo games are the worst to watch. Good on you Ross
colin wood: Hey guys not watching game but what has cripps done injury wise? Serious?
TheBoy89: omg sandi
dipstick: FRS docherty do something
boo!: cmon cape up fyfey
Stuart88: He’s still out on the ground playing just sore
jxxxxk: I hope its serious so you have to make a sc trade colin wood
StuL: Cool. Knee but just a knock to it I think.
StuL: Col
dipstick: fucken do something docherty you’re fucken killing me ya flog
JockMcPie: Lift Simpson and Fyfe
colin wood: Cheers Stu.
9inch: You just know Freo will run over the top of Carlton in the last. 2 men down and away.
myteamsuks: Dipstick are you kidding? Flog? Bit much
Raspel31: Taberner might be a good pick up after the byes. Certainly cheap.
luke394: Fyfe’s kicking is absolutely horrendous atm
dipstick: give dochers a magnifier glass. drip hasn’t touched it for 35 mins
MontyJnr: you’re a joke dipstick, have a good hard look at yourself/your life
SwaggyP: Brady Grey looks like the type of bloke that wears fox and unit clothing. Parasite.
JRedden: dipstick please shut up, docherty is fine
SilverLion: The hell Simpson…
carlton_99: How was that not 15 was a joke. Bloody crap umpires again today.
dipstick: yeh he’s great. a senior player who disappeared the whole of qtr 3.
carlton_99: Every contest is Free to freo. This is disgusting
myteamsuks: Shut up ffs. Oh and danger disappeared for a whole qtr on Friday night too remember.
Raspel31: He did it just to spite you dipstick. Not a team player.
SilverLion: Pumpkin for Taberner on the cards
anthsill03: @jredden Agree
StuL: Special WA rules 99. Always has been. You need to stop Walters though. Flower Walters
the worm: i must say this is probably the first time i can say that the home teamisnt being favored by the umps
Heizenberg: Fuck, cmon blues
J_Herer: Blues a few short on the bench, played a great 1st half
myteamsuks: Umpires been good
cold pies: Doc please outscore Murphy!!
Raspel31: Miss you Rocky but Neale makes the loss a little less poignant.
carlton_99: @theworm u have no clue
9inch: Gotta ask though where is Doc? Been so good then just stopped. But still another Qtr so not too worried
dipstick: take off qtr 3 and let them kick 5 goals dochers. awesome leadership slacker
SilverLion: Dochertys only 23 dipstick, have a go at Simpson :/
StuL: Good qtr doc. Let’s not go too nuts so I can get you after the bye.
J_Herer: Happy i held Williamson
myteamsuks: The game is all freo way , we are not dictating, that’s when docherty gets his cheap kicks. Move on to another club
anthsill03: You have no idea dipstick
the worm: i think we all agree the umps have been great. best officiated game of the round so far
duckky: Lol worm
dipstick: @myteam that’s funny coming from someone who whinges about umps and not players efforts
NewFreoFan: Carlton ferals out in force this game lol
Raspel31: Ha-indeed they are NewFreo
Manowar: Umpires cheating against Carlton again
StuL: Melb weather. Adv Carlton.
the worm: definitely a mark to casboult. good call umps again
SilverLion: If Doch could stay under 100 I’d be ecstatic, if Simpson could outscore Doch I’d be over the moon
Heizenberg: Cmon blues
Heizenberg: Were not Ferals freo fan!!!
dipstick: @silver don’t worry he’s barely touched it since 20 min mark of the 2nd
JRedden: about bloody time fyfe
ajconodie: Fyfe showing why you never write off a champion.
NewFreoFan: I dunno Heizen, you been reading chat?
StuL: Straight in to Simpsond back called holding the ball. Now that was rubbish.
LMartos: Docherty has become a turnover merchant
mardyb: fyfe showing CD’s bias
Manowar: I am a feral @NewFreoFan got a problem with that?
Heizenberg: Yes but please don’t speak for all blues fans
Heizenberg: I guess you weren’t
LMartos: conditions are too poor for Doherty, needs clear skies
Heizenberg: Please blues
9inch: Ok now im getting worried Doc. Need 110 sc from you and Sandi. Both stopped
MONEY TALK: good murphy now need marchbank,fyfe and ssandi
Heizenberg: Who’s watching? Carlton any chance?
anthsill03: On ya doc. I will support even when u struggle not other like so called supporters lol
Heizenberg: Never give up boys!!!
TheBoy89: i love u 9inch
Raspel31: Whoops dipstick
MONEY TALK: there u go guys docerty plus 10
Heizenberg: Yeah exactly anthsill
BestCoast: Heiz always a chance against the Floggers
frenzy: blues bagging each other,Lol
9inch: Goal Doc!!. But Freo? As long as we win lol
Heizenberg: I don’t like non genuine supporter s
myteamsuks: Agree anthsill
The Hawker: Murphy left groin pain apparently? is he back on?
StuL: Rookie wall for Marchbank
Heizenberg: Thanks best coast
TheBoy89: omg neale fuck off
StuL: Murphy’s fine. Her on. Commentators making drama
shaker: And people were saying Fyfe was going to steal points off Neale this year…. wrong
Ladbrokes_: Fancy getting a touch fyfe?
BestCoast: Frenzy great ticker shown by the Roos today congratulations
Heizenberg: Damn Carlton ;-(
frenzy: the comeback was on the cards for awhile there
MONEY TALK: this is going to be connor blakely’s 4th game in a row going 100 plus
Heizenberg: Effort seems good, with two injuries
Raspel31: Not sure I’ve ever seen a player ger 2 touches-whoops, 3. Well done Taberner.
dipstick: @heizen stop whinging. you defend dochers when he doesn’t touch it for 50 mins and freo kicks 8 goals
The Hawker: 3 touches, 93% tog…. lol
the worm: I only barrack for my team when they are winning alot
Tommo2909: Fyfe looks tired. I gues he has had 29 touches and it has been raining all day
dipstick: can’t afford our defensive leaders to disappear when our fwd line is shite
StuL: Maybe next week a wall for Marchbank but he’s very close to done.
Heizenberg: Look what he’s done all year dipstick
9inch: That bandage is impairing Docs vision. Two clangers in a row
Heizenberg: I haven’t been watching and I didn’t actually defend him
Apachecats: Evening all ,just home from Ess v WCE
TyCarlisle: Zac fisher did really well after quarter time :—–)
Heizenberg: It’s not his fault we conceded 8, impossible man!!!
Raspel31: Absolutely Heize-a bloody bandage around his head, 26 touches, a goal…
Apachecats: Any one else buying Danger this week ,price won’t go any lower after this weeks revision.
MONEY TALK: good win, kept yeo to a low score (:
BestCoast: Congratulations Apache slapped us like a red headed steppy
CamT: Only 24% of SC coaches have Docherty ?
frenzy: We’ll sort out the Baggers next week
Raspel31: Who won Apache?
Heizenberg: Thanks raspel
MONEY TALK: surely fyfe can finish over 100 please
Heizenberg: Just not good enough Yet, freo are no joke this year
m0nty: hmm Marchbank with a bit of junk
Heizenberg: Freo 5th now
MONEY TALK: in b4 fyfe gets 3 99’s in a row
shaker: Blakely tagging Murph ha ha both 120+
Apachecats: Yes MT Yeo tried hard and Raspel ,we just fell in by 10 goals.
MONEY TALK: good ton sandi
The Hawker: fyfe – 99sc back to back, can he do it again? haha
Raspel31: I know Apache-just wanted to hear again. Thanks.
myteamsuks: Yeah 27 possessions and a goal, you’re terrible docherty. Pfft.
MONEY TALK: looks like freo threw us out the top 8
StuL: Another home town decision against mb
TheBoy89: fyfe=trash
tankin: bombers back on the peps
frenzy: Leuzer is on fire lately
boo!: no duigan no carltank
the worm: carlton lost it by giving away so many frees
SilverLion: How is that not a pumpkin for taberner? Seriously…
MONEY TALK: probs time for marchbank to go
Panther: Cripps robbed of about 5 tackles!
Manowar: Umpires cheated

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