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Chat log from R9 of 2017: Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Melbourne vs North Melbourne, R9 of 2017

frenzy: go roos
JockMcPie: Bit quiet in the chat
banta: need goldy and mcdonald to go huge here
korza: How does Hannan get a game. Fk me
banta: dees are classic at winning games they shouldn’t then losing ones they are expected to
BaxterR: who got first goal?
jgilf: Great start Oliver and EVW! First good news for me today
m0nty: Brown did
BaxterR: Cheers
banta: they gonna pay that mcdonal tackle?
CBeezDeez: Here we go again…. Losing when favourite again!
banta: soft oliver get up boy
CBeezDeez: Goldie for 200 today?
Pokerface: bandaid for cunnington. is he still in the rooms?
man0005: Swallow needs to retire
Chelskiman: Sundays are the death of me in tipping. Had 0 going into today, picked Eagles and Melbourne.
ReggieOz: Why is our best defender in the forward line??
banta: how was that tackle not in the back against jones? literallly pile drove and landed on him
CBeezDeez: Hope so Poker. My opp has him in h2h!
CBeezDeez: But ye has Goldie also :-((
Pokerface: jogging on the boundary now
Torz: Happy with my Goldy pickup this week, so far.
Pokerface: keeping weight off it when jogging.
9inch: Took the chance on Hannan over Parsons 47. Why lol
ReggieOz: Oliver looking very ginger?
Pokerface: im with you CBD – i bet higgins would get more sc than he would!
Panther: Monty. Looks like vince is tagging higgins
Pokerface: lol reggie
Chelskiman: LaHug’s prediction of Goldy getting 160 is looking good.
Heizenberg: Hi guys
LuvIt74: Was looking to bring SMartin in so Nank comes into my forward line but Goldy is really looking good
Heizenberg: Match day anyone?
9inch: Im 6/6 tipping need another big come back here.
CBeezDeez: Gday Heiz. Had me worried 4a moment Reggie
Heizenberg: Hi beez
CBeezDeez: Yeah me Heiz. But 1044 from Coll/Haw game ladt night!
Heizenberg: Wtf??? Are you serious 9inch? If so well done
Heizenberg: I think I’m killing match day 🙂
Gordo450: Brilliant Reggie
Heizenberg: On 272 quarter time
Heizenberg: Wow that’s good deep, where did that rank🦅
CBeezDeez: Cool Heiz. I put Goldie C.
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
luke394: Goldy lost 10 points for a clanger thats fair
Heizenberg: Same man
Heizenberg: Hi dirty
Heizenberg: Where did you rank last night deez?
Heizenberg: If Cunnington done then hope Higgins goes into the true mud as a follower
Heizenberg: I say that win all respect to Cunnington
CBeezDeez: Nah not me with 1044 unfortunately. That’ll be the $1k winner i reckon.
DirtyDawn: Wanted: A working heart. Please contact the West Coast Eagles for further info. Willing to pay top dollar!!!
J_Herer: Higgins did this last week, slow 1st, then got his 90
Heizenberg: Where did you Finnish I’m asking? My hugest this year is 18
CBeezDeez: 230 qtr time 4 me. Waite killing me!
banta: someone deck jones and put him out he’s costing me my game
Heizenberg: You can check the app deez 🙂
Pokerface: hannan!!!
CBeezDeez: Was that 4 the round Heiz?if so bloody well done!
Heizenberg: I went brown over Waite
pies13: hey monty these pop ups in the middle of the scores starting 2flower me off!
Heizenberg: A frothing Ago I rhink
Heizenberg: Fortnight*
Pokerface: flame up hannan, he’s on fire!
Heizenberg: @beez individual matches in taking
9inch: Yes Hannan
banta: goldstein being manhandled, should have 6 more fres. dodgey dees brutes
ReggieOz: Wow the dees targeting the softest player on the ground
Gotigres: Wow Hannen, i’m pleasantly surprised!
NoneyaB: higgins in trouble?
feralmong: How do u manhandle goldy. Tickle his ankles at best.
CBeezDeez: Got 7th dogs tiges game my best this year
CBeezDeez: Lol Feral
pies13: any1 else have this problem?
Pokerface: its higgins they are after
Pokerface: leave him alone!
Pokerface: i hear ya pies13
banta: how is pederson winning taps against goldy? get off the ground gldstein!
banta: vince is a dog. suspend him out of the game.
scrappers: how did higgins lose 7 sc points for a free and a point?
Pokerface: this is getting vicious
JRedden: pedersen is the real deal till the other rucks come back
Pokerface: he gave away a free scrappers
CBeezDeez: Same here @pies. Im on a tablet. U?
J_Herer: lol Higgens tagged, you would think Ziebell is most influential
Pokerface: cunnington in trouble for that? not that vince didnt deserve it
scrappers: no he didnt he got 1 and missed the goal!
CBeezDeez: What odds broken nose Viney today?
TyCarlisle: haha all the people with higgins lol. Keep going Vince
pies13: @cbeezdeez laptop
ajconodie: @CBeez – he should go down the Chick path and just have it amputated.
Pokerface: sure scappers, he lost 7 sc just from getting a free and kicking a point. you asked and i told you.
Heizenberg: Keep going Higgins, more tackles 🙂
DrSeuss: Oliver do not stop!!
LuvIt74: Traded vince out this week & couldn’t care less if he managed to ton up coz he’ll score a 50 again next week
pies13: @cbeezdeez laptop
ReggieOz: Tag Ziebel ffs
CBeezDeez: Oush @Aj
Heizenberg: Fuck yes Higgins!!!!
LuvIt74: EVW doing well
CBeezDeez: Adblocker dont help @pies?
Heizenberg: Awesome kick Higgins!! Dot stop
LuvIt74: EVW could end up making a decent amount of cash at this rate. Only negative 1 so should make $30+k
the worm: scrappers, you have an alias dont you?
ReggieOz: Mitch hannan playing a great game
9inch: Looks like my Hannan or take Parsons 47 has paid off already 🙂
heppelitis: Hannan carrying my fledgling sc team to a win lol
poolboybob: Blue moon watch for Hannon
Gotigres: Hannan you STAR
duckky: Its like buying a $3 bottle of wine hand somehow when you hold onto it long enough…
LuvIt74: @9inch when they score those kind of numbers “47” you have more to gain by rolling the dice. good move
standog: Traded in Goldy this week and made him captain…looking alright so far
heppelitis: to true duckky
heppelitis: yup duckky well said
Heizenberg: Hi hepp
Heizenberg: Game needs a Big Mac symbol there’s that many McDonald’s out there
All Reds: traded in pedersen this week
Raspel31: Hmm Mr Waite-we’ll call you.
J_Herer: Oliver on the ground?
Heizenberg: Hiw you going now beez? I’m on 470
Heizenberg: Need a big quarter from Ben brown
CBeezDeez: 453 Heiz. Bloody Waite hurtin me still!
Heizenberg: Okay good luck
Heizenberg: Oliver killing me now 🙁
SC_brAh: FFlower off Hannan you fkner
CBeezDeez: U2 m8. Reckon +/-550 would leading atm…
Strskes: Go Sam Weideman GO!
Heizenberg: Maybe but it’s a bit low scoring game I feel
zadolinnyj: Gents
Heizenberg: Would be the bet if your could check live rankings
zadolinnyj: If Goldstein beats higgins this half I will steal a paid league win
Heizenberg: Hi Zad
zadolinnyj: Heiz.
CBeezDeez: How do Zad & true Heiz
zadolinnyj: Hey mate
zadolinnyj: Match day on track heiz
duckky: Dumb Question – I had Ems on both BArrett and Bolton (BArrett was higher but Bolton was first). Which one do I get ?
Heizenberg: Thanks Zad
Heizenberg: Let’s hope it
Heizenberg: Continues 😉
Pokerface: @ducky the lowest.
Heizenberg: Or should I say continue$
AngryRyno: lowest emg score counts
duckky: Thanks AngryRyno
duckky: Thanks Pokerface
Heizenberg: Hi angry ryno
Heizenberg: That’s the shit brown!!!
CBeezDeez: Jesus Melb! Stop playing like Ur still bottom of the ladder will yaz!!
Thedude24: Is oliver injured. Whats he doing?
StuL: Oliver is finally hung.
CBeezDeez: I can feel my tablet & tv combining any moment now!😈😈
DrSeuss: Lowest TOG for Oliver – what’s up with him?
StuL: Oliver is human that was meant to be.
CBeezDeez: Nice free kick count umps!
StuL: Rubbish kicking Missy
TheBoy89: oh fuck i have hannan on the field
Heizenberg: I know, could
Heizenberg: Should be 85’or so Higgins
Heizenberg: Bad kicking Higgins
Yelse: not watching today. is oliver getting tagged?
Thedude24: Oliver had 64 tog when i last checked it before half time. Surely something’s up?
TheBoy89: Wtf oliver off again and keep lifting hannan
Heizenberg: Oliver gonna cost me match day 🙁
Beast_Mode: give waite the mare
TheBoy89: oliver isn’t getting tagged but just can’t anywhere near the ball and he keeps getting benched
duckky: Hannan to ton?
TheBoy89: wtf oliver
banta: my god viney is an arrogant flog. was there any need in that?
banta: pretty boy viney hope he gets his jaw broken
CBeezDeez: Im gawn! C U in the next game!
standog: Put the curse on Goldy that qtr jeepers
J_Herer: Oliver #handballs
akbal: Good thing I traded in Waite this week…
Heizenberg: I’m 644 now…. probably no chance 🙁
Heizenberg: What you think boys?
TheBoy89: hanann looking solid
TheBoy89: only +2 for an effective kick for hannan
TheBoy89: finally oliver!
Erich1036: @theboy89 do you know how kicking is actually scored in SC? You only get a couple of points for short or backwards kicks
TyCarlisle: only 1 point if a kick goes backwards. Read the SC scoring system
TheBoy89: it wasn’t backwards tho
gr0sbY: @erich no one knows how the scoring works for any disposal, those that say they do are lying
9inch: Go dees!
TheBoy89: i admit i know nothing about scoring
dipstick: watchoo talking about Vickers Willis? I need DT points not sc
Erich1036: @gr0sbY Ineffective: 0; Backwards: 1; Long (40+ metres) to a contest: 2; Short: 3; Long to advantage: 5
Erich1036: Clanger (unforced error): -3, you’re welcome
BeastMode: would be happy with an oliver 90
MONEY TALK: so glad i shit my self on putting VC ON danger, pendels and titch becasue ppl told me they would get tagged
MONEY TALK: so glad i shit my self on putting VC ON danger, pendels and titch becasue ppl told me they would get tagged
MONEY TALK: great to know i put the C on oliver
MONEY TALK: hibberd can save me for olivers low score as C mark robbinson has danger as C
gr0sbY: @erich thanks for proving my point
AngryRyno: if Mark Robinson is your biggest competition then who gives a flip
MONEY TALK: if u have a look at the st kilda game comments m last comments were titch or oliver for C
DrSeuss: Oliver on the bench again after his goal and start to the quarter??
MONEY TALK: i wanna give mark his first loss in my league
Erich1036: @gr0sbY I’ve watched live scoring for years and documented as much as I can, but okay champ
Pokerface: money talk i don’t think anyone intends going to that game just to read your comments
AngryRyno: then yourself and your league are shizen
BestCoast: Roos gutsy
MONEY TALK: nm me just taking some frustration out lol, last week was my first week where my C went over 100
gr0sbY: @erich oh you’ve watched live scoring for years “champ”? wow, first time for me
J_Herer: Roos have done well this week, they were horrible last week
m0nty: good tackles Clayton
Breezey: Oliver finishing well.
MONEY TALK: idk y im worried about mark im gonna score 2200 plus
BestCoast: Goldmember
AngryRyno: as you should in a week with such big scores
Erich1036: @gr0sbY I’ve posted on my findings on many sites where it is held in very high regard as being very close to spot on…
faisca7: Keep going Goldy you beautiful bastard
Erich1036: But hey, what would I know..
J_Herer: Time to get Goldy i think
MONEY TALK: some supercoach page predicted goldy to go big
Heizenberg: Ended on 868 I think
gr0sbY: @erich wow very high regard you say? you must be so proud. keep patting yourself on the back “champ”

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