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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Fremantle vs Geelong

Chat log for Fremantle vs Geelong, R1 of 2017

Pokerface: zac smith late out
LuvIt74: Sandi should go nuts
Pokerface: captain sandi?
LuvIt74: This is a ordinary start, I reckon the average in SC will be around 2200+
LuvIt74: its worth a try
LuvIt74: then again Dangerfield should be your captain more security unless they play him forward at times
J.Worrall: Sandi is what Sandi does …
Yelse: Deciding take 134 or danger captain
JockMcPie: Take it
LuvIt74: I took Gawns 128 not worth the risk – look what Sloan done
westy501: i would have a much better team if we i new how everyone would score before lockout
vartic: I took the risk on Danger instead of taking Gawns score, worst case happens he goes bad and a shit score remains shit
vartic: best case he saves my ass
JockMcPie: I’m hoping for a score above 2250, everyone else?
LuvIt74: @vartic there are rumours that he might play forward mate
LuvIt74: I’m projected to score 2130
LuvIt74: you’re doing well Jock
oc16: on 2142 with fyfe to go in fantasy
LuvIt74: I’m presuming the average will be around 2200 – I’m talking SC
feralmong: Was tracking for a big sc score. Last 2 games pushed that back
Kenny27: hard to predict an av until you see dangers score alot of ppl will be riding him with the C
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
Vinstar: Going with Fyfe as my c, hopefully he goes larger then danger
Jogrrr: fyfe or danger cap could be the difference
feralmong: Now about 1800 with danger Fyfe tuohy McCarthy to go
LuvIt74: I hope he scores all you reedy turds a 90 coz his average wasn’t even 134 last year
LuvIt74: greedy
LuvIt74: if you have VC who scores 120+ then its foolish not taking it
mattmac24: @LuvIt, who are you talking about?
J.Worrall: wow, everyone gets 1 SC point for turning up!
Vinstar: @Luvit my vc was lynch unfortunately
Chelskiman: Really need Selwood to have a shocker. I’m 100 odd behind with Danger (C) + Stewart v Selwood.
mattmac24: SC H2H hasn’t started yet thank god
LuvIt74: @vinstar then thats different but there are several on here who had their VC score 128 & 134’s who were contemplating i
IHateChat: Sandilands captain.
LuvIt74: @mattmac i was saying those who had their VC score 120+ but decided to roll the dice with going Selwwod As there C is nu
LuvIt74: nuts
LuvIt74: sorry Danger as their C not Sellwood
mattmac24: @LuvIt fair enough.. People not taking 120+ as a VC score is stupid
DrSeuss: Fyfe – quiet to start.
Kenny27: loving fyfe’s sc you beauty!
DragonLass: Fyfe 60 SC points already, on the way to crack 1000! LOL
mattmac24: SC scores going crazy once again
Brad_J: when will CD get this right?
Chelskiman: Fielding Otten over Stewart already looks like a massive mistake.
J.Worrall: I think that SC scores are screwed b/c of an exponentially relate to the free point at the start!multiplicative effect
the worm: hopefully dangerfield doesnt get too much time on ground, its a long season.
J.Worrall: … or, they just have no clue …
ajconodie: It’s probaly been asked 500 times already but what’s the lightning bolt symbol?
scrappers: the rule i go bye is if rthe score of vc ilower than the caps average which in dangers case is 134 then you dont take it
Smurf_x: The worm…..What?
scrappers: thats basic maths ! grade 4 stuff!
feralmong: Same here chelskiman
ballbag: @scrappers lol and do you know how many times that player scores their avge? not often
mattmac24: Th lightning blot means being tagged by Blicavs
feralmong: I go by the bird in the hand rule.
the worm: dangerfield scores under his average for half his games and over for the other….so its always a coin toss anyway
scrappers: about 50% of the time!
StuL: Danger!!
Torz: Danger scoring well given he’s only had 3 touches.
Pokerface: 50%. well, 50% if you define average as median, not mean
ajconodie: Thanks mattmac24!!
js19: I think there’s some confusion between average and median…
AngryRyno: thought the bolt was Casboult
aussie59: aj, the complete list of icons is down on the lower right hand side of web page..
the worm: i hope dangerfield doesnt run into a goal post. touch wood
mattmac24: Cmon Fyfe.. Do what Danger just did, I swapped the captains around!
J.Worrall: worm is right – strange thinking ballbagger
scrappers: then go with worms answer! probably a better way of putting it!
J.Worrall: mean, median, mode – stats splats, is Laird’s SC right?
the worm: besides, your talking about his average from last year….and its 50/50 if he beats that or not
DrSeuss: My gamble on Tuohy isn’t looking good right now
Lawls: the lightning bolt isn’t one of them
Lawls: wait it is
ajconodie: Cheers Aussie. I’m on my phone and never scrolled to the bottom
Lawls: my bad
wadaramus: Nice platform for a big score, go Patty D.
LuvIt74: @scrappers thats absurd so by that, you’re saying if u had your VC score 128 u wont take it coz Dangers average is 134
mattmac24: @Lawls it’s further down in the player icons part
J.Worrall: no worm, that would only be true if this was last year!
ballbag: but its not 50%. avge doesn’t work out to be 50% of the time lol
GJayBee: Macarthy has going to have to pull a few out
js19: Danger scored above his average 9/22 times last year, or 40.9%
Pokerface: @torz that’ll be the 4 tackles he’s wracked up in the first quarter..
Lawls: not a good start for big c mac
heppelitis: no right or wrong…some like to gamble and others like the safe road
Lawls: needs to lift massively for my team
ballbag: @gbj I reckon McCarthy will score 100 in the first 10 rounds total
feralmong: Donut c mac
scrappers: yes luv it ! its the first game of the year and i think he would be hungry for a big game ! so my gut says yes !
Chelskiman: Tag Selwood harder, Langdon! He’s on way too much already.
J.Worrall: mean (or average) is what score woukld be every week to get the given year long score
aussie59: wurris. good to see my right hand side directions didnt put u off
scrappers: ps i had titch vc so easy choice!
Torz: Yeah, I know Poker. Just saying that it’s good. Even when he’s not getting it – still working hard for us!
J.Worrall: as to the 40.9 mentioned below – that’s only going to be 50% if we talk of mode, not mean
LuvIt74: @heppelitis there is a right way & then there’s greedy way its that simple & the vast majority of times the greedy
LuvIt74: get burnt
J.Worrall: or is that median? well, is Fyfe’s SC right?
LuvIt74: none of these SC scores are correct at the moment
the worm: its a moot point since omeara will probaly win the comp this year anyway
Pokerface: looks like the gamble on danger sc lost big time.
J.Worrall: Statistically speaking, the advantage to be gained is when the distribution is not “normal”
GJayBee: ballbag, I don’t like his ‘minus’ score on my beautiful screen
Velo: Can someone please check Dawson’s pulse. He had 4 possies in a 1/4.
ballbag: @worral maybe google the definitions you twit. your talking shit
heppelitis: @LuvIt74..i am personally in your camp and happy to lck in anything around 120 plus…but i am pretty rubbish at this.
scrappers: another rule i have is 130+ you take it but to be honest that has burnt me quite a few times including dangers 200+
J.Worrall: Most ppl will expect a normal (or random” distribout some point, which is all of the mean, median AND mode, in that case
J.Worrall: sticks and srones, ball bagger
ballbag: where’s the penguin??
heppelitis: If there is a player whose ave is miles above any other player i am pretty sure you would be ahead by locking C on him
J.Worrall: penguin was a late out – what’s his average, and is his SC correct?
IHateChat: I wouldn’t worry about Dangerfield. He’s only on 1 SC.
Pokerface: not sure if dangerfield sc is correct?
the worm: Freo selectors will rue leaving out barlow today
Velo: Danger getting a move on now.
Velo: Not sure Barlow would be ready to play after playing in Qld last night.
rjhm40: At some stage he won’t touch it at go up 30 points
GJayBee: Macca needs to mannnnnn up
wadaramus: Sandi 19 H/O’s, how many to advantage?
Velo: 5 or 6 at a guess wadaramus
J.Worrall: Now you’re doing what CD are doing, velo – guessing!
wadaramus: Well at this rate he’ll rack up 75 H/O’s, with a good HOTA ratio he shold score big.
DirtyDawn: George HS looking the part for his RDT price
Velo: My guesses might be closer though J.W. 🙂
J.Worrall: Hope they are, velo!
Breezey: Blicavs with 0 still holding a lead over CMac
J.Worrall: 7 hota at 3 mins into the second
Velo: Why o why did I swap Ainsworth out for McCarthy? Doh.
Snarfy: Anyone watching the game can you let me know how Tuohy is fairing?
Rilian: Mare icon required for Kersten
LeFtBehinD: Kersten is having just about the worse game of all time lol
Velo: Not doing as much as I was hoping for Snarfy.
HappyDEZ: GHS playing pure mid. Great news for those who have him.
DirtyDawn: Hasnt been near it Snarfy, but not to panic IMO
Snarfy: Yeah, he’s hardly been mentioned on the radio
heppelitis: sandi is boring. hit outs and the odd handball
Rilian: @heppelitis is this the first time you’ve seen Sandi play?!
Velo: Sandi kicked it a min ago hepp
wadaramus: SC tons aren’t boring Hepp 🙂
DirtyDawn: If Geelong kick away, he will get a bit of it across half back
J.Worrall: Game is over, lets whinge about playing style, right?
heppelitis: a few years ago he would cluynk a few marks and kick a goal or two
Thedude24: Lift Fyfe!
koolkatt: dreamteam is too easy
Rilian: @monty – Mare icon needed for Kersten ASAP!
sfmmp23: Walters should relax, 3 touches isn’t anything to boast about.
J.Worrall: Which years did you win, koolkatt?
Tigger5: always forget how many SC points for a HTA?
StuL: Snarfy, Tuohy not seemed as prolific as in JLT. Don’t expect those numbers, but doing enough if you have him.
StuL: I miss the biff sometimes. Someone needs to thump Walters.
StuL: All rookies but the two I don’t have been shower.
ballbag: @koolkat what does that even mean? have you won it have you?
sfmmp23: I’d love to see Walters thumped. He’s trying to throw his body around like he’s kicked 6.
fonzie: how accurate are the sc scores
StuL: Walters shoved Stewart in to the fence then almost over. Could have broken his back, got to be able to defend urself.
StuL: He would or should have been withing is rights to throw one to get the t((d off him.
DirtyDawn: No resurrection of the purple name game Monty?
sfmmp23: Dirty, not a great sight for the fans trying to watch the game either.
J.Worrall: Let’s start a petition, Dawn!
casey22: Yeah, real easy koolkat. You must be top 20 every year?
DirtyDawn: Agreed Worrall. I won it once and got banned. Robbed!!!
J.Worrall: Happens all the time, Dawn, but still great fun, imho!
heppelitis: m0nty would have to peddle faster though
J.Worrall: My son won twice in a single weekend!
ballbag: @dirty ya livin’ in the past
casey22: Still waiting to get something with my 9000 m0nty coins!
J.Worrall: That will be PEDAL, Hepp, unless m0nty has a side busienss I’m not aware of!
Raspel31: Needless violence in any sense is absolutely abhorrent-but fun to watch.
J.Worrall: I think I spent my m0nty coins – danged if I know waht on …
DirtyDawn: hahahahahaha Casey
penguins00: Did Walters get 20 SC for trying to bring the crowd into the game?
heppelitis: haha
casey22: Worth a toaster at least, DD
DirtyDawn: Just wanna see my name in purple ballbag, Just so I can tell my kids when theyre old enough
J.Worrall: Pengy – I thought you wre a late out, but seems like you had the green vest!
Chelskiman: Didn’t watch the first half, has Danger been in the guts or up forward more? Possies seem lowish for him.
Velo: Better 1/4 by Dawson. Zero possessions.
the worm: why would you want to see ur name in a purple ballbag?
HappyDEZ: Is Taberner injured?
Torz: Neale spending so much time on the pine. :/
Chelskiman: LEss going backwards, Danger. =/
Raspel31: You want to rebuild and you bring in Cam Mcarthy?
wadaramus: Carn Patty, get involved man.
ballbag: @velo he scored better than I thought he would last qtr then
Smurf_x: Danger has 6 clangers…. My god.
wadaramus: Gee whiz,Thurlow stinks, luckily he was left out and I swapped him to Ramsay.
Sloaneyyyy: Get a touch Sandi
Sloaneyyyy: How did Griffin get 75 sc with only 5 possesions
Zeratul: cmon McCarthy… not hard to beat tarantos score….
Chelskiman: Loved having Neale last year, but think he may struggle this year with Fyfe back.
J.Worrall: Do you think Griffin’s SC might be incorrect, Sloaney?
Velo: Neale should be better with Fyfe back. Less attention from opponents.
lachlan23t: How is tom Stewart only on 21 SC?
J.Worrall: Big call, velo
Velo: Dawson’s SC is wrong. He should have 150 by now.
Pokerface: not sure if griffen’s sc is correct?
ballbag: arthy cou
ballbag: McCarthy couldn’t get a kick in a karate school
J.Worrall: arthy cou?
lachlan23t: I’m calling it now Geelong will win the premiership
J.Worrall: fofl bb!
Raspel31: I preferred arthy cou
GJayBee: had to check then saw you are a cats man lockie!
J.Worrall: karate school !!! hahaha
J.Worrall: Dojo?
lachlan23t: No im serious we look in great form this year
Velo: Cats for premiership? When did this page become comedy central? Next you will say Richmond will also make the GF.
lachlan23t: Maybe someone should get cam McCarthy a happy meal
Roksta: Playing freo don’t get too excited
kangawalla: Lachlan is suffering from premature adulation. 😉
StuL: I think we look better than any year under Scott since 2011. Dangerwood might have some decent help
penguins00: Cats should play finals but it’s a long season
GJayBee: be fair lackie, he’d be more a big mack man, he’s a ff
lachlan23t: Sorry I was talking about our VFL team
Torz: Neale just disappeared that quarter. 🙁
AngryRyno: Cats confirmed premiers, doggies couldn’t beat freo at Home last year and look what happened to them
Raspel31: One game in and delusions already-sheesh.
Velo: Still not a lot of help up forward for Hawkins. Will struggle against the better side to kick a winning score.
kangawalla: “arthy cou” to you all. Sounds exotic Ballbag!
tbrowne: Full time? haha
HappyDEZ: Look, we’re under no illusions ~ Ross Lyon presser.
9inch: From what ive seen tonight Freo wont win the premiership
Kenny27: well this game is won. best to leave danger on the bench for the qtr
Raspel31: On current form a Cats and Brisbane final.
StuL: Gws still have one hand on the flag rifht now
Stuart88: So many gonna win the flag this year Geelong Richmond Essendon Brisbane too gonna be a great year😢
lachlan23t: m0nty feels sorry for free he’s trying to end the game early
tankin: lol at all the geelong fans Getting a stiffie bout beating a bottom 4 team
J.Worrall: Richmond will also make the GF!
Chelskiman: Scores have frozen again.
J.Worrall: I was talking about the Tiges VFL team
Chelskiman: Well they had when I wrote that, don’t mind me.
fonzie: i predict tigers will be looking for a new coach by semptember
J.Worrall: “arthy cou” to you all. Sounds exotic Ballbag! … agreed!
lachlan23t: Brooklyn nets will win the grand final
The39Steps: First sacked coaches market: Lyon evens, Eade 2/1, Buckley, Hardwick 5/1, Scott 7/1, Field 20/1
Velo: That would be Coburg then JW 🙂
tankin: Geelong to win the flag and Cam McCarthy to win the coleman
Chelskiman: IF we don’t make finals I think Hardwick will go. He’s on his last legs. I’d take Roos as his replacement. 😉
mardyb: lol @ the burger
Velo: Always the way Chel. They do it to make us look silly at times. Not that we need help 😛
J.Worrall: Yeah, the Burgers aren’t the Tiges VFL team this year!
Raspel31: Carn Danger. Arthy cou
tankin: Did pav just try to compare McCarthy to JJK. Haha
StuL: Freo umpires. Looks like special WA rules now.
kangawalla: The burger never did Relton Roberts any harm!
HappyDEZ: All Cam needed was a burger.
ballbag: useless McCarthy. couldn’t get a possession in a haunted house ya flog!
lachlan23t: If cam McCarthy went Carlton he would fit in perfectly big guys who can mark but not kick
heppelitis: My DT is really Arthy cou…FML
Chelskiman: Cocky wanna cracker, lmao.
Velo: Goal of the year contender from Cockatoo.
Velo: Harry Taylor is worse lachlan.
Chelskiman: Why are gun midfielders so unselfish? Just kick the goal, Danger, you are 20m out!
Roksta: Is selwood resting
Velo: Danger must have Hawkins in his SC team.
Pokerface: i can see Danger going Arthy cou this quarter
lachlan23t: Everyone about to hate again but cockatoo will be a great player in a couple of years
Nuffman: Anyhone watching able to explain why Parfitt has a higher SC than Stewart?
Velo: ignore SC scores Nuffman. They are wrong
Pokerface: lachie is there anyone playing in blue and white today who might not become a great player?
Velo: I agree with you on Cockatoo lachlan
mardyb: the boys from Arden St @poker
lachlan23t: There is no way tom Stewart Is on 32 SC
kangawalla: Arthy Cou looks pretty promising too Lachie!
9inch: Stewart has about 15 point since qtr time. Useless
lachlan23t: Nope everyone on Geelong is great
Roksta: Lach loves a Cockatoo
Jukes82: Give Tuohy the bin, junked up the 2nd half
King_Robbo: SC are not correct. Calm down
Velo: @m0nty. Love the crab you put on Kersten 🙂
Raspel31: Arthy Cou for the Bronlow next year. Great pick up Cats.
kangawalla: The only reason I don’t like Cockatoo is because his namesakes are currently eating the woodwork of my house. Damn pests
Pokerface: not sure if Arthy Cou sc correct?
Chelskiman: It’s safe to say Danger Watch has been a fizzer. Has had one tackle since it’s been on, haha.
Velo: m0nty can you put a spud on Motlop please.
9inch: Danger watch lol
heppelitis: Pretty sure Arthy Cou was one of my dads pet pigeons
lachlan23t: Danger for Brownlow
Brad_J: comeback???
Jukes82: will scores be scaled up?
pcaman2003: Go Tuohy you good thing
Velo: JPK my Brownlow tip.
fonzie: hopee so
LuvIt74: Tuohy worthy thus far
Torz: Good quarter Neale. Saved yourself a bit.
AngryRyno: 300 points still to be distributed
LuvIt74: The BONT to win the charlie in 2017
ballbag: give arthy cou some damn respect. for gods sake man!
kangawalla: lol Hepp
man0005: The DANGER to win the charlie in 2017
Raspel31: Just googled-Arthy Cou was a famous Celtic warrior who went into battle in black and red
StuL: Duncan and tuohy could be there pieces we needed. Looking good
lachlan23t: Nah just joking dusty will win Brownlow
LuvIt74: Danger will scale up to 130
King_Robbo: Bont is a monty to win the Charlie this year
Chelskiman: Dusty will win the Brownlow.
GJayBee: loved the can’s and a smoke too
heppelitis: I stand corrected
kangawalla: Ballbag if a French chick walked up to me & asked me for some”arthy cou” I would go weak at the knees!
fonzie: id be happy with 130
tankin: bont is overrated
ballbag: @kanga youmustbe a quiff coz most likely it would be a bloke
feralmong: Put a 100 on Dawson to win the chas.
Yelse: danger got 140ish
kangawalla: Don’t spoil it for me Ballbag! 😉
Roksta: Thanking youre overrated
9inch: 1 fifdy for dager
lachlan23t: Night guys see ya next week
ballbag: 5 goals 1 next week insreak McCarthy
tankin: nice comeback roksta. Youre a thinker
ballbag: @kanga i said most likely. alls not lost
LuvIt74: lmao@BONT overated. You clearly know nothing about AFL – You do realise he is only 21 right?

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