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Chat log from W1 of 2017: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, W1 of 2017

colin wood: Footy is back!
aussie59: woohoo!!!
JockMcPie: How bloody good is this
snake_p: hooray Colin
Smurf_x: Jesse White has a mint left foot
barra17: Welcome back plebs
kosduras: sc points not showing is that normal fellas?
frenzy: thank flower footy’s back
JockMcPie: Good to see #32 kicking straight at the pies
m0nty: I will see about SC scores in the breaks, things are always a bit hairy in game 1 of preseason!
midmad2017: How many7 more bombers to come back into the midfield – apart from Stanton?
RGriffen: premium match centre got a few scores cut off
StuL: keefe and Berg bandwagon looking like a false dawn. Maybe.
JockMcPie: anyone thinking of starting with zerrett this year? scores well but way overpriced
JButcher: JockMcPie is Phillips a worthy investment?
StuL: If he was dpp still I’d be all over Zerret but not now.
JockMcPie: Butcher steer clear for now, will be a future star I reckon.
JButcher: Cheers mate
PureSwag: Supercoach Scores??? Is it down or something?
m0nty: no SC scores this evening unfortunately, can’t find them anywhere at the moment
frenzy: nothing like a good pre season correctional trade
StuL: Don’t think they do sc in preparation season until after FT.
Gotigres: Not sure about McGrath at $211,000
Grazz: Evening all
PureSwag: Gotigres, its is first game he will be under the pump, i will look at his scores at game 2 and 3 to see if his worth it.
JockMcPie: Worst thing is seeing players get injured – Sinclair will be out for at least 4 weeks
HawkAussie: Not good when we have an injury to start the season
HawkAussie: The Essendon players are really sharing the points round
frenzy: its a shame Crisp is just a MID
m0nty: young Daicos needs a mullet
AngryRyno: young Daicos needs a touch
JockMcPie: Loving the supergoals
Lodgy: Haven’t seen Jamie Elliott this half. have the Pies bubblewrapped him?
JockMcPie: Anyone not watching, Scharenberg and Daicos sat out 1st half, Elliot and Howe sitting out 2nd
m0nty: they have Lodgy, no injury though
StuL: Yes. Lodge. Hurley too. And another pie I think
Lodgy: Thanks guys. He could be a smokey this year with Pies limited forward options
JockMcPie: Tweets saying de Goey has 123 SC points…interesting
LeFtBehinD: Supercoach scores!?
westy501: sc scores and degoey scores mean nothing.. JLT is really only good for rookies

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