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Chat log from R23 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R23 of 2016

cusch1: Is it too much to ask for a special icon for Boomer in his final game?
frenzy: what are you thinking Cusch, tombstone maybe
cusch1: Maybe an atlas for carrying norf for the past 20 years hahhah
cusch1: but in all seriousness maybe crack out the superman for him on a stellar career
frenzy: m0nty is jamming his dinner down
heppelitis: superman appropriate
cusch1: should have an icon for retiring players, maybe like a wine bottle (Fine wine)
BestCoast: Boomer easy in Norths top 6, the get the A is disrespectful. Thanks for the memories legend
Apachecats: I’ve used my last trade to bring Boomer in for this.Go Boomer.!!
TheBigD: hey guys
heppelitis: lift boomer you old fossil lol
Smurf_x: How stupid is Scott though? Tell 4 players they won’t be playing next year BEFORE finals start…SMH
LuvIt74: thank u side show bob
LuvIt74: @smurf it wouldn’t be the right move coz it could very well be there last Melbourne game
cusch1: North were basically in a lose lose situation
BestCoast: Surely Boomer better than FLOG Thomas
cusch1: and nahas
LuvIt74: Stupid that he got rid of Harvey though, the most goals boomer has kicked in a season is 36 and he is on 34 this year al
LuvIt74: Alone
ballbag: @bestcoast and a million times better than that zempliss
Hadouken: lets go roos,keep them crows in the top 4
heppelitis: move harvey and petrie….would be great to see you flaming with firrito and dalsanto
LuvIt74: Massive screw up by north to let boomer go after a huge season, if he was 30 they would have signed him up for 2 years.
ballbag: Harvey already on the oxygen tank
BestCoast: @ballbag Basil Zempilas is in a league of his own when it comes to the Flog meter
m0nty: Basil in the grand final with Rompingwins
GJayBee: Green’s SC score is more important than the game
cusch1: M0nty will fanfooty be up and running during finals?
JockMcPie: opponent benched shaw for mcveigh’s score….hop he gets 200+
GJayBee: crucial handball by Greene
LuvIt74: If i were harvey i wouldn’t be busting my scrotum for Scott
LuvIt74: @jock so would u if u had that luxury
GJayBee: Greene a minor scoring machine. Another huge plus three.
GJayBee: Greene on the verge of making a effective disposal, yessssssss
LuvIt74: that looked high from Thomas the dirty turd
lukefield9: how bad is macmillan?
lukefield9: – injury wise
LuvIt74: There’s higgins the baindaid kid
DrSeuss: Mumford stop trying to smash people and tackle and get marks – FFS
DirtyDawn: Evening all
GJayBee: Dawn you have to write a letter to Nic Nat to keep him happy during rehab
GJayBee: Or not hahahh
LuvIt74: Evening Dawn
DirtyDawn: haha yeah that was all a bit disappointing wasnt it?
GJayBee: Everyone loves Nic Nat
Hadouken: ikr, kids dress up as nic nat hes that popular
LuvIt74: if NicNat didn’t get injured i would of given WCE a decent chance this season. They are a much beter team with him.
lukefield9: guys, does anyone have an update on macmillan!!
LuvIt74: although last nights game u wouldn’t have thought so, they killed the crows all over the ground.
DirtyDawn: I agree LuvIt, but I feel we have tried to time our run down to the last minute which will ultimately cost us
Ben_Gogos: Patton really starting to show his cards in the last few weeks.
Roksta: Did wells get the axe too he’s miserable
Apachecats: Is that bandaid on Higgins a permanent type of thing?
GJayBee: No Well’s, think of next year. GWS, pass it to Greene!
whafc: macmillan @ben_gogos
cusch1: Would love to see Patton wear a bomber jumper next year
GJayBee: Giles was impressive
Ben_Gogos: Macmillan has not come back on at this stage. Reports he has ice on back but waiting for confirmation.
cusch1: Macmillan got the tracksuit on wont be coming back
Ben_Gogos: Update Jamie is done for the night.
whafc: fml
Hadouken: my opp traded out williams to hodge this week. *sigh*
snake_p: well Petrie has made a statement that Brad Scott was wrong
poido123: cmon north. you are in this. you need to control the ball better
JockMcPie: go shaw and ward POD
GJayBee: Greene, you are a machine.
JockMcPie: Nice duck there Lindsay
LuvIt74: Harvey one goal away from equalling his highest number of goals in a season.
LuvIt74: Why do they call Cary “Duck”? They should nick name Thomas “Duck”
DrSeuss: Come on mummy get into it
LuvIt74: Wish north win so dogs finish 6th & GWS 7th
GJayBee: Greene, I believe in you.
LuvIt74: providing they win obviously.
Torz: Greene is so frustrating.
Ben_Gogos: That was something special from SJ
cusch1: that effort there sums up petries night. Putrid. Drew Putrid
Ben_Gogos: Petrie still yet to touch the pill
Mex13: Shit Cmon well
cusch1: Now im just feeling bad for Drew
DirtyDawn: Does anyone have a Lachie Neale update??
heppelitis: Petrie has been a great servant for the NMFC…..good job Drew
Hoot: Im awaiting Neal news too
colin wood: Wake up coniglio…FFS
ballbag: Neale going for afl record so hell play
LewisC123: Come on scully make the ton in this last quarter
GJayBee: Greene, pretend you are ROC back in the day.
LuvIt74: Who would have though Boomer to equal his highest goals in a season, now on 36 he will break it in his next game.
cusch1: whats rooboy said about the delistings?
9inch: SJ such a good pickup for gws. Could be the x factor come finals
The39Steps: Could North possibly drop Petrie for next week?
CBeezDeez: Said he’d betta nit comment Cusch otherwise he’d be banned rrom yere.
m0nty: they will drop 22 for next week
CBeezDeez: Bloody auto crapola! Not* from here*
Roksta: I’m glad north got rid of boomer… Look how crap he’s going
cusch1: poor bloke, i feel for him. had his hopes up all year and just been let down
cusch1: and then the delistings as the icing on the cake to cap off what should have been a good year, but really was a horror
LuvIt74: lol m0nty im sure every team will.
ballbag: @CB lol!! auto correct does not make up words
alekstah: screw you Coniglio! Ruined my final!
mattmac24: Thanks Coniglio. I’m gonna win my final because of you!
CBeezDeez: Bugger! Must be my fingers then! LoL
ballbag: used my last trade on shaw for that hack gibbo. Neale better play.
GJayBee: kick a goal for my love Greene
hirdy513: North a poor poor side
CBeezDeez: Geez! Stop giving Shaw points will yaz!
LuvIt74: Roos play either WCE or RCOWS
aussie59: dum de dum de dum…looks like i got the $1000 buck grandee prize…even if Neale dont play i got menegolas 103

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