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Chat log from R23 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide, R23 of 2016

LuvIt74: 1st goal kicker Wright & Schulz will win me a ton. Lynch, Young & Hoff small win.
LuvIt74: Carn 2 meter peter or Schulz
circle52: Hard Luck Luvit – Rosa first for Suns – Mrked a shocking kick
nbartos: Brad Ebert softy got Sloaney suspended
nbartos: Robbie getting flogged by Hall
LuvIt74: @circles thankfully Brown kicked first for North.
PieBoy: Onya hally
LuvIt74: Rossa would have been $50+ to $1
JockMcPie: surely Robbie’s SC score is wrong..what’s he done wrong?
JRedden: wtf is pittard doing.. sigh
snake_p: yes JRedden I’m asking myself WTF is he doing in my team
GJayBee: CD can not take what God has decided is Robbie Gray’s
JRedden: i traded him in as POD this week, against GC he should be big?
snake_p: Jredden POD = Pretty Ordinary Decision? 🙂
GJayBee: I had the Freo back Collins, brought Yeo in for him for 29. my thing is broken.
heppelitis: impressive game fiorini
Preston007: What was Hall on at quarter time??
poolboybob: Bonner gonna be a popular pick next year
frenzy: who Arthur @ poolboybob
JockMcPie: loving POD Gray, keep it up you gun
Roksta: Me too jock… Got him real cheap too
BOMBRBLITZ: put the C on Robbie this week
JockMcPie: @BOMBR i had the C on Gray but took Danger instead
BOMBRBLITZ: I VC’d Selwoods awkward 124
DrSeuss: Fiorini is killing it. One to watch for 2017
Roksta: I have Robbie Gray on field my opponent has Logan Austin
heppelitis: is this fiorinis first game?
Torz: Second Hep.
heppelitis: go ok last time?
m0nty: well that’s stuffed Fiorini’s price for next year
GJayBee: It’s Robby Gray not Robbin Hood CD!
GJayBee: Robby three more sc than dt?
Roksta: Happy now gjb? Grays sc is even now lol
mattmac24: Opponent has Robbie Gray but thankfully they have Coniglio too so it evens out..
GJayBee: note to Robby, you are on fire
The39Steps: Touk most improved player of the year?
Roksta: Robbie Gray is single handedly winning me $700 for my sc league
Rowan1984: no the39steps
DragonLass: Fiorini will be one of my first picked next year
Rowan1984: even when he is about 300k dragonlass?
m0nty: Impey looks like Prince. (I need a holiday.)
mattmac24: Fiorini will be too expensive for a rookie next year.
m0nty: LOL Fiorini has averaged 109.5 from two games

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