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Chat log from R22 of 2016: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R22 of 2016

Lawls: need zorko to go huge
Umpirespet: Keep it close plz Lions
poido123: wheres the scores?
poido123: nv thanks mont
poido123: oh no dangerfield…my oppoent has him i have rocky
Pokerface: stay down zorko.
poido123: cmon zorko and rocky!
Crowls: luv it, Rocky C opponent Danger. Get up Rocky. Getup son
King_Robbo: Nice work rocky you dog
spawnrzc: i was going to have Rocky but changed to danger at the last minute
Gott2Win: Let’s go for a Double ton here Danger! Come on!
LeFtBehinD: Rockliff captain. FML
JRedden: stay down rockliff, everyone has you C in DT
colin wood: I’m with you gott2win
FrothyOne: Crap… darn you Danger!
poido123: they will rest danger after half time 😛 no need to play him when they are up 60
PieBoy: Cmon rocky have a crack
colin wood: Get into it rocky
Dangermaus: Danger might as well already have the brownlow in his trophy cabinet
heppelitis: no west,no smith. suddenly stef relevant again
Vich: Don’t see a scooter tag and danger killing it.. Good calls made earlier baha
Umpirespet: Geelong will be 2nd tonight
ballbag: ohh yeah… mega donut party coming up!
Buzz67: Slow down Enright
SteamHam1: @Dangermaus: Dangerfield won’t win it.
Fletch91: I have big Stef, hoping he goes big
Dangermaus: I’ll bet my left testicle Dangerfield wins it… in fact he’ll win it by about 6 clear votes
JRedden: danger will win because hanners and parker will take votes off each other, and martin plays for a bad team
tamoz: Come on Martin and Zorko, need massive scores from you
poido123: If danger doesnt win the brownlow, you know it is rigged
Gott2Win: Far out that was a huge hit!
SteamHam1: @Dangermaus, You’ll have one testi once Parker gets the brownlow
jezion: selwood down
McSpud: i thinksome of the votes will not be clear
mattmac24: Sportsbet already paid out for Dangers Brownlow.. got $50 from a $5 bet
Jukes82: is robinson tagging anyone?
poido123: where the hell is rockcliff? get in there
FlowerTime: you’re dreaming SteamHam!!
mattmac24: There’s no way parker wins it. Not enough games where he stands over buddy, hanners and all of them.
JButcher: If Danger doesn’t win it i’ll jump of a Rockcliff
Gott2Win: This could end up being a 135 point win!
mattmac24: Can geelong take 1st on the ladder with a big enough win?
RooBoyStu: Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Judd won it for Blues, didn’t the bookies pay out early on Gazza?
BOMBRBLITZ: Of course I bench Motlop this week
JRedden: wtf is zorko doing
poido123: this lewis taylor guy wanting half a million ha ha who does he think he is??
poido123: zorko…invisible
mattmac24: Rooboy, I think they did.. that’s why I’m glad they already paid out danger
Pokerface: rooboy they paid out on judd the year swan won it. and vice versa
Jukes82: no wonder merrett retired
RooBoyStu: fair enough, I can see Danger opening up a lead, but he will do well to hang on, he won’t poll well 2nd half of year
JRedden: menegola is a jet, 13 touches
Thedude24: Love how Merrett plays. Funny old school dude
BestCoast: Lions and Suns should merge
Pokerface: the 1.50 on offer is value. He will romp in like fyfe last year.
ballbag: @rooboy CD has danger on 36 votes 10 ahead of the next
Gott2Win: Bench Dahl and take Phillips 103?
BestCoast: lindsay thomas for the Floglow medal
RooBoyStu: CD lol clueless data
Pokerface: are you in front or behind g2w?
mattmac24: It’s dahl’s birthday today, could have a good one
ballbag: @bestcoast don’t forget zempliss 😅
tamoz: Piss off Enright!
Torz: Or he might be no good, after filling up on cake mattmac.
FrothyOne: depend on how good you are at Math G2W
RooBoyStu: @mattmac24 did you buy him a gift? maybe a dollhouse?
frenzy: is Jelwood done for the day
blashtroko: Why do they keep going on about the ‘real exciting youngsters’ for the lions? they are below average at best
BestCoast: Zempilas will be awarding the Floglow to lindsay thomas @ballbag
Rowan1984: um no as he just kicked it
Torz: Rocky, you need to catch up to Danger!
mattmac24: I wonder if anyone has ever gotten him one..? Wonder what his reaction would be
poido123: go go gadget Rocky!
Gott2Win: I’m behind. Opp has Dahl so if he goes low I could make up some. against the bombers though I have to stick with Dahl
mattmac24: Need blicavs to actually do something this game
DrSeuss: Of course my opp has Duncan this week
PieBoy: Onya richy
poido123: Stay down z smith and danger. go zorks and rocky
tamoz: Lift Martin and Zorko!!
JButcher: What are the cats doing????
Pokerface: someone tag rich
poido123: ffs rocky injured. cant get a lick of liuck
blashtroko: Anyone else think zorko is easily a top 10 player in the league?
poido123: get all the drugs into you rocky and get back out there!
PT74: How bad is rocky’s injury?
Torz: Didn’t look overly bad. Probably a jab and back out there.
poido123: not sure pt74. but looks like hes coming back on/hopefully just a stinger
Rowan1984: rocky is fine and about to come back on. Taped up his shoulder
Fletch91: Jelwood starting to sook, surprise surprise
PT74: hopefully …
jeddies22: hate jelwood
LuvIt74: bloody hell i took Collins 92 SC and benched Rich
Fletch91: Enright a couple of tackles that havnt counted
Pokerface: and whats the issue luvit
Rowan1984: why are you sooking luvit? Rich on track for 85
Woosha 73: rockys +4s might drop off?
JockMcPie: lift Zorko
colin wood: Come on Danger… Get going again boy!
poido123: great battle with the captains rocky and danger 😛
tamoz: Ffs Martin and Zorko!
jaypeee: livid who’s on the field then?
jaypeee: luvit*
JockMcPie: slow down menegola, opponent has you
Dangermaus: dangerfield slowed down… had 30 pts in the first 8 minutes of the game
LuvIt74: williams is on field from dogs
LuvIt74: Did anyone see what Sloane done i missed it was out
cadelcamac: How is Selwood not scaling up more…
JRedden: ffs zorko can you do something
JockMcPie: dammit Danger!
haddles99: is rocky on??
Gott2Win: Come on danger, you gotta nail these goals for me
JockMcPie: thinking about Menegola for next year, am I the only one?
Apachecats: I reckon he’s the next big thing Jock.
JockMcPie: he looks really good around the ground, gets the hard ball as well
jaypeee: I can’t believe i traded out rich for houli. This week.
FrothyOne: yeah certainly thinking about him, he will be at that awkward starting price though after his last few weeks
Tysaviul: If Danger could kick, he’d make a good footy player
RooBoyStu: agree re Menegola and there is another flying under radar for next year, that’s Acres from Saints, last month good.
BestCoast: Scott brothers always shaking the heads or waving arm flower flogs
RooBoyStu: just like you BestCoast behind the computer
JockMcPie: Zorko what are you doing mate…
StuL: Zorko the magician. Watch him disappear
frenzy: Lol @ Burntoast
BestCoast: Pot calling the kettle black Rooboy
44snub: You can tell when the Roo’s lose a game… Raggyboy pops up
ballbag: Scott bros are clowns from the fair where you put ping pong balls in their swaying mouths
RooBoyStu: To be fair ballbag you’re looking for the word fare.
StuL: Who needed rocky? I’ve got menegola
Straffo: hahaha fail year 8 english RooBoy?
ballbag: no I’m not RooBoyStuPid!
RooBoyStu: he failed year 3 english lol
blashtroko: mass fail
44snub: Rooboy’s still at it! Matt Daaaamon
AngryRyno: is it really that important? focus on the footy
CBeezDeez: Oh well… Looks like porko & zorko R gonna cost me a league gf spot. Useles twats!
ballbag: porkcliff is going OK.
lukefield9: @CBeezDeez I wouldn’t go as far as calling them useless twats…
jaypeee: Can someone stop enright FFS!!!
CBeezDeez: Porkie is wen I’ve got the C on him. I got sucked in by champion data again. LoL
RooBoyStu: flower off Martin
lukefield9: I made a shit call in going past pendles as captain because I assumed he was carrying an injury
AngryRyno: great work Stef
CBeezDeez: Ouch! Top scorer for the week nwarly isn’t pendles?
RooBoyStu: blue moon Motlop
tbrowne: Got martin vs Boyd and 10 points fucking rip
CBeezDeez: Bring Enright back on Scott! I need all his points!,,
AngryRyno: Stef not done yet, gonna push 120 me thinks
pharace: Someone tell Rockliff game is lost – he can slow up now!
frenzy: C’mon Blic ton up buddy
RooBoyStu: who was the muppet that said Zorko was in the top 4 players of the league, he is no where near it
lukefield9: @frenzy why do you still have blicavs? He’s been very average since about round 5
mattmac24: Lakefield, I still have him, have never had a spare trade to drop him
RooBoyStu: Thanks for the memories sauce
Pokerface: what happened to guthrie this year

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