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Chat log from R22 of 2016: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R22 of 2016

pharace: Kerridge and Silvagni out late, anyone still got Kerro and SOS3 as emergency?
Carnster: Would like an extra large one from tyson
AngryRyno: why is Hogan starting on OMcD
shaker: Yep in AF have Kerridge onfield and SOS as E
Vich: Kerridge had to be moved on weeks ago surely???
shaker: I never said I was good at AF
JRedden: vince you are shocking, 10 mins cant touch the footy
AngryRyno: bryce gibbs what a machine
Carnster: need gibbs to slow down
frenzy: Go Blues, Lol
shaker: Pity gibbs can’t be consistent half his games he is soft as custard
King_Robbo: Piss off Macdonald. Sub 100 please
AngryRyno: c’mon Doch, Simmo, get involved with this hot start
Harmes37: I’d prefer it if the blues lost today. means we stay under GCS
AngryRyno: ffs how many clangers Simmo
spudaroos: Cripps averages the most clearances per game and 2nd most contested possies a game this season. Huge for a 20 year old.
Rowan1984: the awkward moment when you bench gibbs to take phillips score
DrSeuss: Great week for Gawn and Vince to decide they are allergic to the footy
lenny20: Alright Roosy, Max has had enough of a breather to last out the whole game from here mate.
colin wood: Stay down Gawn opp has him as Capt!
Vich: crazy considering he averages 50 odd against blues in his career!!
RooBoyStu: Go Blues!
SoS-Jnr: what happened to Gawn
JockMcPie: cmon Dees, I want norf out of the finals please
JRedden: pathetic vince
Rowan1984: you dont deserve to win if you have vince
lenny20: Melbourne’s mids getting pantsed is not helping big Maxy’s SC score. Needs some HO to advantage!
Jukes82: lol
AngryRyno: great quarter blues
Carnster: need gibbs to power off
AngryRyno: cape for Gibbs, avg. 50 between the two formats
JRedden: vince is owned by 20% in AF, most of the top coaches have him
Vich: hehe bernard only averaged 103 between rds 2 – 13.. what a dud ay?? Must have a real high ranking rowan u ijit
Lawls: stay down gawn please
Carnster: need curnow and gibbs to just stop
JButcher: Rowan you are deluded mate
brentz: im with you Lawls, need gawn to be quiet, opp has him as C
Vich: Bernard Bernard Bernard… *sigh*
Rowan1984: huh? Me jbutcher?
AngryRyno: wow cripps is goat
Lawls: i just need him quiet as i don’t have him and my opp has haha, need doch to stay down as well for the same reasons
Rowan1984: got a higher ranking than you vich
Jukes82: most of the top coaches have vince, what a joke! He’s a spud
JRedden: what you ranked in AF rowan?
FrothyOne: Super Coah predicted Cripps to have 161, this would be his best game this year by far.
Vich: Congrats if true.. Pity about the IQ
JButcher: Yes Rowan, Vince was a premo not long ago, and now its too late for most players to trade him out
Buzz67: Keep going Cripps and Simmo
RooBoyStu: later than usual, but the Dees supporters can now book their Holidays to the snow.
Rowan1984: don’t care for AF. Have a team but don’t really pay any attention to it
m0nty: I wish the Dees had given up like this two weeks ago 🙁
Vich: Yet wont disclose the old ranking… Jog on big fella
JRedden: vince is only relevant in AF, we aren’t talking about SC
BestCoast: Might be another trip West for your boys RooBoy
iZander: roo’s only hope was for melbourne to choke. Cause Roos have shown they arent finals standard recently
Rowan1984: I play for SC not AF
Buzz67: I see Richmond booked the Jack Dyer medal for the 1st week in September, a long time ago
shaker: You guys are calling this game a bit early
Jukes82: fire up dees, make this a contest at least.
Woosha 73: if i had 3K more, i wouldve got rid of Cripps for Hall the week he exploded and Hall got injured
AngryRyno: wake up tracca
mattmac24: Vc’d Gawn over cripps 🙁
shaker: Dale Thomas should retire spud
DrSeuss: Not this crap again Vince…
BestCoast: Dyer medal always the fist week of Sept Buzz67 at least since 80
AngryRyno: not sure how Gawn got from 25 to 39 in 2 mins
Rowan1984: its called hitouts to advantage angryryno
colin wood: Sc scoring is just getting stupid now. Gawn goes from 26 to 39 after giving a free away and having 2 hitouts..
AngryRyno: not sure you have any credibility here after your Vince claims @Rowan1984
m0nty: Docherty a tackling beast!
colin wood: Agree Ryno. Gawns score just got a boost for no reason.
Umpirespet: Can’t see Melb beating Geelong next week the way they are playing today… Finals sorted
BestCoast: Umpirespet Adelaide v Swans granny
Umpirespet: Maybe but always thought we would be better next year Beast Coast….Swans atm for me
Umpirespet: *Best
blashtroko: how can you play a fantasy game when the scoring is not objective lol
BestCoast: Umpirespet you were lucky last night against the six finger mob
Umpirespet: Colin Wood doesn’t everyone have Gawn anyway
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Umpirespet: Yup our goal kicking was shocking
Umpirespet: Hey Heizen
BestCoast: Nursing a category 5 hangover Heizenberg how you travelling
Umpirespet: Best Coast we have had 2 6 day breaks and went to Perth and showdown you are a chance next week
oc16: cripps and tyson are looking the goods for next year
Gott2Win: Who to C. Danger, Rocky or Bont?
Umpirespet: Oc16 Cripps for sure
BestCoast: Cripps is a animal with big teeth
BestCoast: Umpirespet with no Nic Nat we are like a sports car with a busted drive shaft you guys in a canter
BestCoast: Rocky will cop SCOTT Selwood tag Gott2Win
Umpirespet: Gott2win if danger can stay away from the mirrors for 2 hours should go well
Umpirespet: We will see Best Coast
Gott2Win: Danger due for a big one. Bont v bombers could be big though!
RooBoyStu: Scott Selwood West Coast vc who was dropped for the GF last year.
Carnster: i am in the biggest trouble with my game
shaker: Yep 2 quiet games for Danger watch out today
BestCoast: Danger only concern is Robbo living in his pocket Bont for me
DrSeuss: Tag will go to Rich or Zorko before Rockliff I would imagine
colin wood: Danger 166 earlier this year against the lions I need that again today for any chance to win my game
FrothyOne: Why dont you just leave Bartel as C Gott2Win??
Umpirespet: Good luck Colin wood I was stuffed weeks ago
ballbag: danger won’t go huge. robbo will stop that
RooBoyStu: Here comes the rain
BestCoast: VC (Cooked) Pendles 165 I am sitting on that
ballbag: @bestcoast yeah pendles did good last night after mediocre 9 weeks
GJayBee: God wants me to make SC final in cash legue
Vich: Agreed Seuss… Rich is almost as bad as zaha when he cops a tag..
BestCoast: Pendles been very average with a 116 ave. done sideways trad premos
Umpirespet: And rich is a star without a tag lol
shaker: No one is as bad as Zaha
BestCoast: At least not SC royalty Sir Pendles
ballbag: avges mean nothing. pendles only reached it twice in last 9 games
Vich: Same as zaka…Just look at last week!
jackbastas: took Cripps for captain, get a 200
JButcher: Lets go gawny
BestCoast: Agree Ballbag with carnage and injuries one must hold firm
ballbag: surely zaha should ton today
Umpirespet: Hey butch you found one in Palmer last night looks good
colin wood: Slow back down Gawn
JButcher: @Umpirespet, well anythings better than me atm, but you guys deserved to win by more
brentz: trying to discredit pendles, youve lost the plot ballbag
ballbag: @brentz just pointed out a fact. its called reality. but your a pies fan
colin wood: Gawn ineffective handball gets a plus 4… This is just dumb now.
shaker: Pendles is a gun end of story
pcaman2003: Petracca usual disappearing act 2nd half.
brentz: The facts is that he’s 3rd overall points in supercoach. /end
BestCoast: Pump up the score Simpson
Gloryboy: predictions for Gawn final score?
ballbag: yep. and I gotmosr of them and more when I traded him to nelae
Carnster: ffs lift tyson
colin wood: I’ll go 125 glory. He’s had 17 free sc pts so far.
Gloryboy: Blues gonna win this game
ballbag: hopefully 110 glory
PieBoy: Onya jonesy
Gloryboy: 125 is that hard “do I take it or not” score
colin wood: Alparently Gawn has had the same SC impact as Docherty.. So dumb.
frenzy: I was wrong about Liam Jones, Lol UR a star,
Gloryboy: Watts in the ruck again
Umpirespet: You have noticed Docherty and Sc to Colin wood
shaker: 125 he has a bit to do
Gloryboy: think ill take Danger as C, rather than Gawn at this stage
colin wood: Well you guys are forgetting the constant free points CD are awarding him. He will get plus 10 for that clearance
korza: Have melb13>35pts for the footy quad 100%. Thank you
RooBoyStu: North supporters doing a rain dance.
Umpirespet: Don’t want to see you dance Rooboy
Gloryboy: Blues home. thank u sportsbet
ballbag: let’s go for % bluebaggers
RooBoyStu: thank you TAB Fixed about the $4.80 on Carlton
shaker: Ha ha Gawn going backwards
korza: Buckly’s 48 S/C pts is a disgrace
poido123: Stupid bet. You will have to bet 20 times and lose all your money to get that one lucky one lol
poido123: Stay down Vince
Carnster: need 130 from tyson
colin wood: Push in the back
colin wood: Gawn will go from 70 to 90 odd now.
Gloryboy: yeah, push was probably there. making the VC/C Gawn/Danger decision very difficult
AngryRyno: gawn will be on 115sc after that goal
Jukes82: yes gawn!
marcus24: love you gawn
JButcher: Here comes Gawny!!!
The39Steps: Power surge in Buller after that Gawn goal as the Tweed-jacket tossers tune in.
AngryRyno: lol @39 classic
frenzy: Doch, if ur name was Rance youd be on 200 sc
AngryRyno: simmo off, sore
Jukes82: gotta love fanfooty sooks
ballbag: simmo as tough as a chihuauah he’ll be back!
FrothyOne: Bugger, I was looking for some junk time points from Simmo, hope your right Ballbag
AngryRyno: simmo back on
RooBoyStu: We are in the Finals, North are in, eat that haters!
King_Robbo: Roos are still shit rooboy
Umpirespet: So Rooboy all stadiums need to be fitted with ramps now for the mobility scooters
Pokerface: all you’ve done is get yourself a lower draft pick rooboy
Harmes37: easy to see who is full of hate…
AngryRyno: junk it Petracca
RooBoyStu: still finished top 8
ballbag: basically 4 teams win the EPL. Norf are a finals laugh rooboy. no chance lol!
RooBoyStu: @pokerface we have never bottomed out, always in the mix.
Harmes37: congratulations for being 9-0 and scraping into the finals.
frenzy: You been saying that for 2 seasons now fellas, and your still wrong
FrothyOne: Bahahahaha
RooBoyStu: 10 teams aren’t there and we are one of 8 there.
ballbag: Norf are as funny as a fart in an elevator
AngryRyno: star for Cripps
BestCoast: Well done RooBoy lots of sour grapes around
SteamHam1: @frenzy: *you’re
frenzy: thanks blue bags
Harmes37: SC scores final ?
frenzy: about 40 year ago I went to school once, Lol
Straffo: How did Gawn get 110 lol
PieBoy: Onya gawny
marcus24: gawn got scaled up heaps
SoS-Jnr: I am wondering that myself Straffo
colin wood: This Scaling crap is just plain rubbish.. Gawns scaling in this game is horrendous. He had a shocker.

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