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Chat log from R21 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, R21 of 2016

J.Worrall: Welcome to my team, Zane cordy!
cusch1: Am I the only one who is over the hype that surrounds bont and stringer? I think its all we’ll hear about tonight
J.Worrall: Go you yapping li’l dogies!
shaker: It’s not Stringer it’s the package
Breezey: Pendles playing. Thank you dream team God
mattmac24: Cusch, I understand the hype for Bont, he’s a one of a kind player but stringer not as much..
kangawalla: Was anyone tempted to downgrade L.Jong to J.Long?
cusch1: bont is a good player but god these so called “experts” need to get over it. the kid is 20 and until he does something
cusch1: incredible like an ablett or fyfe type player, I think they need to calm down a bit and let the kid play football and
snake_p: I thought long and hard about it Kangawalla
cusch1: become the best he can be. the hype, as we have seen with many players before him, often does more bad than good
mattmac24: I think it’s because of him being 20 as to why there’s so much hype for him.
colin wood: Just used my 3rd last trade on Rupert Wills. Come on son!
mattmac24: He’s done so much already, he’s been the difference in a lot of their wins this year
kangawalla: Rupo has been good Colin. Impressed
colin wood: Crap… left the VC on Pendles….
frenzy: you need a kick tonite, Gooey
cusch1: the media make out as if he is the only player at the dogs who is worth anything when in reality the dogs have a lot of
kangawalla: Rupo straight into it!
cusch1: underated players who, had they been playing at another club, would be bigger, but bont, stringer take all the spotlight
J.Worrall: a lot of …
JockMcPie: cmon pies, show some heart!
TowelBoy25: If Dahlhaus can not have a big game, that’d be great
mattmac24: There are players from every team that do that Cusch but the dog’s youth is recognized more than anything.
poido123: not getting a good feeling about this. have bulldogs -16
mattmac24: Both Bont and Stringer are young enough to be within that youth group.
chinkas: may as well put a traffic cone on Roberts now, save you from doing it later
cusch1: i just think that libba biggs macrae wallis and especially hunter deserve more credit than what they get
J.Worrall: … Woof! whoof woof
mattmac24: Yeah but what team doesn’t have the one or two players constantly in the media?
mattmac24: If you go look at the bulldogs website and FB page and all that, it’s definitely not a one man team
JButcher: I need Clay Smith to stay down so I know I made the right decision in trading him
cusch1: of course the dogs site is like that, im referring to the media in general, and mainly channel 7s media team look at bt
cusch1: Same goes for Bruce and cyril
LuvIt74: dogs looking sloppy
mattmac24: Same goes for Danger, Sloane, buddy and plenty of others, I agree it’s annoying but nothing we do about it..
mattmac24: And the Bruce and Cyril thing is just utterly ridiculous and even more annoying
cusch1: i’ll disagree with sloane but I dont watch many adelaide games in all honesty
JButcher: Cusch if I’m honest, I think Bont has more talent and will be a mcuh better player than cyril despite Bruce’s orgasms
urmumsaid: crows only have one guy in the media. Who’s Eddie, Tex, Thomo?
cusch1: Butch there is no doubt about that but i think that the hype surrounding these younger players only makes it hard for em
LuvIt74: Bont already plays as good as Cyril, actually Bont is allot more consistent than Rioli.
LuvIt74: Bont will win the Brownlow within 3 years.
kangawalla: Cmon Treloar, brought you in this week for Floggard. Lift!!!
mattmac24: Sloane is just the player I hear about from Adelaide more than any of their other players
frenzy: not if brad scott does the votes, Lol
poido123: where is bont?
mattmac24: Cryil is the most over hyped player in the comp. Bont already the better of the two imo.
LuvIt74: Rioli has a about 7 to 10 games that are awesome however most are average.
LuvIt74: I brought in the Sloan Ranger this week
cusch1: id say betts over Sloane.
m0nty: Cyril has three more flags than the Bulldogs. 🙂
Roksta: Dunkley is going to be awesome
mattmac24: Dunkley is gonna be a star in a few years, just needs to build some more confidence
JockMcPie: Aish getting better every week, good to see
oc16: lol monty…cyril actually has 4 flags, cmon u of anyone should know that
cusch1: bang bang.
poido123: dogs are playing crap
kangawalla: Geez, already a blue moon for Nathan Brown. Usually gets this score in a whole game!
frenzy: the Dags can’t retain all this talent, so you can trade Hrovat over to us.
hinsch: Geez I would have loved C. Smith score last week I would still be playing SC
cusch1: god cordy gets the mark but bt is to excited and thinks its bont. need I say more? lol
JockMcPie: give nathan brown the blue moon already?
mattmac24: You wish Frenzy
3rdstriker: i thought the roos had a no under 30s policy frenzy?
Roksta: No thanks frenzy… Honey church?
mattmac24: Cusch.. to be fair, I thought it was bont at first too
JButcher: I think that might be because they look similar from the box cusch mate
cusch1: I heard the roos are after cloke lol. need to replace waite and petrie
frenzy: when your paying that useless boyd a mill and a half a season, somethings gotta give
oc16: how does roughead have 18 sc points yet none of his disposals have been effective?
LuvIt74: shit i traded dunkley and kept Mathieson and dunkly has started off as good as last week
urmumsaid: butcher, you back in the SAFL next year?
hinsch: Will Dunkley stop at 1/4 time again
mattmac24: oc16.. Do you just ignore the rest of his stats?
cusch1: OC rough has taken a contested mark, plus 5 hitouts
JockMcPie: Nathan brown would be first time top scoring in SC at QT?
McRooster: Jesse White high giving team mates after scoring a behind #megaspud
9inch: VC sidey getting ripped in Sc. Goal and 100de. Cd havin a larf.
McRooster: *high fiving #roosterspud
kangawalla: @Jock, he’s not quite Z Dawson-like in his fantasy scoring but he’s never been this high
mattmac24: @LuvIt, Dunks has been in my team since the preseason.. on field for me this week
Umpirespet: Butcher being traded to Port Districts next year
the dud: m0nty makes his hatred of some players far too ovious- white and previously n.brown
the dud: l.brown i mean
sfmmp23: Didn’t VC Pendles tonight, hope it doesnt bite me in the ass. Come on JJ!
LuvIt74: @matt he was on my field last week only coz pendles got injured on friday and it cost me a free week.
9inch: Pendles seems to be moving freely thank fuck.
urmumsaid: Port districts are ok, maybe their C grade
LuvIt74: nah pendles will only score around 85 to 100
mattmac24: Pendles will finish on about 60% game time I reckon.. he wont be risked much for the rest of the season
poido123: CD missed two tackles for bont there
Roksta: Def not getting hrovat frenzy
Umpirespet: Bulldogs fans abandond their team? Very sparse crowd tonight
3rdstriker: bont protected species, clearly htb
JockMcPie: that should have been holding the ball…cmon ump
cusch1: i’ve seen pendles once i think
Roksta: And frenzy in response to the Boyd comment we can still afford Hurley
sfmmp23: Shit umpiring, HTB anyday of the week on Bont there!
LuvIt74: got time for Hrovat, i liked what he did in 2014
3rdstriker: and the umpires compound the error with another terrible call
TowelBoy25: The fix is in, eff these umps!
Umpirespet: * sparse
nbartos: FFS umpire s
Roksta: What is spalps umpires pet flog
kangawalla: Is Wills the best Rupert since Rupert Betheras?
Umpirespet: it wont let me write the proper word. same word pops up everytime time very wierd
m0nty: hmm the swear filter working overtime 🙂
LuvIt74: HTB total S umps
frenzy: all this talent and no salary cap, Lol bulldags
Umpirespet: lol M0nty
poido123: goooooo bullies 🙂
mattmac24: Umpires horrible on both sides tonight.
Roksta: Frenzy north have no salary cap and no talent
LuvIt74: frenzy we are the youngest side in the comp mate, so salary wont be a issue over the long term m8
poido123: he fell into the fence. unbelievable bad decision
sfmmp23: Umpires cheering when Moore miseed from the boundary line after being rammed into the fence, Talk about idiotic.
Roksta: Didn’t look good for Moore… Poor kid
mattmac24: deserved a point from that free kick. Hope he’s alright though.. Ouch!
Fatbar5tad: Brions and Demons younger yeah?
J.Worrall: No more blood rule in fantasy finals!
LuvIt74: HTF was that paid a free when moore ran into the fence, was it picken who even tried to make sure not to step on him
JockMcPie: only two players are m boyd and steele – perfect
sfmmp23: Sorry Fans not umpires lol
J.Worrall: That ump dure dunno about the filter, monty!
Mex13: Pendles please…
poido123: have bont, hunter boyd and jj in this game 😛
TowelBoy25: Pendles TOG? Decent effort just to be playing regardless
kangawalla: @Luvit, good call on Z Cordy. Major POD. 😉
J.Worrall: *dude
Roksta: Frenzy still butthurt from last week I see
LuvIt74: @TowelBoy why coz he limped off and slightly sprained his ankle?
J.Worrall: I brung in Zane this week! See my second post in this chat!
Fatbar5tad: Lovely playbDogs.
kangawalla: Sorry JW, thought it was Luvit.
mattmac24: M.Boyd having a field day!
LuvIt74: If pendles had the slightest of problems they wouldn’t be playing him.
J.Worrall: Oh, didn’t know that was the reference – thx Kanga
kangawalla: Wish obviously not missing his girlfriend in the Olympic village
J.Worrall: pourquoi pas, mon ami, Luvit?
poido123: these umps are read hot on in the back
TowelBoy25: Ok slow down now Dahlhaus
J.Worrall: Sydney Botham!!!
Fatbar5tad: Nice reply by the Pies
kangawalla: *Aish. Bloody predictive text!
poido123: how the fck are the bulldogs not up by at least 30?
Fatbar5tad: Jeez Moore can play
Pokerface: who is his gf kanga
J.Worrall: I liked “Wish”!
colin wood: Grundy having a great season. Great tap work.
JockMcPie: here we come boys, starting to get the ball moving!
sfmmp23: FWD line so much better for the Pies without the big men, if only Swanny, Elliot and Fas were playing. Anyways.
JockMcPie: How is Marsh still getting a game….he’s trash
nbartos: Jbrayshaw reckons a west cost gun wants out to Freo??
frenzy: #freekickdags
All Reds: flower off colin
Roksta: He’s the reason it’s a good game Colin wood. He’s awesome
J.Worrall: good call, sfmmp23:
poido123: Jock, he has been great for you guys. just made a mistake thats all
sfmmp23: Marsh does some good stuff but Jeez, Get the ball out of there mate.
Fatbar5tad: Good quarter this one.
poido123: im going to peg this remote through the TV in a minute. Dogs clearances is dog shit this game
J.Worrall: Turning slowly from a nil all arm wrestle
J.Worrall: …into a decent game of footy
cusch1: jbrayshaw also thinks north are a premiership chance. dont think much of it lol
3rdstriker: adams and hunter both limped off
poido123: oh no hunter…:/
LuvIt74: hope hunter is ok
kangawalla: @pokerface. Aish’s GF is Olympic athlete Morgan Mitchell
sfmmp23: Both Hunter and Adams seem hurt, both the sides already have enough injuries.
happytimes: Why didn’t channel 7 send ling, Richo and Carey to the olympics and give me a break from there crap
3rdstriker: hunter just a corkie I think, didnt look too bad
nbartos: True cush
LuvIt74: If brayshaw thinks north are a flag chance, then i wanna drink or smoke what he’s having. What a joke
cusch1: because sending those three would show the world that we have horrible commentators happytimes
mattmac24: What score from Dunkley do I take over Petracca?
poido123: North is my most hated team. Full of dirty players
happytimes: Surely they couldn’t do a worse job than basil and Giaan Rooney
3rdstriker: id say about 75 mattmac
heppelitis: probably higher than his average matt
sfmmp23: Anyone see when Chalmers won the gold medal, shit commentating from Baz Zemplis.
LuvIt74: Talk about hallucinogenics
cusch1: but giann rooney has the perk of being a woman and in todays politcal world there would be outrage without her
LuvIt74: chalmers gold was the best winning gold in the pool, he came from no where
heppelitis: sfmmp…giaan was worse..only soke of mcevoy in the last 50said he was catching as he was fading
happytimes: Bring back dawn Frasier
ballbag: Dahl nice side swap for tracca. already outscored him
J.Worrall: happytimes so right in so many ways
cusch1: #bringbackRexHunt
LuvIt74: @Happy what?
J.Worrall: horrible commentators happytimes
frenzy: Bala to wet toast #Fleemantle
mattmac24: Would love a huge 2nd half from bont as my vc
LuvIt74: i cannot stand the green dawn frasier
happytimes: She called Aus in 1 of the relays as catching up into 4, when they were 1st on previous change
J.Worrall: shower commentating from Baz Zemplis. But brilliantly done by Whately!
cusch1: just think that we would probably be complaing over chalmers as a fantasy player but he chose swimming over afl
LuvIt74: dunkly again done nothing in 2nd
J.Worrall: dawn Frasier – that’s “DirtyDawn” to you
boges11: Saw Basil get thrown to the ground when he did the “Don’t you know who I am” outside a club
boges11: Best thing ever
heppelitis: is basil related to commetti..both frikkin ugly and look similar..big noses and from perth and commentators
happytimes: Chambers swim was amazing, come from nowhere
J.Worrall: Joe Frazier’s sister!
kangawalla: Agree wholeheartedly J Worrall re Whateley
poido123: bulldogs really need to get on top of the clearances and more run from half back through JJ
happytimes: Poido surely after last week the pies can’t win
ballbag: zempliss in an A-Z flog!! well B-Z at least
mattmac24: Ballantyne wants to be traded to West coast.. I somehow doubt they’ll want him
heppelitis: Liz Cambage comes across as a petulant drama queen….but what a fukkin beast of a player. today she was awesome
sfmmp23: According to Fox Sports Cloke wont be at Collingwood in 2017 and will request a trade. Good move but what would they get
J.Worrall: This may be the start of beautiful friendship, kanga!
kangawalla: Agreed Hepp, and her nemesis, Bogut has been great too.
LuvIt74: have u guys heard the Canadian commentating on Phelps 22nd Gold victory? Oh bloody hilarious.
J.Worrall: Liz Cam. is the best thing for women’s bball since Lauren Jackson, hepps
LuvIt74: If u type in google: ” Is this the worst sports commentary blunder ever” you can watch & hear it
3rdstriker: sfmmp23, do you mean, what will they have to give up to get rid of his contract?
J.Worrall: Who’ needs a KPF who can sometimes mark and mostly miss the big ones?
happytimes: Blues will do a straight swap for Liam jones but the pies will still have to pay half his wage
cusch1: Brisbane, maybe freo to help out apeness and that other bloke J Worrall
J.Worrall: Bolton is smarter than that
urmumsaid: Rocky going to crows for picks i hear
LuvIt74: i had tears from hearing that idiot mix up Phelps with Lochte
J.Worrall: Nah, naahhh I don’t reckon, cusch
J.Worrall: Yeah, I heard that about Rocky
J.Worrall: doesn’t mean they need Cloke thouygh …
happytimes: There was talk that the dogs might be interested
LuvIt74: Id love to know what Cloke’s conversion rate is
J.Worrall: seriously, happyt?
LuvIt74: Dogs won’t touch cloke with a barge pole, why would they.
poido123: refs are giving pies everything
J.Worrall: – maybe to use him for a loophole, Hppy?
frenzy: dogs need a refund from boyd before they can go shopping
cusch1: i heard the dogs are interested as well
heppelitis: haha Luvit funny..i apologise for mixing up the lanes
cusch1: i think it was fox sports facebook page but not 100% sure
J.Worrall: @Luvit – who would? Tht’s my Q!
mattmac24: Dogs interested in Cloke..? Don’t think so
9inch: Pies are so much better without dead weight cloke
LuvIt74: its a classic isn’t it.
J.Worrall: yeah, i know cusch, but not in he Bloke, surely?
poido123: fck off refs you fcking idiots. stop giving pies everything you fcking idiots
mattmac24: Frenzy.. You’re really set on the whole Boyd thing aren’t you? really wasn’t that big of a dent in they salary cap.
LuvIt74: Warrall no one with half a brain in my opinion, his conversion rate would have to be around 25%
J.Worrall: Settle down, Poida
JockMcPie: few too many turnovers boys
J.Worrall: RU Poida from Poida View?
cusch1: If the dogs miss out on hurley, I think he is every chance to be a dog next year. But dogs priority will be a ruck
J.Worrall: Right on, Luvit!
sfmmp23: Jeez De Goey, that was woeful.
J.Worrall: Game is bloody riveting, hey?
happytimes: Does anyone rate De Goey
LuvIt74: @Cush we have Campbell & Roughy so why will our priority be a ruck
poido123: fcking helll you dogsshit fcking refs you cunt motuhafckers doing this shit over and over go fck yourself you stupid
Gott2Win: What are you smoking cusch??
cusch1: i thought roughy was more of a key defender? I know he played there and was great down back when Minson was playing
LuvIt74: anyone here who seriously believes the dogs would even contemplate Cloke have rocks in their heads.
poido123: @ Worall, I’m just Poida mate.
McRooster: Bulldogs finals credential is currently losing more credit than the Greek dollar.
J.Worrall: even mnty is bored – no “back on the game” mesage yet!
cusch1: BT Howes mark has nothing on Daniher and Daw jfc
LuvIt74: @cusch i suggest u change sports m8
Roksta: Frenzy is butthurt from last week
Gott2Win: ‘If the dogs miss out on hurley, I think he is every chance to be dog’…makes sense
J.Worrall: sweeeeet, Poida!
LuvIt74: lmao here
cusch1: He is referring to Cloke buddy. way to take it out of context
J.Worrall: Howdy Doodle doo, McRooster. Stay premium, mate!
J.Worrall: sweee ee eet
happytimes: I thought Hurley was going to the crow
LuvIt74: They invest 6 Million in a kid and bring in a dud like cloke to what screw Boyd up? Cloke cannot convert so its pointles
poido123: Always liked Picken as a player. Not again, this is the most fustrating game Ive watched in a while
cusch1: Hurley wont leave Victoria
sfmmp23: Darcy is being double teamed if not tripled teamed at almost every contest.
heppelitis: fox reporting ballantyne requesting to be traded
mattmac24: Cloke just doesn’t have a spot in AFL anymore, it’s as simple as that
poido123: Ever since the first quarter, the bulldogs have played crap.
Fatbar5tad: That Collingwood chant
Roksta: Hurley will stay at dons or go to dogs
mattmac24: Hepp, yeah, he wants to go to West Coast
happytimes: Boyd does not have the biggest tank, play Cloke as a high lead up on the wing and play Boyd deeper
poido123: Cloke is a lumbering dead weight. Wouldn’t have him in the local bush league.
cusch1: Heppell and Woosha believes he will stay and have said so publicly if that counts for anything
LuvIt74: Pies are playing better
Umpirespet: Package playin a cloke game tonight
mattmac24: HappyTimes and who would be dropped for him to play that role?
sfmmp23: Bombers will be a good side next year I reckon heaps of young talent + all the guns back.
heppelitis: as silly as it sounds..if hurley leaves bombers…i wouldnt mind cloke for a yeare or 2 and play hooker back…help joe
LuvIt74: clay smith looks sore
LuvIt74: stringer having a mare
wadaramus: Carn the Bont, and Pendles, finish strongly.
cusch1: ho hepp dont use such profanity
heppelitis: we would kick 2 goals 24 points each week lol
mattmac24: Hepp, It would be good for them, could help them continue to develop their young players
Umpirespet: Pendles must be injured
poido123: @ Heppelitis, itc coulsn’t make your team any worse right 😛
J.Worrall: Yep, wada – Go Bonto!
Fatbar5tad: Stringer shite last week as well
JButcher: Flower off Bont!
LuvIt74: the bull shit thats flowing in here tonight is just phenomenal.
heppelitis: haha
J.Worrall: Right on, macmac
JockMcPie: Stringer = most overrated, talked up player in the comp
poido123: Bont with the afterburners 🙂
cusch1: dont write us off next season. We will be a lot better than what most think
frenzy: M.Bont 3 votes, just not from scotty
mattmac24: Go you beauty bont!!
J.Worrall: twice, matmac
happytimes: Bonts turning it on
mattmac24: Jock, You’re forgetting Cyril..
LuvIt74: Jjock coz u dont have him…lol he is 21 years old.
poido123: how w
Fatbar5tad: Bont dragging the Hounds back into it
wadaramus: Traded the Bont in last week with my last trade J.Worrall, was a good investment!
LuvIt74: @Cusch well u cant get any worse so its all up mate.
JockMcPie: Bont will be my second selected next year, after Gawn
J.Worrall: @cusch – and we won’t need THE Bloke
Roksta: Both Scotts like to throw Thiet toys out of the cot
poido123: lets gooooo doggggiess!!!!!
LuvIt74: Woof, Woof, Woof
J.Worrall: Gogog Bontobonto
colin wood: Boys no touches this quarter…
9inch: 3 votes the Bont
cusch1: Jongs performance tonight could mean that dogs get an early 3rd instead of late 4th round pick
sfmmp23: Stringer has the ability to change a game within minutes. He is still young.
JButcher: Cmon sidey!
mattmac24: This is what makes bont a star.. his start to this quarter has pushed the whole pack to lift!
J.Worrall: Late onto my boy, there, wda!
J.Worrall: Doggies, gogo
wadaramus: Come on Boyd, M that is!
Fatbar5tad: Dogs are bark in town
happytimes: Lol Collingwood talking about touching boys
mattmac24: Also love that I have the 4 top scores from the dogs
J.Worrall: Oh yes, m@mattmac
LuvIt74: The BONT is a flipping GUN and a .50 Cal gun at that.
frenzy: Lol Cusch
urmumsaid: Dahlhaus what a goal coming up!
J.Worrall: Pis touched Assumption!
wadaramus: He’s a ripper J.Worrall, willbe in my side earlier next year methinks!
poido123: push in the back???
ballbag: is m Boyd on? no points this qtr!!
McRooster: I love footy. I love it when I’m proven wrong, the way the Dogs play for each other is incredible. Game on.
cusch1: Moore is something special. Might be thebest of the young key talls
wadaramus: Gee whiz D.Moore can mark!
poido123: boyd and JJ get into it 😕
J.Worrall: *Pies – and Ballarat all over
DrSeuss: Sidebutt and Johanissen just stopped….
Costanza: Aish – like father like son
sfmmp23: What a cracker game.
LuvIt74: buk, buk bk ha
J.Worrall: Yes yes, McR
cusch1: If only Collingwood had 1 Moore of him
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake put that gut away tubs!
wadaramus: Cracking game boys, love a good game on a friday night!
J.Worrall: Treloar is no Peter Daicos
J.Worrall: Dad jokes 2 early, cusch
frenzy: pies already have moore on and witts
mattmac24: Think I’ll take Dunkley over Petracca
J.Worrall: Pies palying beyond their ability here
ballbag: thank fuck I traded out pendles!!!he’s done for the year
Fatbar5tad: No way Matt
LuvIt74: stringer is a gun but he needs to learn to not be hungry he must learn to pass it on.
J.Worrall: Yup ballbag – reckon that’s my second last trade gone next week
Gott2Win: Treloar having a great SC game…Opp must have him!
LuvIt74: wish i bloody got rid of pendles
wadaramus: Set for a ripping last quarter, carn Pendles lift!
poido123: I agree worall. Pies coming down to earth this quarter I reckon
LuvIt74: Actually let me re-phrase that, stringer will be a gun
wadaramus: Luxury trade ballbag?! You must have a bag full of trades!
poido123: my pendles for Bont trade was a master stroke 🙂
J.Worrall: 12 disposals, 3 in50s nd goal – in the premiership quarter
Mex13: Boyd with a -5 quarter
chis00: mathew boyd -6 that quarter nice NOT
Umpirespet: Luvit Stringer is a water pistol not a gun
wadaramus: WTF happened to M.Boyd that quarter?
GJayBee: My last three trades, two to get Pendles in, one to get him out. Hurts as much as seeing my dad in Intesive care hahahah
J.Worrall: too true, luvit – not there yet …
iZander: If the icons are correct then, HULK
3rdstriker: my boyd v bont was ahead by 29 at the start of the qtr, now 26 behind
poido123: Boyd and JJ went missing…very fustrating
ballbag: 3 trades left now and won’t use them unless injury
LuvIt74: if i kept dunkly I would be leaning to take his score over playing Wines thats for sure.
Pokerface: its clutch time.. points worth more now. boyd has to scale down
Roksta: He should do an Eddie betts and get goals over the back umpires pet
9inch: Sidey need a huge qtr from you after nothing that qtr
happytimes: Would like to see stringer play more time in the midfield
poido123: Try 38 3rd striker…lol
urmumsaid: request: water pistol symbol for guns to be
McRooster: @GJ – may your old boy make a speedy recovery
wadaramus: Pendles can still ton up, not sure why you’d trade him when he was named to play?
mattmac24: @LuvIt He’ll go for at least 90 I reckon, easily better than what Petracca will do
Umpirespet: yeah but not smart enough hey Rocksta
3rdstriker: playing sc poido
LuvIt74: i have Pendles and opponent has Tralore, Boyd & Dahlhaus
Pokerface: lol urmumsaid
J.Worrall: good call, my mum said
Pokerface: #stoptheviolence #banthegunicon
pcaman2003: SC screwed up. Bottom dropped from 82 back to 77.Boyd dropped heaps too. WTF?
urmumsaid: rip into eddie…lol. give him goals out the back and he will take them
happytimes: I miss eddie
LuvIt74: @mattmac without a doubt i would take his 71 then risk pettracca
J.Worrall: McRooster – the ever caring!! Well said!
cusch1: Stringer will get more midfield time when Crameri gets back i think
Gott2Win: picken onto treloar thanks
mattmac24: @LuvIt I’ve already moved Trengove onto the field for Petracca
Costanza: carn Bont 30 poss for $3.75
J.Worrall: No more pistols, water or otherwisw, right, poface?
LuvIt74: thats my point with stringer, he tries to do it himself lucky that wasn’t ball
Pokerface: Worrall i would appreciate if we could get rid of the burger icon. Obesity is a societal problem
Stuart88: Matty Boyd gone to sleep or just left the ground
wadaramus: There’s Boyd!
poido123: lets go doggieeeess
J.Worrall: Wow poface – what else re you against?
Raspel31: Bont tackles but 30 possessions rare Costanza-carn Treloar.
ballbag: Matty Boyds first pts since 2 qtr
LuvIt74: lmfo Poker
Stuart88: Just went for a nap on the pine in the 3rd Q I guess
colin wood: Boyd -8 since halftime
LuvIt74: that burger icon is like a Hungry Jacks advert begging me to go purchase a burger
wadaramus: Oh yes, it’s the Bont!
JRedden: bont 3 votes today
mattmac24: Looking to already take Bont as my VC as well!
J.Worrall: Pies got nything left?
Roksta: I’m biased as hell but gonna go Bont for Brownlow next year
urmumsaid: Gawn will be my skip this week’
J.Worrall: I went that way too, @mattmac
wadaramus: Fair dinkum Boyd, get in on the ball fest.
Pokerface: worrall that butcher knife is a bit unsavoury
mattmac24: @Roksta I only have one bet per year and it’s the brownlow.. Danger this year but I’m going for Bont next year
J.Worrall: Bonto monzo!
J.Worrall: just add salt and vinegr, Poface
LuvIt74: shit my opponent has trelore as VC
wadaramus: Sausage roll boys.
Fatbar5tad: What a goal!
Roksta: Prob danger next year too but hope Bont
wadaramus: The Bont score is multiplying, yeah baby.
Umpirespet: Bont wont win it next year Danger is AFL’s love child will win the next 3 at least
Raspel31: urmum- never had the courage to cap a ruck but might vc.
J.Worrall: Pies found something! Do they know what it is?
poido123: cant believe pies are playing this well..
wadaramus: Carn Pendles get on a run.
cusch1: If Bont kicks the winning goal then I retract all my statements from earlier this evening lol
oc16: i think u guys have forgotten how good fyfe is
Fatbar5tad: Butthurt Cows fans LOL
J.Worrall: @Rspel – never captained the big cox?
mattmac24: I bet $10 on danger when he was $10 for the brownlow during the preseason. Sportsbet paid it out early last week!
Costanza: Pies midfield + Swan would’ve been something else
Umpirespet: nope fatbar you can have clangerfield m8
J.Worrall: @Raspel – or Gawn? Or Goldy? OUch!
Fatbar5tad: Oops! Adams fucked up there
urmumsaid: i have the week off this week in my cash league so gonna go with Gawn as skipper to see if I can jag top score
LuvIt74: dunkly ggolden
poolboybob: lol Adams. That’s what you get for wearing long sleeves indoors.
mattmac24: I’d give the three favourites for the brownlow next year as Fyfe, Bont and Danger.. Just my opinion though
poido123: ffs how do you miss set shots directly in front
LuvIt74: pitty he missed though
Fatbar5tad: Fair is fair, you got a Ronnie Burns
mattmac24: @umpirespet has still very obviously been the best player in the comp this year
J.Worrall: You misssed a few big scores there, Rapsy
ballbag: crows are better without clangerfield anyway
wadaramus: Not totally butthurt, Crows are actually playing better without Danger.
Umpirespet: yup but we have improved since he has gone
cusch1: well we’ve been calling for a draw for the last few weeks. Will tonight be the night?
Fatbar5tad: Bont reminds me of Fyfe..the way he attacks the contest at pace in particular
poido123: how is that oin the back!!!! worst decisions
wadaramus: Having said that, would prefer if he was still playing for us!
Roksta: Great work hunter
ballbag: dangers like rocky. not team players
J.Worrall: Doogies showing class now – Pies have done there ebst
Pokerface: hey costanza
iZander: gee thats a big compliment to fyfe 😉
JockMcPie: sidebottom and boyd done nothing after half time…
J.Worrall: um … their best
Fatbar5tad: No good if he didn’t want to stay though wada, just like Junior with us.
happytimes: Danger is a game winner
Roksta: Far from over wore all
Roksta: Worrall *
J.Worrall: I’d say that as a woofer too, Rokst
mattmac24: Boyd would have to be one of the most picked SC defenders this year right?
LuvIt74: that was HTB to the pies to be fair
Costanza: pppppokerface
J.Worrall: No point in putting curse on yourselves
happytimes: Gee Maynard is a ugly man
Fatbar5tad: Sneaky Picken LOL
Heizenberg: Hahahaha green foot bt you idiot
poido123: this refs OMGH they are bad. who fcking hires this lot?
J.Worrall: but as a bomber fan, I say the Doggies are set to show class bets farts
Heizenberg: Hi all
Pokerface: did you win the week off?
Umpirespet: so what mattmac? So is shaw
urmumsaid: maynard looks like his old man. leather face
wadaramus: We’ve seen the ad Fatbar5tad, he likes the surf at Moggs Creek 🙂
Raspel31: Comeon Treloar you muppet.
wadaramus: Evening Heizen 🙂
LuvIt74: i need to go to OPSM why wasn’t that a dogs mark deep in defence?
J.Worrall: Who’s yer fave kid in the NAB footy advert?
Costanza: first non-loss since r5 or something lol
urmumsaid: get a kick JJ you pig
Umpirespet: yeah wada alone lol typical danger look at me
J.Worrall: Or does sking make me a pedo?
Stuart88: Why are they tagging Sidey treloar is killing it
heppelitis: gawn and ablett
cusch1: Max Gawn by far
LuvIt74: gawnnnnn by the flemington straight
Umpirespet: josh kennerdy worall
BeastMode: youre the muppet raspel,
J.Worrall: Reckon JJK has the stutter spot on !
mattmac24: Umpirespet, just saying because he’s not having as good of a game as he could’ve had, a lot of people have him.
poido123: this is BS seriously. Pies have had the refs and luck on their side all night
J.Worrall: Haha, just posted same, Umpire
Umpirespet: that kids run up is exactly the same as josh’s
colin wood: Long Jong already at the Pies??
Pokerface: what are refs?
Umpirespet: Ihave him in both mattmac
Pokerface: why did you lol costanza
cusch1: That could be a big point at the end of the game.
poido123: picken is the most underrated player in the league
J.Worrall: They’re all bloody brilliant – the ad company deserves an awrd!
LuvIt74: u wish colin, not gonna happen.
heppelitis: buddy the only crap one…selwood cheeky grin a crack up
mattmac24: Agree Hepp
Heizenberg: Pies could be something next year
ballbag: refs have more power than umpires
urmumsaid: magpies need a coach, not players
Heizenberg: Cloke won’t be there and who knows about swan
colin wood: Wow poido your throwing out some serious dribble tonight.
LuvIt74: wtf do they have bont, boyd & Boyd on bench
Raspel31: Said with affection BeastMode.
Umpirespet: best ad I have seen for ages Worrall
LuvIt74: this turned into a great game i gotta say.
wadaramus: Ablett/
urmumsaid: it’s great to see 2 teams play that just attack
LuvIt74: dogs attacking like ive never seen
urmumsaid: these 2 teams just attack because they have no defenders
J.Worrall: mugger be, it’s nail-biter
urmumsaid: dogs defence is injured, collingwood have all left
tbrowne: don’t see how marsh gets a game
wadaramus: Boyd you hack, been on holiday the whole second half.
poido123: game of the year
LuvIt74: this is in tennse
heppelitis: boyds sc went through the roof just then
Costanza: thirsty work
wadaramus: Just pay everything.
Costanza: that’s a bit RUFF
LuvIt74: carn doggiessssss
J.Worrall: who sys the Pies don’t get cheap frees?
cusch1: heart wrenching stuff
Roksta: Umpires tried hard to give it then
mattmac24: Boyd with a couple goal saving grabs boosted him quite a bit
frenzy: dags home
jocka: Bad luck umps – couldn’t quite give it to the pies
J.Worrall: Dooogggiiieeezzz
tbrowne: Treloar 3 votes surely what a star
Hoot: Don’t know how Pendlebury got to 100 but I’ll take that from the emergency bench anyday
Lachie.BT: goos effort tonight, was a great game to witness
J.Worrall: Right gin, Rokst
JockMcPie: Bont 3 Treloar 2 Aish 1
sfmmp23: What a performance by both sides.
TowelBoy25: Proud of the Pies tonight. Against the odds, we took it to them. Hope Pendles scales to 100. Great game of footy!
LuvIt74: bloody hell my opponent has Treloar VC, Dahlhaus & Boyd to my Pendles im screwed
McRooster: They’re the team of the mighty west but they’re not the best. Only making up the numbers in September.
JockMcPie: fantastic game of football
J.Worrall: OMG, a faimin’ witness
mattmac24: Without Bont, Dogs wouldn’t have won that, deserves the 3 votes over anyone else
Lachie.BT: good*
sfmmp23: sc not working again?
TowelBoy25: Great effort Pies, against the odds we took it to them!
boges11: Glad I got Dahl in this week
sfmmp23: back on nevermind
banners87: Huge second half from Treloar! Was on 38 at HT from memory.
mattmac24: Bont and Dahl the same DT and SC score
sfmmp23: Well there goes my Perfect 9 chances this week lol, over before it started. Bont misses by 10.

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