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Chat log from R20 of 2016: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R20 of 2016

JockMcPie: Big Game needed Priddis…my SC finals campaign depends on it
TowelBoy25: Need Priddis to score 104+ for the league win in SC finals
JockMcPie: Priddis for 200
JButcher: I need Yarran and Gaff to both stay down
deanie: Need neale to get 101 for 1 final and merrett, bartel, priddis and neale to get 403 between them
Raspel31: Neale-mylast hope. Step up lad.
Dunlop: hughes and crozier are the other 2 freo defenders
JockMcPie: yes priddis
LuvIt74: Need Neale & Priddis to do crap
Raspel31: Not looking good Luvit.
9inch: Traded out Kennedy. Can’t take him to finals, watch him go 150 lol
LuvIt74: Carn priddis get a corky or something just to put u out for today…lool
LuvIt74: Priddis almost got KO
sfmmp23: Carn Collins and Yeo get to 90 please
Hadouken: opp has neale, i have collins. booya.
King_Robbo: Stay down lycett shuey and neale!
LuvIt74: would luv to run up to lyons and egg him while on microphone, hate the prickly pear.
BoredSaint: i have an epic final atm. neale + 20 vs selwood
PieBoy: Onya nealey
boges11: What’s the symbol next to Yeo? I don’t see it in the list
boges11: I think he’s a spanner but don’t think that’s what it’s for
JButcher: It means he’s rotating through the midfield from the backline boges
poido123: west coast are the heartless wonders
JRedden: gaff is a joke, not even a premium anymore
boges11: TY JButcher
Hadouken: bring on 2017
AngryRyno: is Priddis out there?
LuvIt74: hope not Angry
ballbag: priddis first quarter wonder continues. seeya in the third perm boy
LuvIt74: well it appears SC points r working here
LuvIt74: If NicNat & Goldy remain around the $500k they are my two rucks come 2017
m0nty: geez Weller looks like Fyfe if you squint
LuvIt74: why u squinting m0nty?
Dangermaus: would be nice if Collins woke up
Dangermaus: I’d rather see the saints in the 8 over West Coast or Nth Melb
PieBoy: Onya hurny
JButcher: Geez Gaff really can’t shake this tag
LuvIt74: Are these SC scores correct or not?
JButcher: @Dangermaus, what about Port in the 8, mathematical possibility….
m0nty: no, the SC scores have been screwy all day
LuvIt74: Butcher no its not there on 9 wins and low prcentage, you’ll see Elvis before port making the 8
LuvIt74: m0nty any chance of manually fixing them at half time mate?
LuvIt74: bloody hell just think sc kicked in then, think i prefer not seeing it after that update
JButcher: If we will all 3, including the showdown, with big wins, and kangas lose all 3 then yes it is possible, won’t happen tho
AngryRyno: what is allnewms
colmullet: Neale low TOG?
Raspel31: Think your cook goosed Luvit.
LuvIt74: yup its ok im top 4 so not trading cost me it seems
LuvIt74: 83 points up with priddis & neale yup im cooked goose liver
boges11: I’m 86 behind with Neale and Walters. Opponent has Lycett. What’s my chances?
JButcher: I have a 15 point lead vs Yarran and Gaff, seeya later finals
LuvIt74: although think the Cats vs Essendon sc scores need huge scaling
LuvIt74: @boges11 no chance
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo and collims, fire up.
mattmac24: 400 in front with Neale vs JJK.. I dunno about this one boys..
DirtyDawn: Evening all
LuvIt74: evening Dawn
swannies05: just scraped into finals after a slow start league ranked in top 500 and won this comfortably
hinsch: What sort of SC scores are people getting this week my league you will need 2500+ to go through
9inch: Jjk ave of 54 sc last 3. Trade him out this happens. Wanker
colin wood: Piss off Priddis…
swannies05: @hinsch needing about 2450 to go through this week with a few big scores going around
mattmac24: @Hinsch. I get exactly 2500 if Neale gets exactly 100
Lawls: Think I’m going to win even with having a score of 5 on my field
JockMcPie: Keep it up priddis, might be the best decision ive made all year…
LuvIt74: amazing how annoying it becomes when SC scores are not showing, how quick we get used to it.
hinsch: Priddis & Neale get 100 each I go 2490
JButcher: Lawls unfortunately smith has cost me i’m gonna lose by less than 60
LuvIt74: hope priddis goes off for a rest for 50 minutes…lol
Lawls: i thought i was gone, but steven getting tagged helped me out
Lawls: opponent needs yeo to outscore neale by at least 13 to force a draw
9inch: Yeo you piece of crap flower.
LuvIt74: Had i of made the trades I would have won but it only leaves me with 1 trade so after pendles got injured i held off tra
hinsch: Smith killed me in fntasy lost by about 50 against the son never hear the end of it now haha
TowelBoy25: Kennedy only plays well when my opponents have him
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo cant afford your shit this week
jackbastas: down by 100 and got Collins and Neale and his got Kennedy :/
LuvIt74: Someone traded kennedy out and said watch kennedy score 150+
Bazza2014: gaff what a turd
sfmmp23: Need 7 points + Yeo and Collins to beat Neale.
JRedden: never again gaff
chinospot: down 6 points, i have priddis he has collins
9inch: Yeah me luvit. Typical sc.
LuvIt74: that sux
LuvIt74: i really want freo to win
LuvIt74: NicNat will be a cheap ruch next season
TowelBoy25: 89 point lead in one of my matches. I have Priddis, he has Neale…and Kennedy
colin wood: Come on Neale lift!!!
Bazza2014: gaff is a turd on a stick
JRedden: gaff gone backwards this year
shaker: Gaff just another player that can’t handle a tag
Bazza2014: scores at half time, were i lead by 4 with gaff nd cripps, versus masten and lycett in the grandfinal
9inch: All i needed was 75 from Yeo. Not even near it.
Bazza2014: 41 pts to 37 pts that qtr my favour have me leading by 8. sheesh
Bazza2014: if gaff can seagull the f…. up i might have a chance to hold onto the ca$h
JRedden: no marks and no tackles gaff, thats just pathetic, even if tagged
LuvIt74: need Priddis & neale to score under 26 this Fat chance
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo and Collins dont let Neale beat you!!!
chinospot: 2 points down, need priddis to get 3 more points than collins
poido123: fuck off you fcking joke of a ref to reverse that. if i lose my multis ill fcking flip
swannies05: the relief you get when your leagues already won
AngryRyno: what the hell is a ref? this is FOOTY
colin wood: Come on Neale!!!!
poido123: Dont make me Angry Rhyno 😛
TowelBoy25: Just a few more points Priddis!
poido123: Freo are pulling shit out of their ass. i hope this isnt a game i lose my shit
LuvIt74: anyone heard any update on Pendles, is he done?
hinsch: Neale step up young fellow need 100 plus
AngryRyno: need Priddis and Lycett to bring it home
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo and Collins keep pushing, you have to beat Neale.
socceroofa: Keep it up Priddis!
poido123: need 32+ really bad. cmon eagles
Torz: Zac Clarke, Taberner in.
Bazza2014: woo hoo gaff, you biatche!
Torz: out*
PieBoy: Cmon nealey have a crack
TowelBoy25: So many of my league games that will be going down to the wire here! :/
sfmmp23: JJK should win the coleman from here.
Bazza2014: gaff and cripps have taken down masten and lycett, sheesh some room now to settle
AngryRyno: how long left?
sfmmp23: Come on Yeo get on the scoreboard. 3 30 left Ryno
TowelBoy25: F off Kennedy! >:(
AngryRyno: cheers mate, junk it up Priddis
PieBoy: Onya hurny
poolboybob: LeCras the consummate downhill skiier
frenzy: the seagulls
boo!: onya sheed
Bazza2014: home by 13, nothing to worry about, winners are grinners, drinks are on the HOUSE!
wadaramus: Priddis v Neale, down by 31, thank your mother for the rabbits!

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