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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R19 of 2016

eagles86: need zorko and jasper pittard to have a ripper game
eagles86: need jasper pittard and zorko to have a ripper in this game
hinsch: Lions off to a great start keep it going boys
eagles86: story of lions good start shit ending
AngryRyno: keep it up Zorko you gun
mason2016: LMFAO @everyone who has rocky as capt
Mex13: Cmon Rockliff….. lift
colmullet: earth to Rocky!
hinsch: LIONS have a lot of young future guns in their line up, good future for the club
AngryRyno: wtf Pittard
eagles86: wake up pittard u moron
JRedden: get going rocky ffs
JRedden: shouldve started smith over goldy at this rate
eagles86: is pittard asleep or what
TowelBoy25: Pittard, Montagna burning me big time!
nikos: Rocky playing at full fwd FFS
Pokerface: pittard ffs
TowelBoy25: Step up your game Pittard!
wadaramus: Rocky what the fuck are you doing?!
mark621: is martin not playing?
AngryRyno: oh Pittard….
boo!: for years i thought he was called trengrove not trengove
TowelBoy25: Take a shot for every touch Pittard gets.
Pokerface: john butcher is on top of the scoring. this is not a drill. john butcher is on top
Pokerface: towelboy might do that. about my turn to be designated driver
FlagDog: Martin was rested this week.
AngryRyno: don’t worry boys have Butcher in Perfect 9
Nuffman: Need Rocky to stay down and Wines to go bang
hinsch: Nearly put Pittard in for Boyd this week lucky I didn’t
AngryRyno: Pearce Hanley get a kick
Pokerface: angry you didn’t
wadaramus: The Bears are woeful.
eagles86: pittard not getting scores shows hopw bad lions fowards are
Gordo450: So JButcher the fanfooty member….. Is actually John Butcher! Where is he now?
TheBigD: aye big m0nty
Gordo450: FFS Boak even butcher would have kicked that
Pokerface: to be fair butcher would have shanked it
Gott2Win: Let’s go Rocky. Time to chuck the cape on!
Mex13: Not watching, where is Rocky playing??
Gordo450: Mathieson is the next Akermanis , wanker
Gott2Win: Rocky not getting spoon fed by Martin tonight affect ting his game? Need a big last quarter from him
AngryRyno: rubbish game for fantasy
heppelitis: Do something Deric Zoolander Hipwood,,,your not just out there for your good looks
TowelBoy25: Don’t slow down Zorko!
Gordo450: Great call Tony Shaw, the Brisbane witches hats
TheBigD: go fuck yourself gordo
Gordo450: Great comeback, lovesthebigD
BallHog: Can someone please feed the pig!
Zeratul: Rockliff is fat…. that oughta make him earn a cape!
Zeratul: Burger for rocky!
MULLETMAN: I was gonna trade in Rocky this week like everyone said we should. Thank flower I didint!
AngryRyno: Hanley + Pittard, the killer combo
oc16: still not sure how some people dont have rocky, up until now he has had a five round average of 128.8!
TowelBoy25: C’mon Pittard, at least junk it up. Not stink it up
heppelitis: Bloody hell. Archie going to do a west to Martin just as he came good
9inch: Greys sc wow
TowelBoy25: Trade out Wines during byes, now he plays like a premo. Of course, of bloody course!
TowelBoy25: Also nice to see my three players didn’t move in the last 10 minutes, lol. FU Pittard!
King_Robbo: Me too towel boy. Fat spud

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