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Chat log from R16 of 2016: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, R16 of 2016

Gott2Win: Parker, Kennedy or Danger for the VC
frenzy: dang
zadolinnyj: Gents
zadolinnyj: Danger never scored over 100 against Sydney apparently
frenzy: and buds never play @ the cattery
LuvIt74: 5 Trades seriously want to trade Libba out for Parker
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj Dangers highest score against Swans is 122
ballbag: @zado Danger never played against Sydney…. in Geelong colours apperently 😉
Gott2Win: I like Kennedy tonight for a bit of a unique VC
LuvIt74: of course Danger has played Swans several times what are u on about, first time he is playing swans in Cats colours.
zadolinnyj: True. History was as a crow? Jelwood is a good tag taker so tonight might be his night
zadolinnyj: SC or DT LuvIt74. Just repeating fox footy stat
danmaio: Hope the umpires are better than last nights shit
Gott2Win: Motlop to have a shocker tonight
Breezey: Thursday might be Pie night but Friday’s are Rum and footy night for me
zadolinnyj: Here that @danmaio
m0nty: very poor topknot on Naismith
Breezey: Surely they acant be that bad @Danmaio
ballbag: Titch CANNOT go with Dnager… he should go to Selwood. But dont tell anyone that
Breezey: The last time I spoke about top knots Stefan Martin got knocked out. Lookout Naismith
zadolinnyj: You could tackle selwoods big toe and he would still bring it to head high
danmaio: Buddy looks switched on tonight
Pokerface: no sc numbers?
stakerz: banggg frankkkkk
tbrowne: ahh sc down typical from CD
3rdstriker: @ballbag, all afl coaches seem to have forgotten selwood got tagged every game last year and was terrible
Wends: Evening all. @luvit finally did the deed and brought in Parker for Wells tonight…
Raspel31: Well, I picked Geelong but with Buddy, Parker and Hannas-happy to be disappointed.
JockMcPie: -9 for danger for a 50 against….
Breezey: Has he got a twin Towers
RooBoyStu: glad I took the $3.25 about Syd yesterday
iZander: they were about that just before the game @rooboy 😛
AngryRyno: Ted Richards not playing on Menzel m0nt
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj Dangers highest score against Swans is 122 SC & 104 DT
RooBoyStu: will be shorter now iZander
zadolinnyj: Fair enough. Fox footy stats were wrong then
LuvIt74: @Roo Still bloody early m8 to be thinking that.
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj its easy to check out mate just click on Dangerfield on SC and it will show u his highest & lowest and Avera
blashtroko: Guthrie tagging McVeigh?
ExPrez: Yep Guthrie tagging McVeigh 🙁
RooBoyStu: went vc Parker as i said last night, stuck with it over Danger.
Raspel31: Buddy developed a much more all round game with Swans than Hawks.
Pokerface: @luvit history is irrelevant. never played them at the cattery i bet. never been leading sc scorer for the year either.
Bazza2014: Evening Lads, have danger for 32+ @ $2.50, cmon
JockMcPie: Great game so far
danmaio: Fuck you tiitchell, losing points and win margin
LuvIt74: @Bazza tear it up no chance
LuvIt74: @Poker I am just answering Zadolinnyj question
Pokerface: sorry luvit missed his q
chinkas: glad i gave Guthrie the boot
LuvIt74: Danger has only scored over the ton once against Swans which was in 2012. I hope stats mean nothing as he is my VC
Bazza2014: i assume thats tongue in cheek luvit
Bazza2014: i assume thats tongue in cheek luvit4
Wends: Traded out Rose over Petracca for structure, but he mightn’t even make BE of 24 at this rate anyway
3rdstriker: he might be some chance by ht bazza
Raspel31: This a good game. Just great to see a good game.
LuvIt74: I almost traded Libba out for Parker but with 5 trades i decided not too
Breezey: Rose will go alright. Good value this bloke.
LuvIt74: @Raspel did ya watch Swans vs Dogs last week, that was the best game ive seen this season..
Raspel31: Yep-nail biting Luvit.
LuvIt74: Danger to get 50+ touches at this rate, leather poisoning already.
SaintsMan: far out parker
Raspel31: And I almost didn’t vc Danger tonight-he’s a monster.
Breezey: Allir x2 looking pretty composed
Bazza2014: my wallet is giggling
heppelitis: drinks on bazza tonight
Tigger5: the bloke who VC’d parker over danger would be abit scared
Bazza2014: he is an animal
LuvIt74: Bazza give me your ticket now m8…lol
zadolinnyj: What is the most possessions for 1 player in a quarter?
JockMcPie: dangerfield on track for 70 at the moment…far out
Sloaneyyyy: Jeebus! 18 touches in a quarter for Danger!
LuvIt74: Wish Mottyloppy would do something
frenzy: cape danger, OMFG
Bazza2014: i shut you not, he is a one man band, got them back in this game single handedly
JRedden: danger cape.. incredible quarter
Bazza2014: couldnt put enough on.
LuvIt74: Bazza 14 possessions in 3 quarters to go, thats asking a shit load from Danger. lol
scaryness: @zadolinnyj Jarrad McVeigh had 22 in a quarter against Carlton in the 2013 Semi
zadolinnyj: Was it danger plus 32 @Bazza?
heppelitis: any chance of the hack laying a tackle…lift danger
Kenny27: Horse has Danger captain in fantasy
stakerz: danger 18 in a qtr, selwood 8, cats still down. lol
Fletch91: J McVeigh once got 20 in a Qtr, not sure if someone has more than that
Sloaneyyyy: SC really hates Parker
wadaramus: Captain Capemaaaaaaan!
9inch: Sydney need to stop him or its lights out
Raspel31: If only Danger tackled he’d have a reasonable score.
ajconodie: Dangerfield 72% efficiency. Pretty poor effort.
sfmmp23: Callum Mills has surely got to get the nomination this week!
zadolinnyj: Motlop Letting me down. Likes junk time but he may not get it in this game
Gotigres: Great game
CrowEaters: So glad we let danger go
Heizenberg: Hi guys
colin wood: Not really Sloaney.. 57% dis and a FA…
Heizenberg: Damn I thought that was the record
wadaramus: Yeah, me too CrowEaters
9inch: Game of VC choice tonight. Go Jelwood
ajconodie: zadolinnyj – I think you let yourself down having Motlop mate.
Heizenberg: lol crow eaters
JockMcPie: If Mills doesn’t get the Rising Star award providing he continues like this the system is rigged
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj same here mate, had him since round 1.
Sloaneyyyy: Milburn had 20 in a quarter once
mlakmlak: Not like they had a choice croweater… adelaide are still going along ok without him
Heizenberg: Remember when scully had 18?
zadolinnyj: Hard to be angry at danger leaving. His reasons were sound
Bazza2014: yes was 32+ @$2.50, only had fiddy on it, so feel a little dumb/numb
CrowEaters: aye not sure how but maybe a better team without him
heppelitis: love it when they respond to a bagging
zadolinnyj: Parker on danger. Why no tag?
LuvIt74: Bazza $50 is that it?
Pokerface: was that for the year heizenberg?
painkilla: woulda bin nice if he gave us a season like this tho
Heizenberg: Hi hepp and zad
bjones38: Zac Smith gun! Bangs it home
Heizenberg: Lol poker face
Bazza2014: yup fiddy
Havacrack: Where are all the free kick haters from last night?
heppelitis: howdy champ
zadolinnyj: Howdy heiz
LuvIt74: @Croweater lmfao thats hilarious, if you had him you’d be two games ahead of all teams or equal first.
Heizenberg: It was a last quarter and a Friday night game
Heizenberg: I remember that much
LuvIt74: #Hawksfreekick…
Raspel31: Might even consider trading in Danger next week.
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Bazza2014: free kick geelong
Pokerface: deliberate….
Raspel31: Evening Heizer.
zadolinnyj: Have to agree with Luvit. we are balanced without him but would be favourites with him
Heizenberg: Hi dd
LuvIt74: Danger may very well be on his way to make his B/E
Havacrack: Danger and Selwood cant be touched, no talk.
chinkas: anyone else putting in on mute when Lingy talks?
theuncle: Evening Dawn
heppelitis: start of the weekend…all plyers going great…bazzas alls good
wadaramus: Excellent, thanks Heizen!
Krispin_35: Wow danger Selwood and hanners all tearing it up keep going lads
Havacrack: Aliir just got shot by a cop
LuvIt74: Thus far im glad i didn’t go Libba to Parker even though Parker has a B/E of just 27
Bazza2014: that is so racist- havacrack, seriously bad form mate
LuvIt74: @Havacrack Not funny
zadolinnyj: Frees look right at moment. Missed a high on Sydney but rest ok.
Wends: @chinkas, no, just mute for one or two hawks supporters (not all). Poor joke haveacrack.
Costanza: pulsating but why so few players can mark the ball with outstrectched hands is beyond me
CrowEaters: think we have the wrong menzel
Raspel31: Give Parker time Luvit-long way to go.
berniebern: you are a fcukwit have a crack..
zadolinnyj: Not something to joke about Havacrack
Heizenberg: I know have a crack very poor joke
Heizenberg: Racist idiot
Havacrack: sorry ladies
wadaramus: Poor form Havacrack.
Wends: hope so @ raspel, brought Parker in SC tonight 😐
LuvIt74: To late now Raspel im just glad i didn’t waste the trade.
CrowEaters: Not nice Havacrack
Havacrack: Poor sattire, that’s all
Terlob: Blokes just trying to have a crack
Heizenberg: Hi wends
Willymack1: Lovley joke havacrack
heppelitis: geez bazz danger gone quiet lol
Willymack1: All you soft panzies need to harden up
Bazza2014: i think you should be banned mate, ashamed of you.
Wends: As a FF resident lady, if that was meant to be insulting then think again. Hey Heiz 🙂
chinkas: guthrie needs a spud next to his name
Heizenberg: It’s racist shit Willy, what’s wrong with you?
CrowEaters: Willymack pull ya head in
berniebern: lol sattire. whatever!
chris7399: bet all you offended people voted greens lmao. harden up
Raspel31: Hasn’t gone in Swan’s quarter-Buddy hasn’t touched it this quarter.
Costanza: she says “I’ll go if Dingoes…”
Bazza2014: freo needs to harden up first mate
Havacrack: If Monty bans me that would be 20% of his traffic.
Maerzy: C’mon clearly just a joke leave him alone
Willymack1: Jeez people have got soft these days
LuvIt74: ignore the fool guys, he has been shot down and ignoring dip shits like him is the best policy.
frenzy: Danger gone quiet?
stakerz: need bartel and parker to lift
Bazza2014: i voted for Jon Snow ty very much
Wends: C’mon Capt Ducky – time to catch up to Danger
RooBoyStu: he’s a hawk he’s safe.
CrowEaters: willymack you last of the “hard men’ are you ?
Heizenberg: He only said the joke cause his skin colour, how’s that acceptable?
JockMcPie: wheres monty with the “back on the footy guys”
FlagDog: Cup of cement needed by a few one would think WM1
Breezey: Anyway Alir x2 is back up and running so clearly he wasn’t. Get on with the game
Yelse: where is danger hiding this quarter
m0nty: back on the game please
Costanza: Boys, boys, let’s all try and get along
Raspel31: Been banned for talking soccer-hope you okay haveacrack.
Willymack1: Sure am buddy, spot on flagdog
JockMcPie: Ha – called it
Bazza2014: i vote ban.
m0nty: and yes Havacrack, that was poor form.
heppelitis: on cue you ripper m0nty
FlagDog: Danger been on the bench
Pokerface: aah thats my costanza
Tigger5: there he is Jock
Sloaneyyyy: danger gone missing
stuballs: Cats getting stitched up hard
Heizenberg: Hi George costanza hehe
LuvIt74: Danger 18 in first quarter and 3 in 19 minutes,
Havacrack: Still here for now
frenzy: Havathink
CrowEaters: i 2nd the motion bazza2014
Costanza: Heppelickass
9inch: Whers buddy gone
stakerz: break a leg danger
Raspel31: Cracker of a game.
Bazza2014: shut up luvit i went the early crow
Havacrack: Just ban me Monty and make all these soft cocks happy
Wends: For all the niggle on this chat, it’s still a pretty lovely mob.
DrSeuss: Let’s go Jelwood
Heizenberg: Don’t bag hepp!!!
Costanza: I received a Poke on Facebook today
FlagDog: I vote unban hah
Costanza: was that you?
Havacrack: Punish me like Eddie Mcguire
AngryRyno: sounds good to me 😀
CrowEaters: Danger out of fuel tickets ?
Bazza2014: no danger, no cats??
9inch: What havea say. Missed it
heppelitis: lol costanza
Pokerface: thats cos you spend all day on fb
RooBoyStu: Havacrack m0ntys car needs a wash
Costanza: heizen good eve
colin wood: Buddy 4 possys, one contested mark and tackle for 8sc pts this quarter… At 100% eff rightio CD…
Breezey: Keep him on I say. Vote 1 Crack
m0nty: I said back on the game, I am banning.
Grumpman: freedom on speech i say:-)
Wends: Don’t go there 9inch. Stay down Danger!
AngryRyno: m0nty & Dane Rampe for all Australian
CrowEaters: some of us with the same skin colour didn’t think it was funny
FlagDog: Danger on the magic number for a long time now.
LuvIt74: Motlop is killing me
Heizenberg: That seems way wrong coping wood
Bazza2014: i think danger is injured, left arm maybe??
RooBoyStu: come on Parker lift
Heizenberg: Colin*
Willymack1: Bang
scaryness: Rampe on Ayer’s Rock pace
stakerz: yeah he does look injured
Pokerface: costanza
rickyb80: hey heizen
9inch: Time to play catch up to Danger jelwood.
LuvIt74: is danger injured i missed it
Heizenberg: Oh hi Ricky
Raspel31: No more racist comments-back to the game. Danger injured-really?
Heizenberg: What’s up man? How’s my former workplace? Heheh
m0nty: Danger is just a bit tired from carrying Geelong
zadolinnyj: Danger had 400 plus metres gained first 1/4 so may be fuel tickets
CrowEaters: what wrong with danger missed the injury
sfmmp23: Kepp going hannera, danger parker.
Willymack1: Bartel looks really slow
rickyb80: haha average at best
FlagDog: Dangerfield is suffering leather poisoning.
Heizenberg: Haha yeah Monty sounds right
Bazza2014: looked to be carrying his left, and my cash
nbartos: Parker went for home there
RooBoyStu: No Danger Mouse No Cats!
CrowEaters: danger back on
rickyb80: bit of a shit fight at the moment tbh. so nothings changed lol
Heizenberg: Awwwww okay 🙁
DrSeuss: This is the one week I play someone with Zac Smith….lol
Heizenberg: Haha wow mate
carlton_99: Parker just went up 9 with that kick> WOOH
LuvIt74: Danger was on trck to score 100+ by HT however his average form against swans seems to be a curse…
nbartos: Hanners getting shafted in SC
runners47: Better have a bigger second half, Menzel & Ruggles – you’ve stalled as badly as my car…
LuvIt74: @Bazza ya want your ticket back m8? lol
ballbag: @m0nty where are the NRL stats?
Wends: Jelwood getting there… and on u @raspel 🙂
Pokerface: @nbartos at 50% efficency he’s getting off lightly
Jukes82: hannes isn’t getting shafted at all, he’s just butchered the ball every time
Tigger5: @nbartos 50% de and 5 clangers
Pokerface: constanza you still around?
King_Robbo: Geelong are defiantly a one man team. Not sure they stand up in finals
LuvIt74: Motlop should be Moplop
Raspel31: Cheers Wends.
King_Robbo: I agree nbartos. Not sure how he’s only on 51. Yes Hanners is going at 50% but it’s all been contested work
Wends: If it makes u feel any better Luvit, I brought in Suckling a few weeks ago…
LuvIt74: @king they play the top side teams perfectly its the bottom 4 sides they lost too…
Tigger5: hes had 5 clangers @robbo
LuvIt74: Carlton, Pies, Saits
RooBoyStu: Sydney dominating 11 scoring shots to 6.
nbartos: If your watching the game Hanners kick forward twice & his team didn’t mark an easy mark
LuvIt74: @Wends thats a gutsy move.
Jukes82: clearly not watching the game
King_Robbo: @tigger5 I understand that but he’s also been huge around the clearances and had a hand in most of the sydney goals
Tigger5: hes butchering the ball @nbartos
LuvIt74: @Wends are u full premo?
JackRipper: CD have missed Bartel giving away that 50 metre penalty. Wouldnt that be a free against or a clanger ?
3rdstriker: @jackripper shhhhhhh…..
Wends: @luvit I thought so at the time, yes.
penguins00: 50m pen isn’t a fa. and he has 2 clangers?
JackRipper: lol striker… I actually have him too unfortunately. KK so a 50 metre penalty is a clanger..thx
Wends: And he’s now in my def: shaw, simpson, gibson, smith, laird – room for improvement…
frenzy: was a clanger for danger earlier @ jackripper
penguins00: @JackRipper that’s my understanding, doesn’t mean it’s right
JackRipper: Cheers lads.
mlakmlak: Barely noticed selwood that half. Not bad for 61 sc
Wends: looking back, i must’ve had a few too many Shiraz with some of those choices
RooBoyStu: come on Parker need a cape qtr
frenzy: do sum flowering thing McVeigh
Bazza2014: go danger
nbartos: Who Jukes? Watched just about every minute champ
CrowEaters: lift danger
nbartos: Goods choice Wends
CrowEaters: & parker
wadaramus: WTF is Danger doing…nothing?
CrowEaters: well said Ling
stakerz: doesnt have to do anything, gets a free kick anyway.
colin wood: Come on Buddy get into it big fella!
3rdstriker: there’s the make up free kick for geelong, not htb
nbartos: I hear ya Frenzy he looks lost
Wends: Brown Bros 2013 to be specific @nbartos
3rdstriker: wow bruce getting controversial
CrowEaters: Nice drop @Wends
colin wood: Stay down Parker…
zadolinnyj: Brown brothers a good drop
Bazza2014: come on danger
chinkas: umpires are having a mare
Wends: To be sure, it is Croweaters 🙂 need some now just quietly, courtesy Capt Jelwood.
AngryRyno: Pahkaaaaaa
CrowEaters: Try a Taylors or Wirra Wirra they good also @Wends
zadolinnyj: Umps are starting to revert to last night shinanagans
jocka: I don’t usually care, but Cats got raped by umps there.
oc16: i think im going to go rocky as captain at this rate
zadolinnyj: Don’t go off Motlop. U have not done anything
ballbag: @wends your trades could a been worse. ever gone upside your own head for a pick?
wadaramus: Cats need a couple before 3QT to stay in the game
sfmmp23: Come on Danger, hanners, parker!
Wends: I’m just a habitual line stepper when it comes to trades, ballbag…
3rdstriker: that might be the dumbest free kick ive seen all season, cats had 5 on 1
stakerz: game over
CrowEaters: Danger gone cold
zadolinnyj: Danger making you earn it bazza
DrSeuss: Come on Selwood – you were on 58 at HT – Do Something!!
Raspel31: Only got 4 in this-Danger, Buddy, Hanna and Parker and all letting me down.
Bazza2014: just got the last winner at kranji, so all gold tonight. 15/15
AngryRyno: that free was for Ruggles not Danger CD you spuds
Wends: Anyone here have Rampe?
AngryRyno: seriously? they’re not gonna change it? that’s corruption
wadaramus: Only 1.97% do Wends, not me!
FlagDog: Danger will get 10 in the last when the swans put the cue in the rack
Tigger5: had him last year @wends bit to inconsistent for my liking
cold pies: Go Kennedy!!
blashtroko: Did they change dangerfield’s non-free kick?
DragonLass: I have Rampe, not congratulating myself too much though, he only has an 84 average.
Fizzy343: FK u Adrian
AngryRyno: no they didn’t @blash
Kekkington: I went Gaz VC and Gawn Captain. Sort of regretting not putting the VC on Danger
RooBoyStu: Come on Parker vc on you mate
Kekkington: Shouldn’t be too bad
AngryRyno: keep an eye out in the break, Danger should have 5FF not 6
9inch: Massive qtr from Jelwood not.
Wends: Well all 1.97% would be enjoying the ride tonight
King_Robbo: They’ll change it angry roo haha calm down son
Fletch91: Danger SC seems a bit low to me, with 6FF, 12CS, but what do I know lol
Gott2Win: Raspel…all letting you down!! What did you expect from them?
9inch: Most of Dangers ff have been not warranted.
Roksta: Lol Selwood got a centre clearance and kicked inside 50 4points
Kekkington: Blicavs is killing me. He’s been a huge spud the past 5 weeks
ballbag: @dragonlass pour yourself a drink. . . to the rim and enjoy 😊
King_Robbo: Geelong have been completely outplayed
Wends: I intend writing Jelwood a strongly worded letter & you shld do the same to CD, AngryRyno.
wadaramus: Carn Danger , big last quarter man!
nbartos: McVagina is being an absolute pusy tonight
Roksta: Unwarranted? 9inch
ScootD: J. Rose you muppet, I had to field you for Barlow…. 19… seriously?!
Raspel31: 200 each Gott2Win-last quarter interesting to see if we all keep Danger cap.
sfmmp23: Happy i went JJ over Mcveigh
King_Robbo: I’m captaining Gawn. Danger will get about 120. Not enough this week with so many good options
Torz: Dangerfield tagging Rampe 😉
RooBoyStu: Danger is @ FF
Gott2Win: Danger at full forward to start the last
ballbag: ooo is dand
King_Robbo: Yeah McVeigh hasn’t played well away from the scg this year
Gott2Win: Great goal from the swans!
CrowEaters: is that the nail in the coffin ?
RooBoyStu: Go Swans so glad I backed them the cats are so overrated
ballbag: ooh is danger in the fwd pocket? need a cape son
danmaio: You would take Rampe seriously if would have a shave
3rdstriker: needs to kick this
wadaramus: FFS Danger, the VC loophole is about to be wasted!
nbartos: He should a got spoil to adv their McV
Roksta: Danger time
sfmmp23: What will everyone take from Danger for the loophole? Im leading towards at least 125.
Wends: Good going @rooboy, I changed my tip last minute, never good.
Kekkington: Is Dahlhaus likely to play next week?
RooBoyStu: @Wends you guys were stupid odds
AngryRyno: Dahl 2-3 weeks
Gott2Win: I’ve held him so far Kekk and will hold again even if he doesn’t.
ScootD: omg Rose is alive!
Kekkington: Just checked injury list says 1 or 2 weeks
Raspel31: That’s the problem sfmmp-125-hmm. 130 I reckon.
Kekkington: Same no point trading
3rdstriker: dahl 1-2 per afl website
sfmmp23: Junk time for Parker and Hanners hopefully, hoping danger goes large this qtr.
AngryRyno: Dahl can only run in straight lines, he won’t be back next week
jalapenoh: Geelong look lost tonight…. There inside mids letting them down.
nbartos: Will Dahl play B4 Wells?
Gott2Win: Lang and Clark been good ins for the cats this week…
sfmmp23: Yeah i know what you mean Raspel, i took hanners 123 last week then Pendles went 160…
Roksta: Lol who said danger 120
a1trader: time to take danger off, save him for next week
FlagDog: Get UP Danger
scaryness: Rampe for rock m0nty?
wadaramus: 130 minimon from Danger to take the VC.
nbartos: Watch CD gift danger 140
Wends: True + never pays to go against yr gut when tipping…
TheBigCats: Danger 12 touches since Qtr time
Kekkington: Awww fuck I just realised I have Barlow Wells and Dahlhaus out -_-
Gott2Win: Early star call for Kennedy! Parker been better i reckon
Kekkington: I have enough bench cover
Gott2Win: Can’t switch one to the mid for the week Kekk?
myteamsuks: Cats have had 22 Bronx cheers , how many frees they want?
FlagDog: YES Captain Patty, go go go.
spudaroos: Allir has been great.
mlakmlak: Geelong are no chance for the flag thia year. Way too reliant on danger
nbartos: Parkers a joke surely
Tim Tam: Danger atlas, the first of many to come!
Bazza2014: giggity
wadaramus: Come on Danger, still time to smash out a massive score!
Wends: He’s done good @spudaroos.
3rdstriker: agree spudaroos, hes been excellent especially considering the head knock he got early
JockMcPie: ton up hanners
sfmmp23: SC missing heaps of ponts, danger was on 104 b4 he kicked the goal.
Pokerface: nice work bazza
TheBigCats: Tempted to not take Danger for the double score, Gawn against a ruck
TheBigCats: Less freo is very tempting
Raspel31: Call me a coward-Martin, Rockliff, Neale, Ablett, Gawn-think I’m sticking with Danger.
Gott2Win: Mitchell should of got Star. 19 contested possies and slowed Danger down since quarter time.
Bazza2014: thanks Poker
Roksta: Still 600 sc points on offer
nbartos: Jack star
scaryness: Spud for Sinclair
Pokerface: made you sweat after that first q!
poido123: danger surely scaled up. He didn’t get much SC points for that goal
zadolinnyj: Good night for u Bazza but great call
Roksta: Tmitch very lucky sc at 65DE
Wends: Think that 4 point loss last week may have been a factor.
Gott2Win: Can’t be greedy with the VC…got to take Dangers score
Tigger5: hows he lucky roksta? 19 cp
JockMcPie: i take anything over 125
BallHog: Love your work Danger!
Yelse: cmonnn parker to 120 and hanners ro 110
Gott2Win: 8 more contested possies than the next best swan but he is lucky Roksta?
TheBigCats: Ton up Parker and Hanners
sfmmp23: How does rampe only have 80DT, he has been very good!
ScootD: because Rampe has only laid 1 tackle
frenzy: Lol sfmmp23
AngryRyno: Rampe doesn’t need tackles when he takes 400 marks
the worm: how many tackles does he need when he takes 6 marks?
RooBoyStu: Cop that Geelong! chaching thank you Sydney
Gott2Win: The big 4 swan mids all 100+ SC again. Could od worse than have all 4 in your team!
Wends: for $480ish k, not unhappy with Parker pick up
jesseboy: Rampe should have star
ballbag: taking grays 115 vs dancers 140 ain’t too bad in the end
Roksta: So 8 effective ones tigger?
JockMcPie: I’m taking Danger’s SC score, he’s done enough – end up with 135 scaled
zadolinnyj: Well done Sydney. Night lads and lady
Gott2Win: Mills to finally get Rising Star nomination this week?
sfmmp23: Happy with vc danger loophole, Hanners and Parker.
Raspel31: Agreed Jock-enough to stick with.
Roksta: Still 200 points for scaling
nbartos: Danger sc too gen
ryanbob: Don’t agree with jpk being given the star at all, should be jack or ramped by a mile
Tigger5: 33 disposals, 6 tackles and 21 CP’s at 69% is not lucky to get 118
Wends: Night zad 😉
the worm: dont the majority of scaled points go the winners?
wadaramus: Hope so Jock, I’ll take that.
Breezey: Rising Star for Allir x 2
Crabcake: Rampe definitely deserves the star!
King_Robbo: Doesn’t work like that worm..
Wends: Naismith downgrade for Currie for a bit of sneaky $ & benchcover?
King_Robbo: There was a lot of passengers for geelong tonight. Very average effort
PieBoy: onya jonesy
JockMcPie: nice scaling
Gott2Win: Don’t mind that scaling! Parker, Kennedy and VC Danger for me
Tigger5: 135 ill take it
TheBigCats: Danger or Gawn for C?
Pokerface: scaling not good for jimmy :(. Take 65 or go with collins?
Pokerface: have to take 135 thebigcats

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