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Chat log from R16 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R16 of 2016

J.Worrall: Piss off Hawks!
zadolinnyj: I see what you did there
zadolinnyj: Hawks win and the 8 is pretty much well set
King_Robbo: I expect this to be a good game but power arent good enough this yr. Hawks by 30
desmondo: You mean the Bombers can`t make it? LOL
zadolinnyj: Should I V, Lewis, Mitchell or gray
cold pies: Gibson or jj?!?! Quick
snake_p: I hope you’re right Robbo. Hawks by 9 for me
zadolinnyj: Gibson
missmagic: big V on robbie gray
danmaio: Hawks will win free kick count
luked98: gray or mitchell vce capt?
zadolinnyj: Gray
snake_p: Port at Adelaide oval. You’re kidding danmaio
luked98: tipped hawks by aswell
zadolinnyj: Hawks won the free kick count last week snake_p on a bye
danmaio: Not kidding. They will
danmaio: Haha, 2 already
RooBoyStu: Come on Power!
snake_p: Zad are you trolling?
Breezey: Let’s see how long Port can keep up the niggle
zadolinnyj: Just bored already
frenzy: horfawn should win
luked98: lets go mitchell 🙂
zadolinnyj: Shocking kick
colin wood: Similar scenario last year and Power smashed them frenzy so I wouldn’t rule the Power out mate.
tamoz: Wtf Wines!
luked98: comon wines
zadolinnyj: Hawks owned ball so far
cold pies: Would Gibson be considered a Premo def?
blashtroko: Look at his game time you muppets
luked98: schulz 17 points for that goal wowza
JButcher: @zadolinnyj cmon mate if your on here just to bag port….
jesseboy: lol at wines hate.
luked98: whats his game time?
danmaio: What. No htb
zadolinnyj: No JButcher. Literally Hawks double power possesions
zadolinnyj: Check the stats
colin wood: Missing: 1x Robbie Gray if seen please tell him to find the pill
RooBoyStu: Wines isn’t even a Cleanskin
JButcher: @zadolinnyj I’m well aware of our shitness IM HERE WINGARRRRDDD
zadolinnyj: Agree Colin wood. Need a big one from gray
Drummo: Man I wish bt was commentating this game
para: Gray is on the bench atm
Seb78: Got Gibbo on the cheeky VC!
circle52: Yet another review. How could they rule that touched
RooBoyStu: @Drummo BT would never commentate on Thursday night as it’s Pie Night, he’d be stuffing his face with meat pies.
zadolinnyj: That’s htb. Hands were free on tackle
para: There he is…
SaintsMan: winged gets a point but goes to 21?
JockMcPie: Whats with schulz SC…
zadolinnyj: Blood coming from eberts mouth. Not great
danmaio: Got to kick those amon
Breezey: Now that’s winded
JButcher: Courage Ebert
feralmong: thats was a tough fall.
Breezey: Wines from the shower house to the penthouse. Flying now
poido123: cmon lewis and mitchell!
Chelskiman: Lewis VC experiment has failed so far.
zadolinnyj: Krak been good
circle52: Kane Mitchell really holding Sm Mitchell so far.
Drummo: Oi rooboy go back to Arden street and just admit that bt is a top class commentator
SaintsMan: every fuckin week circle
poido123: taggers suck. such a negative aspect of the game
danmaio: No different to Gibson non holding the ball
Vinstar: Have Gibbo, Sammy Mitch and Pittard, not a bad start
9inch: Hodge could be a good pod for finals?
frenzy: gibbo bandaide twisted knee
9inch: Oh hodge not def in sc 🙁
LuvIt74: bloody Rioli i traded him out for Zerrett.
zadolinnyj: Gunston smashes Hartlett in head. Play on???
Chelskiman: Ok, so the Lewis VC experiment is back on track. Still want 130+ if I’m going to take it though.
Drummo: Big hit
ballbag: @chelks what’s your thesis? your experiment is looking OK so far
danmaio: Great goal umps
iZander: robbie gray has had 2 tackles and a kick missed so far, hopefully they get on there game at HF 😛
Havacrack: Sleep well Hartless
Carnster: Bt would be going off at home
Chelskiman: My thesis is that I think Rocky will be massive, so Lewis will need 130+ for me to even think about taking his VC score.
DrSeuss: Gibson, Gray and Trengove – not so good so far…
JockMcPie: cmon gray
lukefield9: I’ve got hodge, mitchell, gibbo, wingard and westhoff on SC draft. Looking pretty solid thus far.
RooBoyStu: Gray’s Mrs reading too much Fifty Shades Of Gray he looks flat lol
zadolinnyj: How is that htb? Got quick handball?
myteamsuks: Wow how does hodge get away with dropping it, then Garlett doesn’t in the space of 10 seconds
Yelse: how many goals hawks kicked from frees?
JButcher: Freekick Hawthorn @Zadolinnyj No interstate teams are safe
danmaio: and hodges was not zad, go figure
Drummo: That was the worst banter I’ve heard since since
myteamsuks: Hartlett was HTB and so was Hodge
zadolinnyj: It’s just frustrating the inconsistency with each call
King_Robbo: #freekickhawthorn
Drummo: @rooboystu That was the worst banter I’ve heard since Carey joked about shagging Stevens ms
SaintsMan: keep going brand
9inch: Got brand on the bench. Least he’s making money.
tamoz: Go Wines!!
feralmong: Which one of the 50 shades is robbie?
LuvIt74: carn port stickitrightupem
ballbag: hahaha I remember when Carey dropped Stevens with a hip n shoulder haha
myteamsuks: Ebert must have the cross. He was coughing up blood and lots of it
Breezey: Good boy Robbie.
zadolinnyj: Gray gets on the board. 3 or 4 more please
RooBoyStu: Gray!
zadolinnyj: Was at that game ballbag
Chelskiman: I wish Hodge had DPP. He would be my first picked down back.
colin wood: Good boy Bobbie!
LuvIt74: carn wines & those delicious thick muscly thighs that are like tree trunks.
Pokerface: nice sc ratio mitch
ballbag: @zado means my mate were pissing ourselves. good hit that. like a brick wall
colin wood: Teams shot themselves against the Hawks. Kickin for goal is terrible
zadolinnyj: Amazingly soft call down field
Chelskiman: This deliberate rule is getting stupid now. Surely this can’t continue for next season.
luked98: thankyou mitchell, ollie and gray 🙂
circle52: Agree Chelski
ballbag: Ebert is done and dusted
feralmong: Lewis looking ok for vc whoever had him.
RooBoyStu: 50 shades almost cape qtr
Breezey: They might as well have no throwins and play last touch over the line loses the ball
LuvIt74: @Chelskimah relax u follow the hawks, so you’ll win it as the umps will make sure to help u if in doubt.
RooBoyStu: sc cape that is
LuvIt74: You would want Lewis on at least 75 now to be quite content as a VC option not just 54
Breezey: I’m not sure kicking the ball into the open spaces is called a Kaos ball Bruce
Chelskiman: I go for the Tigers actually. =o
Heizenberg: Hi fellows
CrowEaters: Mark of the year poppy
Heizenberg: Holy crap puopolo mark
zadolinnyj: Heiz
DrSeuss: Come on Trengove – getting killed by Ceglar??
Heizenberg: Will be hard to beat crow eaters
LuvIt74: @Chelskiman Those colours look like wees & poos? lol
RooBoyStu: @LuvIt74 opsm mate he has a tiger logo lol
zadolinnyj: Hartlett kicking bad. Concussed????
Heizenberg: Sup bro?
Chelskiman: Ebert officially out for the game now, if it wasn’t obvious before.
Breezey: He’s still going up Zado even though he’s missed his target about 5 times
LuvIt74: lol @ Roo yeah I cant tell they look the same bloody colours
zadolinnyj: My mob vs ur mob this week heiz
Chelskiman: @LuvIt, it’s the Eye of the Tiger, man!
Heizenberg: Haha I know mate
LuvIt74: once i magnified the screen I can see its a tigers eye ball…lol
Heizenberg: You are going to obliterate us man
Pokerface: should ollie have the rook symbol.
cold pies: Was it a bad choice bringing Gibson?
zadolinnyj: Basically our teams have swapped players over the years
sfmmp23: Smitch and Gray not bad
LuvIt74: The eye looks more like a Ligar than a Tigar
Heizenberg: Betts will kick fuckin 7 or something hahab
Heizenberg: Haha so true mate
zadolinnyj: How’s hodgey pulling Cyril away like his kid.
zadolinnyj: Did Hartlett just say he was seeing stars but they were one down already. Not sure if that’s how the concussion test wor
zadolinnyj: *works
Breezey: He means Hodge and Rioli and Gunston and Mitchell Zado. Them stars
Yelse: hows mitchell on 66
blashtroko: Yeah you’re only allowed one concussion per team
Heizenberg: Haha that was cute zad
9inch: Worth going early on Silvangi sc?
zadolinnyj: Lol breezy
zadolinnyj: Would assume they will stick with him 9inch
Breezey: Spending halftime on the Darts in Japan. Different crowd there than the Poms
LuvIt74: Just reved up Robbie Gray on CK and got rid of Sicily and brought in Schulz carn CK
nbartos: Burgs 50 of 7 possies
LuvIt74: @9cm no mate wait the extra week, why go early just say he gets injured this week, u screwed up a trade for nothing?
RooBoyStu: reckon there could be a few upsets this round, who’s everyones vc & c in sc? mine vc Parker c Coniglio
LuvIt74: Makes no point bringing in a rookie who has only played one game
Breezey: GAJ (c) and Pendles (vc)
LuvIt74: VC Danger & C GAJ thats the smart play of utilising a VC
LuvIt74: Breezy second option
RooBoyStu: Parker will outscore Danger tomorrow night imo, I have both but going with Parker vc
Yelse: how many goals from frees hawks geezzz
frenzy: shiels out needs a red cross
feralmong: Stuck my head out the side door. Orb weaver spins down onto it. Shit myself.
Carnster: Do you reckon gibbo will get to 75
King_Robbo: I’m considering selwood as the vc. Has a great record in Geelong and against the swans
feralmong: He did a little tickle dance before I flicked him. Feels like he’s still there. Arrrgggh.
ballbag: boaks gonna be tasting ribs for a week
jesseboy: I did that earlier too and a wild butterfree appeared.
JButcher: Hodge you dirty dog
zadolinnyj: No good feral
nbartos: Fat Lady is shifting
circle52: luvit unfortunately I am travelling OS tomorrow so my only VC Loophole is Sam Mitchell into Pendles/Gazz. Keep going Sam
LuvIt74: I would have never contemplated trading Libba out to Parker but u wont get Parker cheaper and B/E only 27 trades my issu
Fizzy343: Hodge dirty cause books soft, makes sense
JButcher: @nbartos I fear she’s already sung
CrowEaters: Could get ugly
zadolinnyj: I’m sick of commentators making a big deal over every Rioli possession. He could fart and it would be ssspppeeeccciiaall
nbartos: Prefer SMitch over Parker at that $
JButcher: @Fizzy343 would you like a knee to the ribcage??
feralmong: It’s gonna continue zado. Daniel is a bit fancypants.
Fizzy343: Wasnt even slightly dirty
zadolinnyj: Not sure boak is soft. Most people would struggle with flying knee to ribs
Chelskiman: Daniel will be better…
poido123: Keep going gray mitchell lewis and gibbo
Pokerface: how many norm smiths will daniel win
iZander: hodge is dirty fizzy, nothing to do with what happened tonight though
Pokerface: sorry chelski. it was a trick question. you need to win a final to have a crack at norm
feralmong: I’ll be happy if he wins one one day. Poker.
lukefield9: Maybe take the padlock off mitchell? 18 touches 10min into the 3rd isn’t really being tagged
Breezey: Hartlett just kicks the ball anywhere without looking. All night bad turnovers
WizMan: Port players dropping like flies. Kochie warming up.
Lachie.BT: If I was a Port supporter i would be goin nuts
colin wood: This umpiring… Disgusting
Chelskiman: Haha, sucked in Westhoff.
JButcher: I am Lachie, a mixture of shitty kicking an shitty umps is killing me
RooBoyStu: lol WizMan
zadolinnyj: Umpire you should take a hard look at yourself
poido123: Gray get moving
tommy10: Absolutely woeful umpiring
JButcher: Pretty sure McAvaney just had an orgasm
Lachie.BT: Bruce Jizzing everywhere
Tigger5: think hartlett just became an ump
Breezey: He dropped it Bruce. Ya little flog mate dropped it
zadolinnyj: Hands in back, never held it. Good call
feralmong: Give those a mark. We wanna see the big fly.
kangawalla: Hands in the back against Squirrel???
Havacrack: Broadbent almost made a step ladder twice
myteamsuks: Sick of channel 7 love of Rioli. He never controlled it
feralmong: They only give Bruce white chairs.
myteamsuks: Oh this is getting beyond a joke, umpires love for hawks
kangawalla: Here we go. Frees relatively even to HT, enter the Umps. Free kick Hawthorn!!
colin wood: I’ve turned the game off. Umpires making this game about them.. Good night all
Chelskiman: Umps really wanting their 15 minutes of fame.
zadolinnyj: This is an umpiring farce
Breezey: Free kicks 23-17 to Hawks obviously
9inch: I never complain about umpires but this is just terrible.
RooBoyStu: if you look at the replay of the Ebert incident I fear a kidney injury the way he fell on it.
poido123: Dixon has been a flop for Port. So was Ryder
danmaio: I said before game, Hawks win free count, someone asked if I was joking
CrowEaters: could be lung
feralmong: I was thinking fractured ribs and punctured lung roo. Blood came out quick.
9inch: Maybe ebert bit his tongue.
Chelskiman: I’m not sure he did run too far there.
zadolinnyj: Honestly change the umps
Breezey: Can’t keep up with umps here. In the back, advantage, too far, 50 metres.
3rdstriker: great call there, ran at least 25m
CrowEaters: wish Bruce would bite his tounge
RooBoyStu: yeah re blood I think blood came quick with Tom Lonergan kidney injury as well
poido123: handball to gray Windex
Yelse: this quarter been about the umps geez
circle52: Umps probably right there too often we see it and not called so I will reward umps for that one.
danmaio: Yes, great call, but the free to Mitchell was fucked
Chelskiman: 25m? I’d love to buy land off you!
boges11: If it’s a lung the blood is BRIGHT red and usually frothy
feralmong: Hope he’s ok.
zadolinnyj: It’s like a game of uno. The umps playing reverses
blashtroko: The too far rule is so vague, I swear nobody even knows whether it’s 15 steps or 15 metres
iZander: certainly ran too far, it isnt really up for discussion but problem is its not normally called
Chelskiman: It’s meant to be 15m, but they assume every step is 1m.
danmaio: Well done ump, uh sorry, Ceglar
travo: he started at the 50 and nearly made it to the goals square without bounicng
danmaio: Someone will seriously knock Sicily out one day
Breezey: Krak looks angry now
ohyeah: You ease u zadolinnyji
ballbag: the umps and hawks have great momentum
poido123: @Danmaio if that was Barry Hall. Say goodbye to his teeth
zadolinnyj: Thought he might score a try @travo
ballbag: I think they’ll run away with it
ohyeah: zads how is ya supercoach going? do u do well mate?
feralmong: That’s not fair chelskiman. Ballantine only gets 30cm.
Bazza2014: most undisciplined rabble ive seen, if they spent more time going the ball than the man,,maybe….
Havacrack: Dixon, losers limp
Breezey: What’s the AFL average for frees in game. Anyone know
zadolinnyj: Horrible this year. Made every wrong choice.
Bazza2014: how far pittard run then?
Scratchy: average frees this season is 39 per match
ohyeah: good boy,,,,your honest:-)
Breezey: 45 already @Scratchy
poido123: TBH, Port has no chance landing a key forward when Hawks hoarde them all
RooBoyStu: How good is it without the bloody byes = more footy and more beers
SilverLion: That quarter was ridiculously overumpired. So much bias towards hawthorn.
poido123: @RooBoy I pity your liver if you’re drinking every game watched ha ha
JockMcPie: @RooBoy yes, byes suck. screw with fantasy footy as well
zadolinnyj: love Thursday footy but why did they do it in bye rounds. Makes sense in normal season
RooBoyStu: lol poido123 pace myself lol
ohyeah: zads you kn ow who i am yet? i have been a member sinc 2010
SilverLion: Also, in that tackle gray did on mitchell where he literally just dropped ball…(1/2)
myteamsuks: Pittard ran 14.8 Mtrs
zadolinnyj: Jimmy
SilverLion: You could hear graythrough the ump’s mic “youve gotta be kidding”. Even the fairest player out there knows somethings up
Noords04: Flower pacing rooboy, DRINK UP!
myteamsuks: Gray the fairest player? Dunno bout that one
Bazza2014: this game has been destroyed by overumpiring.
SilverLion: Wtf you cant even spoil against hawthorn now?
BestCoast: @RooBoy save some cans for the Battle of the B-graders in the West
SilverLion: Maybe most team orientated wouldbe better phrasing @myteamsucks
ohyeah: Melbourne Central….. lol,,,,, yes well done
Chelskiman: Hill is a spud. How he gets a game every week is beyond me.
RooBoyStu: @BestCoast had a nice wager on us, we’re stupid odds, just like Sydney tomorrow
Bazza2014: cyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrrrriiilllllllllllllllllll
sfmmp23: Free kick hawthorn
zadolinnyj: How ya doing mate. Don’t count me out of finals yet mate. Taking your spot?
circle52: You forgot to add umpires assistance m0nty
Bazza2014: free kick cyril
Chelskiman: Hill’s three best games for the year have come against GC, Brisbane and Essendon. Says it all really.
JockMcPie: its not just the frees paid – its the ones that aren’t that annoy me the most
zadolinnyj: Good boy gray
Bazza2014: young is a one way passenger
myteamsuks: Yeah gray the best team player
SilverLion: That tackle on sicily was no different to the one on mitchell last term which wasnt paid. Also 100% agree jock
feralmong: Raise the sc bat gray.
RooBoyStu: Clarko wont be happy Hawks should be more in front, Port are down so many
Chelskiman: Cracking play there.
ballbag: again gibbo won’t ton. biggest waste of a def trade
BestCoast: @RooBoy the odds are tempting won’t back against at home had some of Swans odds though best of luck
Bazza2014: icicle for neade
ohyeah: Yeah Im going different tatic this year….. I doubt ill make the 8 but if i do ill be very dangerous
myteamsuks: While the Umps have been inconsistent 2nd half , Hawks have been better. Clurey, Austin in defence just not experience
JButcher: Once again we prove to be the true pretenders build ourselves up after 1 game then get smashed by a good team
RooBoyStu: remember Prelim and the shower umps, think we are burning for redemption Sunday mate
Bazza2014: poor ol KB got free against him and it was Isaac
zadolinnyj: Very dangerous man @ohyeah
Lachie.BT: need to start adding umps to sc
Bazza2014: no.12 wouldve tonned up, sheesh some frees given
ohyeah: not really justa regular bloke 🙂
BestCoast: We’re your huckleberry
myteamsuks: Much like your namesake Jbutcher.
JButcher: “Rioli will be a future hall of famer” fuck me the commentators are clueless
RooBoyStu: @lachiebt agree mate every team in sc should be allowed to pick an ump for the week lol for pts
Bazza2014: oshea having a barry crocker
3rdstriker: go gunston, get that vulture
JockMcPie: channel 7 commentators are so bad…
poido123: gibson has been involved in everything and only 75 SC?
SaintsMan: crack the ton brand
Chelskiman: I think Buddy and Gaz might be in front of Rioli for Hall of Fame somehow.
JButcher: @myteamsuks very much like my namesake, he’s a real ambassador for our club
danmaio: Umps in Hawks team of the decade
SilverLion: Rioli will be in the hall of fame because everyone loves him. Heaven knows why, Betts is 10x the small forward he is
blashtroko: Why do people continue to swear when they know it will turn into flowering shower
Breezey: Free kicks 28-23 Hawks
BestCoast: @RooBoy Razor Ray would be valued at 700,000
Costanza: pretzels
RooBoyStu: @blashtroko i actually type shower lol
9inch: Soft holding the balls omg
AngryRyno: m0nty you sneaky bugger, I see you and your Gunstall
the worm: hasnt rioli played in 4 premierships and got a norm smith…wont need to do a hell of a lot more to be HOF.he’s only 26
Bazza2014: lol@eddie betts, would love to hear his acceptance speech, bl-cbl-ble dieie
myteamsuks: Yeah if betts was at Hawks he would be judged better
Breezey: Razor Ray is a premium no doubt
SilverLion: Rioli and wingard have an almost identical ‘wing’ tatoo. Bruce’s lovechilds think alike
Chelskiman: Razor would be perma captain though. 200 a week, easily.
runners47: Pick up a few more points, young Angus…
danmaio: Both Hill brothers seem, well, over the hill
Bazza2014: #lovinlife atm
Lachie.BT: 800k in price surely @chelskiman
zadolinnyj: A shower kick is not always deliberate umps
feralmong: Oh ffs if u miss kick it’s not deliberate.
SilverLion: Also, would it kill the commentators to use players’ surnames. Puopolo, Rioli etc.
JButcher: @Bazza I wouldn’t get too excited we aren’t a great team
Bazza2014: icicle neade
Bazza2014: one week at a time butch
RooBoyStu: that would be funny if someone invented Umpire Fantasy you need to pick 3 field umps and 2 goal umps every week lol
SilverLion: Icicle for good and just umpiring.
danmaio: Just a way to even up free kick count @ feralmong
Bazza2014: you can only eat what ya mother puts on your plate
JockMcPie: hey @RooBoy what about the boundaries?
sfmmp23: Junk from Gray and smitch, 240 from 2 would be nice
zadolinnyj: I pick Chelsea for my first goal umpire @roo
AngryRyno: Score Review = 50 points
Havacrack: Game was over at Clarkos interview yesterday
the worm: i’d like a fantasy game where you have to spend the most for the least points….choose the most overrated guys to win
boges11: You could make your own food Bazza
myteamsuks: Wayne Carey , love it when someone makes you sound stupid not that it’s very hard
RooBoyStu: scoring frees for +4 Frees against -4, goals 6 behinds 1 if boundaries 2 points every throw in lol
AngryRyno: Deliberate OOB = 25 points
zadolinnyj: Boundaries good get points for distance gained with throws
Bazza2014: everyone would have chelse for captain, or at least on top
the worm: Charlie Dixon would be first pick for mine
Bazza2014: neade spud, for taking on the champ
JButcher: Are you sure the umps don’t feed ya Bazza??
RooBoyStu: 50m penalties worth 10 points lol
SilverLion: “If they beat swans theyll come top two” jesus bruce…its a bloody even comp mate
zadolinnyj: I’d also pick that umpire that marked the ball years ago in a game. Superman for that
Bazza2014: lol
RooBoyStu: imagine we already abuse the umps, would make us abuse more lol
Pokerface: peter carey
Bazza2014: first leg of multi. check.
RooBoyStu: @zadolinnyj Peter Carey
ballbag: plus bonus flog points for razor rays posing
Breezey: Going great guns Robbie. Good boy
zadolinnyj: Great memory @Pokerface
BestCoast: Every Ump should have electro shock pads and every crowd member a button
JButcher: Too little to late…
SilverLion: They couldn’t, could they?
poido123: Gray can certainly score quickly. he was quiet for a long period of time
boges11: So who puts Hawthorn by 3pts every week for their tipping?
Pokerface: i only typed it quickest
Pokerface: come on ollie get involved in this
zadolinnyj: Good memory Roo as well
Bazza2014: good kick boak
RooBoyStu: only a guy with a surname of Carey can mark @zadolinnyj
zadolinnyj: Some port fan yelling deliberate lol
SilverLion: Time wasting delibrate by hodge there
mason2016: Do i take DT grays Capt score?
RooBoyStu: I reckon we all should put in and start an Umpires Fantasy comp lol it would be a winner going by chat lol
Bazza2014: im lovin this, broady, gray, cyril and lewis, whoop whoop
zadolinnyj: I’m taking grays score as vc
Bazza2014: cue in the rack
boges11: Depends on who else you have
danmaio: Gee Bazza, no Hodge?
boges11: If you have Rocky or Gaz then no way
Bazza2014: no.12 umpire is a cracker
Havacrack: Suck it Port
zadolinnyj: Definitely concussed
ballbag: @rooboy try and make a comment without saying LOL. I dare ya
SilverLion: If it were for the umps, port may have actually won this…nothing classy about it hawthorn
Costanza: have they called Port “brave”yet? lol
RooBoyStu: have a good friday all, catch you tomorrow night.
Breezey: Someone said AFL average is 37 frees in a game . 58 in this one. Bet every game isn’t umpired like this over the weekend
zadolinnyj: The top 8 is pretty much finalised now with that loss. Monster effort to make the 8 now
9inch: Brand should make a few bucks in the coming weeks
Lachie.BT: Umpires got a good spray that they deserve
Pokerface: costanza!
zadolinnyj: Night gents
feralmong: Hodge head smouldering. Haha.
Pokerface: you shouldn’t be here!
JButcher: Ken should drop Boak, send a message
Pokerface: hardly boaks fault. he carried on after the knee

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