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Chat log from R15 of 2016: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R15 of 2016

J.Worrall: Carna same olds!
m0nty: not the same old team as last year though!
frenzy: could be a snore fest
zadolinnyj: Go crows
King_Robbo: Flat tracks by 100+ easily. How this is the Thursday night game I’ll never know… Zzzz
cusch1: This is going to get ugly.
Bazza2014: may not be ugly
Bazza2014: i have $50 on goddard 101 @$185, and priddis the same
cusch1: Bazza please. It will be ugly
Bazza2014: 101pts and over it should read, good starts
Bazza2014: your showing real grit to be on here Cusch, i probably wouldnt come out of my bedroom
Bazza2014: i think he ran too far mcgovern
cusch1: I’ll never hide my colours mate. Stood behind the team from day dot. Won’t back down now
CrowEaters: ugly
GJayBee: G’day bastards
JockMcPie: Mitch Brown on Mitch Brown, how often has that happened?
Bazza2014: i must say mid 90s i copped it a few times
Gebs: i’ve got jjk as vice i’m sort of hoping he’ll kick 20 goals haha
GJayBee: Goddard down back in SC used to help me sleep at night.
Bazza2014: fark they keep kicking around priddis
Bazza2014: sportsbet had JJK $14 for 10+ i think
GJayBee: Bazza you have guts going on Goddard in WA for 101, or has he a history there?
Bazza2014: i thought he’d milk it like he usually does, down back, with 1-2s.
cusch1: And ugly it gets
Bazza2014: plus i like wasting ca$h
GJayBee: I don’t think I’m emotionally committed to Zaharakis anymore.
boo!: lift wuppingtiti
Bazza2014: frak priddis 12 mins 1 touch
GJayBee: Bazza, gambling is a man’s way to show the world he is a prophet. I aslo call it the poor man’s stock market.
Bazza2014: dont talk about the stock market, im waiting slowly for it to right itself, damn poms
JRedden: holding tippa for now, guy scored 50 in the 2nd half last time
GJayBee: Bazza, I stayed away from Priddis this year, the curls aren’t quite there. He relies on them to much so he is weak.
GJayBee: You would have thought that having your own currency and being in the EU was cake and eating
Bazza2014: is fluffy perm boy on the ground or having coffees with shoddard?
cusch1: Tippa doesn’t know what defence is. One way player for now
Bazza2014: not really too bright the poms
Chelskiman: Don’t come Monday, Zerrett. Awful turn over.
GJayBee: Go Tippa! sorry for mentioning politics my fault
Costanza: wow, coach commentary
RooBoyStu: If Priddis scores under 120 against this rabble he’s out next week.
Bazza2014: well that was a nice $100 well spent, NOT!
wadaramus: Come on Priddis, you’re a fucking Brownlow medallist for fuck sake, lift!
cusch1: If you did that two weeks ago demps we might have won
CrowEaters: Go Bombers, Go Crows
JRedden: got kelly in AF this week.. way too consistent to say no
CrowEaters: Have a sneaky $20 on Essendon
nikos: @chelskiman – think Zach can come Monday now….
cusch1: Something is wrong. Joe kicks straight, Ess winning clearances and leading on the scoreboard
Chelskiman: This would be the biggest upset ever, in any sport…
Gott2Win: Priddis and Zaha for me…doh
poolboybob: Eagles getting crushed in clearances by a team whose midfield is almost completely suspended by WADA, lol
cusch1: Makes Leicesters win look like nothing chelsk
Chelskiman: If he keeps this scoring up he can come when ever he wants.
SaintsMan: when west coast have no rucman, they have no team
Breezey: Watching footy and sipping on a Gin and Tonic
Bazza2014: yup i killed priddis with $50
TheBigCats: What’s Priddis doing down there?
thommoae: ‘This rabble’ gave my mob more’n a few headaches a fortnight ago, Rooboy.
Costanza: not sure what will stop the Bombers next year – not much else out there really
JRedden: west coasts midfield is so much worse this year, gaff shuey priddis all having bad years
cusch1: This rabble also scared the crap out of norf in the second half when they met
Mileroo30: evening all. target score for merrett loophole?
TheBigCats: Got the VC on Priddis, hope he kicks a bag.
Bazza2014: wtf is priddis doing?
cusch1: How is jashby playing and not Langford
King_Robbo: West coast are tanking surely. Hoe arare they loosing to these muppets lol
TheBigCats: You’d want at least 125 from Merrett to take the double.
CrowEaters: lift Priddis & Yoe , Z Merrett going well
RooBoyStu: the GWS and North games were at Etihad, this isn’t.
King_Robbo: How are they loosing to these muppets**
Bazza2014: zerrett flogging priddis
JockMcPie: cmon priddis….
Mileroo30: and what if I were to take a chance at the weekly?
circle52: Think I Jinxed Priddis by making him VC
Pokerface: costanza you still about?
Chelskiman: Keep this up for four quarters, Zerrett! Would be a very handy VC to kick off the footy week.
Bazza2014: nah circle it was me, first time i ever put money on perm boy
sfmmp23: Thanks for a massive quarter Yeo!
King_Robbo: Zerret is diminating
Costanza: wassup @Pokerface
oc16: ashby was a great pick up
Torz: Zerrett on track for the VC treatment.
Pokerface: nothin
BoredSaint: Zerrett is a star.. Too bad i put the VC on GAJ
Pokerface: still lurking eh
Costanza: ha – you must know me to use that word
Lachie.BT: Need jjk to bag 10
ShavedApe: Simmo looks to be doing a fair amount of experimenting with postions
RooBoyStu: need to mop my floors tomorrow, might use Priddis’ hair
Pokerface: i know yo momma better
banta: They gonna pay any of Priddis’ tackles? Ridiculous! He’s had 3 ffs!!
Bazza2014: didnt think he has got near it @banta
bones351: @King_Robbo try proof reading your comments mate. They are painful to read! And you call the players muppets haha.
King_Robbo: @ bones I know mate, I’m on the iPad it’s painful to type trust me lol
Costanza: how’s your 2 dad’s anyway?
Pokerface: oh boy
cusch1: I second that robbo
Pokerface: predictor says you are in a world of pain this week cantstandya
bones351: Me too. So I do understand the difficulty.
Bazza2014: priddis is a gimp
nbartos: Frigin Umps
PieBoy: onya birdy
Bazza2014: he is fumbling, the ball nutmegging him
Costanza: sore neck from 14 rounds of shaking my head
cusch1: Essendon yet to be paid a free,my bu all to wce have been fair bar that last one
Hadouken: #freekickWC
Bazza2014: -3 to both shoddard and perm boy, sheesh, no more bets on a turdsday
wadaramus: How was that Priddis tackle a free kick?
Pokerface: haven’t you left yet? or you spend your holiday here?
cusch1: Surely high free kick to dea?
Bazza2014: in the end it was a 7 pt turnaround sheesh
TheBigCats: Why did I VC Kennedy over Merrett…
Thedude24: Typical home ground bias from the umps…
cusch1: Sling tackle wada
Lachie.BT: Dangerous Tackle, Umpires forget we are playing AFL sometimes @wadaramus
Breezey: Bird never looked like doing anything like this when I had him
Pokerface: bird is the word breezey
wadaramus: Soft sling tackle surely, agree Lachie, the umps just over officious.
King_Robbo: Lift brown! Started well but you haven’t touched the footy in 30 mins!
Pokerface: sorry if its been asked.. whats the symbol next to lycett?
RooBoyStu: with Priddis vc stands up as he is coming back *clap clap clap*
Gordo450: Jackson Nelson has totally nullified Zaha
wadaramus: Which Mitch Brown?
AngryRyno: Starting Rook, or Ruck
Breezey: If Priddis doesn’t make lots of tackles he’ll only go up n two’s because he never kicks it. Handball after handball
Torz: First ruck Pokerface. Accent required.
King_Robbo: Ess Mitch brown
Pokerface: i see. thanks Torz.
Bazza2014: zaha punchy punchy
cusch1: Fuck sakes zaha
wadaramus: Mitch Dubya, kicked the first goal then nothing!
Breezey: Fine for Zaha. Although your allowed to punch in the guts
ShavedApe: TV for Zaharakis
cusch1: Someone tell Dennis that brown isn’t a top up but a listed player
Thedude24: #Freekick Wet Toast
AngryRyno: errrm, Zaha not Kelly with the punch
King_Robbo: Zaha in trouble for that
StuL: C’mon zaha! Clearly hates Perth.
JockMcPie: yeah @cusch, heard some1 call tippa a top-up….
bjones38: Why has Kelly got the TV
wadaramus: Dennis who cusch?!
JButcher: Fucking hell JK I put the C on you thinking you were gonna kick 10!
Pokerface: tim gossage is the worst commentator there is
Bazza2014: yes priddis
3rdstriker: thats better priddis
Torz: Hams gone missing this quarter.
wadaramus: Priddis finally kicks and kicks a goal 🙂
Breezey: By how much now.
cusch1: Sometimes I wonder what makes these so called “experts” experts jock. I could do a better job
colin wood: Agree Pokerface, most bias commentator there is. Loves WA teams particularly the Eagles
King_Robbo: @ poker face. I think it’s a close call between Tim gossage and Brian Taylor
Breezey: Why the telly for Kelly
Bazza2014: priddis turned up yet, or too early to tell?
3rdstriker: isnt tim gossage a st kilda supporter?
nbartos: Prid getting free CD ride
AngryRyno: when will m0nt realise the TV is zaha not kelly
3rdstriker: not that I think hes a great commentator
wadaramus: Not far off now Bazza.
JockMcPie: priddis will get 150 now that the essendon players are getting tired
Breezey: Dwayne Russell is right up there
Amare: Need to give the tv to zaharakis
Pokerface: @3rd clearly west coast
Pokerface: or freo
Chelskiman: Lucky Zerrett is a tackling machine.
cusch1: Wce players aren’t even trying to get rid of the ball? Anyone else spotted this
barra17: Gossage’s voice is aids to my ears.
RooBoyStu: relax guys it’s a hawk bye week, m0nty on the turps with Hodgey
3rdstriker: I always think he goes for whichever west australian team is playing but Im sure he insists hes a saints man
King_Robbo: Let’s be honest there is some bloody poor commentators
urmumsaid: Will Kennedy get a kick/ assist for that?
Breezey: Would Worsfold get fined if he gave the umps a spray while miked up.
Costanza: and grammar
64frogs: Bombers are to small they need to start a supplements program
Chelskiman: I’d imagine so, Breezy.
CrowEaters: z merrett gone to sleep
AngryRyno: nice 0 point quarter zaha
Costanza: yeah where is Cuz when ya need him @64
sonik79: young jackson nelson gut punched by zaha not barras
Bazza2014: who’s the boundary commentator? Peter Dingaling Bell?
berniebern: some flowering leader you are haha. useless as a tit on a bull
Gordo450: @constanza, Directing Traffic?
berniebern: give the man a week so i can finally rid you
cusch1: Jacko Merrett has played very well tonight
cusch1: Essendon yet to be given a free kick still
RooBoyStu: remember the last time Zaha came to Perth? he scored shower, he must love WA
RooBoyStu: Cape Priddis!
Bazza2014: ok feeling a little better, than after the first qtr
RooBoyStu: @ go to specsavers Craig Bird 1 FF
RooBoyStu: *@cusch1
circle52: They had one with Priddis’s sling tackle Cusch.
TheBigCats: Missing persons report for Zaharakis
circle52: But the only one to 10 against
AngryRyno: -3 for Zaha that quarter
Gordo450: Zaha found in Nelsons Rape dungeon
MrRioli15: J Merrett playing for his future
cusch1: Rooboy that was given just after I wrote the comment. But lippy this week that norf hasn’t lost yet?
Lachie.BT: Jacko Nelson Killing Zaha, Jacko went to my High School 🙂
Gott2Win: Find a way to break the tag Zaha!
MrRioli15: 18 points down half time in wa would be good result even for our full team
vamos77: Anyone gonna keep Barlow?
King_Robbo: Good Mitch Brown I’ll take a 60
cusch1: Isn’t there a cape formpriddis?
MrRioli15: Barlow will be working at donut King next year
circle52: Nah vamos traded him out to get full team. Trade to Zerrett looking good so far
Bazza2014: not quite 50 for the qtr for priddis
Gordo450: @vamos yeah mate. Viney had a similar injury and returned after 2
cusch1: He was on 17 dt and 11 sc, so a bit stiff bazza
Paul105: @gott2win hes working on it one punch at a time
nbartos: What’s Barlow got to do wit dis??
King_Robbo: @ cusch rooboy is always lippy when north win. Thank goodness they’re going to miss finals so he’ll be quite from here!
Bazza2014: if he gets the 101 + for me, i’ll more than cape him
wadaramus: Yes vamos, hoping it’s 2-3 not 3-4.
frenzy: you can read some troll on here tonite
RooBoyStu: you have to hold Barlow if you’ve got cover. Barlow will be at Arden St next year.
cusch1: We’ll hear a lot from him this week I think robbo
RooBoyStu: along with Rocky
rooboypete: Nice idea rbstu
Bazza2014: barlow not 30 yet, not north bait , wait till he’s over the hill
King_Robbo: By the way this is a great effort by the bombers. Thought like everyone they were going to get flogged
nikos: Rocky to North?! Yeh and Petracca’s a VFL player! Dreamin’ Stu
rooboypete: It’s probably been already discussed but what’s with the castle?
RooBoyStu: loll Bazza hawks never get old blokes lmao
the worm: I’d be surprised if nth were looking for free agents, they already ooze class. They’ve got um….um,..,.
Bazza2014: only stewie Dew! #premiershiphero
chris7399: @rooboyPete I assume its rook or ruck
cusch1: Hawks turn average players into stars. Norf just prep players for retirement
Pokerface: 1st ruck apparently
RooBoyStu: @bazza Brian Lake, David Hale…
Pokerface: and they turn stars into norm smith medallists #briansbargains
nbartos: Why would the DH skiers Tag??
Pokerface: hale was 27 when recruited. thats peak age for a tall.
Bazza2014: pship players. lol
RooBoyStu: lake?
circle52: 2 weeks for Jamar?
RooBoyStu: hale lack of hair made him look older.
cusch1: I’m assuming lake would have been a similar age to hale
Pokerface: what about Norm rooboystu?
Bazza2014: lake may have been the only one with stewie dew. but what did we do with them… $$$$
Pokerface: don’t knock the rug. he paid alot for that.
willywalks: i’d love to see the +/- for frees with wce, reckon it would easily be +5 on avg
Bazza2014: lets talk about this game, but good discussion
frenzy: lake was 31 the first year at hawks
willywalks: jamar, gooooone
RooBoyStu: notice if you talk about hawks on another game there is no back on the game from m0nty #bias
Pokerface: hey costanza did you end up trading zaha?
ballbag: whats with zaha? hes pathetic with a tag LOL
Bazza2014: similar to Norf of the late 70’s in your good era.
blashtroko: Peter bell seems like the guy that takes it too seriously and everyones like shut up peter
Bazza2014: cmon shoddard and perm boy
m0nty: back on this game please
cusch1: Parish is a jet
cusch1: That wasn’t 15m surely
Bazza2014: LOL@monty
OZDocker: seriously…this is absolute ^%*$#!$
Bazza2014: janiher doing it all
cusch1: Real talk why doesn’t m0mty have a hawthorn logo?
the worm: i still have no regrets taking the bombers by 40 at 700-1
RooBoyStu: seriously Priddis should score 140
AngryRyno: m0nty needs the ABC TV logo
ballbag: hams is smoked
THESKUNK: dont knock bell he is good value
OZDocker: RooBoyStu: seriously Priddis should score 140….got VC on him
willywalks: geez, mcginnity can tackle around the head and its not a free, suprise…
willywalks: right on cue, shuey ducks in and free kick, absolute joke
Bazza2014: hams is cooked definitely
cusch1: And bird taken out of the contest 20 seconds before willy
Bazza2014: cmon priddis, goddard is shot
cadelcamac: Cmon Priddis…bring it home brother
RooBoyStu: ozdocker so do i, but if he keeps this up yes
Lachie.BT: Wouldnt be happy about these umpires if i was you @cusch1 @willywalks
carlton_99: West Copast brown should have a hgiher score for supercoach, is going backwards with hitoutsd to advantage.
thommoae: Daniher in ruck … can tap, cannot tackle. High.
King_Robbo: Shuey is genuinely a cheat. Can’t stand it
cusch1: How did Wellingham get away with that
circle52: Get used to it cusch bottom teams usually do not get the rub of the green
the worm: Dear Zaharakis, Perth is a lovely city, wish you were here
willywalks: no kidding lachie
OZDocker: lol…Mclaren is umpire, waddaya reckon
Bazza2014: kick it goddards ffs
Breezey: Free kicks 13-4
cusch1: I guess I can’t take crap umps for a season then. The Dons will be back next year don’t you worry
Bazza2014: cmon westcoke, get my line bitach
MrRioli15: Lol worm
Gordo450: Ball was coming into Essendons fwd line, Zaha made sure he was 100metres away
Bazza2014: 3 hbs from priddis in 1 minute
thommoae: This is going to get ugly; watch JJK go now that Bombers have no ruck
THESKUNK: bombers first game next season will be a must see
cusch1: Pretty sure lueunburger is a ruckman thommoaee
Breezey: Leueys a ruck thommoae
Bazza2014: missed a hb from priddis’
thommoae: Leuey’s knee might have the last word on that …
tamoz: Does the captain loophole work for sportsdeck dreamteam? I have Z.Merrett as vice
willywalks: wow, a free paid
Bazza2014: but luey was just getting his knee checked out
benzammit: The league needs Essendon up and running none of the other jokers can stop Hawks.
RooBoyStu: Who will the bombers play Rd 1 next year? can’t be Collingwood with Anzac Day
ballbag: im taking your vc score zerret after danger last week 🙂
Yelse: wheres tipung 🙁
Bazza2014: hawks 4th fav zammit, ladder possies mean nothing at the minute
cusch1: Have a sook masten
nbartos: 79 margin I picked WetToast
Breezey: @tamoz. I don’t think so. Don’t quote me.
willywalks: sherrod just isn’t used to having frees paid against him, unfamiliar territory
King_Robbo: Brown again hasn’t touched it this qtr. Ffs
ballbag: @tamoz yeah it does im taking it 😉
benzammit: Lol I have grimly as vc swear it was on prix dis WTF
Breezey: Bombers couldn’t stop Hawks the last three
RooBoyStu: who still has Tippa? lol
cusch1: Rooboy dons haven’t played in Victoria in r1 for a few years now so it will most likely be someone interstate
benzammit: Breezes clearly not much between the ears?
willywalks: geez, 4 or 5 bombers crash the pack, all ineffective and as a result out the back so easily, cant have errors like that
the worm: zaharakis’s high altitude training is really paying off
Breezey: Essendon will play the premiers away from home. It’s a given
Bazza2014: goddard $$$ gone, and priddis, 60/40
King_Robbo: @ benza the league needs essendon to stop trying to cheat and smearing the game
benzammit: Did you miss the last 4 seasons Breezey supliments?
circle52: @Tamoz Full lockout for DT tomorrow so you can work loophole with Merrett – I may take Priddis if he cores another 30+
Breezey: That’s what I was gunna say about you Benzammit. Great minds think alike
cusch1: Wce era aren’t even attempting to get rid of the ball when tackled and yet no free kick for htb
meziare: Kelly VC, how much is enough?
benzammit: And what’s Collingwoods excuse?
ballbag: nice qtr dea
64frogs: league via demetriou was complicit @king robbo
Breezey: Still had their best out there. So cheating got the better of them mentally. Oh right, now I got it
benzammit: @cusch WC home game
the worm: well its not as if the umps in west oz would get their houses firebombed or anything if they dont favout the eagles
Breezey: I’m not claiming Collingwood are a great side. Hopefully improvers
MrRioli15: Breezy?
King_Robbo: Breezey mate your boys are cooked. I’d worry about your own back yard first 😉
cusch1: I’m considering making the trip worm
benzammit: More upside to Essendon than any other club in 2017!
MrRioli15: Agree King robbo
King_Robbo: I would agree benza for sure
ballbag: fantasy teams will be full of el cheapo dons players.
64frogs: @benzammit they fed on pooh and are farting chanel#5
MrRioli15: Fremantle benz
benzammit: Dunno if the drop in price?
bones351: Think I have 19 playing this week, so Zaka might not make the final scoresheet!
RooBoyStu: if Sharapova wins her appeal, will Essendon sponsor her?
thommoae: Not hard to be upside from the cellar!
benzammit: Grow up Frogs
Bazza2014: poor form rooboy
banners87: Predictions on whether to keep Merrett’s score or roll the dice with Titch?
Torz: Might be time to roll out the Lecras icon.
MrRioli15: Lol rooboy
benzammit: Is that an AFL GWS fan really they do exist
cusch1: Are you surprised bazza?
OZDocker: 58 margin will b a good result
64frogs: @rooboy nah but Jimmy might sign up her lawyer
ballbag: bird has flown in from nowhere. hes been a hack all year
King_Robbo: Be interesting to see what discounts the Ess players get.. I think in SC it’ll only be the 20% standard for missing a yr
nbartos: Where’s the down hill ski icon tonight m0nty??
3rdstriker: sc or dt banners?
Bazza2014: bets priddis 58/42 – goddard 30/70
RooBoyStu: well the bombers got a slap on the wrist
bones351: @banners its not like you have to make a quick decision, just wait and see what he finishes with
willywalks: barrass clearly deliberate
ballbag: GWS ruski club song rocks!! will get sick of it in the next 7+years
banners87: DT striker
thommoae: I’ll pinch myself and see … yep, and looking from a lofty position on my ladder at present, benz! G’day.
cusch1: You are joking Rooboy surely
OZDocker: need 130 from priddy boy to loop
cadelcamac: some here OZDocker
MrRioli15: Now I just need shuey to get to 30 possessions to win 100
benzammit: Given the pool of talent , Ballbag it will be ringing in all our ears.
3rdstriker: would probably take it then assuming he gets over 120
Bazza2014: priddis % slipping 53/47 – goddard 25/75
RooBoyStu: Sharapova completely banned for 2 years, not even able to play locally has to only practice, hers is more than ess
willywalks: get flowered, free against dempsey
benzammit: Another reason why Hawks can win 4 the 16 club have all been ripped of talent to create GWS N GOLD C
cusch1: Dempsey must have slept with some umpires wife. Gets treated like piss
OZDocker: bad call on dempsey
TheBigCats: What’s josh Kennedy been doing these past few?
nbartos: These umps need a royal commission
circle52: Soft free there for a solid tackle
thommoae: Music to my ears, boys … worth waiting out some big losses to get to this point. Fear us.
Stst1001: Agree w that level ozdocker
OZDocker: and theyll get a goal from it
MrRioli15: Yeah wiilly wrong decision
ballbag: yeh but sharapova blatantly cheated. essendon didnt. they were cleared on 26 of the 27 substances
LuvIt74: glad i got rid of Barlow for Zmerrett
King_Robbo: thommoae is clearly a bot designed by the AFL to trick us that gws fans actually do exist..
Bazza2014: get the ball shoddard
cusch1: That hit his knee and isn’t a free kick jesus
willywalks: haha, another free for what?
circle52: My trade too Luvit
MrRioli15: Love Thursday night footy
benzammit: Uh we will be ok against GWS we have been building for it even rested 10 of our best for 12
cusch1: There is doubt over what Essendon took , Sharapova blatantly took illegal substances
RooBoyStu: @ballbag every single tennis player used that until January, she got busted within 3 months, unlucky she misread email
cusch1: Poor choice of words from Bruce
OZDocker: should be footy thu to sun every week…no mondays
thommoae: Curses, Gillon – they’re onto us onto us onto us onto us
Bazza2014: cmon westcoke, get my line
benzammit: Ya cheat and get caught ya get whacked and should.
ballbag: @rooboy its banned in America. shes been smuggling it in for years
Hadouken: probably take that flame away from merrett now, horrid….
King_Robbo: A bot with a sense of humor. Applause AFL
OZDocker: 58 is lookin good…hehehe
MrRioli15: Agree oz
Bazza2014: geezus when Zaha gets tagged, he gets TAGGED!
Stst1001: Cmon priddis don’t stop here buddy
willywalks: priddis not penalised for HTB, disgraceful this game from the umps
Bazza2014: priddis stagnant
benzammit: Zakka tend to have a shocker when he is interstate always
m0nty: David Zaharakis scores 35 in Scrabble, can he get more in DT>
Bazza2014: need 14 points for goddard and 3 from priddis
AngryRyno: zaha for downhill ski?
OZDocker: cooney gotta be finished aye?
MrRioli15: Agree willy
THESKUNK: very good monty
nbartos: so many obvious ones willy it’s a joke
cusch1: No wonder wce are flat track bullies with this treatment
MrRioli15: Would not get game in any other team oz
theuncle: Hey M0nty i havent been on fan for a while, just went on a holiday. Was wondering how Gilbert Paul is going:)
JButcher: Fuck off Kennedy!!!
RooBoyStu: Lets all pray Hodgey gets a cab home from poker night this year.
Bazza2014: everyone getting stats except priddy
AngryRyno: Lycett close to votes tonight
MrRioli15: Dempsey is a player who has not fulfilled his talent
the worm: for a minute i thought monty was suggesting footy players could read….now i get it, nice one monty
benzammit: Cooney is like poly fila , helping fill gaps. Yes About 8 weeks left for him.
Bazza2014: need goddard for 10 more and priddis still 3
King_Robbo: The bias from the umps in this game is disgusting. If I was a essendon fan I’d be livid
Pokerface: people used to think shuey would become an uber-premium
nbartos: How many HTB do they miss for WC
theuncle: m0nty u there brother
the worm: YES…go Zaharakis. Go Big son!!
bones351: Quietly King Robbo
theuncle: Hows Gilbert man
cusch1: Dw robbo, we are
Bazza2014: finally got my westcoke line, cmon
AngryRyno: give Yeooooo a junk goal please
benzammit: Robbo enough…..Brup… Free kick to Hawthorn!
nbartos: Ski Ski Ski hi Umps Ski
m0nty: nominations for star please
the worm: i’d only be livid if i was expecting fair umpiring to begin with
MrRioli15: Need about 5 possessions in 5 minutes from shuey for 100
cusch1: The men in green m0nty
King_Robbo: Nomination for the star? The umps
Pokerface: nelson
Chelskiman: Looks like I have to decide between Ablett and Titch for C then.
AngryRyno: Gaff/Shuey BOG
JButcher: Masten Monty
poido123: Josh Kennedy another quietish night ffs
Bazza2014: masten has been good
urmumsaid: Shush
JockMcPie: priddis for star especially after his first quarter
3rdstriker: you could give the whole wc team the vultures right now
the worm: thanks to earlier in the chat, i will forever associate nelson with a rape dungeon
BaxterR: Merret for star
urmumsaid: *shuey*
benzammit: Gaff
willywalks: wet toast dont need the umps help with how this is going, no defensive structure or communication
Bazza2014: priddis has been ordinary
tankin: shuey bog for me
RooBoyStu: star? Priddis
JockMcPie: gwilt for muppet?
willywalks: witches hat for hartley
tamoz: Come on Z.Merrett keep going!
MrRioli15: 3 possessions in 5 for shuey cmon
poido123: J Kennedy on bech. probably for the night :/
King_Robbo: I agree bazaar Priddis has been very average
sonik79: lycett or gaff
OZDocker: yeah Willy, cos the first 14 to 2 free kicks took the stuffing outta them
ballbag: mcginnity will get more votes than pridis
cusch1: First time they’ve paid free for no genuine attempt all night
benzammit: Gaff just sealed Star
willywalks: watch the umps give a few frees to ess now the game is completely dead to make it look ‘even’
King_Robbo: I’d say gaff for the star 32 and 2 goals
OZDocker: gotta get 130 from priddis at least. hate arkward totals around the 115
casey22: Tippa runs around a lot doing nothing
Bazza2014: i need one freking handball from perm boy
ballbag: lol priddis star? what game you watching?
tankin: im taking zerret vc score. put c on danger already
benzammit: With Gazza’s for and Pendles playing Carlton I’d say
Thedude24: what’s zaha’s problem? One week 20-30, the next 120-140…
Stst1001: Priddis going up by 1’s
oc16: no way priddis should have the star
benzammit: It’s called waiting for next year @ the dude
Bazza2014: EAD priddis
King_Robbo: The Priddis star is as bad a call as giving it to menaspud last week
OZDocker: i reckon kelly has been good. wouda been better if he had options when disposing
Chelskiman: I take that back, I may have to take Zerrett’s score now.
benzammit: Priddis was good among the best.
Bazza2014: need 3 from goddard not going to happen
poido123: J Kennedy has done very little in the second half, yet his SC score keeps going up ha ha
King_Robbo: True seagull effort west coast
nbartos: Lucky handballs and lucky bounces loved by Bazzil Zemp
casey22: REally pathetic
blashtroko: junk yeo
benzammit: Impact for when the game was in the balance poido
thommoae: JJk is having pine time instead of prime time … sigh
frenzy: blu moon Jerrett
ballbag: priddis is a DT hack
Bazza2014: priddis 14 pts in last qtr, poo jabber
OZDocker: oh well, top eight next for the Toasters, see how they go
MrRioli15: How can j Kennedy score more than Daniher?
Paul105: Damn 3 off the margin
OZDocker: Bazza2014: priddis 14 pts in last qtr, poo jabber…lol
ballbag: brown low night – priddis, zero vote’s
9inch: Trash can for Lycett?
Chelskiman: I was 12 off the margin.
frenzy: wall for Tipu
nbartos: Frem won by more with half a team inj
Stst1001: Priddis should have pumped out a 140+ there
King_Robbo: Priddis is over the hill. The old priddis would have gone big
ballbag: priddis couldn’t pump a score if he tried. had the flog since e

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