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Chat log from R14 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R14 of 2016

Yelse: need gibson to score less than 50 for me to win.
RooBoyStu: Great move by the AFL to still have the club runners in pink even though Hawthorn are wearing pink in their guernseys
m0nty: That jumper is worse than the Power Rangers outfit, and the diamond jockey rig. Bloody awful.
snake_p: agree Monty they look like Cherry Ripes
Hoot: Hall with the frog I hope (dropped him rd 13)
facebook23: almost as shitty as Fan Footy’s ‘feathers’ they use for 80% of the team lineup
IHateChat: Feathers??
poido123: @Yelse, dont see that happening
RooBoyStu: yeah he means the symbol next to Isaac Smith’s name
CrowEaters: need Hall to score 85+
jaxx: Need Ablett and Hall combined to get within 12 of Brand. Nailbiter.
Stst1001: This is ground control to Aaron Hall…
poolboybob: Do something Hall
Willymack1: Gaz is back to his best
Torz: Brad Hill should have the permanent crab symbol.
JRedden: gibson from 0 to 19 in the space of 2 mins
PieBoy: cmon hally
CrowEaters: Hall cooked
Yelse: someone man up on gobo seriously
JRedden: is joyce alive?
thommoae: What’s with the castle next to Ceglar’s monika?
Torz: First ruck thommo.
AngryRyno: flower me Davis no more clangers and hit some bloody targets
9inch: Mitchell would of been a good buy this week if it weren’t for bye next week.
Torz: Vintage Ablett.
thommoae: Aah … first rook. I get it. Have to put on me pommy accent?
Vich: good to see plenty of dockers on here.. What a horrible game friday just quietly!
PieBoy: onya gazza
OnTheRocks: another upset in the works?
Willymack1: G Ablett 3 votes
poolboybob: fuck off Rosa
ScootD: I hope the Suns keep this up, I put $40 on hem for the win
AngryRyno: goooooo Kaiden
ryanbob: Oh hall I wish I had the luxury to get rid of you
Yelse: whats the issue with hall since round 3
AngryRyno: the issue is Gold Coast are losing
Zeratul: Hm… redeem yourself hall =/
AngryRyno: all hail Gaz
poido123: ablett looks like hes back properly. i had to choose between him and pendles to trade in
poolboybob: Davis is butchering it big time
colmullet: nice SC davis….
Willymack1: God is back
Stst1001: What a quarter from the little master…
9inch: Joyce outscoring davis without touching it
poolboybob: Can’t wait for this game to be over so I can rage trade Hall
insano: Its a bird…..its a plane ……. no its
OnTheRocks: should’ve gone GaJ over Duckwood for captain 🙁
bachi: did stewart get dropped?
Hoot: I should have VC Danger instead of Rocky.
Umpirespet: How long till the umps get the Hawks back on track
Umpirespet: Yes bachi
bachi: I will be lucky to get to 1800 this week :/
Stst1001: Yes Stewart omitted
OnTheRocks: they’ll give all the frees when the Hawks are in front of goal and it looks like GC will clear it
Willymack1: Late in the 3rd Umpirespet
PieBoy: yeah stewie dropped
9inch: Need a 100sc from joyce.
StuL: Have Gaz C. Loves to kill hawks.
mattmac24: moved the Vc and C from Danger and Ablett to Neale and Danger.. dammit!
Thedude24: K Stewart not playing? Oh and go the saints
StuL: Pls footy gods make up for the game the umps stole from the aints.
desmondo: Gibson 33 at quarter time…scored 16 points all up last week LOL
Vinstar: I wonder if hall will make his projected 74…
OnTheRocks: Those Hawk Jerseys O.o
benty691: gaz as skip is looking good !
poolboybob: Feel free to participate inn this game, Rosa
thommoae: The low price for JJ looks to have been a trap …
Rush: Took out Gibson to get in Collins’ 126. Wish i took out Shaw instead.
JRedden: @rush gibson is always bad 1 week then amazing the next
OnTheRocks: Gibbo or Bartel as last Def?
Raspel31: Golly gee willikers-yesterday the Saints and today?..
StuL: Still like jimmy. More consistent
OnTheRocks: True, leaning towards Bartel
mattmac24: I’d rather Jimmy, bad game last night but the same goes for most of Geelong.
Umpirespet: Yeah Gibbo goes big but Bartel more consistent
Breezey: Good $$$ coming Kaiden Brand
Willymack1: You can count on jimmy to put out 90+ most weeks unlike Gibbo
Stst1001: Hall wake up man…
OnTheRocks: But dat caveman beard!
spudaroos: Gibbos a flat track bully, loves low pressure games. I wouldn’t get him over Bartel.
mattmac24: I was putting trust in Hall.. He’s gone now.
thommoae: Gibbo’s 62 and the Hawks are under pressure, spud.
ballbag: hall needs a good solid month in the seconds
AngryRyno: Bartel just about to have the bye is a big bonus
Migz: why the fuck do i still have hall
poolboybob: So who’s everybody trading in for Hall next week?
Yelse: gibo having a lucky day
AngryRyno: nice 0 Davis you absolute turkey
anthsill03: ryan davis is a muppet
CrowEaters: Andrew Jarman
Breezey: I let Hall go weeks ago. Surely he’s still not in people’s sides as a required player. Delist him now for fantasies sake
StuL: Hall or a potato? Same thing
FlagDog: Nice SC score there Davis… lol
poido123: @Yelse, Youve already lost lol
mattmac24: Hall easily going to drop below 400k so wont be an easy upgrade but will use him to finish my defence
poolboybob: lol Davis is having a shocking game, every disposal has been a clanger
StuL: Glad I shipped Davis for matho. Was always a chance not to get his BE of 40.
poido123: gibson lewis gablett and mitchell this game :”)
Hoot: lock Sicily in for 2017
Breezey: Dwayne Russell King flog. Sicily embarrassing recruiters after being picked up at Pick 53 in 2013. Took 3 years to play.
FlagDog: Why doesn’t Davis have the potato yet?
StuL: Gibson having one of his beast games. Problem is he’ll probably get 30 next week.
Breezey: That’s why Sicily was pick 53. Not ready to play
G-Mo77: Oh god Davis. Lucky he’ll be my 19th man
ballbag: give Davis a sc donut
facebook23: hawks have a bye next week
All Reds: davis like, my 17th man. had a shocker with ambiguous outs
mattmac24: Need a 168 from Ablett and I win every league this week
cold pies: Ablett you beast!! Good to see smitch racking the points up!!
cold pies: Hall has confirmed his trade to Pendles
desmondo: LOL@ Gibson`s 16 point game last week
bachi: only got 17 this week due to stewart getting dropped looking at 1700-1800 what about everyone else?
LuvIt74: what a shit week, i originally had the VC on Danger & C on GAJ but put the VC on peldles so got Danger as C
sfmmp23: Hope the suns get up
LuvIt74: Wonder if Hall will get dropped next week
LuvIt74: My lowest score so far is Shaw on 46 so its between him & Hall as my lowest scorer who’s score wont count as i have 19
mattmac24: Luvit, I did the same thing with Neale in stead of pendles
Eagling: @bachi: I dare not even think what my score will be. I’ll probably end up with much the same score as yourself,
boges11: @bachi started with 20 but with outs this week only 16 playing. Then there was Shaw’s score. /slap head
Eagling: however, I had 20 players starting.
OnTheRocks: Beer time!
All Reds: had shaw as C
OnTheRocks: @All Reds if Shaw is your lowest scorer over 18 players i don’t think you get a captains score at all
LuvIt74: My current score is 1697 with GAJ & Hall so should score around 1900
poido123: in the cold ouch
All Reds: nah not making 18 scores this week with wells, daw, zorko, stewart etc out
LuvIt74: @ontherocks yes he will because his score is doubled
PieBoy: onya davis u spud
LuvIt74: No idea what par will be this week
LuvIt74: I also had Rioli in this but i believe he had his grandfathers funeral
Stst1001: V solid luvit74
jayshi: come on Hall!!! don’t just circle the packs, get in there
OnTheRocks: @luvit but are you 100% sure it will double the score then apply the lowest score theory to it?
Eagling: If Shaw’s score, undoubled, is outside the top 18 scores on the field, then the score will not be doubled.
Burkey1: Davis on fire this qtr!
OnTheRocks: Just read the rules and it does calculate after doubling applies. Could have sworn it was different previously
ajconodie: What is Ceglar’s symbol?
thommoae: Discussion is only technically relevant; no-one has Shaw as C lol
LuvIt74: well if shaw is your captain his score should show up as 92
thommoae: … unless it’s Heater not Matt, of course!
JRedden: why did gibson stop.. i need 120
boges11: Note that if your Captain’s Score is outside your best 18 players, his Score will still count, replacing the score of th
DrSeuss: Gibson and Wright deciding to stop after HT?
OnTheRocks: From the rules – “If your Captain’s doubled score is NOT in your Best 18 scores, then their points will not count”
boges11: of the 18th highest score in your selected Team
PICCOLLO: Captain score is doubled, if after that its outside your best 18 then its not included
boges11: from the help/rules section
cold pies: What happened to Ablett? Much in it?
boges11: AFL FAntasy his score is counted and the 18th highest is pushed out
PICCOLLO: Gaz had an eye issue. Nothing in it. Back out there.
LuvIt74: @ontherocks thats correct so that means if your lowest score is 92 in this case it wont count however u will others lowe
cjd7769: A. Hall is a good 2nds player thats about it big head
LuvIt74: cmon hall ya flog lift ffs
LuvIt74: @cjd7769 have u forgotten Hall’s previous scores?
cold pies: What was Halls average last year?
StuL: There’s no way to make any hawks jumper look good.
All Reds: holy shit, this week is diabolical
All Reds: sugar
All Reds: oh, shower then
BenW: high 70s average for Hall last year
AngryRyno: Pls Ryan Davis push a 50 out
cjd7769: yeah they rap him up an look what happens BIG HEAD
OnTheRocks: My rooks have saved my week, Collins, Menadue, Ruggles, Phillips
All Reds: hall’s kicking is cotton
LuvIt74: What the hell is with Hawks Guernseys, why pink?
jayshi: Hall, you are so ordinary!!!
Breezey: Did anyone hear someone from the crowd call Aaron Hall a monkey over the TV effects microphone
PICCOLLO: @breezey. I did. Disgraceful.
ajconodie: Ablett just squibbed.
cjd7769: 76 avg l y
Yelse: @breezey i thought i heard something as well but disregarded it. thought it might have been something else
poido123: yeah heard that too Breezey
ajconodie: To be fair, it’s Tassie. they haven’t heard the news from 2 years ago yet.
poolboybob: Ablett atlas, Ryan Davis cleaver
magic007: im sure someone will wait an entire week to make a big deal about it
Breezey: Absolutely @Picccollo. I thought he said something Hall you Monkey
DrSeuss: Come on Wright – Don’t stop now big Red
Breezey: Interesting to see if more comes of it.
jayshi: those Hall skills not even fit for NEAFL
poido123: most definately called someone a monkey. might not of been hall, but id say hall could be seen to look like one..
magic007: his last name isnt goodes
LuvIt74: i need 45 points from GAJ & Hall to hit 1900 in last quarter
PICCOLLO: @breezey. You hear it a fair bit at games. Unfortunately we’re slow learners down here. Doubt anything will happen.
AngryRyno: someone got the ability to rewind and listen back?
Vinstar: Took sloanes 145 for my c over ablett, agh
spudaroos: @poido Hall’s a good looking bloke, looks nothing like a monkey.
poido123: can anyone explain why monkey is bad to describe someone’s appearance? no different to cracker for whites
LuvIt74: Vinstar u cant complain about that id take a 120 any day
StuL: Hall was my I’ve big fail. Made lots if good calls but he’s going to bleed. Money and a trade. Probably neafl next week.
BenW: No one mentioning Joyce…average of 27 so far, 6 touches. Lower numbers than EU bank stocks atm.
J.Worrall: Can someone explain rascism pls
Breezey: I think since the Goodes episode it’s considered bad. Whether it is or not
LuvIt74: Hall to Zorko for me after bye
PICCOLLO: @poido123. Reckon you should leave it alone. Its a racial slur. Nuff said.
poido123: @Worrall, racism only applies if you are white
jayshi: we all evolved from monkeys anyway
AngryRyno: please don’t start the racism discussion here, everyone has their own opinion leave it at that
StuL: Election week and it’s only tassie. Nothing will happen
OnTheRocks: 1743 with GaJ and Smitch to come
linusp: its not even racist… its the same as saying a chick looks like a dog. Sft cck political correctness
boges11: Before that Breezey, when Andrew Simons got called a monkey in India
ballbag: a recent study found monkey communities more civil and progressive than Muslim countries.
sfmmp23: Come on sammy keep going
poido123: sorry gents, back to the footy
RooBoyStu: the local bakery are leaving Neenish tarts in the rooms for the hawks to match their guernseys
ballbag: but I agree you shouldn’t call people monkeys
cold pies: @poido. They called us crackers because in slavery we would whip them. Hence the name ‘cracker’
All Reds: i’m an anthropologist
J.Worrall: I ity of opiniona diver
spudaroos: Racist apologists out in force. It’s no surprise that racists are generally uneducated with low IQ’s.
PICCOLLO: @poido123. You’re a true gent. Nice work. Can Gold coast win this?
poido123: @Cold pies. point i was making is that racism seems to only apply to white people. comon ablett lets go!
boges11: Wonder how much abuse Warnie is copping for his McKenzie trade?
Breezey: Let’s leave it at that cheer the Suns home with Hall kicking the winner.
m0nty: yes, back on the footy please
the worm: it’s the low iq that causes the racism, not the other way around
AngryRyno: come on you SUNS
linusp: to many late drinking neckbears here to discuss this topic. Wouldn’t know some banter if it hit them in the nuts.
J.Worrall: I hear a divrsity of opinion
anthsill03: Such ideas justified not only European superiority, but also massacres, other forms of abuse and stealing the land.
AngryRyno: Ryan Davis with a bag of 3 this quarter for the win
Breezey: Agreed@Worm
mlakmlak: Suns win this. Calling it now
OnTheRocks: **Hall giving away the free kick that results in Smitch kicking the winner
All Reds: racism a social construct just like ethnicity and culture, interpreted by the individual and still occuring all the tim
mattmac24: 40 for another 40 points please
All Reds: it’s harmful and not work talking about
boges11: Woohoo I’ve cracked 1400
JRedden: joyce going crazy
chris7399: Ablett has more contested possessions than Hawthorn’s top two. what a warrior
poido123: back on the footy. we dont want any bans! lets go ablett!
linusp: cmon Rosa you pansy, get amongst it… worst pickup for the suns. Continues the trend.
PICCOLLO: Hall getting involved. Looks like the coach’s spray worked. Cmon Gazza!
the worm: i want loads of bans
Willymack1: Gaz deserves another brownlow
cadelcamac: Would be nice if Hall could scale better. Up your accuracy son!
ballbag: yo bettermake 120 gibbo
Nuffman: Bombers should trade the #1 pick to GC for Lynch!
frenzy: Lol iam taking joyce’s score
linusp: got to be suns culture and coaching staff… prestia, Rosa even Malceski. Just have real lazy games. All good players.
lukefield9: What’s happening to ablett’s score???
Breezey: Come on Suns. Fight back
DrSeuss: Remember when Peter Wright had 48 at Half Time…..
RooBoyStu: Isaac Smith and Puopolo way down on average
poido123: cmon suns. this win could turn the season around
Breezey: That’s it Jarred Eyebrow
StuL: Come on suns. Come on hall, u can get 60!
OnTheRocks: Hawks jumpers remind me of a Wonka Bar colouring scheme
poido123: silicy and obrien. hawks keep nailing these key forwards. recruiting deserves a pay rise
OnTheRocks: Was that your suggestion m0nty?
Breezey: Hall was going so well early on in the year because he made lots of tackles. None of that now. Injured or lazy
All Reds: hawks on top of ladder now?
anthsill03: is it time to cull davis?
sfmmp23: Yes sammy, get to 140
lukefield9: @Breezey and because he was averaging 30+ touches
JDolling69: @Poido, obrien as good as butcher…
BOMBRBLITZ: Davis please get your breakeven of 40
StuL: Hall! Dribble kick! In trouble
Hoot: Nice kick Hall
lukefield9: Goddamnit hall!!! so close
Breezey: @lukefield9. I might be right. Injured or lazy
poido123: @JDolling I hope you are not implying that Obrien will be a flop??
StuL: Another boring hawks swans gf coming.
Lachie.BT: When your opponent has Mitchell and Ablett
AngryRyno: pls stay in front of S Mitch @GAJ
JDolling69: Dont think ive seen him have a good game yet
sfmmp23: I think hall deserves to be on more than 60, saying that i missed the first half
mlakmlak: Aaron Hall…. back to the seconds
AngryRyno: if you put everyone playing worse or equal to hall in the seconds, GC have no team
StuL: Hall the clangers king. Almost as bad as Motlop and McCarthy last night.
preki1: i agree sfmmp23. i watched onlu the last quarter and hall’s been bog for mine.
PICCOLLO: Gazza 14 clearances. Gun.
Jukes82: glad I picked up mitchell this week
AngryRyno: how long on the clock? need N Mal to score 9 more DT points
frenzy: mitchell should not be even close to Gaj, joke
Willymack1: How is smitch on almost as much as gaz
lukefield9: 4min
StuL: Hall done enough to play next week but still bad
sfmmp23: 3:30 to go ryno
mattmac24: If hall didn’t have a horrid first half then he’d be on more
AngryRyno: cheers, come on NMal!
OnTheRocks: 2029 so far after dropping off Shaw’s shithouse 46
mattmac24: Mitchell has 4 marks and 3 tackles more then gaz
sfmmp23: Sammy mitchell roaring back into form
poido123: what is your rank OntheROCKS?
BOMBRBLITZ: and 15 less contested possessions than Gaz
frenzy: and 15 less contested possies, but hey
cold pies: smitch deserves his dor knob to be polished tonight! well done
Fizzy343: and 7 less clearances
OnTheRocks: around 13000
frenzy: welldone Joyce, banished heater garbage
cold pies: door

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