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Chat log from R13 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R13 of 2016

leorosman_: vc Wells, Goldy and Stewart cmon boys
Exxxx: Carn da Roos, 10 pt winners tonight
heppelitis: vc on smitch…good or bad move?
Viscount: Gutsy move Heppelitis
Yelse: who is everyone putting as VC this round?
thommoae: Roos will be hard pressed tonight. Hawks by 7 goals.
circle52: @yelse Danger into Shaw
leorosman_: vc on wellsy, historically does v well against the hawks
circle52: Expect Hawks to put Roos to Sword and really boost their % again
heppelitis: made a sc team just fr this round…have 20 premos playing and byrne jones and biggs…fingers crossed for the grand!
Gordo450: VC on Danger, Gawn as backup
Viscount: there a few going with you circle
MrRioli15: North will win
Yelse: @circle52 thats wat i was thinking worried the ball won’t get to shaw?
Gordo450: Hawks havent beaten Norf at Ethiad on a Friday night, Fact!
MrRioli15: Need poo or Breust first goal
circle52: Gee I hate that DOB was not there
9inch: Wish hodge was playing for a bit of biff
circle52: Who needs Hodge for the Biff
9inch: Woohoo love the biff
Breezey: That’s it rip in to them Roos. Don’t take their crap
PieBoy: onya breusty
Harmes37: lewis the sniper could always coathanger goldstein again …
wadaramus: WOW, it’s on tonight!
Yelse: i hate bye rounds. why can’t they just have one week off all teams.
Breezey: Not a bad idea @Yelse
Chelskiman: Need Smitch to stay down. Big ones from Goldy, Wells and Stewart would be nice too.
DZL7: ziebell has nothing to worry about
Munza: Bye rounds sort the men from the boys. Best way to make ground on the pack
heppelitis: sc scoring dead by the looks of it
MrRioli15: Munza but u can’t select ur team just for byes
circle52: $$$$ the reason for rotating byes
9inch: Body slam lol
Munza: MrRioli Ofcourse but you can do some good planning leading up to them
sfmmp23: If the umps ruin this game by giving 2000 free kicks i wont be happy
benzammit: LuvIt have you got extra pocket money after your 2800+ projection last week? Seeing the winner got 2700’s you must ?
MrRioli15: Agree. It is a good chance to shoot up rankings
Zeratul: Is that fluckwit Nichols umpiring this game? 😐
sfmmp23: I like the bif, hopefully it keeps going
sfmmp23: Im loving ziebell atm
Breezey: Leading from the front is Jack Z
nbartos: Darcy comments “nothing doing” idiot
circle52: @heppelitis Looks like it may be with CD as DT does not have live scores either
All Reds: what is up with
All Reds: sc
nbartos: Commentators
Chelskiman: Every time I play someone with Mitchell he destroys me.
sticky12: Howdy, anyone bc godly like me? I wish I’d saved it for Gawn with Tippett out. Might go him cap anyway??
MrRioli15: Breust is the weakest player with a good fend off
sticky12: Vice captain…not bc
Chelskiman: Mitchell is beating all three of my players at the moment.
vamos77: oi Mullet you carny cunt any chance of touching the footy
wadaramus: Perhaps a longer run up is required to kick straight Thomas?!
tbrowne: glad i didn’t go gibbo this week, nic nat to stef massive risk better pay off
Willymack1: Lets hope Rioli breaks his leg
Raspel31: Eveningall-we all got 18 on the pitch I hope.
banta: hawks rattled. too arrogant
sticky12: Martin could be better with west out brown
tbrowne: Supercoach finally
MrRioli15: WADA it’s hard to kick straight while ducking
pattymass: if hawks lose ill shave my asshole
Matty_Dogs: lift Stewart
wadaramus: 18 with two spare trades Raspel!
LuvIt74: evening all
Raspel31: With pictures supplied pattymass?
Zeratul: Marty should be better, no west and only vs Giles!
sticky12: Just raspel
wadaramus: Lol MrRioli15!
LuvIt74: lmao@pattymass
Breezey: Luckily this site doesn’t have pictures pattymass
wadaramus: Evening LuvIt.
dipstick: ohhh ANOTHER night off i see Jgibbo!! Hows your hair sweety? LIFT
Raspel31: Good work Wada.
LuvIt74: Wells the est pick of the season, defiantly a keeper.
benzammit: LuvIt did you get the cash last week?
LuvIt74: carn Rioli move ya flog.
MrRioli15: Agree luvit
sticky12: Who is everyone vc and cap this weekend?
3rdstriker: Dont think you can waste this many chances against the hawks and win
Matty_Dogs: shut up sticky12 you nutcase
Willymack1: Vc danger c shaw
sfmmp23: VC-Danger C-Either Hanners or Gawn
MrRioli15: Luvit u abusing me lol
Breezey: Rocky captain for me. Scully vc
Raspel31: Couldn’t loop last week sticky which stuffed me-this week Danger and Hanners
LuvIt74: @zammit nah mate scored 2726 missed out by around 50 m8
3rdstriker: this might be the funniest goal ever
LuvIt74: Yeah Rioli get in your brothers ear ffs
Chelskiman: Great start, Wellsy! Need Goldy to follow suit now.
sticky12: Sorry matty I thought this was a discussion thread…my bad
circle52: Roos wasting opportunities
LuvIt74: Hawks are under pressure so far
Matty_Dogs: it’s ok i forgive all saints supporters
Raspel31: From a fat chap Wells has become rather useful.
sfmmp23: Gibson just heard footsteps and sherked it
benzammit: Went close bad luck
sticky12: Yeah we aren’t successful enough to be annoying or arrogant…a bit like yourself!
DZL7: hawks lucky not to be 5-6 goals down
Breezey: Hawks don’t handle this stuff
Zeratul: Carn Ziebell! important POD for the bye round!
tommy10: Knew I should have kept Wells VC…dammmmnnn
Exxxx: Where’s waldo
leorosman_: my vc on wells is lookin pretty sweet now aye boys?
sfmmp23: Hawks being belted
nbartos: Rioli gettin a bit serious Lol
Willymack1: Cant believe i traded wells
nbartos: Would get smashed 1 on 1 with any of those fellas
frenzy: how we supposed to sell you Daw
9inch: Hopefully Wells gets shut down
nbartos: Stuart dropped next week for those that just traded him in
9inch: Get smitchell to give him a dead leg
leorosman_: no 9inch hopefully he scores bloody 200 hahahha
sfmmp23: Hope Majak follows in Ziebell and Firritos footsteps.
banta: firrito is the biggest flog in the afl. no talent. just a douche. closely followed by scott thompson
pattymass: i actually fkn hate lindsay thomas hes the biggest fkn flog
bigpens: Don’t forget Lindsay Thomas banta
3rdstriker: mitchell tv screen
DrSeuss: Wagner and Gibson in this game – great start to the byes!!
Roksta: $ for Stewart
banta: yeah he’s dirty too. disgusting to watch. not a good example of a footbaler bigpens
Raspel31: Harvey’s life support still working. Yep, Firrito an absolute flog.
LuvIt74: Thomas who? The ducking daisy machine.
Chelskiman: Trust Goldy to have a mare when my opponent doesn’t own him. How can you not have Goldy? FFS.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
sticky12: Not a mare yet chelski…unless you’re talking dt?
LuvIt74: The Hawks need a little more honey on there hands
Raspel31: Bon soirDirty.
sfmmp23: The hawks supporters are gonna blaim it on the free kick count. Its complety fair
LuvIt74: what was that free for?
LuvIt74: Hawthorne 3 votes
sfmmp23: I mean the free kick count is complety fair
Chelskiman: Yep, DT, sticky.
9inch: Goldy doin alright in sc for 3 touches
circle52: Harvey tackled a man off the ball
poido123: could be some supsensions handed out in this one :/
sticky12: Boo mate
JButcher: Gibson has been fucked on DT
circle52: evening Dawn
Chelskiman: Where is Stewart playing? I haven’t seen him in about a quarter.
sticky12: True 9cm (haha) I hope gets to 20 touches at that rate
Chelskiman: Ok, there he is, lol. Need more bursts like that though.
3rdstriker: Box Hill, Chelski
Breezey: He’s down back Chelski
Willymack1: Rioli the most overrated player in afl history
AngryRyno: Stewart has just 47% TOG, he’s been on the bench more than half the game!
LuvIt74: Rioli getting Schooled by Stewart ffs
wadaramus: All the agro is just making for a scrappy game, still enjoying it though 🙂
LuvIt74: how did stewarts SC go from 8 to 26
Preston007: Stewart just woke up….
wadaramus: K.Stewart goes bang up to 26SC!
LuvIt74: carn Rioliiiiiii
sfmmp23: someone please knock the fuck ot of Rioli
DZL7: we need to start converting…
Breezey: Stewart moving upwards now
poido123: hawthorn are going to smack this team soon. kangas stirred up a team that likes the physical
Willymack1: Typical rioli with another cheap goal
casey22: Bwuce is speechless after that cyril move
Bruce: Special there by Cyril, some real magic!
MrRioli15: The only thing stopping wells is an injury either this week or within the next 2
Gott2Win: There is gonna be multiple suspensions…This game has some heat!!
Gordo450: How many weeks for Zieball?
Matty_Dogs: what a couple minutes by stewart
poido123: yep, i think lewis and mitchell could be in trouble
SaintsMan: none
nbartos: Rioli went from 12 to 28 with 1 goal?
sfmmp23: Gordo none
DZL7: what a great goal!
LuvIt74: Bruce you forgot delicious mate
wadaramus: Fuck off Lindsay.
damo110: zero weeks for Ziebell
mason2016: ziebell won’t get any weeks! hell be unlucky even if its a fine!
LuvIt74: STFU rioli dont jinx him mate, thats all i need
Gordo450: Cheers lads. Got him in SC
LuvIt74: thats a mark
damo110: They’ll look at Ziebell….for 17 secs.
colmullet: playing some with tarrant…..ehhhh
Roksta: Wow what’s the record for free kicks?
DZL7: gibson soft as butter!
Chelskiman: Mitchell is like an annoying fly that won’t fuck off, and even if you spray him he still won’t die for ages.
pattymass: suck shit thomas you fkn cunt
nbartos: Soft as butter
Breezey: Dive from Gibbo to get that free
damo110: 2 weeks for Thomas.
LuvIt74: Thomas is a dirty player
wadaramus: Massively over officious umpires, four is too many.
MrRioli15: Agree Dzl weak
Raspel31: Despite private issues my life has survived without Goldstein.
poido123: Chelskiman you talk like Mitchell is on another team to yours ha ha
sfmmp23: To be fair to the diver, it wasnt a free but why give a way a 50, that leads to a goal. Flog, flog, flog!
LuvIt74: I dont care if the FK count is 100 to 10 but as long as the umps are consistent & paying the free’s for the right reason
3rdstriker: and wells is injured, didnt take long
JButcher: Free Kick North?
poido123: North is such a dirty team. I cant stand those posers
sticky12: Sicily has a face you want to punch…hard
sfmmp23: Hawthorn are absolute faggots
damo110: Like the passion pattymass. That’s some fine swearingTranslation?
LuvIt74: well done umps rioli deserved that…lol
Roksta: Carn Hawks
MrRioli15: I’ve got a 10mth old. When I sing “2 little ducks” he acts like Lindsay Thomas
dipstick: did i just hear the words wells and achilles in the same sentence
LuvIt74: Carn rioli time to shine sunshine
Chelskiman: Wells was my only hope with Mitchell going nuts. My weekend is over already.
wadaramus: Strapping Wells Achilles.
poolboybob: North are going full North
Breezey: Sucked in Cyril
sfmmp23: HHAHAHAHAHHA cyril you absolute fool
DZL7: mcdonald what a chase down on rioli muppet for rioli?
poido123: Is Goldstein playing injured? Is very quiet
circle52: Just seen that Wadaramus
Raspel31: Oh no-isWells gone?
sfmmp23: wells will be back on
Chelskiman: Wells done for the night according to the commentators.
circle52: McDonald looks done for the night after that chase and hobbling off ground
3rdstriker: wells coming back on
LuvIt74: Goldy has been playing injured for 3 weeks now
circle52: Strapped up and coming back on
Chelskiman: Woops, I take that back. Looks like he’s coming back on. Sorry, lads.
3rdstriker: just a rolled ankle for wells
wadaramus: Strapped up and coming back on Raspel.
LuvIt74: WTF jinxed Wells?
circle52: From replay looks like Wells rolled his ankle
Roksta: Keep going goldy
Breezey: Wells is alright. Be back
Tigger5: love how the umpires dont even give thomas a free kick if its there, karmas a bitch
Roksta: Was that worth it MacDonald?
poido123: ill take a rolled ankle. just dont want the achilles again lol
sfmmp23: Seems like North will be playing with three on the bench, Mcdonald done for the night by the looks of it
Pokerface: no free for you Ducksey
Raspel31: Yeah-think ankle not achilles circle-phew.
LuvIt74: gr8 mark by the beetroot
wadaramus: Thomas is the boy who cried wolf.
9inch: Daw is such a spud
LuvIt74: @Tigger there not wearing the gold & brown colours mate thats why
Breezey: Wood having a cracker thus far
CrowEaters: I be luky to score 1200 this week, Wells inj, Goldy playing lke poo
Willymack1: Daw is a poor excuse for an afl player
poido123: 9inch, please tell me he’s not on your field for fantasy lol
sfmmp23: North have got to stop wasting chances, playing like the cats
PieBoy: onya woody
DZL7: ffs daw mark the bloody ball
leorosman_: great mark majak
9inch: Nah just stating the obvious
sfmmp23: Daw is on fire
Munza: Daw is only out there for the chicks to perve on his guns, cant play football.
sticky12: Daws ok, for someone who has obviously never played the game before
CrowEaters: Has Daw had a possesion ?
Raspel31: Despite not touching the ball Daw only reason Norff ahead-any thoughts on European Cup!
damo110: I thought he might lose sc points for dropping marks
THESKUNK: the only way daw is on fire is if he was a witch
Chelskiman: Will Rocky out score Heater this weekend, boys?
sticky12: France at home
circle52: Is the high free kick count a result of having 4 umpires on the field.
THESKUNK: england nearly gave me a fucking heart attack
wadaramus: I hope so Cheski, got the VC on him!
MrRioli15: Lol munza
9inch: Just got Rocky in so prob get inj. Sorry
m0nty: this is an Australian football site Raspel, back on the real footy
vamos77: DAW! Huh yeah, What is he good for? Absolutely nothing, sing it
Raspel31: Apologies Monty.
Pokerface: ‘real footy’.
dipstick: hahaha soccer the only football game where you solely use your feet.
MrRioli15: Onya monty. Real footy !!
wadaramus: Nice Vamos.
the spud: please only talk about the game only 1 country cares about
MrRioli15: Lol vamos
wadaramus: Hooligans ruin the roundball game for all of us.
vamos77: hahaha soccer the only football game where you solely use your mangina, don’t you mean dipstick
MrRioli15: Dip they dive and act more than using their feet. Anyway – back to real footy
poido123: anyone got captain/vice in SC or AF in this game?
dipstick: Norfs only chance is daw in the ruck and goldy in the fwd
9inch: Goldy 43 sc can still go 120 if he pulls his finger out
casey22: Hey m0nty, sick of the pink background, can you swap the pink with the blue?
poido123: hope hawks run away with this. i suspect they will
sfmmp23: Hawks already blaiming the free kick count. lol
wadaramus: Come on Stewart you hack, I paid good rookie money for you.
DZL7: McDonald should have a heart next to him aswell cause of that chase down to stop the goal
luked98: took the risk and brought in Mitchell this week, also gave him the vice capt, so far so good
blashtroko: Me too luked, paying off so far
casey22: See m0nty, everyone agrees. Change the background colour
Viscount: Wada, Stewart has 53% game time
wadaramus: Get him off the bench Viscount!
Chelskiman: Exactly, Wada. I need a 75+ from him.
Chelskiman: I can’t stand Petrie. I can’t wait until he retires.
poido123: I got him in this week too luked 🙂 rip it up mitchell!
circle52: Anyone looking at Tarrant as a POD in defence
Torz: Brad Hill is horrible.
Breezey: Cop that Burgoyne
sfmmp23: Come on roos
Gott2Win: Tarrant huge…Dominating O’Brien
Raspel31: Circle-look at Tarrant’s average. Very rare. But I’m on a yellow card.
DZL7: these miss chances are going to hurt us if we dont convert!
Pokerface: is that like a free kick against raspel?
DZL7: quack quack!
Breezey: This clown dropped his head like Thomas did. Crap call
sfmmp23: Mustve taken classes from lindsay
Raspel31: No-I’ve been warned Poker-back to the footy.
nbartos: Stewart????
wadaramus: Come on Clarko, give Spewart a run!
9inch: Baha norf will lose this
sfmmp23: stewart has been sitting in the 20s since the first quarter, lucky i went with trengove
PieBoy: onya browny
Tigger5: stewarts position in the team doesnt look good with only 53% gt
Yelse: comnnnn goldy lift
circle52: Raspel he is averaging 91 for his last 5 games which is why I looked at him.
poido123: stewart could be dropped next week. hodge due back
nbartos: He kicked that? And 50??
sfmmp23: good on you lindsay, absolute flog
wadaramus: I just saw him, I saw Stewart!
Raspel31: Good point circle-did nothing when norff on top but as they fall he’s looking good.
LuvIt74: carn rioli do something
nbartos: Sicily wow
3rdstriker: the percentage of teams 3-8 is higher than teams 1 & 2, guarantee that has never happened b4 this late in the season
nbartos: Is Goldy this injured?
LuvIt74: Stewart although cheap I think he is a wasted trade in my opinion, JS has to be a problem
Viscount: stewart 13 point play?
All Reds: majak firing
JRedden: gibson you absolute joke lift
Chelskiman: Goldy gonna cost me this week. The one week I needed him the most too.
LuvIt74: @nbartos Goldy is renowned to play injured mate, but yes he is playing injured
Brad_J: almost put the captain on goldy.. glad i didnt
9inch: Goldy always looks like he’s been king hit.
nbartos: Sux Chelski he ain’t been good for 3 weeks now.
OnTheRocks: I hate Bwuces commentary
circle52: Shiels curbing Wells
LuvIt74: North are seriously crap, they had the easiest draw.
MrRioli15: Hit by a 9 inch
Jair: Gibo you cow
PieBoy: onya woody
sfmmp23: Bruce just said that Hartung has given the hawks a big lead…
dipstick: LOL Jgibbo down hill skier. the guy just has no true heart
3rdstriker: at least cd helping out goldy as much as possible
Roksta: Hawks will win this
sticky12: Me too rocks…especially when Hawks play. He has his tongue up their arse
OnTheRocks: Bruce always mentions players arching their back for a kick then they handball
Raspel31: Like everyone-picked Hawks to win-but carn Norff.
nbartos: Cmon Luv how can they be crap and top of ladder dude?
Chelskiman: Big as in crucial? Either way, North got one back anyway.
sfmmp23: North without Swallow, Nahas, Waite, Cunnington and Mcdonald with three on the bench.
PieBoy: onya breusty
JockMcPie: first time ive seen north play fairly decently for a while – they have a chance
Munza: lol Nahas, cause hes an elite player?
OnTheRocks: @sticky so true
9inch: Funny shit how Hawks do some shit
DZL7: sfmmp dont forget jacobs, wright, anderson
bigbaddasa: The Hawks have a history of killing teams in the last quarter
poido123: blow them away hawks. hate that dirty roos team
damo110: it might have been said already, but these two teams really don’t like each other.
Breezey: Come on North. I’ll cheer on anyone playing Hawthorn. Except Carlton. I wouldn’t go that far
sfmmp23: Munza he isnt an elite player but is in their top 22
J.Worrall: Go ‘Boners!!
desmondo: Gunston and Gibson, thanks for nothing you useless buggers
J.Worrall: Come on North. I’ll cheer on anyone playing Hawthorn. Except Collingwood. I wouldn’t go that far!!
the worm: the hawks arent really missing anyone..oh maybe hodge and roughead
Roksta: Go Hawks smash them
dipstick: LOL Jgibbo down hill skier. the guy just has no true heart
MrRioli15: Low sc scores
iZander: SF, Nahas isn’t in best 22 with Anderson out so you can’t claim both??
Yelse: hows gibson on 44?
MrRioli15: It’s a joke yelse
Raspel31: Fine words Worrall.
LuvIt74: @sfmmp when it was Dogs vs NM & dogs had a ton of players injured they kept stating each team has same players on ground
Breezey: There’s a parrot on here
Chelskiman: Superman quarter, Goldy, let’s go!
Roksta: Boomer is too old… Cooked
sticky12: This game says more about Hawks drop than norths rise. With norths outs Hawks should win by 30
LuvIt74: Then the shoe is on the other foot its funny how its a different story
LuvIt74: Then = When
Chelskiman: Sicily is gonna be a genuine star in the future.
LuvIt74: @sticky don’t worry give it time
nbartos: Hodge an Roughy are big outs too
Tigger5: comparing goldys score with Gawns last week makes gawn look like he was robbed
J.Worrall: Pieces of Eight, pieces of eight
sticky12: They could still you’re right luvit. But game should be over if north had kicked straight and put scoreboard pressure on
J.Worrall: The 2 Tassie teams don’t like each other?
LuvIt74: Daw closes his eyes when he goes for the mark i swear he must
nbartos: Gibo no eyes on the ball
Raspel31: Yep-Daw is a total muppet.
Breezey: I loved the joke during the week about the new Women’s league having 8 teams for next year and Richmond will be the 9th
DZL7: quack quack again!
Yelse: daw has taken away atlas 25 hitouts away from goldy
J.Worrall: Quack quack Sicily
3rdstriker: If sicily isnt the biggest cheat in the afl I dont know who is
sfmmp23: the flog ducked his head again
nbartos: Quack
Zeratul: Ziebell hasnt touched it for about 12mins 🙁
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes James Sicily to draw a free on Thompson for his fifth goal.
Willymack1: Sicily what a flog
J.Worrall: Did you know the duck is the only animal that can stick its bill up its rear?
Matty_Dogs: If the 3rd striker isnt the most annoying person in the world, i dont know who is
J.Worrall: So next time you see a doctors bill, call him a quack and tell him what to do with his bill!
Breezey: My local doctor can too Worrall after I seen him today
Roksta: Give Thompson the mare
JButcher: nah give Gibson the mare
J.Worrall: Quick work there Breezey!
Willymack1: Daw will be the reason if north lose
Chelskiman: Good, stay on the bench for the rest of the game, Mitchell.
nbartos: Poor Mitch did he get a knee?
JRedden: this is shocking from gibson
Tigger5: dont think so @willymack
9inch: Why is Daw on 73 sc lol
Breezey: I’ve got the other Gibbo. Quite happy actually
nbartos: Scott T although a nob does get ripped off when he gets held
MrGmax: Wrong Gibbo here.
Yelse: come goldy get to 100
nbartos: It’s the old firm – LOL Bruce
Chelskiman: Come on, Wells, don’t let Mitchell catch you.
J.Worrall: Boomer!
Roksta: Game over
Chelskiman: So what do you do, you let him catch you.
3rdstriker: daw might be the reason north win
nbartos: Daw that’s great stuff
vamos77: Anyone remember when Goldstein was good
Breezey: Come on North
Chelskiman: Go away, North.
J.Worrall: Gogo Norf!
Tigger5: terrible call by willymack before
poido123: keep going mitchell 🙂
anthsill03: 92 sc points and 5 minutes to go?
Zeratul: Ziebell no disposals this qtr -__-
Gott2Win: Regardless of the umps and the result…This has been an awesome game
OnTheRocks: A few Hawks will be muttering Hold the Daw after this game if they win
cold pies: goldy will get to 106
Breezey: Stewart been allowed to play again by Clarko
OnTheRocks: Holdaw
circle52: Agree cracking game reagradless of result
nbartos: Dodgy free Breezy
J.Worrall: Klaatu barada nikto
JButcher: Shocking DT game, brilliant otherwise
Torz: Dumont looks a fantasy player for the future.
J.Worrall: One chance left, Norf!
Roksta: Cmon Hawks put them away
nbartos: Wells??? Inj
Chelskiman: Another 3 point on the cards.
iZander: gonna be a star @Torz problem is he won’t do this when swallow, cunnington and Zeibell are in the same team :/
Chelskiman: Hawks have it now.
J.Worrall: Hawks to steal yet another they deserved to lose?
SaintsMan: bs game, north worthy winners
PieBoy: onya poppy
Chelskiman: North can’t be worthy winners, they lost.
OnTheRocks: i hate Puopolo
Roksta: Better team won. Free count didn’t help
LuvIt74: There she blows, The Poo’s wont be on top after round 13 thats for certain.
NewFreoFan: Free Kick Hawthorn
Roksta: Haha north going downhill
nbartos: Good Win
Willymack1: Another bs victory by hawthorn
Tigger5: hawthorn were no wear near there best and still got up
nbartos: Where’s the argy bargy now? Cmon
circle52: Hawks did get 4 goals though from frees compared to Roos 1
Breezey: Hawthorn were nowhere near there best because North didn’t allow then to.
MrRioli15: Once again a controversial ducking incident costs a team the game. Sicily
Willymack1: Wait until finals then the hawks will get destroyed
AngryRyno: mason wood blue moon? harsh, kid is a gun
stakerz: Tigger did you ever think kangas outplayed them most of the game?
DZL7: wood shouldnt get the blue moon he avgs 76 and had a low BE?
Ash777: no matter how worth you think they are if they cant lead the scoreboard in the qtr that counts
sticky12: North missed 14 set shots so deserve to lose I reckon. They won’t win a final kicking like that…except to Richmond!
frenzy: how do you get a bluemoon after playing a dozen games in ur career
frenzy: Ur a blue moon m0nty, tossa
JButcher: In games like these, umps should just put away the whistle tbh
Tigger5: I know they did stakerz, and they still werent able to get up . norths best might not be good enough
Thedude24: Wow Hawks. They just always find a way. They should never have won that. They are incredible
THESKUNK: 18 behinds will lose you the game
CrowEaters: not on scoreboard
Bazza2014: Bang!
Pokerface: yeah fair point willymack.. they have no experience on how to play finals…

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