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Chat log from R12 of 2016: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R12 of 2016

Sloaneyyyy: why’s this game on so late…
Willymack1: Should I field Oliver or Trengove?
snake_p: for TV, so it leads straight into 7 news
kangawalla: That’s the only reason why Snake.
snake_p: can you come up with another Kanga?
frenzy: Oli over trenners
Jair: Go Pies, please at least don’t get hammered.
zadolinnyj: Gents
Pokerface: kanga the broadcasters do have signifcant input into scheduling
RooBoyStu: nice touch by the goal umpires wearing the MND Beanies
zadolinnyj: Need a shocker from pendles
frenzy: flower knuckle first goal
snake_p: agreed RooBoy
brodysear: come on smith
Sloaneyyyy: i’d also not be upset if pendles decided to pack it in early today
Yelse: aish has been ripping the 2’s why isn’t he in. and i believe cloke should be in.witts cox and grungy too many
PieCannon: aish isn’t in cause he’s shit and can’t play afl footy
Pokerface: pendles does not do shockers.
zadolinnyj: Aish needs time in the gym to be a good afl player
ybshy: loving the improvement in the dees, as a neutral observer, makes this game interesting
SaintsMan: smith on bench
Juggalo: Lift Kennedy
Pokerface: come on ben ken. hall and adams gave you a starter’s berth.
zadolinnyj: Vincent can tag nasty if umpires let him pokerface
Juggalo: Repay the faith spud
ybshy: and thats why there is no cloke…
Pokerface: i stand by my call zad.
Breezey: Go big Pendles. Need something big champ
Gott2Win: need Smith to stay under 76 and I win
sticky12: How can Jones be 5 pos for 5 sc points?
King_Robbo: Collingwood haven’t turned up here.. they’ll get pumped
Bazza2014: cloke still playing???
circle52: 2 clangers sticky will not help
Breezey: Deadset White. Ya gotta kick them
Bazza2014: jones is turnover city at the moment, DT gold though
RooBoyStu: I don’t know how White gets a gig before Cloke
painkilla: gott2win, lookin good, smith iisnt goin near it
poolboybob: White is a massive spud, even Cloke must be better than him.
zadolinnyj: Amazing contest on the ball
Heater: Jessie White – why?
Bazza2014: melb player taken out, ump right there, NO FREE
painkilla: I need a big one from Gawn, but everytime ive watched him play he looks like he has NFI
frenzy: Vince doing a Dangerfield
sticky12: Oh true, cheers guys
poolboybob: Vince on track for about 100 disposals
kangawalla: Agreed Baz
Tigger5: didnt look like a free @bazza just ran into him
bjones38: #bringbackcloke
zadolinnyj: I’m with Bazza. Tackled without the ball
GJayBee: Cloke is doing very well for someone that does not speak english.
Yelse: need 250 from peddles kennedy and petraca to win. not looking good atm
snake_p: lol GJay
dipstick: ahh remember the old days when had the spud Ben ken
Breezey: I knew White was good. I’ve always said that.
Sloaneyyyy: Gawn missing?
zadolinnyj: Opponent has c on pendles and Gawn. I have 300. Not likely for me but maybe
painkilla: Gawn only good against weak ruckmen
Bazza2014: i thought he took him out, you cant do that in our game
zadolinnyj: White was offered to crows for Tippett. We took 2 years without picks and no plater instead
zadolinnyj: *player
Juggalo: Petracca, what a gun!!!
hioppolo1: maynard playing mid now williams is back?
RooBoyStu: @painkilla that’s why he scored 172 against Goldy lol
MrRioli15: cmon gawn pull ur finger out!
Yelse: i hate this protected 10 meter rule and 50 m penalty. if a GF gets decided like that disaster
ryanbob: Pendles seems to be the only sc player who.doesn’t get affected by poor de
Kekkington: Gawn just pissed of the ump. No more frees to Melbourne
myteamsuks: Bounce the ball properly idiot
cadelcamac: go you good thing Petracca
9inch: Pendles set up a few goals so understandable
zadolinnyj: Joke ryanbob. 6 disposal at 66%. Also got tackle even though ball left contest.
Kekkington: Pissed*
Kekkington: Pissed off*
Vinstar: Need 320 from petracca, Gawn and treloar to get my 2500
dipstick: LOL Goldy? he’s forgotten how to ruck this year. even draws shows him up
MrRioli15: looking like a good score vin
Kekkington: How is p!ssed a swear word?
grossn: With DE so low, this is definitely an *interesting* game of footy
PieBoy: onya sidey
painkilla: 117 for gawn v goldy
Yelse: looks like peddles playing more forward today
dipstick: how about lifting C treloar
JRedden: whats smith doing??
9inch: Where’s Trengove playing?
zadolinnyj: Convinced my opponent works for champion data looking at pendles score
the worm: why are you so obsessed with making sure you get your colorful languange uncensored? grow up.
Vinstar: @mrrioli15 if only I had danger as c could be better, but expect some massive scores this week
King_Robbo: Yeah pendles has had a hand in a few goals. Not sure why he’s playing as a forward though #spudcoach
Shaundog: Great qtr Kennedy and smith!
carlton_99: Need 241 from Petracca, Gawn and Phillips to get 2600 in supercoach. not looking good!!! 🙁
Gott2Win: Cape to tyson
dipstick: 2500 sc is nothing. some will score 3000
feralmong: kicking self since i switched C from Danger to Goldy before the game. Potatoman.
cadelcamac: Huge round of SuperCoach for me. On 2453 with Petracca left. Looking forward to seeing the rankings!
zadolinnyj: Guy in my league will clear 2650 if all goes well for him
Tigger5: people complaining about pendles score, 6 contested possies, a goal assist and 7 disposals
sfmmp23: whos everyone jumping on next week Jansen, Stewart or Trengrove?
Kekkington: @worm expletives are an expression of emotion. And we are all ‘big boys’ here so settle down.
Gott2Win: 2700+ will be the best SC this week. I’m looking at about 2550
zadolinnyj: Don’t think 3000 has ever be n done but think 2800 to 2900 will win it
9inch: With 450 something from Danger there will be a lot of big sc scores just not mine ha
the worm: who’s stopping you from typing your expletives?
colin wood: Loving the Pendles hate. Amateurs that don’t have him…
heppelitis: im going to score 2500….and lose by about 300
feralmong: Pendles on track for 160. happy.
Gott2Win: Cape tyson SC monty
Smithy1: Im hating on peddles swell, i have him but my opponent has him as captain
circle52: There was a 3000+ a couple of years back
Kekkington: This site because it auto censors it. A bit of a restriction on freedom of speech don’t you think?
sfmmp23: Pendles is the most elite user of the footy, left or right
painkilla: 28 points for my 3 players in 1st quarter, lucky to crack a ton from 3 today
cadelcamac: you’ll come good painkilla!
ryanbob: I won’t even crack 2300. Dahl, neale and some rookies cost me
the worm: ur a child if u try to bypass the filter
dipstick: 2800 won’t even go close
Kekkington: How so?
cadelcamac: Is anyone in a tight matchup and needing a certain score from some players today?
circle52: know how you feel pain I need Gawn, DeGoey and Smith to outscore Petracca by 49 points. Should be fine but 15 down
feralmong: you have the freedom to create your own FF and say what you like kekkington.
the worm: nevermind kek im not going to bother. anyone looking at 2500 in dt?
cadelcamac: Just checked the records. One person scored 2965 to top the round once. Under threat maybe?
kano21: i need less than 129 from Cox/Treloar
kangawalla: Keck, you write some intelligent stuff at times but your ignorance or want to show off brings you down.
feralmong: personally i like the alternative words more. Its more aussie to say that.
sfmmp23: hogan tried to drop maynard, didnt work out as planned
poolboybob: Feel free to get involved in the game, Josh Smith
circle52: Will Maynard’s tackle be looked at – Possible sling
Breezey: Hogan playing with the wrong dude there. Maynard will tune him up
Kekkington: I think you mean arrogance but fair enough.
tbrowne: cp5 superstar
Yelse: pies need peddles back on the ground. since he went of injured dees all over them
Sloaneyyyy: need treloar to score more than double what Pendlebury gets and I win =(
feralmong: Dee’s have definitely turned a corner this year. Something to build on here.
dipstick: C danger, jelwood, doch, dusty & wells = over 1000 pts alone
King_Robbo: 2600 will be a great score this week. Dahl tippers Franklin all under 70 few rookies faltered too
Jukes82: Glad I didn’t get Gawn like the rest of the muppets out there
feralmong: Easy Sloaney. make him your captain. hehe
painkilla: smith playing on a wing and only has 2 touches so far, no wonder ppl bag bucks
All Reds: only j. smith between mea and a win over some looper scoring Danger’s C. KEEP STRUGGLING SON
Tigger5: white actually thinks he can take everyone off, just give the hands off you pleb
awesomeguy: i need smith to go toe to toe with gawn. lookin likely at the moment
poolboybob: Kennedy seems to get most of his points in about 10 minutes of play, then go missing the rest of the game
tbrowne: How about that Jukes
carlton_99: GAWN almost took the ehad off that umpire with that kick from the goalsquare.
ybshy: gawn golas on cue
Kekkington: What’s with all the soccer kicks? Melbourne please hit your targets.
makemequac: Jukes82 i think you may be the muppet
Grazz: haha yep
dipstick: is pendles back on or is he done?
wadaramus: Gawn owners muppets?! He’s the fifth ranked playerin SC! You’re a muppet if you don’t own him!
zadolinnyj: Crisp looks really off
Bazza2014: Max Gawn on fire
kangawalla: Arrogance, cockiness, superiority complex. Are we still agreed?
the worm: dees looked really dangerous vs tigers…they have a bright future finally i think
awesomeguy: great now the muppet gawns on fire
Shaundog: Yeah really bad call there jukes82 muppet!
Gott2Win: Ben Kennedy scores so quickly at times!
makemequac: Jukes82 are u still there?
King_Robbo: Give jukes the muppet lol what a spud ey. Pendles done for the day?
Jogr: was a BS free kick
the worm: jukes is waiting for gawn to have a bad quarter so he can say i told you so
Breezey: Pendles is out there
Kekkington: I don’t want to be that guy but damn the umpires don’t like us.
frenzy: smith brick wall
King_Robbo: Update on pendles? Got him C. Was looking good until that dog kent smashed him
cadelcamac: Petracca playing like a champ!
feralmong: well done gawn. very unselfish play there.
Tigger5: He’s fine Robbo
King_Robbo: Cheers breezy
kangawalla: Poor Johnno Marsh finding the step up difficult
zadolinnyj: Pendles looks ok. Ball just not on his side of pack
Gott2Win: Trengove looking the goods today. Great comeback from him
dipstick: seriously treloar. pull it out son
King_Robbo: Gawn killing it this qtr but a low SC..
CrowEaters: Gawn for PM
9th Again: Already traded in Trengrove 🙂
poolboybob: Blue moon watch for Dean Kent
The39Steps: Is this Trengove’s second game back?
cadelcamac: Anyone else considering Trengove as a pick-up in SC?
ryanbob: Treloar going backwards even with possessions…
Kekkington: A bit risky trading him in early with the byes. It paid off though.
Yelse: witts is so slow. hb to peddles u goose
King_Robbo: Good to see trengrove back but I’ll be looking elsewhere. Too expensive in SC for a guy that’ll average 60-70s
Kekkington: I’ll bring him in next week
9inch: My call for the day was Trengove on field Smith off.
sfmmp23: cadel for me its between him, stewart and jansen
grossn: Have Melbourne scored any goals that haven’t been from turnovers?
Kekkington: To expensive for DT not SC
cadelcamac: Fair call Robbo. I’m tossing him up, 50/50 at this stage.
Kekkington: Has Collingwood?
zadolinnyj: Reviving a quiet player with formally now be called “juked”. Gawn got juked
feralmong: trengove is 156k supercoach. perfect downgrade option. won’t get any better this time of year.
ryanbob: I swear pendles has gotten like 30 points from his last 4 disposals
Gott2Win: robbo he is super cheap in SC?!?!
wadaramus: Carn Gawn, get the DT/SC ratio back n par.
Bazza2014: MAX GAWN is a tank getting ripped on SC
tbrowne: ‘all the muppets that have gawn’
painkilla: superman quarter for Gawn
Grazz: Maxy, thanks Jukes you set him on fire mate lol
poido123: trengrove, gawn, pendles, petracca and wagner in SC. not a bad start 🙂
King_Robbo: Peddles getting scaled up big time in SC because all his touches have been class
sfmmp23: ryanbob its a contested possesion and hits a target, not many blokes can do that
heppelitis: max!
wadaramus: That’s the way big fella.
Shaundog: That one was for you jukes82!
makemequac: Gawn is such a muppet
Lovemypies: How does witts get a game , damn we are ordinary
myteamsuks: Robbo Trengove 156,000
poolboybob: Cape quarter for Gawn
Yelse: pies disposal disgusting.
dipstick: did someone call a top 10 sc player owners muppets? flog?
RooBoyStu: get the brick wall icon out for Josh Smith
frenzy: gawny sc is poo
poido123: trengrove, pendles, wagener, gawn, petracca SC. great start 🙂
Yelse: as bad as closes form was still surely is 100 times better than witts
sfmmp23: pendles is on fire not maynard
makemequac: Hogan needs to be smacked in the chops
King_Robbo: Fawn had a huge qtr practically turned the game but only 40sc.. hmmm
Vinstar: Treloar, you’ve killed me today.. Pies killing the footy very poor
dipstick: treloar, here’s a which fuck you to think about at HT
wadaramus: Jukes probably content with his Martin/Tippett combo
colin wood: Gawn should be at least 80sc
Kekkington: Who will be picking up the Daniher Medal
FlowerTime: treloar wtf you doing mate
awesomeguy: love havin smith on my field :))))
The39Steps: Has anyone read or heard how long Dahlhaus is out for?
King_Robbo: As for trengrove I think he’s too pricey as I already have m9 & 10 in Libba and petracca
Bazza2014: Gawn getting robbed, not sure what he can do , SC , how many clangers has he had, not a lot from what ive seen
Tigger5: 10 disposals 15 hitouts and 2 goals should be more than 40 sc
FlowerTime: pendles SC is bullshower, hasn’t done anything to affect the game..
makemequac: Jukes82 currently working out how to get gawn in his team next week
ryanbob: Treloar…another premo to fail me this week
sfmmp23: anyone know how long tippet is out for, i was considering him last week for ruck backup/fwd line role, swans need him to
Gott2Win: So your M9 (on the bench) is Libba?! Your kidding yourself champ
King_Robbo: However hes going to be hard to refuse if he knocks out a 100
FlowerTime: to be fair Gawns first qtr was rubbish
ryanbob: Cd are giving taking points from gawn and giving them to pendles hahah
CrowEaters: Tippett out for 4-6
bones351: 6 weeks for Tippet
cadelcamac: hate, but how do you have Libba on your bench?! What does your MID look like?
Shaundog: Tippett out for 6 weeks sfmmp23
poido123: 6 weeks hamstring @sfmmp23
HappyDEZ: True enough FlowerTime but his 2nd was outstanding
Chucky2010: Monty… Where is Phillips L plate?
FlowerTime: Robbi I also have libba on the bench, I have davis, keays and gresham on field tho!
64frogs: if goldy had maxs stats he’d be 120 SC
King_Robbo: @gott2win he will be m9 after byes. Great cover
King_Robbo: @gott2win he will be m9 after byes. Great cover
RooBoyStu: Gawn has had more hit outs than the skunks team Gawn 20 Coll 17
sfmmp23: Jono marsh looks like a bloody goose with that long sleeve jersey, it should be all black not striped
JackRipper: Lets double Gawn’s stats for end game. 40 HO, 26 Disposals, 8 marks, 4 goals @84% eff for a SC score of just 104. Crazy
FlowerTime: I agree DEZ, dont really know why I’m trying to justify CD, he tore the game apart that qtr
Chucky2010: Nicely fixed there Monty 🙂
wadaramus: I’ll take 100 from Maxy from here.
bricci: Gawn SC score is rubbish – even if he had 0 at q time he should be at least 65!
HappyDEZ: Pies high profile mids completely smashed that 1/4.
bricci: If Pendles had 10 possessions and 2 goals he would be 100!
cadelcamac: Fair call JackRipper. Seems a bit short-changed!
LuvIt74: Pies are absolutely shit house
brodysear: please get 60 smith
Tigger5: what do you get in sc for a hitout?
NewFreoFan: god, more SC rambling, if you don’t like it don’t play it ffs
poido123: Josh Smith lol glad i got rid of him last week
LuvIt74: @tigger nothing unless its to advantage
FlowerTime: Champion data decides whatever they want @Tigger
wadaramus: It has to be to advantage Tigger5, 5 if you do that and nothing if you don’t.
heppelitis: CD don’t forgive easily for a crappy start
King_Robbo: A hitout to advantage is 3-4 pts from memory but stuff all if it doesn’t go to advantage
Tigger5: ok thanks
LuvIt74: A hitout to advantage is 5 points to be exact
LuvIt74: if its not to advantage then nothing, but if the hitout is sharked then its -1
King_Robbo: Heppelitis you’re bang on. If your on 10pts or less in SC after qtr time you barely ever see decent hundreds
heppelitis: wat gawny get for smacking it away from that rubbish bounce?..i loved it..worth 10 pts
bones351: Crappy weekend for rookies. Smith, Collins, Keays, Hopper.
Sloaneyyyy: haha where’s that guy who was bagging Gawn before… Jukes I think it was
zadolinnyj: If the hitout touches the ground it’s a free kick to hawthorn and a muppet to all the Gawn owners
zadolinnyj: Agree hepp
9th Again: guys you’ll probably all hate on me, but what does CD stand for?
sfmmp23: did you see Nicholls face, priceless
Bazza2014: Cameron Diaz
LuvIt74: cross dressing
LuvIt74: lol
bones351: Jansen rubbish too
heppelitis: angry voldemort face lol
wadaramus: All together now, Champion Data!
missmagic: cmon gawn 20 more hitouts and greenwood not getting any
zadolinnyj: Crap decisions cd stands for
LuvIt74: I will be trading Smith out in round 14 after the bye, it would be nice if he could hit his B/E of 39
bones351: At least Davis got a 65, should have benched Smith. He’s got his work cut out for himself to get to 65!
King_Robbo: I’ll never understand why treloar only wanted to entertain offers from either rich or Collingwood. Both are such poor te
snake_p: Cheating Dogs?
Willymack1: Pendles gets points for doing nothing
LuvIt74: @9th Again sorry m8 CD really means Champion Data they are the guys who monitor all the scoring or points
painkilla: so smith CAN tackle
sfmmp23: willymack you sour because you dont have him?
LuvIt74: @snake thats a little harsh, at least dogs won with a 10 to 24 free kick count unlike hawks who need umps help to win.
LuvIt74: lol had to say that…
wadaramus: Pendles deserves every point he gets, he’s a gun!
Willymack1: Nah im not sfmmp23, if it was any other player they would be on 50 odd
King_Robbo: I’m be honest I thought the port v dogs free kick count was fair. We were sloppy.
sfmmp23: these umps arent paying holding the ball
snake_p: that’s a little harsh Luvit
Tigger5: gawn actually being given some points this qtr
Thedude24: why is gawn so far behind in sc? Usually the other way around for ruckmen
sfmmp23: yeah gawn has been gifted the points he didnt recieve in the 2nd Q
RooBoyStu: Willymack1 good call, look at Petracca similar stats including contested possies and sc difference massive
LuvIt74: Pendles 76 points – 15 possies – 10 contested & 2 Clangers
LuvIt74: Gawn 75 points – 18 possies – 4 Contested – 2 Goals & 2 Clangers
Thedude24: wtf? the ruckman has 18 possies? Loll
King_Robbo: Pendles has been all class with his disposals hitting targets by foot and winning the hard ball. His SC is spot on
the worm: do rucks get penalized for poor hitouts?
sfmmp23: treloar 10 possies already in ths qtr
Pokerface: @the worm a sharked tap out is -1
ryanbob: Treloar has woken up!
CrowEaters: Lift Stretch
Yelse: guys relax if you have watched the game peddles also has had 2 goal assists rebound 50s and contributed to a couple more
All Reds: +3 retaining poss?
zadolinnyj: CD missed a pendle sneeze
the worm: thx
JRedden: treloar just needs to kick it more, + get some marks and tackles now
LuvIt74: see pokerface is learning welcome son
Tigger5: lets go pendles and gawn, both get to 150
Pokerface: @luvit learning?
LuvIt74: @Jredden in other words Trelore just needs to play. lol
bones351: C’mon Smith get some SC points
Bazza2014: blech=blair
King_Robbo: Wow reload 22 touches for 53 SC. So outside
Stuart88: Wish big would stop tagging sidebum 😡
Willymack1: If no one noticed pendles was getting points while he was on the bench
JRedden: treloar is a gun, but hasnt been good fantasy-wise this game too many handballs
Pokerface: willymack if you havent noticed sc points arent added at the same time as dt points
LuvIt74: Carn the Dee’s
poido123: Why whinge willymack? not like your SC team will win anyway
9inch: Trngove not getting the SC points 20 diff 🙁
King_Robbo: Its called scalping willymack. Maybe do some SC research before you keep making nonsense comments
sfmmp23: willymack pendles is clearly one of the best players in the comp, deserves every point he gets
PieCannon: need wagner and pendles to combine for 200 to win SC, lets go boys!!!
Bazza2014: Tracc scorless this qtr
Bazza2014: until now
zadolinnyj: Vince 7 more points for 12 more disposals and same accuracy
sfmmp23: nowadays it seems like they just let the players drop the ball when they are being tackled
kangawalla: Better qtr by Johnno Marsh.
King_Robbo: SC scale players based on their influence on a game.
LuvIt74: First year in SC I didn’t start with Pendles but brought him in round 7 when he was $570k
sfmmp23: josh smith wont even get 40 he might even loose cash, hopper or smith, who goes?
Pokerface: zad how do they match up in the other 80 stats used to calculate sc?
carlton_99: Need 58 points from petracca, Gawn and Phillips, all together to crack 2600. Come on Boyz
Bazza2014: lol petracca got that tackle on the siren
frenzy: Gawn SC is still poo
wadaramus: Pendles SC increasing during 3/4 time, such a gun!
King_Robbo: Im the same luvit when fyfe went down peddles was the easy choice
zadolinnyj: Very comparable to be honest if you look at it
cadelcamac: haha wadaramus…it takes a good player to score during a break.
PieBoy: onya jonesy
poido123: @ bazza, how tf did they miss that
theoc: needed Vince to have a bad game so his price would decrease, wanted to pick him up next week 🙁
9inch: Need pendles to have a 40 sc qtr.
brodysear: need 31 points between vince and smith!! come on
Bazza2014: i wasnt sure they’d pay it
LuvIt74: Vince SC score is quite low 33 possies 22 kicks
sfmmp23: this week im eyeing of joey, depends how much he drops
sfmmp23: how TF was that a free kick against Greenwood?!?!
King_Robbo: Gawn is a beast 98 dt in 2 qtrs wonder where that jonsey flog is now? Lol
wadaramus: Carn Pendles, 125 minimum!
poolboybob: Dean Kent blue moon
sfmmp23: these umps need to get fucked
painkilla: you would think pies need to stop vince if they are to win, hes by himself alot
RooBoyStu: After qtr time sidebum gone missing, must be having a beer & pie with Cloke
Bazza2014: Dees home shut the gate, pack up o home
King_Robbo: If this was the EPL there would be ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’ chant dining around the ground
Yelse: i can’t believe how many goals pies have copped in the goal square this year
kano21: Cox/Treloar less than 129 I WIN!
LuvIt74: bloody hell Smith will struggle to hit his SC break even of 39
poolboybob: Can’t believe the AFL midseason review gave Buckley a 5.5/10 score. Maybe 0.55/10?
King_Robbo: *ringing around the ground
bricci: pendles 4 sc pts this quarter without going near it – its a scandal!
9inch: What happened to Trengove . Was looking good at HT
LuvIt74: @pain for the pies to win half of the Dee’s need to get injured, the pies are getting smashed
King_Robbo: Bucks and leppa were great players but they’re horrendous coaches
dipstick: wow. fuck you treloar!!!
LuvIt74: petracca done jack since HT he was on 52 at HT
9inch: Actually pendles did get a tacle so there is ya 4 points
Yelse: pies are getting run over coz bucks played way too many calls that can’t run
poolboybob: Yeah whack the yin yang on Trengove and Petracca
LuvIt74: Nothing pleases me more then seeing the Pies lose, its as good as my team winning.
crazyet23: get ya BE kennedy ya spud
willywalks: Howe can have a pumpkin, was pumping out decent scores and now back to shower
King_Robbo: This is exactly why trengrove is a no go
64frogs: sidey must be crook
Barniclez: treloar ton up please!
painkilla: who is your team luvit
RooBoyStu: Josh Smith out this week, done his job $ wise
LuvIt74: @Yelse what fatty McGuire done regarding Malthouse serves him right, Eddie just loves bucks period. The guy is a fool
LuvIt74: @Roo Agree
poido123: @Robbo, he’s been playing 60% gametime and will improve his fitness with each game, youre an idiot
wadaramus: Carn Pendles, need some junk!
LuvIt74: Dogs m8
King_Robbo: Wow pies are getting worse by the week. Surely bucks goes
dipstick: Nathan fuckley is a blower
9th Again: Should have put S.Frost on my supercoach ground. He’ll outscore Goldy 🙁
LuvIt74: @Roo hold on to Smith and wait until R14 after the bye unless u go Smith to Jenson this week
Willymack1: Gawn surely robbed
LuvIt74: But Jenson done nothing this week, it was shocking
RooBoyStu: Smith to Trengrove no brainer
LuvIt74: How has gawn gone from 32 possessions to 26 now wtf?
RooBoyStu: *Trengove
King_Robbo: Poido must be 3 foot tall angry little man syndrome
All Reds: yeah jansen won’t retain his spot
poolboybob: This has to be the best game of Dean Kent’s life
Bsmagicmen: As a pies man bucks has got to go
bricci: career high possies for Gawn – still only just 100!
LuvIt74: @Roo fair call m8, worth the extra coin
Grazz: Kick it Maxy
Grazz: Sweeeeeet
9inch: Fuck pendles losing it for me.
Bsmagicmen: No structure
feralmong: Only missing 9 players this first bye. All set.
dipstick: nic nat out for 8 weeks
bricci: and career high goals – should be 150+ with his 31 ho’s
LuvIt74: Gawn’s SC isn’t right and im sure neither are his possession count
Yelse: peddles since the injury has slowed down completely
ryanbob: Only 63 points for 30 possessions for treloar?
Pokerface: source dipstick?
King_Robbo: Pies have put the que in the rack. What an embarrassing performance.
9th Again: I don’t like Gawn and I don’t have him in my team, but he has been absolutely robbed in SC !
sfmmp23: smith has to go, he might not even reach his breakeven of 40 and next week his be wil be HUGE
J_Pinkman: someone on here we’re all spuds for having Gawn. i wonder if he has NicNat
BoredSaint: still plenty of SC points to give
J_Pinkman: said
Salambo: Tom McDonald… “Standing Cloke”?
Roksta: Pendles on same as Gawn
64frogs: Craig Kelly doesn’t have Max in SC. Explains SC ignorance
sfmmp23: Would love it if pendles and petracca get a few more points
poolboybob: Smith’s BE won’t be that bad, probably 70 or 80.
BoredSaint: pendles and gawn should scale up to 120
Shaundog: That was jukes82 I assume he got banned for such a horrible call
LuvIt74: Vince on 40 possies granted it depends what they are but what a joke his SC score is & i dont have him
bricci: only got 7 for taking a mark and kicking a goal – what is going on?
64frogs: explains CD ignoring his efforts stats
Tigger5: nic nat out for 6-8 weeks
LuvIt74: Vince has had 25 kicks, pendles only 13
Seb78: Surely Gawn’s SC will be adjusted.
King_Robbo: I’m not one to bag out the SC scoring however Gawn has been shafted ey! Easy bog
billnats: at least J. Smith made his BE… unles Keays
64frogs: Welcome to the CD are fools fest
jaxx: What about Treloar’s 65 for 30 touches?
ryanbob: Treloar been robbed
sfmmp23: tigger where did you hear that, was unable to watch the game.
poolboybob: Whelp looks like Max Gawn in for Nic Nat
RooBoyStu: Big Cox for Big Bin
Tigger5: just been announced, having surgery on achilles injury
dipstick: thanks for nothing treloar yo lazy hack
Willymack1: West coast just posted it up on their facebook
Gebs: Gawns had more possesions marks tackles definatly hit outs and hit the scoreboard. yet is on the same sc as pendles
Bazza2014: Kennedy 46 pt last qtr
Gebs: higher accuracy too
LuvIt74: Contested 14 Vince to 18 Pendles with 4 to 3 clangers. I’m stummped Re: Vince sc when comparing to pendles
poolboybob: Eagles season circling the drain at this point.
frenzy: atlas Levi Greenwood
Kekkington: I just realised if you click on Tom Mac he is standing Cloke haha
poido123: ryanbob, all his stats have been non influential and he did a lot of turnovers. treloar had a bad game
BoredSaint: still around 170 points to scale
LuvIt74: Woohoo Smith reached his 39 break even thank fuck
Pokerface: gebs and were his hit outs to advantage, or sharked?
JackRipper: And better EFF then Pendles aswell Gebs. Makes no sense.
LuvIt74: Eagles not good enough even if NicNat wasn’t injured
blashtroko: No frenzy…
sfmmp23: now i will be bringing in
LuvIt74: mind u i have pendles not vince
Pokerface: you forget to mention 18 of pendles possesions were contested compared to gawns 6. if you dont like sc scoring dont play
LuvIt74: Well Gawn must replace Nic Nat
frenzy: champ data clearly dont rate Gawn
makemequac: I wanna know who jukes82 has in the ruck
LuvIt74: @poker 14 contested Vince & 18 Pendles i stated that
9th Again: Well i’m getting Gawn in this week for Nic Nat
64frogs: Crocker was robbed…again!
LuvIt74: Poker its not about not likeing it u fool however they gotta get it right period
LuvIt74: like i said i have pendles & not vince
kano21: 3300 in total SC scaling right?
Pezza555: How much will Hogan and Vince be scaled up based on their early dominance ??
Vaggigi: Was doing s
Pezza555: how
Smithy1: guys, does the lowest or highest emergency of on the field in super coach.
Smithy1: Say 2 mids on the bench play and one scores more than the other, who goes on the field for the points?
9th Again: Lowest @Smithy1
Pokerface: luvit i wasnt talking to you. i was talking to those comparing gawn and pendles.
Pokerface: but as for your vince stuff, with 42 possessions of course you will be high
scrappers: lowest
dipstick: gawn only 4 ho to adv
LuvIt74: 135 isn’t much at all for 42 possies

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